Akasa AK-VC03-BLUV Vortexx NEO VGA Cooler

AK-VC03-BLUV Vortexx NEO VGA Cooler

  • Vortexx Neo is a new VGA cooler designed for hi-performance
  • low noise and stunning looks. It is a perfect upgrade for noisy and boring stock coolers.
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Manufacturer: Akasa

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Product information:

AK-VC03-BLUV Vortexx NEO VGA Cooler

Vortexx Neo is a new VGA cooler designed for hi-performance, low noise and stunning looks. It is a perfect upgrade for noisy and boring stock coolers.
Two long U-shaped copper heatpipes help to transfer the heat from the large 62mm x 62mm copper base to 33 bonded aluminium fine fins. A solid aluminium plate with a surface area of 45cm removes the heat from the RAM chips. Thanks to the smart airflow, Vortexx Neo provides high thermal performance with much improved acoustic levels. An akasa designed 80mm low-noise fan draws cool air from the case through the coolers fins and exhausts the heated air out of the case rear panel. The innovative design directs some of the airflow to cool board components including the VGA voltage regulators, it is crucial for graphics performance and stability to keep these components within thermal acceptable operating temperatures. VORTEXX Neo is SLI and CrossFire compatible and is designed to optimize the performance of NVIDIA and ATI VGA high-end cards. It has an acoustic performance at 2500 RPM of 0.475 Sone, whilst delivering an incredible cooling performance of 0.36ºC/W, most stock VGA coolers can only approach that thermal level at 4500 RPM fan speed which produces much more noise.
- ATI & NVIDIA compatible (see below table)
- Low-noise fan
- Easy tool-free installation
- 2 copper heatpipes
- large copper base
- Cools GPU, VGA RAM and VRM’s
- Standard 3 pin Motherboard connector
- Compatible with all reference layout cards listed below
- SLI & CrossFire ready

ATI Nvidia
Radeon 4890 GeForce 9800 GT
Radeon 4870 GeForce 9800 GTX
Radeon 4850 GeForce 9800 GTS
Radeon 4830 GeForce 9600 GT
Radeon 3870 GeForce 9600 GSO
Radeon 3850 GeForce 8800 GTS
Radeon 2900 XT GeForce 8800 GT
Radeon 2900 Pro GeForce 8600 GTS
Radeon X1950 Series GeForce 7900 Series
Radeon X1800 Series GeForce 6800 Series

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Finally installed after nearly 5 years,

Originally intended it for my XFX 8800GTS 320MB XXX 320MB years ago, but it was incomptable. Then 3 years ago, bought a XFX 9800GTX+ 512MB and thought I can finally use the cooler, but only to find it has a non-reference PCB, and one of the capacitor'd position in the way of the cooler, so back to the shelf the cooler went. Now recently I start playing Guild Wars 2...it stress my 9800GTX+ more than any other games, and hitting 85C would switch off the display output (for protecting the hardware I think). I decided to give installing the Vortexx Neo another go. I identified the corner of the aluminium plate of the cooler which is conflicting with the capacitor, and cut/sand off the corner with tools so there is clearance for around the capacitor.

And success! Temp in GW2 has now dropped from max 85C down to under 60C, and idle temp dropped from 47C down to 34C in a averge airflow case! No more switching off display output, and much quieter than the horrible reference blower cooler.

Herb 2012-10-15

Akasa Review

I saw your review and look up a local vendor, thought his product is constructed well it does requre some modes to fit my Palit 8800GT1 GB Superclocked card. The stock fan did not fair well under BF3 games for 24 hours straight heheh, I replace this with AKasa Neo and had to perform some mods, bending the heatsink fins to make a 2 mm clearance, mt MB-old DG33FB had southbridge fan obstructing the PCIE slot, was relocated. after installing & live power teat 10 sec., my 6pin molex burned out. I replace this but the back on the 8800 was cause of the overheating and artifacts/freezing. I reseated the cooler firmly on the VGA card and added some more 80 mm fans at the back on the VGA. My only complaint is the power requirement for both 3.3V and the 12 V rail line.

Dan 2012-03-08

Awesome cooler

Does exactly as described. Bought this to replace the stock cooler on an overheating 8800GT.

Easy to fit (although spend a few quid on some decent thermal paste) and connected it to a 5v fan supply on the motherboard.

Under load, with the stock cooler, my GPU temp was 80c+, with the Vortex the temp never gets above 50c!


Mark C 2012-02-11

8800 gt

Fits very well, but I had to remove the heatsink on the voltage regulators and grind a few mm off of it to make the cooler fit over it. Other than that it was a very easy instal, and it has significantly lowered my gpu temp. It isn't as quiet as the stock fan, but I bought it because the original one broke so I'm not bothered.

