Ryzen 7 Eight Core 1700 3.70GHz (Socket AM4) Processor - Retail

  • Eight Core with Sixteen Threads
  • 3.70GHz clock speed
  • 14nm FinFet Process
  • 16MB L3 Cache
  • Dual Channel DDR4 Controller
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Stock Code: CP-39X-AM

EAN: 0730143308328


Manufacturer: AMD

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Product information:

Ryzen 7 Eight Core 1700 3.70GHz (Socket AM4) Processor - Retail

AMD Logo After more than four years of work on the new "Zen" microarchitecture for their x86 processors, the beginning of 2017 heralds AMD's fresh attempt at recapturing the high-end segment. After having previously abandoned this front in the eternal battle between David and Goliath, AMD has rolled out the heavy guns in the form of a cutting-edge processor design going by the name of Ryzen.

Massive performance improvements in every respect mean that AMD's Ryzen quad-core, hexa-core and octa-core CPUs handily outperform their predecessors and combine innovative features with a pioneering platform as well as cutting-edge I/O interfaces. And yet AMD's new "Zen" architecture is so flexible and versatile that they can be installed into high-end desktop platforms as well as mainstream APUs utilising integrated graphics, and enabling the processors to scale from high-performance servers for data centres all the way down to fan-less mobile platforms, has brought forth an array of performance-enhancing features and characteristics to their intended fields. This is how the chip manufacturer intends to pave the way for a dazzling comeback, and AMD has laid the foundations to this approach for the next few years on the broad shoulders of the AM4 platform. As the underdog in the battle for supreme processing power, AMD continues to offer their customers an extremely attractive price-to-performance ratio in the new range of Ryzen CPUs.
AMD Ryzen 7

The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3,0 GHz 8-Core Processor at a Glance:

  • 8 "Zen" cores with a low 65 Watt Thermal Design Power (TDP)
  • 16 Threads thanks to Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT)
  • Very high single- and multi-thread performance
  • 3,0 GHz Base- & 3,7 GHz Turbo Clock with Precision Boost
  • Unlocked multiplier for manual overclocking (unlocked CPU)
  • Large memory cache: 4 MB L2 & 16 MB L3
  • Highly efficient, non-planar 14 Nanometre FinFET transistors
  • AVX2 instruction set extensions for complex vector calculations
  • Two AES units for fast and reliable data encryption
  • Modern AM4 platform with extensive features
  • Supports energy efficient DDR4-RAM (Dual-Channel)
  • Includes AMD Wraith Spire CPU cooler with red LED ring!

AMD Zen - The Architecture of the Future with Precision Boost Technology

AMD Ryzen Logo

The AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is a processor hailing from the new "Summit Ridge" generation with eight logical CPU cores that, thanks to Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), are capable of processing two threads at once on each core. This means that the number of processor cores is effectively supplemented by the addition of eight further virtual cores to make a total of 16 effective cores. The 8-core top-of-the-range model functions at a high clock rate of 3,0 GHz per core which, due to the implementation of Precision Boost, performs real-time tuning in accordance with the performance demands placed on the processor. This holds true in respect to both games and applications, adjusting itself on-the-fly in precise 25 MHz increments within the TDP framework up to a maximum of 3,7 GHz.

In addition to these improvements the chip architecture also produces less heat and operates more quietly than any of its predecessors and is specially designed and optimised to work at high clock frequencies. These optimisations are due in part to the drastic improvements in energy efficiency and the low 65 Watt Thermal Design Power (TDP) of the CPU cores. The impressive specifications of this processor demonstrate the extent to which AMD's time has been invested into research and development. This goes a long way towards explaining the massive single-thread performance increase of up to 40% in terms of Instructions Per Cycle (IPC) as well as the manner in which the processor excels in highly parallelised multi-thread applications. These combined factors result in consistent and optimal performance.

The silicon is lithographed in the advanced 14 nm FinFET manufacturing process with stacked transistors (also known as 3D transistors). This striking reduction in scale has resulted in space being freed up on the processor die, thereby permitting the integration of a total of 4 MB Level 2 Cache and a full 16 MB Level 3 Cache into the centrepiece of the PC. Due to the intelligently controlled cache buffer and thanks to the "Smart Prefetch" jump-prediction algorithms, Ryzen is capable of ensuring instantaneous data access and swift compute performance in all use cases - irrespective of whether the task involves gaming and Virtual Reality or cloud computing and virtualisation.

