AK-CC4008HP01 Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler

Socket Compatibility: 775 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / FM1 / FM2


ETA: 27.11.15


Stock Code: HS-080-AK

EAN: 4710614531987

MPN: AK-CC4008HP01

Manufacturer: Akasa


Product information

"AK-CC4008HP01 Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler"

Venom Voodoo, this cooler is definitely rock and roll. Venom Voodoo delivers ultra high performance enabling serious system overclocking. The 12cm killer Viper yellow fan uses S-Flow blades providing 30% more airflow than a standard fan at the same speed. PWM function ensures quiet operation during normal system use and performance cooling under load.

The Black cover and copper heatpipes combined with the Viper yellow elements creates a striking combination which adds pazazz to any system. Six high capacity heatpipes with direct CPU contact provide rapid heat transfer from CPU to high grade aluminium profiled fins. Anti-vibration rubber fan mounting pins provide easy installation and help to eliminate a lot of fan noise. Adjustable mountings ensure full compatibility with all current AMD and Intel CPU’s.

Dual 12cm viper fans giving extreme performance in a push-pull setup where the first fan “pushes” air through the heatsink’s cooling fins, at the same time the second one “pulls” air through from the other side. The combined airflow of two 12cm fans results in more efficient heat dissipation and consequently lower CPU temperatures.

- Dual 120mm PWM fans in killer viper yellow
- Six high capacity 6mm heatpipes with direct CPU contact
- Award winning S-FLOW fan blades provide 30% more airflow
- Rubber fan mounts for easy install and quiet performance
- Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
- Fan Speed: 600 - 1200 RPM
- Max Airflow: 83.63 CFM
- Noise Level: 6.9 - 28.9dBA
- Cooler dimensions: 131 (W) x 129.5 (D) x 163.5 (H) mm


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Supplier description

Akasa is a computer accessories manufacturer which spans across multiple categories, covering many requirements in both the OEM and retail sector. Akasa take everything that they produce seriously, making them known for their high quality, practical and to-the-point products, Cases, fans, fan controllers, CPU coolers, ever-important system data/power cables, card readers; these are all expertly covered by Akasa.


Customer review "Akasa AK-CC4008HP01 Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler"

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Well i had my doubts about this cooler after i bought it. It came and i was suprised to...
Firstly let me say this cooler is amazing at keeping temps low while being very quiet...
Over much umming and awwing. I decided to purchase this cooler in my recent upgrade....
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Alan McDonald

Well i had my doubts about this cooler after i bought it. It came and i was suprised to see how massive the heatsink was before u even clipped the 2 fans to it. Its most impressive sitting in my case looks like an engine lol. I actually fitted this to the new i5 4690K processor and used the boost to take it from 3.5ghz to 3.9ghz. I used the standard thermal paste in the box with the cooler. Im pulling 24 Oc on idle with that overclock and never more than 50 Oc when i do a full stress test. Ive tried alot to get this to go over 50Oc and it does not with my current overclock. All in all this cooler is the best value for money ive ever seen. 35 pounds? Thats a steal trust me.


Beastly performance, beastly size

Firstly let me say this cooler is amazing at keeping temps low while being very quiet at the same time. It really has stunning performance.

Just be warned though, measure up! I put this in a NZXT Beta EVO case which is a mid-tower class. And it scrapes the inside of the side panel, really not idel and looks weird through the vents now, like it's trying to burst out! The height could be avoided if the top plastic 'Venom' badge could be removed bu I couldn't see a way to do this without compromising the fins. Hence the 4*'s


Amazing! Get it now!

Over much umming and awwing. I decided to purchase this cooler in my recent upgrade.

System -
AMD FX-8350
Asus M5A97 EVO R2
Corsair Carbide R400 case

This cooler is just amazing - from start up - the CPU idles at 9c. Once the system is used and warmer after heavy usage, this rises to 10/11c
Under load the max I have seen is 42c and thats playing around with some overclocking - overclocked the cpu 4.5ghz very easily.
Normal use such as Rome2 (no OC) the max temps are around 35/36c depending on room temperature.

It is a beast of a cooler, but looks amazing.

Systems fans, 2 on front of case, One on the rear which really isn't needed as the heatsink fan is so close to the back of the case.

Also should not I used Prolimatech PK-1 Nano Thermal Compound as the paste. I am sure this helps too.

I hope this helps.

michael 2013-02-02

Akasa Venom Voodoo

bought this and fitted today. I've got an AMD Phenom 2 X6 cores overclocked it to 4GHZ hitting idle temperatures of 18 to 19 degrees also used the arctic aluminium compound instead of the one provided this item is a must buy for overclocking

Ronnie 2012-09-11

Akasa Voodoo Venom

Ordered this and received 2 days later, beforehand i was hitting temps of 55 degrees on a 4.2ghz oc 8120 (safety limit is 61)

Now i have hit 4.5ghz and on full load i am seeing temps of around 42 tops after hours of BF3.

