Antec 1200 Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case - Black

1200 Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case - Black

  • The Antec Twelve Hundred is the evolution of the best-selling Nine Hundred
  • expanding on its award-winning design with even more cooling
  • capacity
  • and convenience.
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Stock Code: CA-102-AN

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MPN: 0761345-08120-7

Manufacturer: Antec

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Product information:

1200 Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case - Black

The Antec Twelve Hundred is the evolution of the best-selling Nine Hundred, expanding on its award-winning design with even more cooling, capacity, and convenience. The Twelve Hundred is incredibly robust, with 12 drive bays, 7 expansion slots, and space for even the largest graphics cards. To keep the most demanding systems nice and cool, the Twelve Hundred boasts an unprecedented cooling system, with a top mounted 200mm blue LED fan, two rear blue LED 120mm fans, and three front blue LED 120mm fans to cool the HDD cages. Factor in convenient features like front mounted USB, eSATA, and HD audio ports, and the Twelve Hundred obliterates the competition.

- 12 Drive Bays
- 7 expansion slots
- Advanced cooling system
- No power supply included
- Motherboard: Up to standard ATX
- Top mounted I/O ports for easy access
- Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake
- Washable air filters reduce dust build up in your system
- Convenient top accessory tray for a personal media player

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Massive case with a crap load of room inside it.
I read the other reviews on here but I was still taken aback by the sheer size of it.

Christopher Nguyen 2011-07-04


This case is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It looks very nice and the cooling that comes with it, makes it feel like a fridge. I get 30C (Idle) 45C (max Load) on all 6 cores on my AMD 1090T with stock cooler. I would recommend this to anyone.

Andi 2011-06-21


Got this at the weekend for my new build , this thing is massive!!!! Could hardly fit it through the door.looks really nice and is easy to keep onto of any cables with the cable ties provided.has a bit of trouble with my psu cable not being long enough to reach my mobi but can't fault the case for that tho.great service from overclockers,ordered on Thursday and received next day. Wish I could give this 6 stars!

Murray 2011-03-21

supurb case

this case is simpy the dogs nutts, again what can i say, outstanding service from overclockers as usual, have done and will always order all my computer needs from these guys 10/10 for the case and customer service.

Steve Aldous 2010-12-10

Just Be Sure First

This case is amazing, if you buy another case within 5-10 years of buying this theres something wrong with you, this has everything you could ever want.
just make sure you have a decent power supply, if you bought a cheapy power supply the cables can be to short meaning that your power supply is hanging, mines kind of ok now, but i've had to fork out another

Harry 2010-12-01

Good but is flawed

I brought this case to replace my Zalman GS 1000Plus.

I had to return this case for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it is not really bult for full ATX boards. They only just fit and cover the tidy cable holes which is not good if you want to fit a gamers mobo. It does not fit a dual 5970 which is, again, a downer. It does not fit SSD as well as the Zalman or Lian Li cases. In fact the documentation said to screw the SSD to the bottom of the case right next to the power supply!

The fitting was not as easy as most other cases either and I had quite a job getting the HDDs and SSDs back out of the drive slots within this case due to screws not wanting to come out from the plugs which line the HDD holes.

The quality is not so good for the price. The Zalman is only

Sam 2010-11-23

Great case

Bought this case back in september for a new build. Beautiful to look at and boasts a massive amount of space. Plus, the fans keep it quiet n cool. Can't go wrong with this case if you are looking for a nice and big quality case.

Matt 2010-11-05

best case I have ever had

It's absolutely huge, and it's not the cheapest, but i love this case. the fans are effective and fairly quiet, the configuration is easy to use and understand and it's easily one of the best purchases i've made in quite awhile.

James 2010-10-27

Blown away

I just recieved this case this morning and OMG its awesome, the amount of space and aircooling is phenomenal and was almost literally blown away, the case is made with amazing precision, no sharp edges to maim yourself with lol
I would without a doubt suggest this case to anyone who is looking for an outstanding case

Jasen 2010-10-06


All i can say is wow....had this case now nearly 3 months now and not regretting a thing about it!

First thing i want to point out, its very big and heavy, not good for portable use, but this is the only fault.

The amount of space is amazing, the holes for cable managment is very good, easy to cable manage, always a good sign :)

The 3 sections for the hard drives is a bit of a pain for watercooling but u really dont need wc with this case, its that good!

Fits some of the biggest CPU coolers like the coolermaster V10

Fits my 2x 5970's easy enough

overall 5* amazing!

Joshua 2010-09-20

Blimey, it's heavy...

Have to say, I've just upgraded last ngiht to this case, and am impressed. Nice and spacious, no sharp bits anywhere to cut you... putting HD's in were easy and loads of room for the largest of GPU's me thinks... the fans are nice and quiet even on high compared to my old case with 80cm fans... personally though, you don't get the window fan, so purchase an extra UV Blue light 120mm for the window as that really helps temps... my GPU's on idle are 2C lower with that fan on than without!.

Overall, think it's fantastic, although, fo some reason the USB's on the front aren't working... so will have a fiddle later on today.