Unlocked CPU: Foolproof Overclocking Thanks to the Unlocked Multiplier

All AMD Ryzen CPUs are "unlocked" and come with - as was the case with the "Black Editions" and "K" variants of earlier product ranges - an unlocked multiplier that allows overclockers to attain relatively high clock rates in a virtually foolproof manner. The aforementioned overclocks are easily achievable via manual alterations to the BIOS or UEFI, or by means of software tools designed for increasing the maximum factory-set boost clocks. Both an overclocking-friendly chipset such as the AMD X370, B350, or X300, as well as additional 3rd party cooling is necessary.

Cutting-Edge & Luxuriously-Featured: The AM4 Platform

AMD Ryzen 7 Box Motherboards equipped with the AM4 socket serve as the foundation for AMD's range of Ryzen CPUs, and they also offer cutting-edge interfaces. The CPU itself possesses four dedicated PCI-Express 3.0 lanes providing compatibility with modern SATA and PCI-Express SSDs in both M.2 and U.2 formats as well as support for the NVM-Express protocol (NVMe for short). A further 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes deliver abundant bandwidth for even high-end gaming graphics cards. Additional PCIe lanes for data storage, expansion cards and peripheral devices are allocated separately, dependent upon the chipset of the motherboard. The new AM4 platform also supports up-to-date external device interfaces like USB 3.1 Gen 2 with Type A and/or Type C connectors and high data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. The CPU's integrated memory controller supports AM4 motherboards as well as speedy and energy-efficient DDR4-RAM in dual-channel mode with or without ECC error correction.

Ryzen processors are also continually monitored by AMD's special "Pure Power" sensors. These sensors monitor temperatures, voltages and frequencies in order to perfectly tailor energy usage with an eye to different use case scenarios. Even with respect to SIMD instruction set extension AMD is now pulling up equal to the competition and has now mastered AVX2 (Advanced Vector Extensions), which enable dramatic performance improvements in floating-point calculations in scientific simulations, video-, picture- and audio editing, as well as video games and multimedia applications, in so far as the application supports this feature.

Note: This is the boxed version including an AMD Wraith Spire CPU cooler with a red LED ring. All AMD Ryzen CPUs also require an AM4-compatible motherboard.

Technical Details:

  • Type:
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
    Zen/Summit Ridge
    Manufacturing Process: 14 nm FinFET
  • CPU Cores: 8 / 16 (physical / virtual)
  • CPU Frequency:
    Base Clock: 3,0 GHz
    Boost Clock: max. 3,7 GHz (Precision Boost)
  • Level 2 Cache: 4 MB (512 KB per core)
  • Level 3 Cache: 16 MB (2 MB per core)
  • Integrated PCI-Express 3.0 Lanes:
    x24 (x16 for GPU + x4 for SSD + x4 for Chipset)
  • RAM:
    Memory Controller: internal
    Memory Channels: 2
    Memory Standard: DDR4 (ECC & non-ECC)
  • TDP: 65 Watt
  • Socket Compatibility: AM4
  • Instruction Set Extensions:
    SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading)
    X86-64 (64-Bit Processor AMD64)
    AMD-V (Compute Virtualisation)
    VT-Vi (I/O MMU Virtualisation)
    2x AES Units (Encryption)
    AVX & AVX2 (Advanced Vector Extensions)
    NX-Bit (Virus Protection) & EVP (Extended Virus Protection)
    TBT 3.0 (Turbo Core 3.0)
  • Special Feature:
    AMD Wraith Spire CPU cooler with red LED ring in bundle
    Unlocked Multiplier

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Amazing CPU

Was originally going to buy the 1800x but then noticed that this is the exact same CPU just clocked at a lower speed so after a very easy overclock to 3.7Ghz it is now outperforming the 1800x at a much lower cost. so i would recommend this over the 1800x and spend the extra money on a good cooler or something.

Sam Williams 2018-08-04

Good price for performance brought t you by AMD in association with overclocking

Great chip easy to get to 3.75 for me on a good cooler just remember to return it to stock settings as to not void your warranty...

Joshua Perrin 2018-07-22

Insane performance for the price

8-core, 16-thread CPUs used to be only accessible to the high end enthusiasts but I'm happy that normal consumers can get this kind of performance. If you are coming from an older platform like Sandybridge or AMDs FX, Athlon etc. then this CPU upgrade will be a massive step up from what you are used to. The single core performance is quite respectable, but the true value of this CPU comes from its multi-threaded performance which is phenomenal.