Sarah 2012-02-09

Good on XFX 4870

I fitted this cooler on my XFX 4870 1GB. The stock cooler is thermally controlled, but noisy and doesn't exit air from the case. To fit it, I had to modify the cooler by trimming the aluminium section (very easy, just cut it with snips) to prevent it hitting a row of capacitors. I also had to reduce the height of a heatsink on the card - this was a bit fiddly, and it turned out the easiest way was to snap off the fins by working them backwards and forwards with a big screwdriver.

Result : very happy. It's quieter (though still the noisiest thing in my system), about 20C cooler both at idle and under load and the caps and reduced height heatsink are now cool to the touch (before they were very hot).

A good design, cheap and worth the effort to fit.

PhilipM 2011-07-15

9800 GTX

This Will Not fit a 9800 gtx Palit card

Terry 2011-01-16

Good Cooler

Great Cooler, has taken about 20 Degrees C off of my Nvidia 9800GT!
I can finally play games without it crashing half way through!

Craig Sparkes 2011-01-04

Good for the money!

Very good card for the money, Fitted to a 4890 which I run in crossfire - It's fitted to the highest up card and temps are a steady 57 idle and 81 on Crysis Ultra maxed - Dont hear it!!

Whilst the temps are not as good as a few other aftermarket heatsinks, This certainly is cooler than Stock, and amazingly quieter! I wanted it for the quietness - 15 quid well spent.

Faultless delivery from OCUK, many thanks!

Dean 2010-09-29

Thankyou Akasa!

I ordered one of these yesterday, and came today, as always overclockers your service is faultless. As is i have to say the product, i have 9800gt fitted to my rig, which was reaching upwards of 90 underload and 45- 50 idle. Im pleased to say now that idle is sat at 32 and after running crysis benchmark a few times then playing for half an hour it never went above 55! A great piece of kit, easy to add to the GPU, like others tho i do feel that the cable supplied its a tad on the short side, with it only just reaching my mobo connector. Other than that, a fantastic bit of kit. An easy recommend for anyone in the market and 15 quid, whats not to like!!

Seb 2010-09-23


What an excellent bit of kit,bought to replace the stock cooling on my xfx hd4890,temps plummeted,and now no longer shoots up to 100 degrees in Mafia2,65 degrees max,a vast improvement,and peace of mind.
great product,and service from OCUK.

rod 2010-08-28


I thought it best to order one first just incase, and it fit straight on without any modification at all, also its much quieter than the standard cooling, and keeps my card extremely cool. really happy with this product

Adam 2010-06-04

Great For The Price

Fitted it today to my PNY 9600GT 512mb PCI-E card with no problems at all, I used some Akasa 430 Paste instead of the stuff that comes with it.

Temps with the stock cooler where 59 most of the time when idle but under load would reach 66-70. I installed this cooler today and idle temps dropped to 39/41 I haven't tested it under load but should hopefully be around 45/48.

It loses 1 star thou because the fan is slightly noisy even when idle it pumps up to around 2000rpm maybe full speed I couldn

Dave C 2010-05-28

Damned cool

I bought this to replace the stock single-slot cooler on my 4850, which was sitting at 50 idle in my antec 300 case.
this bad boy takes it down to 30, and barely raises above 40 in furmark.
the down side is, while the stock cooler was controled by the GPU, this one cant be.

Andrew Begg 2010-05-19


I bought this cooler to replace the dead stock heatsink from a 6800 LE, and was a bit stumped to find it didn't fit! It's now on another card though and I can't complain about the ease of installation or the cooling performance :) Well worth the money.

Andy Goodwin 2010-05-18


took my 8800gt on load from 100C to 50-60C and idle from 60-70C to 36C

tom 2010-04-15

Excellent bit of kit

I bought this graphics card cooler sceptical that it would work but to my amazement it has made a big difference to my Gaming. Idle was 51deg AND PUSHING A GAME ON HIGH 80-94 deg @ 1980x1020 Crysis at 55% Fixed fan Rate.Now Installation is completed on my Nvidia 8800gt Idle 38 deg and Max 58 deg at min fan setting 25%. Excellent buy and well worth the money! many happy returns to long stints of gaming.

MjScatts 2010-03-10


Fitted this to a BFG 9800 GT (not specified that it fits this card on the box but it does). The fan cable is a little short so be wary of this. Far better than the stock cooler, now runs at just under 40 idle and never see it above 50 under load. Previously it was around 65 idle and 75/80 under load so a massive improvement. The product description doesn't explain this but it comes with; needed screw heads, heatpads and some satndard thermal compound (i would recomend using something better like the arctic silver stuff). Overall a great product, one the best

Bamb00zle 2010-02-25

Great Buy

I just bought this to replace the stock cooler on my PNY Geforce 8800 GT, i was having real trouble with overheating. at times i had fan at 100% and struggling to get under 80 degrees c IDLE and would easily go 100+ under load, ie high end games where it would get to hot and reset me.

