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All in one Coolers


Take your gaming PC’s cooling performance to new levels with the range of all in one coolers available at Overclockers UK, from manufacturers including Lian Li, Phanteks, Corsair, NZXT, and Fractal. These highly effective CPU thermal solutions are a simple way to add water cooling to your build. Most AiOs consist of a CPU block, radiator, highly flexible tubing connecting the two, and one or more fans. They function by allowing the coolant to absorb heat from the CPU through the contact plate, then pumping it to the radiator where it is then transferred to the large fin stacks for efficient heat dissipation. Thanks to its compact design, an AiO cooler allows for increased airflow within your chassis, providing better cooling for the rest of your hardware. Plus, the small size of the CPU block makes mounting a breeze and the radiator can easily be positioned wherever your case allows. What’s more, AiO coolers offer exceptional aesthetics, with many boasting gorgeous RGB lighting and some even featuring LCD screens, for creating unique effects.

AiO Components

All in one coolers require three main sections to function as a CPU cooler; the block that contacts the processor, a radiator to dissipate heat, and the loop that coolant can flow around.

An AiO CPU block consists of a contact plate that allows for effective heat transfer and provides an efficient route to channel coolant over the plate. Contact plates are generally manufactured from copper, due to its outstanding thermal conductivity. One side of the plate has a smooth surface, which allows for optimal heat transfer to occur between the CPU and block. Within the CPU block, the contact plate features a fin stack, which drastically increases the surface area. Thus, maximising the transfer of heat to coolant.

To dissipate heat, all in one coolers employ radiators. These usually consist of two end chambers that direct the flow of coolant, linked by multiple copper tubes. Each tube will feature aluminium fins which create a large surface area along which the heat can be dissipated. An AiO cooler radiator can come in a variety of sizes, including 120mm, 280mm, 360mm, and 480mm. These correspond to how many fans can be mounted to the radiator, a 120mm radiator can support a single 120mm fan, whereas a 480mm can facilitate up to four 120mm fans. Fans are important as they create airflow through the fin stack, which increases the effectiveness of the radiator.

The loop allows the coolant to flow from the CPU block to the radiator, enabling heat transfer to occur. Both the CPU block and radiator have channels within their structure through which coolant can travel, and these are then connected by two flexible tubes. Alongside this, the loop will also boast a powerful pump to create the pressure required to move liquid around, which can be located either on the CPU block or on the radiator.

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AiOs are an easy way to add water cooling to your gaming PC, but why do we need water cooling? We explore the reasons for water cooling and the options available in this article.

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All in one Coolers FAQ

Are all in one coolers prefilled?

Most all in one coolers are sealed units, and as such they come prefilled with liquid coolant. Some AiOs do feature a filling port, but this is only used for topping up your coolant.

What size all in one cooler do I need?

For maximum cooling potential, we recommend choosing the largest all in one cooler that will fit within your case. For example, a 480mm AiO would not be compatible with a Mini-ITX case.

Do all in one coolers come with fans?

Most all in one coolers include a corresponding number of fans to the size of the radiator within the scope of their delivery. Although it is best practice to check the listing and manufacturer’s website to ensure they do.

Do all in one coolers come with thermal paste?

Not every all in one coolers come with thermal paste, so it is a wise choice to have some on hand in case yours doesn’t.

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