Video editing and any production work that you might be doing will really benefit from the multiple threads. Gaming wise, heavy games like Battlefield 1 really make use of the threads where as a quad-core might have limited what FPS you get before. As mentioned before, the single-core performance isn't on the same level as the latest i5 and i7s, because E-sports titles prefer highly clocked cores to output as many frames as possible, but playing Counter-Strike and Overwatch, it can achieve more than 144FPS quite easily.

If you are going to stream, then this is perfect for that task. Having so many threads means that your streaming program won't be choked trying to encode the stream and run the game at the same time. Especially when the game is CPU intensive.

As for overclocking, I took the "lower" power consumption route by undervolting. Right now I leave my CPU at 3.4GHz at 1.1V which is basically as low as I can go without increasing temperatures or power draw too much past the advertised numbers. Kind of against what 99% of what people do, but hey it works.

Overall, the Ryzen 7 1700 is a solid purchase and at the time of writing, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals makes this CPU a very VERY good choice for a personal upgrade or to recommend to friends.

Jacob Martinez 2017-11-30

Brilliant Multicore Work, with Equally Strong Single Core Performance

Brilliant Processor, offers a cheap solution (£270 at time of review, I bought mine at launch for £320!) for multi-threaded applications while also providing enough punch for modern games at high FPS. My 1700 is currently at 3.9GHz and 1.32V, the chip runs cool and quiet and does everything I could ask of it without putting up a fight. The AM4 platform also allows for future upgradeability.

Ryzen has its flaws, of course, one being the ~4GHz wall for clock speeds, however seeing that this is a new process and that its performance is already unreal for the price, I can't really fault it.

Would Recommend.

Ronan 2017-10-08

AMD All the way!

Since AMD announced these chips I have jumped back to AMD. Very happy with the result.. I have it paired with the Gigabyte Auros AX-370 Gaming 5 and with the Corsair AIO 100iGTX running Corsair Vengeance Red CMK16GX4M2B3000C15R and the results are spectacular !! Very Happy.

Mr Jonathan Bruce 2017-09-28


Really can't fault this - fantastic return to form from AMD! Mine hit 3.9ghz with minimal effort and is a huge upgrade from my 4770k in multi-threaded apps.

Don't let the gaming results put you off - it's more than capable with an overclock (3.8ghz should be doable in the worst case).

Andrew Richardson 2017-09-06

Pain...but worth it

I purchased this 2 weeks ago with an ASUS CH6 and some team group dd4.

I have to say this is a very very fast CPU. I previously had a FX8350 and I was on the fence if I should join team blue for the 7700k. However I am pretty happy with my choice.

Getting it to 4ghz isnt a problem but the ram would not run at desired speeds, so managed a 3.880mhz speed with 3600mhz ram clocks stable (performance boost with higher ram clocks is better than lower ram and higher cpu due to the infinity fabric this is based on).

This thing runs super cool with my OCUK 240mm AIO (20 - 38c) and the fps increase was impressive, same GPU form previous machine 970 gtx and there was a massive bump in speed.

If you have a mixed workload of games and development then I would say this is 100% your chip. Bare in mind you may need to tinker with some OC settings, so if that isn't up your street then think again, but simple OC settings to 3.7 are not a challenge for anyone : See 8PCK you-tube guide and official AMD guide for help.

Good Job AMD :)

Chris 2017-08-13

Current pick of the crop

So far I have not seriously needed to overclock this CPU. It just gets better with each Bios update. It will OC to 3.8 easily at a low vcore of 1.33V but I am still with the (very capable) stock cooler and enjoying how quiet this machine is.

ASUS C6H motherboard 1401 bios

Gskill Ripjaws V 3200 C14 16GB running at 3200 C14

nkata 2017-06-27


Now that the bios updates are filtering our into the world and AMD have released a custom power plan, Ryzen is starting to win. Sure it's not going to blow a 7700k out of the water when playing games (but it will eat it for breakfast in proper multithreaded tasks) but it's a HUGE improvement over the FX line of chips (even the Steamroller based APUs) with single core IPC on this chip being over 40% better than the 8350 even at stock clocks. It's hard to knock an 8 core 16 thread CPU for this money especially since the blue team's big thread count CPUs cost well over twice as much

G 2017-04-15

amd - good to see you back

Do not hesitate to jump on Ryzen - get your parts right and it will fly. Left Skylake for this and have no regrets.

Kingston Fury Black 16GB DDR4 PC4-19200C15 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit

Works flawlessly after updating bios! Please check my review on this board -

Using a Giga GA-AB350M-GAMING 3 BOARD

keith 2017-04-13

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