AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition "125W Edition" 3.20GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail

Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition "125W Edition" 3.20GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail

  • True Quad-Core Technology
  • 3.20GHz clock speed
  • 2MB L2 Cache
  • 6MB L3 cache
  • DDR3-1333 support
  • AMD Cool & Quiet v3.0
  • 3 Year Warranty.
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Stock Code: CP-244-AM

EAN: 0730143267199


Manufacturer: AMD

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Product information:

Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition "125W Edition" 3.20GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail

The AMD Phenom II processors are the most advanced processors for true multitasking offering true quad-core design. AMD Phenom II processors deliver virtually uninterrupted information flow between processor cores, main memory and graphics and video accelerators for amazingly rapid system response and phenomenal system performance. AMD Phenom II processors deliver unbeatable multi-core value with superior high definition computing, advanced multitasking performance, and innovative, energy efficient solutions.

- 3.20GHz clock speed
- 2MB L2 cache
- 6MB L3 cache
- DDR3-1333 support
- 45nm process technology (125W Edition)
- True Multi-core Processing
- Direct Connect Architecture
- Integrated Dual-Channel Memory Controller with up to DDR3-1333 support
- HyperTransport 3.0
- AMD Balanced Smart Cache
- AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator
- AMD Memory Optimizer Technology
- AMD Digital Media Xpress 2.0
- AMD Virtualization with Rapid Virtualization Indexing
- Cool‘n’Quiet 3.0 technology


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Gaming Stability?

Smart...cost wise your talking a comparison to a mid i3....but the performance of this little beast is awsome. I managed to overclock to 4ghz stable with a stable asus m5a97 pro board. loving it, playing all top end games on high - ultra like BF3.

Some ppl complain about the cooler you get with it, but I would argue...who uses the stock cooler?! just get a corsair water cooler, its quiet, you never have to change water, its closed circuit so its safe, temps never go above 58C on highest load for a loooong time. usualy around 27-35C. and best of all it looks cool!

Can't go wrong for this price.

Jason 2011-11-25

Cheap & Fast!

Excellent CPU, used in new build today, overclocked it with AMD Overdrive to 3.7Ghz and it's still cool and stable, could probably go further manually!

Don't use the stock cooler, buy another one by the way, keeps it much cooler!

For a cheap, realiable and suprisingly fast upgrade/build, go for it!

Thomas Tibbetts 2011-10-28

amazing stuff

amazing product for the price for a mid level gamer like me ( im a chef so not much spare time ! ) they're perfect . not really very noisy and lots of power when needed :) i have no need to overclock them they seem to handle everything i throw at them with ease :)

biffro 2011-10-24

buy a 3rd party fan

cant really comment on the cpu yet but the fan is loud ! it increases speed/noise when worked and even the wife was complaining about the row from another room ! just got the freezer pro 7 rev.2 and the difference is amazing

h 2011-09-08

Good cpu but rubbish fan

The actuall processor itself is amazing and im playing the new battlefield 3 alpha trial with no problem. I have this installed with a gtx 460 (gigabyte) and the work perfectly together. BUT!!! The fan that comes with the cpu is terrible and really noisy also it is a really tight fit and feels like its going to break(but it didn't.) If your going to get this processor which i would recommend to anyway please order a good quiet and cool fan with it.
The black edition fan's just don't allow quiet gaming.

Ben 2011-07-28

Rock Solid

Bought one of these a good two years ago, has been running like a champ.

Managed to get it up to 3.92ghz with just under 1.5v, running it at 3.8 for every day.

and now for 80 quid? bargain for a mid end pc

Bringonblink 2011-07-05

Just amazing

Bought one of these wile in the offer.

Had a Q6600 before this and was supprise at how far AMD has come since my last AMD chip

Managed to overclock to 4.02GHz on the stock heatsink 36c idle and around 46c under load

Nik 2011-05-08

Quiet, Fast, CHEAP!

WOW! have this processor installed in my first custom gaming build. Runs so quiet with the stock fan. Keeps very cool also. So simple and durable during overclocking.

found installing the fana bit of a tight fit but i put this down to my first time installing this kind of processor

Thermal paste pre installed on the cpu cooler provides great heat dissipation with no need to buy extra or upgraded paste even if your overclocking

My Fave processor to date!