After installing this im sitting at 40 degrees c idle with fan at 20%, im quite amazed really at how good this is and how bad the stock cooler is. id definently recommend it.

Should also note i used some Arctic Silver 5 Thermal compound, which no doubt helped drop the temps that bit lower.

Have to warn though that you might have to file some plastic off the cooler depending on your motherboard. nothing important or anything that affected the airflow. i just had a few capacitators in the board in the way but was fine was i filed the bit of plastic away that was doing it.

Saved me getting a new card for now which is great when trying to save some pennies!

Chris 2010-02-20

Just Buy, low noise very good temps

Best quick fix for

Daz 2010-01-24

Go Akasa

Got this on my sapphire 4850 which was idling at around 47c before. Now it idles at 35c(hoping to bring it down even further with my upcoming Antec 300), & maxes out at 55c with GTA IV. Coupled the Akasa Nero for my AMD 7850 components never overheat :)

Tadz 2010-01-22

The only exhaust fan out there

XFX 4870. The one with the heatsink that keeps all the heat inside the case. Not worth a light. Decided on this, the only 3rd party that will vent the heat out the back of your case.

Read other xfx 4870 owners having to mod this cooler. So expected to hack saw a couple mm off aluminium plate surrounding the central copper heatsink, 'cos of caps being in the way. Someone said they had problems with memory heatsink on the 4870 getting in the way, and they "bent the fan housing". Don't know what that means, because you can't bend the plastic on this cooler, it would just snap. You have to take the heatsink off the memory on your card and hack saw about 30 percent off the top of it. This is easy, because it's aluminium, it's very soft.

Fan is quiet even at full. Getting 55 idle, 70 load. Will take it off and reapply sometime.

Not any better than the stock rear vents from xfx etc, but much better than the tiny little heatsinks that some of these cards seem to have left the factory with.

Rick 2010-01-21


This little thing is marvellous. Picked it up for

sleepygamer 2010-01-21


as an update to my earlier review .. tried it at 5v now and its sweet and silent and easily good enough to cool my gifted peashooter 7900GS. Stock cooler idled at 50C and sky rocketed to >80C .. the Neo (with a touch of arctic silver paste) @ full pelt (2500rpm) 12v was noisy (though nothing near the aweful stock cooler) but cooling was super 39C at idle and 45C under full load ... i fed the fan 5V and it was pretty quiet with temps rising reasonably to 40C idle and 55C full load ... so i say if youre using this to cool a peashooter card like the 7900GS (or similar) buy without hesitation and 5V the fan supply. Bear in mind though you might need to spap off a bit of the plastic housing here and there and with xfx cards the stupid metal card holder may need to be cut off (if its lipped as in mine)

ian 2009-11-28



bought this to replace the horribly noisy xfx 7900gs card i was given (and using as a stop gap for a few months) and after some trouble cutting the steel card holder and snapping off a couple of bits of plastic it fits. BUT .. although its quieter that the aweful stock cooler (and boy does it cool better than stock with decent paste on it) its hellishly noisy at 2500 rpm ... in fact if i cant silence it 5V modding the cable to about 1100 rpm then its in the bin and its a passive arctic for this peashooter .. so heres hoping 5V quietens this down a fair bit .. but whats the choice nowadays ? passive or this

ian 2009-11-28

great but REALLY unfortunate

although this product is a great cooler, it most certainly does NOT work with teh nvidia 9600 GT as advertised!!! i attempted to fit it and there was not possible way to fir it at all!

Aaron 2009-11-04

Needs Modifying

Excellent cooler. Running my 4870 at 830mhz core and 1000mhz memory.

Added Arctic Silver 5 instead of the supplied paste. Card with standard cooler, temps where running at about 75. With this unclocked, 40, overclocked 65!

Only problem I had was the back plate was too long (as mentioned by another reviewer) and hit a row of caps. Simply removed the plate from the cooler and used a hacksaw to remove 2-3mm. Very easy to do as it was a soft metal.

Despite the mods required, this is an excellent cooler and at

Syztemlord 2009-10-15

An Excellent Cooling Solution

I currently have this cooler running on my limited edition 8800GT OCX card from BFG. I had the choice of using the very respectable cooler that was the Thermo-intelligence cooler that was supplied by them, but after the glowing reviews I read about this online and in reading material I thought it was worth of my

ZesDa 2009-09-24

AKASA Vortexx

1st thing 1st: It is not compatible with PowerColor Radeon HD4890, as it has one conductor thingy in the middle of the board.
Sits nice on sapphire 4890 though.

