Phenom II X6 Six Core 1090T Black Edition 3.20GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail

  • Six Core Technology
  • Unlocked Multiplier
  • 3.20GHz Clock Speed
  • 3MB L2 Cache
  • 6MB L3 Cache
  • 64-Bit Technology
  • HyperTransport 3.0 Technology
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Stock Code: CP-266-AM

EAN: 00000000


Manufacturer: AMD


Product information: Phenom II X6 Six Core 1090T Black Edition 3.20GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail

Six-core processing power for massive performance headroom - at the price of the competition's quad-core products. The AMD Phenom II X6 processor features AMD Turbo CORE technology that enables unlocked performance for cutting-edge applications, and dynamically switches to three cores for raw speed. Direct Connect Architecture that enables leading-edge performance and responsiveness, even on the most demanding applications. HyperTransport 3.0 Technology enables incredible system agility for 3D gaming and ultra-high resolution entertainment. AMD Dedicated Multi-cache that extends the memory bandwidth for intensive applications, delivering fast performance per core.

- Multiplier Unlocked
- Six Core Technology
- 3.20GHz Clock Speed
- 4.0 GT/s System Bus
- AM3 Socket
- 3MB L2 Cache
- 6MB L3 Cache
- 64-Bit Technology
- HyperTransport 3.0 Technology
- AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) Technology
- 3 Year Warranty
- Heatsink & Fan Included

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Customer review "AMD Phenom II X6 Six Core 1090T Black Edition 3.20GHz (Socket AM3) - Retail"

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(from 24 customer reviews)
Processor is a lot faster than my previous one (Athlon II x3 440 with L3 cache...
Got this about a month ago and its amazing got it easily overclocked to 3.7ghz max temp...
This is an amazing product runs very cool (Corsair H60) and overclocking is very easy.
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Chris 2011-10-28

Great CPU Rubbish heatsink and fan

Processor is a lot faster than my previous one (Athlon II x3 440 with L3 cache unlocked) but the genuine heatsink and fan gets very noisey when under load, on investigation it appears they are all like this so spend a bit more and get a quieter (and cooler) aftermarket job.

Overclockers delivered in three working days which was ok.

David 2011-09-29

Very good

Got this about a month ago and its amazing got it easily overclocked to 3.7ghz max temp 50 (only had that high once) with an a70 cooler Great cpu

Bizzle 2011-07-31

Amazing CPU

This is an amazing product runs very cool (Corsair H60) and overclocking is very easy.

Morgan 2011-07-25

completely astonishing

I purchased this CPU along with A SSD 30gb and a 5770 and corsair 4gb of ram, the performance is unreal massive upgrade from my old build with a q6600. If I was building another pc would consider purchasing it again. Good job AMD!
Fan was quite hard to attach when doing the clip device it felt like something was going to snap but it was fine you just have to push it over.

Dazz 2011-06-03

A truly fantastic product

I have tweaked it slightly, left voltages at default but increased turbo core speeds from 3.6Ghz to 4.2GHz and at HT5.2GHz. As I play games mostly the 4.2GHz really helps yet can still have excellent performance with low power consumption when idle.

And spent

dan 2011-05-22


bought this coupled with

Asus crosshair iv formula 890fx board
corsair xms3 8 gig of ram

blinding cpu. idles about 34c, havnt seen it go over 40c yet. stock fans, both in my antec 300 and on my cpu. going to overclock soon. but its bloomin fast already. on my next paypacket i intend to do so (along with some new fans!)

Thom 2011-03-23


Super CPU!!! I have oc to 3917.3. Bus speed 200, multiplier 19.5. Running on 1,45 core voltage. Is very stable, on full load hit 49-50C on air cooling but whit non stock cooler (stock cooler crap, i was having 55c under prime95 load 3.2 ghz on stock cooler) Now i have more cooler and more powerfull CPU:)

Its normal voltage for this CPU?

Bob 2011-03-23


thanks to this cpu, my pc is now faster than superman on crystal meth.

dobzzz 2011-01-05

f.a.o. Adam (Telford)

i think he means that he has used two of the rams sticks from a triple ram setup and they work fine.

Adam 2011-01-02

AMD as good as ever

what can you say but for the price its unstoppable...