Mark Lacey Hatton 2011-05-07

value for money

OC'ed this sraight up to 3.89Ghz with stock fan max temps around 60 but I'm fine with that. will be bumping it hopefully quite a bit past 4ghz once I get it under water. got this coupled with a gtx 570 and I've yet to see any games bar final fantasy XIV make it break a sweat. all games are FULLY maxed FFXIV is slightly under max settings but that game is GPU hungry. so so happy with this CPU.

dragel 2011-05-07


This maybe the bottom CPU for the X4 Black edition line up but it is the best. It doesnt cost alot and yet it delivers bucket loads of horsepower for any task.

Humzah 2011-04-20


managed to o/c it 4 ghz with corsair h50. 23 idle 42 load very quick.

dan 2011-01-27

Mine OC's great!

Got this cheap in the sales to go with a ASUS Crosshair Formula IV. Runs stable at 4.5GHz on air cooling (noctua NH-D14 in a fractal R3 case) with temp maxing at 61C. However... for every day use I have left it at 4GHz which runs great. Paired with a AMD 6970 this thing eats every game I owe apart from Metro 2033 which I can't quite max out. If you can't afford the 1090T like me, this is a good option for gamers.

Sam 2011-01-25

AMD does it again.

This processor is great; it runs everything you can throw at it at a reasonable price. Very pleased with this processor and i can see my self using it for another couple of years.

Nathan 2011-01-04

Can't be beat for the price

I got this cpu when it was on offer for

Andrei Olteanu 2010-12-22

Great value

In a 700D case (no extra fans) with stock cooler and paste this processor hit 59C running Prime95 while clocked at 965 speed.
So of course i'm completely happy with that when AMD recommends not to pass 62C. Highest I hit with some gaming was 52C.

Michael 2010-11-02

nice 555BE

why pay

j2o 2010-10-09


this is great processor handles my games like crysis really well, i don't use the stock cooler so my temps are low.

edward white 2010-07-04

Chained and still crazy

I bought one of these to replace an AMD Athlon 64x2 6400+ @ 3.2GHz processor - I am running a ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 board and after much research found I could drop the CPU in and away I go.

All was not as well planned as expected, I managed to get TC in the CPU socket removing the old CPU and after cleaning could only run my DDR2 in single channel mode @ 400MHz.

Factoring in a HT Link of 1GHz, the lack of L3 on AM2, the Single Channel DDR2 @ 400MHz and the fact the CPU locks itself to 800MHZ until you change change the multiplier in Windows (Motherboard issue)

It still manages to take my old CPU and throw it out the window. Games load about 60% faster and average FPS improvements of 10 - 20FPS notably GTA IV, Windows loads about 20 seconds faster and iTunes I kid you not loads in 2 - 5 seconds and I have 65'000 tracks.

Overclocking is a doddle, 3.4GHz on 1.275v. Took it up to 3.8Ghz just as easy, 4+ would ne just as easy.

My advice is get this CPU, you will be simply amazed!

CurtG 2010-06-12

Above Average

Excellent Processor, performs very well, 47c idle around 50-55c load Using stock fan.

Haven't overclocked this processor as it does the job well enough without it.

Richard 2010-06-06

Very fast

I used this in my first pc build, i cannot believe how much faster it is than my old Q6600 ! was very imprest, good price aswell.

Robert Leggett 2010-05-21


bought this cpu yester-day along with 4gig of ddr3 ram and a new gigabyte mb, its been along awaited upgrade from a dual core amd and all i can say is WOW..... i can not be-leave the speed of this thing ive not overclocked it yet and how it's running and performing i really dont think u need to.... Great buy

Craig 2010-03-21

Awesome Little Beast

Having moved up from a core2duo @2.66, this chip comes as a welcome upgrade. This little chap has taken all the pauses out of graphics work (e.g. 4000x3000 images with 40+ layers) that used to hesitate and judder.

