Piledriver FX-8 Eight Core 8350 Black Edition 4.00GHz (Socket AM3+) Processor - Retail

  • Eight Core Technology
  • Unlocked Multiplier
  • 4.00GHz Clock Speed
  • 8MB L2 Cache
  • 8MB L3 Cache
  • 64-Bit Technology
  • HyperTransport 3.0 Technology
  • 3 Year Warranty.
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Stock Code: CP-336-AM

EAN: 0730143302517


Manufacturer: AMD

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Product information:

Piledriver FX-8 Eight Core 8350 Black Edition 4.00GHz (Socket AM3+) Processor - Retail

The new AMD FX 8-Core Processor is now faster than ever! It’s still unlocked for your overclocking pleasure, and it’s still the only AMD 8-core desktop processor. AMD FX processors have broken records before and now it’s your turn. Experience unmatched multitasking and pure core performance with a new architecture and great prices.

- The next-generation architecture takes 8-core processing to a new level. Test the limits to play harder and get more done.
- Get up to 24% better frame rates in some of the most demanding games, at stunning resolutions.
- Incredible speed out of the box and more in the tank; AMD Turbo CORE Technology automatically kicks in, boosting performance to a user’s varied workload.
- Get faster audio encoding so you can enjoy your music sooner.
- The groundbreaking AMD FX 8-Core Processor Black Edition comes unlocked. No premium to pay. No code to input. Just unrestrained, overclockable power right away.
- Go up to 5.0 GHz with aggressive cooling solutions from AMD, High-end air-cooling or H20 solution required for 5.0GHz and beyond clock speeds.
- With more speed than ever and more aggressive price points – New AMD FX Processors raise the bar for 8-core computing.
- Get up to 22% better frame rates than the previous generation in some of the most popular games.3

- Multiplier Unlocked
- Eight Core Technology
- 4.00GHz Clock Speed
- 4.20GHz Turbo Clock Speed
- 5.2 GT/s System Bus
- AM3+ Socket
- 8MB L2 Cache
- 8MB L3 Cache
- 64-Bit Technology
- TDP: 125W
- Voltage: 0.9375v - 1.4125v
- 32nm technology
- Support upto 2400MHz DDR3
- HyperTransport 3.0 Technology
- AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) Technology
- 3 Year Warranty
- Heatsink & Fan Included
- Upto 7% faster than previous FX-8150

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Just Keeps on Rocking!!!

Best £ for lb fighter in it's division and the heart of MY Beast....Never let me down @4.5GHz (in 5 yrs not one BSOD) ...bought in Nov 2012 and I see no reason to replace at present
Running on:
Sabertooth 990FX(Rev1.0)
Corsair H90 Cooler
G.Skill RipjawsX 8GB (3x2GB)
Zalman Z9 Case
(AN OCUK machine through n through)
Even in 2018 a True Contender especially for those on an AMD Budget

Lawrence Gage 2018-03-03

Great Processor even in 2017

Still using this bad boy in 2017 and I am playing World of Warcraft at 1080p max graphics settings and it is barely using 20% of the processor. this thing still has loads of life left in it. Shame the r9 270X runs quite hot

Ross 2017-05-22

High performance and high value

Been using this for 6 months now and couldn't be happier. More performance than I can use at the moment and should last for many years. The bundle with ram and mobo was quite a bit cheaper than an equivalent Intel bundle (as at Dec 2015 when I bought).

Alan Smith 2016-07-19

AM3+ Socket? This is probably the proces

No problems with it at all other than the stock fan being quite loud when running demanding games. Other than that, five-star.


New PC

So i ordered a PC around a month and a bit ago.


Zalman Z9 Plus Tower Case with Fan Controller - Black
MSI Radeon R9 280 Gaming 3072MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card
Raijintek Thermis Direct Contact CPU Cooler
Kingston HyperX 8GB (2x4GB)
Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 AMD 970 (Socket AM3+) DDR3 Motherboard
SuperFlower Golden Green HX 650W '80 Plus Gold' Power Supply
AMD Piledriver FX-8 8350 Black Edition 4.00 GHz
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB
Windows 8
OCUK Optical Drive

The CPU is fine, i do not overclock for what i need to do but it is easily fast enough to handle what it needs to do and for the price the performance is top notch.

Aftermarket cooler on it keeps it nice and cool and i don't think i have seen it above 50C when gaming and in general use is chilled to 10C.


Excellent Product

Many thanks for this out standing product,amazing Delivery,Many thanks for the Haribo sweets Hehe!


wow they give me haribo aswell :)

well i come from a fx 6300 and people was saying that i wont see any diff wow they where wrong 20-30 fps + in some games and thanks to overclockers frist time useing them and going to be again soon. You guys are amazing putting haribo in my box :) little things like that make it worth it :)


Solid CPU

Upgraded from the poor 8120, had that at 4.1GHz overclock and was still a bottleneck. This cpu beats that cpu at stock by a country mile. I have managed a 4.5GHz overclock on stock voltage and the temps have never gone above 48C, I believe I can get around 4.8GHz once I start playing around. While its not groundbreaking tech, it has removed the bottleneck, giving my AMD R9 280X free reign to give me all it has.