For the price i paid (call it

andy mackay 2012-04-11

Akasa Voodoo Venom

Didn't get the temps I was expecting, just letting the MOBO do the OC, I was getting mid 4's GHZ and the temp was high 60, low 70's after 4 mins of prime95. I think a lot of ppl get way too obsessed with temperature, my last build using a Q6700, drove me mental it was maxing out at nearly 100C, even sent it back to Intel, in the end I just stopped looking. Having said that do I think the temp I am getting with 2600k are too high, yes, will I do anything about it, again yes. I used the jollop that is supplied with the cooler and didn

Steve 2012-03-18

Great Cooler

Well pleased with this; building a new gaming rig in a clear acrylic case, and it really looks the bizz! No hassles in fitting it either, its got my AMD Phenom 3.1Ghz running @ 3.6Ghz with no worries, can't wait to use it to OC a Bulldozer, I'm fitting soon.

And really quite, I took a look to make sure the fan's were turning as I booted.

My only niggle, is why can't these type of coolers be designed, so the heat sink is offset 5mm or so to one side; then the first RAM slot wouldn't be covered, and you wouldn't be confined to using low profile modules.

gary jones 2012-03-13

Venom Voodoo = AWSOME

Justgot my self one of these bad boys last week and all i can say is MINT. You want quality look no further,seen my temps drop by 10%.Cheers overclockers :) :) :) :) :)

gary jones 2012-03-13

Venom Voodoo = AWSOME

Justgot my self one of these bad boys last week and all i can say is MINT. You want quality look no further,seen my temps drop by 10%.Cheers overclockers :) :) :) :) :)

Daniel zacune 2012-02-25

execllent cooler

Fitted this to replace the standed amd 955be fan,got mine running at 3.7ghz.Excellent cpu cooler worth the money,it is quite and cool- ide 35c, when playing bf3 48c, and i have my heating full blast.I didnt think it would fit in my antec 902 case but it did,but it is all most touching the side of the case.You will not be disappointed with this cooler, just get it.

Tom 2012-02-13

Great Kit

Bought this after debating for over a year on what to replace the stock cooler with. Not disappointed at all. The fans are really quiet and the cooler itself looks awesome. Be aware though it is pretty big and only just fitted in my case height wise. Seen temps drop from 40 idle to 22/23c.

duane 2012-01-20

looks big! feels cool

very good cpu cooler, keeps cpu nice and cool, love the look and size.
very happy with the job its doing!

Ryan 2011-12-21

Components Processors Barebones Motherb

looks awesome but bigger then i thought it would be when i got it out of the box but looks very good shame cant have till xmas :(

Adam Foster 2011-12-01


Great bit of kit, well made. Big but fit into my Antec 300 well enough - only drawback would be the lack of a direction sign for the airflow on each (or even one) of the fans. Didn't take as short a time to install as some said you have to remove the mobo, unless you have a back plate you can take off I suppose, and that is the time intensive part. Probably took about 30 - 40 minutes.
Great service from overclockers too.

Daniel Parker 2011-11-08


I got this CPU cooler to go in my Akasa Venom Toxic Full Tower Gaming Case, and the temp decrease is outstanding, with my stock i5 cooler my temps on idle were about 49degree's, with this bad bad the temps are under 30 degrees, which is a huge difference.

Anth 2011-11-04

Awesome Cooler

Just received this cooler today and im well impressed. It looks awesome and works a treat. 10C cooler than stock fan.
Thanks to Overclockers for fast delivery 5 stars from me!!!

Jamie 2011-10-03

Fantastic Cooler

Ordered this to replace my standard AMD cooler as temps where getting high when coding videos, keeps the temps 8-10C cooler at max load

Just a shame I now need a bigger case as this unit is huge but does a great job

Kieran Donnelly 2011-09-23


Amazing, bought this on a modest budget, couldn't believe how HUGE it was, almost touches my window kit on my antec 900. Easiest CPU I have ever attached to a mobo, super easy.

i5 2500k idle at 30c under 50 full load. With minor voltage increase.

Marine Iguana 2011-09-19

Great little cooler

Tested this against my beQuiet! Dark Rock Pro which is almost twice the size of this Akasa and it surprised me that it did an excellent job of keeping within 3-4

Dimitris 2011-09-19


i7 930 cpu (1366) on Asus Rampage III:

***4 degrees lower than Corsair H80 and Coolermaster V10/V8 !!!

Fast delivery from OCUK, thank you.

kallum Smart 2011-09-16


god it is massive and just then I though this pc can not get any quieter. Its so big that I need new case which i had intentions on anyway but you can feel it working so much with the fans and it is doing an amazing job and I LOVE it. glad I pre ordered it

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