Initially felt a tad disappointed that it defaulted to 1.375V (think they're usually 1.35), but having followed a useful Tom's Hardware article on tuning Cool'n'Quiet* I've now gotten it running happily at stock speed at exactly the 1.225V they accomplished there, and shaved 5-6 degrees of running temperatures to boot! Makes me feel confident about a decent overclock potential when I can cool it better :)

Stock cooler is... adequate for stock speed, but *very* loud at full rpm (think hoover volume). Happily you can use Speedfan or similar to knock it back to ~75%, and still stay under 60 degrees while gaming.

Overall; great value for money :)

* article at,review-31830.html

Eddie 2010-03-09


moved from intel for latest build to this and what can i say.. amazing got it at 34 c at 3.6ghz blasts intel out the park for the price get one

John 2010-02-15


upgraded from a 6000 x2 and the performance is second to none .. exellent for the money also and on high resolution gaming is beats the i7 on performance according to benchmark results iv seen. a must have.

Steve 2010-02-06


absolute bargain, very easy to overclock with AMD overdrive. i haven't overclocked it yet but the stock temps are very good. the max i've had is like 34c.

mike 2009-12-29


Just get this card no point in getting the 965 save ya self

George 2009-12-28

AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955

Amazing for gamers. Future proof as its a quad core great standard clocks! Went the AM3 route instead of i7. Awesome cpu

Rich 2009-09-28


Little power house, i chose this over I7 mainly for gaming and with the asus rampage 3 which has preset overclock settings for this processor, it can not get easier to bring even more out of it.

Extremely happy with my purchase.

Stuart Banks 2009-09-10

AMD What a comeback

Very nice cpu, upgraded from a Intel core2quad q6600, and this CPU walks over it.
Overclocked to 3.6ghz with less than stock voltage, yes please! 28-33C idle/45-50C fully loaded temps on prime95 after 6hours..lovelly q6600 used to hit a max overclock of 3.4ghz and hit up80C under load!

Coupled with a Asus Rampage II Formula (republic of gamers), and some DDR3 ram (1333mhz) overclockable upto 2000mhz(!), this setup annihilates my last rig, and is bearly any dearer.

Makes for a high end setup for a resonable price.

If you like to get off over synthetic benchmarks, buy an i7, but when no1s there to look at your fun score, be sad you wasted your money on a CPU that alot of real world software is not yet optimised to use properly.
Otherwise if you actually need the additional logical cores of an i7 go ahead, but personally i like the higher clocked speeds, lower temperatures and cheaper pricetag.

P.S QUUUUICK in games

Rob 2009-08-26

Excellent processor

Fantastic CPU, rating of 7.3 in Windows 7.

But the stock fan is the noisiest CPU fan I have ever heard, being clearly audible from the other end of the house.

Liam 2009-08-22


Best processor for the price period! Better than all the core 2 and intel quads on th benchmarks! Better than the i7 920 stepping and better overclocking. Got it happily running a 3.6 within 5 mins of install and lookin to upgrade the cooler to have her runnin at 4 Ghz! An absolute monster paired with 1800 Mhz ddr3 memory!!!

Gareth 2009-08-19


My graphics card isn't up to much (future upgrade!) but this alone increased the performance of my computer drastically, very impressed at how a relatively inexpensive mobo could run this beast so well!

(I run the Gigabyte UD3P)

Easy installation, very nice stock fan.

Chris 2009-08-18

the best amd atm

quality product! even the box it comes in. mines running at 3.6 with stock cooler and artic adhesive just awesome. beats intel core 2 quad and almost the i7 and at this price its king. couldnt be more pleased.

nathan otterson 2009-08-17


I bought this as part of the overclocked bundle (3.8GHz) and I am thoroughly impressed with its performance, It is being cooled by the Coolermaster V8 and that keeps it at 30 degrees even under a heavy workload and it is nice and quiet.
Fantastic product well worth it.

M Smith 2009-08-15


I upgraded from a Socket 939 AMD Athlon X2 4400+ to this CPU.

After seeing the performance of a later Athlon X2 6000 BE (AM2) at 3GHZ I wasn't expecting much more when buying this, but the reviews already here twisted my arm.