To Geoff, would love for you to explain your tripple channel setup seeing as AMD only supports Dual channel - 4 memory slots = Dual / 6 memory slots = Tripple

geoff manser 2010-12-08

beats i7

well i had an pst with i7920 clocked to 4ghz, i brought me 1 of these and an m4n98td evo motherboard, and i used 6gb yes tri channel on this board and it works,and all i can say is it thrashes my i7 hence selling it,this amd and motherboard combo is awesome i can now defo say i7 is well over hyped over priced garbage, when i extract a 7gb file it does it in a flash ,where the i7 took ages ,dont just look to buy 1 doit i promise you wont regret it and games are so smooth compared to i7 i just cant beleive how good this is for the money very happy bunny:)

10/ 2010-11-18


look ive in the past bought every decent cpu on the market . including an athlon fx57( a few years ago

Dez 2010-11-05


Got this CPU with the Asus cossair IV motherboard and its just blowing away without a hickup of any sort.

all i can say is that you can see the real benifit of 6 core technology since its not threads but purely core power.

if you thought amd was not good and intel was better well all i can say is that this price and preformance is worth every penny and you wouldnt even look back at intel

as far as i can see it AMD is starting push back into place and 100% recommended to anyone

also outstanding delivery by overclockers :P

Kayron Mercieca 2010-09-21

Another great AMD CPU

Before buying this CPU I had an AMD Phenom II X4 965 C3 CPU, overclocked to 3.8GHz with 1.4750V. I primarily bought this CPU for the two extra cores (I do a lot of 3ds Max modelling and rendering). I've got it overclocked to 4.0GHz with 1.5125V on an Asus M4A79XTD EVO motherboard. Needless to say a better motherboard (Asus Crosshair IV Formula) could do 4.0GHz or even 4.1GHz with just 1.4750V (or less!) but I am content anyway!

The performance is bar-none the best I've seen in an AMD CPU. A sample 3ds Max scene of a cube with 15,000 hairs with mental ray and area omni lights rendered in 1:45 instead of 3:01 from my 3.8GHz X4 965. Even gaming in Battlefield Bad Company 2 got noticeably smoother. These CPUs are very, very worth-while. I wish I had a better motherboard but I won't be buying a new one until socket AM3+ makes an appearance.

Highly recommended CPU. The new architecture is much better to overclock and runs like a dream. 4.0GHz is easy to achieve with this CPU.

Jack 2010-08-06


OK I bought this with a Crosshair IV motherboard and I haven't even had to overclock anything to get great performance. Truely amazing.

JimmyJ 2010-07-25

The hidden gem

Coming from all Intel chips before, I decided to try AMD's flagship processor. Well I am truely now an AMD fan, and I always will be. Pure processing power at a fraction of the cost of the Intel opposite. Eats up anything I throw at it, and is running stock at under 20C, so the overclocking potential is amazing. Thank you AMD

Robert 2010-07-01


This is my first AMD CPU and I'm impressed! I'm not much of a gamer, but this thing compiled GCC with all the trimmings in 18 minutes!

Ploutarchos 2010-06-10


Amazing product. AMD wins again!!!!! One of the best value in the market!!!

Swampy 2010-05-25

Top Notch

After ummm'ing and arrgh'ing for a good while and trying to decide whether to go over to the darkside or stick with AMD. I decided on this beauty of a CPU!

Bang for the buck it's right up there.. and has potential for some longevity with it's 6 cores (as more software devs will no doubt decide to make use of them).

Currently running totally stable @3.8Ghz without even trying (auto OC), this CPU is a beast and has laughed in the face of anything I've thrown at it.. and not yet broken a sweat over 40C with a Corsair H50!

Overall, due to total platform cost I feel I got a much better system than anything I would have got had I gone the intel route and spent a similar amount of cash! Totally recommended!!

Richard 2010-05-22

Very nice

Arrived today and I've already got it sat at a very comfortable 3.7 and tbh done bugger all to it with it sat in the new crosshair mobo.

Alex 2010-05-13

replaced phenom 2 940

omg what a processor its very fast off the mark it keeps very cold at 26c idle, overclocked it to 4.01ghz (36c idle) with no problem running stable

Allan 2010-05-02

Replaced my AMD FX57 at long last

Really good value for money 3.2Ghz @ stock is good enough as most games will rely on your GPU anyway. Got mine running at 3.8Ghz with no problems will go further with more tweaking easily as well. With games hopefully coming out using all 6 cores this is future proof heck even if you never use all the cores for the price its well worth it compared to the intel cpus. running at 33 degrees idle very happy a must buy.

Stuart Davey 2010-04-30

Replaced my Phenom II x4 955

Bought this to replace my Phenom II x4 955 which is also 3.2GHz so have not noticed a great difference in performance unless the game/application supports multi-core processor. Didn't have to change motherboard as my ASUS M4A79T Deluxe supports the AMD Hexa core processors with a simple BIOS update (Version 3004). Nice that AMD have taken the time and effort to provide an upgrade path that does not involve replacing half your system. Although this processor does not perform anywhere near as well as the high end Intel i7 chips it is a fraction of the price and still does a great job at running all the latest games I throw at it.

Simon 2010-04-29

What can you say

Stunning product. i overclocked it to 4ghz. dead stable. 6x 4ghz at this price???? running at 50c .
The best CPU i ever had (i paid more for my pentium 133 in the past :-D )

Well recommended

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