Couldn't be happier

You can stare at it all you like in your basket, hovering over the "Go to Checkout" button.

....Just get it!

Very solid processor. Eats through all the games and video editing software i own.

Great bang for your buck


Top cpu for the price

This cpu is great its an upgrade from my 4core amd pile-driver it runs so much better, faster and with a water cooler its epic. If you want a great cpu for a low price this is the one it is great for a mid/high end build.


Fantastic Processor / Sabatooth FX990 MB

I have had the 8350 CPU for over 3 months now OC'd at 4.51GHz and I have actually forgotten I have it OC'd until I checked stock today in the reviews. Fantastic quick, running Sabatooth FX990 R2 with Plenty of decent RAM and a decent GFX Ice card, kicks my i7 Mac into touch at nearly everything apart from style and noise.

Once I sorted my Air out from initial purchase, I have had no issues, except Prime 95 drops to CORES in stress test, everything else if fine, I am running on air in a lian li case and it can be quite a noisy office companion, but who said Ferrari's had to be quiet, really thinking of upgrading to the new one.....Great Processor at a great price....not often you can say great & great in the same sentence.


Excellent CPU

Got this on a Sabertooth 990 motherboard. Extremely quick.
Just one word of warning though, if you are requiring Windows XP Mode on Virtual Machine - it will not work unless you download and install a Patch from Microsoft. This is simply because the Virtual Machine will not work on the AMD 8-core CPUs without it.



Really pleased with this buy great upgrade from my phenom X4 got some nice jumps in framerates on battlefield 4.But if u have a Asus Crosshair 1V Formula u will need flash your bios with ver: 3027 its a beta but works 4 me hope this helps someone.


Intel never again

Bought this chip to replace an Intel I7 3770 that for some unknown reason you could not install XP on as a second operating system for my older games and considering its like 90 quid cheaper it runs 7.8 on windows 7 on standard setting with no overclocking I`m impressed even more so with Overclockers for getting it to me so quick. I coupled it to an Asus A5M99X EVO and its a beast just buy it 100% happy


came from a i5 3570k@4.5ghz

got to say I moved from a i5 @ 4.5ghz as I just fancied a change and wow in my opinion its faster in games such as battlefield 4 crisis 3 etc don't think just buy it

corsair air 540
crosshair formula z 990fx
amd 8350
avexir 8gb ddr3 1600mhz
2x sapphire r9 270x toxic in crossfire


brilliant but damn heatsink

brilliant cpu runs great but stock heatsink was near impossible to get on lol (lots of inexperience) :D but after loosening THE motherboard mounts it was all go from there not worried too much as gonna go watercooled soon as i get more money after buying the 290x


very quick

best pound for pound cpu out there do i need to say more


Replacing Phenom X4 965Be

Purchased after scouring the web for the cheapest and amazingly Overclockers came up trumps @



I have been CPU for a couple of months now.
Works as it should. quick and reliable.
Unlike my works machine.
Which is not AMD powered. (3770)


Great Snappy Processor

I was at first rather reluctant to order this processor. I own and use a i5 3570K daily and ordered this as an additional computer for the whole family, not just me.

Wow! When browsing Windows, the web etc I notice no difference compared to my i5. It chews through word processing and all the basics with ease while clocked down in power saving mode. I also was amazed by it's performance in games. It was a little slower than my i5 in such situations, but it still produced very acceptable framerates in games.

Great processor and is worth considering for a all round PC which does basic tasks and demanding multi threaded applications. Great in games to.

Carl 2013-04-09

unreal performance

Would give 10 stars if I could dont listen to all the intel rubbish this cpu has closed the gap and this new installment is breathing fire 4.7 on liquid cooler( hw 100) would go 4.8 but voltage out of my comfort zone what more could you want intel has real cause for concern amd ftw

Richard Stallard 2013-03-28

Good Upgrade

Upgraded from AMD 955 X4.

Tested with Photoshop CS6 Iris blur. Old cpu took over 2 minutes with GPU rendering off. This was 45 seconds quicker (Very hi res files)

Yes an Intel CPU would be quicker but for how much more?

Complex spreadsheets used to take a few seconds to be ready. They are now instant.

Used for video encoding it is as quick if not quicker than intel too.