The performance increases are very impressive compared to both of the above CPUs. For example, WinRAR takes a short 1m50s to extract a rar'd DVD in comparison to around 6m on the 4400+. Everything I've tried just seems a doddle for it. In Windows 7 RC the Windows Experience Index score is 7.3 out of 7.9 running at stock. Would highly recommend!

Chris B 2009-08-14


I keep thinking, if a person does not do video encoding 24/7, why bother buying i7 from the other company? This chip is brilliant, even at stock it fully satisfies my needs (2 virtual vmware OS with smp folders in each, gpu folding, ftp server, video converter, all at once). Doesn't even break a sweat. In games my hd4890 is the limiting factor. really nice chip for the money. And then you can get the best motherboard for the chip for

muziqaz 2009-08-13

Well Worth It

I got this chip justed a couple of days ago and im very inpressed by it. I have it running on my new MoBo ( M4N82 Deluxe ) with 8 gig of 1066 Kingston hyperX ram. The processor is OC to 3.7 atm on volts 1.5 and Multiplier of 18.5 . Been running for over 24 hours and is very stable, will proberly see what else I can get out of it as my temp is 40c Idel 48c under full load. Using the Coolermaster V8 to cool the cpu would not OC with stander fan u get with the 955, as its the same fan I got when I had my AMD 9600 black edtion.

Dark Earth 2009-08-12

Everquest 2 at maximum settings

Almost, sometimes it dips to 15 FPS, most of the time it manages 30-90 coupled to a 4870 1Gb, but as its currently highly CPU dependant (graphics engine changes Sept) its impressive to see this CPU muscle its way through the game before its optimised.

A big upgrade over my Athlon64 5800, I wasn't expecting things to be that much better to be honest.

Gareth 2009-08-11

Overpowered and amazing

Got this along with an Asus m4a78t mobo, bios update was a everyone overclocking? Why? i haven't found anything that pushes this CPU at stock yet, stock cooler keeps mine a steady 45C under load, however its a bit noisy, shame theirs a distinct lack of coolers for AM3 sockets atm.
Well worth the money, actually have some faith in AMD now, almost tempted to try an ATI graphics card as my next upgrade.

Buy it :)

Sam Le Corre 2009-08-07


For the price, this processor is a bargain and is definitely worthwhile over the Intel Core i7.

Shaun Henson 2009-07-30

Shes a beast

After much deliberation on my new puter build I decided on an AMD3 platform, after trawling through many reviews. I am not disappointed, I can not compare this to any intel platforms as I havent had an intel cpu since one blew up on me 15 years ago.
As I couldnt afford a new cpu cooler i havent played with this much but easily managed 3.8ghz on 1.4volts but the temp on the stock cooler was a wee bit warm at 68c but was stable running 12hrs of prime95.
I have now ordered a new cpu cooler so who knows i mite even manage 4ghz tomorow on air :)
All parts mentioned bought from OC and 5 stars for all them and delivery as always 1st rate and bang for buck 2nd to none!

Ian 2009-07-24


This is a beast of a processor. Upgraded from an AMD 4200+ so it made a huge difference, on GTA IV it went from 8/16 FPS to never below 40!

I never used the stock fan however. When i looked at it, it wassnt the most attractive because it was so big but i suppose the bigger the heatsink the better the cooling.

A Robinson 2009-07-20


i was truly astonished with this processors quality and performance, AMD however still do use the pins on the cpu inlike intel so as you could immagine i was very fragile with this trying to make sure i don't bend one of the 900 odd pins.

this processor is slightly only just better than a intel core 2 quad q9550. (a lot of research went into this and it won on the benchmarking)

AMD have yet again won the price over performance trophy.

Not to mention that this processor also does hold THE WORLD RECORD for it's staggering over clocking performance.

a truly reccomended buy, not too far away from the intel i7's performance and it's

Kyle Choularton 2009-07-19


Going from my amd 5000+ to this beast updated my board to an am3 and 4 gb ddr3, i am still using my old bfg 8800gts 320mb oc graphics card,but now i can finally run crysis war head on enthusiast (Max) settings pretty impresive

Kev 2009-07-16

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