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NVIDIA RTX 30 SeriesUpdate

As you might be aware, the unprecedented demand for the premier Nvidia RTX 30 series has been massive resulting in record level site traffic and worldwide shortages. In fact, during the Nvidia RTX 3080 launch traffic was 10x what we have come to expect on Black Friday!

NVIDIA has undoubtedly launched a fantastic, highly desirable product and we are doing our very best to acquire and deliver them as fast as possible.

Luckily, Overclockers UK is one of the NVIDIA’s biggest partners which guarantees we will always be one of the very first companies to acquire stock in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What place am I in the queue?

Please keep an eye on your email for updates with your queue position. We will email your updated position on a weekly basis.

Can I change to a different card and keep my queue position?

Sorry, this is not possible. It would not be fair to the customers who have already ordered this model as they would all be pushed back in the queue.

When will the cards be in stock?

At the moment we cannot give a definitive answer but rest assured we are working tirelessly with suppliers to acquire more stock.

Our suppliers are regularly updated with our pre-order volumes and reminded that these are real pre-paid orders, not placeholders that may never be fulfilled.

For further updates on when stock is expected to arrive, we have a post on our forum detailing any updates we receive from suppliers.

When will I receive my order?

The short answer is - as soon as we can acquire enough stock to cover your preorder.

We are receiving and shipping cards on a daily basis as they arrive from the various manufacturers.

We are working directly with NVIDIA and various graphics card vendors to secure as much stock as possible. Luckily, being one of the biggest suppliers of computer hardware in the UK means we can almost guarantee we will receive allocation before anyone else.

As mentioned above, please check your emails for our weekly queue position updates and the forums for the latest delivery information.

Why has the price increased?

When NVIDIA announced their new RTX series on 1st September, they set an MSRP for their Founders Edition cards. During the time leading up to the launches, card manufacturers released the costs for their various models. Combined with a fluctuation in currency rates, our landed cost was higher than expected and we increased our selling prices according to the latest information available.

When RTX 3080 launched, a few card manufacturers supported us to keep a lower selling price on a limited number of orders. These quickly oversold and our pricing increased to reflect the true cost value of these products. We will of course honour the pricing on all the orders sold at the lower value.

Why was the product page price different from the checkout price?

This can happen if the price is increased during the time between you visiting the product page and the checkout. This was more noticeable during the RTX 3080 launch where we had supported pricing for a limited time and thousands of visitors on our site.

What does pre-order mean?

A preorder allows you to place an order for a product prior to release. By paying upfront you not only guarantee your place in the queue, we will also guarantee your price and dispatch as soon as the product is available.

We want to reiterate a preorder is not a guarantee to receive a product on launch day. We will ship orders on a strict first-come, first-served basis. You are welcome to cancel your order and receive a full refund at any time using our easy cancellation form.

Why couldn't I access overclockers.co.uk during the RTX launch?

We apologise if you experienced some technical difficulties whilst trying to access our website. Due to unprecedented demand, and similar to many major retailers, our servers were unable to cope with the volume of traffic. This unfortunately meant you might have experienced some technical issues accessing the website.

Do you deliver 30 series graphics cards outside the UK?

Due to the ultra-high demand, we decided to only accept orders from the UK and ROI only.

Allocations are done by region, so it is only fair that stock meant for UK gamers remains in the UK.

What will happen for the RTX 3070 launch?

We are again expecting demand to outstrip stock allocation. In order to avoid potential technical difficulties and confusion, all products will go live as pre-orders and dispatched on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why should you keep your Pre-order with Overclockers UK?

As always, Overclockers UK is dedicated to providing the very best products and services to the community.

You can rest assured that the entire team is working tirelessly to secure as much physical stock as possible to cover all current backorders and any future orders placed with us.

Although we may not currently have the stock available to fulfill every order immediately, we are in the best possible position to acquire it before every other UK retailer. This means the only place to preorder right now is at Overclockers UK!

If you have already placed your order you have 2 options:

I want to keep my preorder:

If you want to keep your place in the queue, simply sit tight - we will dispatch your Nvidia RTX GPU as soon as possible.

I want to cancel my preorder

If you don’t want to wait and think you can get it faster elsewhere - we're sorry to hear that, but wish you the best of luck. To cancel your preorder - please use this form.

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