Great for games too.

mark20040 2013-03-23


Seems i got mines just in time, as the price went up Today (mine arrived today after buying it on Sunday). Upgraded to this from my old but reliable AMD Phenom II 3.2ghz 965 Quad.. The results are quite surprising! I'd recommend this instantly to anyone looking for an upgrade :)

Adam 2013-02-26

quicker than I thought

Not owned a amd cpu since opteron 930 and I came from Q9550 which has been a real work horse but this is twice as fast as that and runs so quiet and cool. Have overclocked up to 4.6Ghz with one bump of vcore and it eats through anything I put its way.

badcompany 2013-02-04

4.9 Ghz

This is a very nice cpu, i had amd 4100 before this one and it was bottlenecking me hard in guildwars 2 and battlfield 3, i basically played on high settings but now i can enjoy on ultra settings with 40-70 fps with gtx 570.
overall very happy and strongly saugest if you planing to upgrade in socket am3+ motherboards.

Arthur 2013-02-03

Great performance

For the price especially with the OC sale on bringing it to

Ussie 2013-01-25

Best purchase in a long time!

I heard lots of horror stories about this process and a lot of bottlenecking. I have also been an AMD fan and figure it deserved a try. Am glad I did. Running this on a Asrock 970 Extreme with a MSi 6870 and 8GB ram It handles everything I can throw at it.

Ben 2013-01-07

im fx'd up

moving on from a 1100t and this is just as exciting
at stock speed i can drop the voltage to 1.22 and be fully stable
i find these to be the best stability testing tools for amd systems
grid, dirt 2, c.o.d. black 1 & 2
if there are any weaknesses these three will show u
why run a benchmark when you can test and enjoy yourself at the same time
back to the cpu..
mine overclocks to 4.6 on stock volts so i stopped there and am loving it

komission3r 2012-12-30


Didn't expect too much from this processor, but WOW!
AMD have really pulled their thumbs out their arse for this one!
8.6 on Windows 8 WEI, Overclocked to 4.5Ghz no problem with my motherboard's BIOS (Asus Sabertooth 990FX).
Didn't even need to flash the BIOS!
If you're looking for an upgrade from a Bulldozer, GET THIS.
I am very impressed.
Also OcUK's delivery was quick (2 DAYS TO JERSEY WOW) Thanks again OcUK!

Callum 2012-12-27

Very Good

Just upgraded from my old 8150. Running it at 4.6ghz @ 4.00v (H80 water cooled) to get it stable in prime95. I wasn't sure if it was worth the upgrade, but it was definitely worth it. I think overclocked it's approx 15% faster

7belowzero 2012-12-26


Just upgraded from a PhenomII quad core 980 BE and the performance difference is huge. I am now watercooling this piledriver CPU using a high performance xspc 360 kit and have mananged a 5.2ghz overclock which is stable on all games so far :D, when overclocked this high it outperforms an i5, i am not biased as i have two rigs on the go, one is intel i5 based and the other is AMD, they are both great cpu's but from a non biased opinion the amd cpu offers value for money and rivalled /better performance over some intel chips

james 2012-12-23

Consider This

Very happy for 149 pounds this is a fantastic processor. I had a phenomx2 955 quad at 3.2 ghz. Games ran fine with all the graphics on full on my 1080p telly sometimes lagged a bit. But as soon as i turned phsics on in bourdlands two or batman etc it was rubbish. This processor allows me to have the phsics on full. The games are so smooth. MSI 6970 lightning gpu and a MSI 990 FX chipset mb. This chip runs ram faster than the 1033 max old chips you get the most out of your ram. Reviews say i5 gets a few more frames in games. Real world never actually notice the diffrence. Phisics in games make the most of all cores in a processor. So games without physics or with built in gpu cuda might get a few more fps on a I5. But soon as you use heavy phsics this procossor eats the i5 which everyone seems to totally miss. All the test i found are testing on gpu with cuda. More games are using physics so this is a perfect processor if you dont have it built in to your gpu.

Alex 2012-12-02

top cpu

thanks amd just got this with Asus Sabertooth 990FX mainboard and its so fast. its so much faster than my old Phenom II X4 Quad Core get the free pc games free ,for the money you wont get better than this love it worked straight out the box with my sabertooth mainboard

DAVE 2012-12-01

4.9 Ghz

Well. I have it at 4.9 ghz at 1.56 volts (i thought that was crazy high volts but its stable). On h20, ran prime 95 for 2 hours. Just wont hit 5Ghz stable. Motherboard asrock extreme 970. I was amazed to find that it almost doubles my fps in bf3 (amd 7950). I guess my old phenom 965@3.8 was bottlenecking! I would drop to 40fps sometimes, now its never below 75 fps @ 1080. Very impressed!

Alex Limpkin 2012-11-27

AMD Piledriver FX-8 Eight Core 8350

5.4 ghzon amd m5a99x evo 8 gig memory 2 tb hdd 120 gig ssd its as quick as a 2500k if not quick on certain test its 20 % quick than i7defo buy

keith 2012-11-09

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  • eTeknix - Bang For Buck

    "So what have they (AMD) done with the 8350 exactly? They’ve increased the speed to 4GHz and improved the technology and architecture, allowing for much better results than what we originally saw on the FX-8150."

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