Used it to replace zalman cooler from my 4890 card which started to act funny once the fan speed regulator broke down. 100% speed it is quiet and keeps my card at 53 idle and 73 load.
Considering that I have two of those cards inside it gets worm in my case, And rooms is very worm :) Light looks nice as well, goes very well with my UV lighting in the case and UV reactive water cooling system.
One thing though, it does not have any radiator for 4890 power regulators, but at least where the fan is, it has couple of holes through which the cool air gets to those regulators. And also, fan power cable is ridiculously short :)

muziqaz 2009-08-31


The install on this is amazing and intuitive, unfortunately the cooling is total pony on a ati 4870. Do not use it on this card otherwise you will be left holding a fried graphics card.

Matt 2009-08-28


this cooler is now on my hd 4890
used the mx2 not the akasa own paste
my main concern is noise the RV790 can operate at high temperatures without any problem
Stock cooler idle 1300/1400 rpm very quiet temp@60c.
when gaming the fan goes about 2500rpm temp @80 VERY VERY noisy
the akasa spins at 2500 and at this speed is noisy but much less than the stock cooler at the same RPM
at this speed idle@50c load@70c about.
I use Speed Fan 4.38 to bring down the fan speed.I disabled first asus Q-fan
speed control. this is a must
at 60% fan spin at about 1600 RPM temp @ 55 and the akasa is actually very very quiet.Go to...say 80 % fire up Arma II.
at this speed is more noisy with temp @ about 75
But noise is nowhere near stock cooler
temps where measured on a "hot" summer day at room temp of about 25c.
in a not so go ventilated case
expect lover temp in winter wich means at idle lower fan rpm =quite inaudible
you should put a heatsink on the VRM modules.
good cooler at this price 5 star.

antonio 2009-08-26

Didn't work out

I ordered one of these and it went missing in the post. Overclockers were good enough to sort out a quick free replacement so 5 starts to them for the service :)

As for the cooler itself? well it certainly looks the part but unfortunately didn't fit my 9600 GSO even though it said it does on the Akasa website :( they really should sort that out. The cooler seems designed for cards where the chip is at the centre of the card, so if your chip is to the right then don't bother because it won't fit at all.

Shampoo 2009-08-26


WoW! It's astounding! It looks awesome. Glows blue, so cool.

I put it on my 4890 oced to 950core and 1050mem and it never goes above 49'C
Very quiet, quieter than my 8800GTX on low fan speed. Very Impressed.

David 2009-08-15

XFX 1GB 4870 owners beware

This cooler does a great job keeping both noise and temps down over the stock cooler. very pleased overall. only two slight problems with fitting this to my card ( xfx 4870 1GB) was that the plate that is fitted around the gpu for memory cooling is a tad to long for this card and will not fit due to a row of capacitors in the way. u can easily overcome this by removing the plate or trimming the plate a few mm so it fits but there is another slight issue in that because of a heat sink located at the end of the card next to the capacitors the fan housing has to be bent slightly to get it to fit securely over the gpu leaving a slight gap in the fan housing and the gpu plate which will allow hot air to escape into the case rather than being exhausted out the back again this can be overcome with some clear electrical tape. im assuming this must be just a slight issue with this version of the xfx card as the 4870 is on the coolers compatability list.

Oz 2009-08-10


Needed to hook the fan up to a 3rd party fan controller to control the fan speed, but once done, it dropped the idle temps of my XFX HD4870 from 79-80

James 2009-08-09

Wish I bought sooner

I've had a 4850 for about a year and the temperatures have always been 82C idle and 105+ gaming. I bought this after being fed up of the insanely loud noise from the fan when it reaches 100C+. Temps are now 42C Idle and 54C gaming! I can't believe something so cheap and easy to install takes off another 50C!

Steven 2009-08-08

From a sceptic

After putting up with the incredibly noisy and ill-working stock cooler on my BFG 8800 GT, I decided to put down the money and try this cooler out.

Ever the sceptic, I wasn't really expecting much...

.... Wow! This caused my jaw to hit the floor. On the stock cooler, I could expect to be hitting 70c on desktop, temperatures rising to 90c during intensive gaming.

With this VGA cooler, I'm now experiencing temperatures of 40c idle and no higher than 50c in the very same games. It's quiet (more so than the stock cooler!) and really simple to install...

Job well done!

Jim 2009-07-23

i like it

well the cooler aint as good as my original cooler. but its only like 1C hotter but the noise is really really reduced. my gpu temp during 3d mark was 56C with stock cooler @ 100% but was like a hairdryer. this new cooler much much quieter and temp during 3d mark was 57C but the paste might need time to bed in so really good buy

rodney morrison 2009-07-20


Bought this for my second 8800gt, however i had the t-rad for other, another wouldnt fit underneath.

stock cooling
idle 55-60
load 75-80+

idle 43-46
load 54-58

this keeps my 8800gt nice and cool as im sure if you own one u know its a problem. even though my t-rad keeps my other 8800gt cooler its only by a few degrees but its 20

James 2009-07-16

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