Pugheaven 2010-09-16

awesome tower

this has to be the best case i have ever bought. there is tons of space in it and the cooling system in tower is also first class. it is very well made and is very heavy.

stephen mcglade 2010-09-11


just recieved my antec 1200, what a beast!!!

just to let you know if your thinking of getting one, it is the right choice.
its has so much room to work in, with ram and gpu coolers, or if you want to get the monster v10 coolair, you can fit two lol.

if your worried about the noise from all 6 fans...... well on high setting yes there is noise but not from the fans but from the sheer volume of air moving through the case, med setting is fine!

rob 2010-09-06


I just got this case today!
3 HHD fans at the front INCLUDED!
2 rear case fans INCLUDED!
1 Big mother on the top INCLUDED!
Quality is defiantly INCLUDED with this case. Keeps everthing really cool!

Kurt 2010-07-21

Awesome Case

Its massive, quiet, looks stunning.
Plenty of room to work in there.
Blue LED's look amazing.
Great airflow. Fan speed is super easy to adjust. Dust filters to keep the dirt out.
Easy to fit components.
Must Buy !!!
Extremely pleased with it :)

jon siddall 2010-07-21

Amazing Case

I bought this case about a year ago, the air flow is brilliant, if you turn the fans down it does run silent enough providing you dont have too many fans inside like i do. 17 altogether! Plenty of space for hard drives and disc drives or the option to switch them.

Could do with a bigger cable management area and some sound deadening material. However im sure there was an easier method of removing the hard drive caddies. IT would also be nice to have a cutout behind the cpu but as this is a big case it could be housing 2 cpu's so they cant just cutout for one.

Definately recommend this case! Would be ideal for watercooling.

Its a very big case and houses pretty much any component! It looks awesome.

Simon 2010-07-02

Loads of Room, Easy to work on

Outstanding case
Very easy to work on.
Looks amazing in the dark too with the Blue LED fan lights.
Runs extremely cool.
Plenty of room for Big Graphics cards
2 GTX 480's in Sli fit fine.
Build quality is excellent

jon siddall 2010-06-28

Nearly 1 year on

My last review was 5 out of 5, I have changed this to 4 out of 5 now.
To get to the dust filters you have to unscrew the thumb screws of the side panels and remove them. Then, unscrew a minimum of 12 thumb screws to the front trays housing the filters. Despite the filters, dust still gets in to the case which means you regularly clean the inside of te case and the filters at the same time. There is also wear and tear as the side panels rattle a bit. You also have the hidden cable area behind the motherboard that with all the cables pushes the side panel outwards and is hard to close, again, also makes the side panel looser.

Mark 2010-06-11

Truly amazing

This case is a must buy, even after 6-8+ hours running, its so cool, im considering putting the milk in their to make space in the fridge :P Flawless design, easy to maintain dust filters. Highly recommended that you but this case!

Dave 2010-05-16

Amazing case

Setup -
*OVERCLOCKED* Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz (Nehalem) @3.33Ghz Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Intel X58 OCZ 6GB DDR3 PC3-10666C9 1333MHz Gold (3x2GB) Triple Channel DDR3 Akasa Nero Bundle
Corsair TX 850W ATX SLI Compliant Power Supply
Samsung SpinPoint F1 1TB SATA-II 32MB Cache
AOpen DSW2012SA 20x DVD

Ali 2010-05-06

jesus H christ

recived today with next day del! Excellnt service even down to the delivery man! took me around 5-6 hours to set up. It came with an instruction booklet which made it very easy to install! Im used to buying cases that are around

Adam 2010-04-01


Amazing Case, best airflow you can get without a doubt. I have Crossfire 5870's and they fit fine with room to spare. Nothing out there that cant fit in it.

If your looking for a good looking and great overclocking case then look no further.

Oli 2010-03-31

Top class item

This was the case i used on my first ever build recently. This is a fantastic case, way bigger than i imagined and the cable management is class. The fans are really quiet, and everything keeps very cool. Running overclocked i5 @ 4Ghz with 4 Gig DDR3 and a ATI 5870 . Anyone looking for a good looking case and something solid and well built, look no further. For the money i think this is well worth it! Also the pictues on here do it no justice.. it's so much more sexy in real life, specially when you boot up for the first time and those led's turn on

Ohhhh yeeeeh baby

Mat 2010-01-29

Antec 1200

system specs

abit ip35 pro xe mb
4 gig nvidia sli ram
q6600 quad 2.4ghz @3.2
ati radeon 8450 gpu
antec 1200 case
artic freezer pro 7 cpu cooler
2x sony sata 24 speed writers
eze cool 700 watt modular pwr supply
1 tb seagate sata ll 32 meg cache hdd

Wow what a case, had dodgy xblade case before this with 2 80 mm fans with all same spec and temps were not to bad with that cpu 30-35 idle in everest 40-45 idle in uguru but what a monster of a case this antec is. I am running this case with all fans on lowest setting gpu fan on 50 %, i am running prime 95 as i write this and cpu temp idle is 16 in everst 26 in uguru (not sure wich is true reading) load cpu tepm is 32-35 in everest and 42-45 in uguru like i said thats with all case fans on lowest setting. As for the noise of this case all fans on highest setting it sounds like a plane taking off and on lowest setting u can hardly hear them noisiest fan in the case at the moment is the arctic freezer pro so for me its a 5 star

Newbie overclocker 2010-01-23

What a case

System specs

Antic 1200
Asus p5n-e
E6850 @ 3.6
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 cpu cooler
Crutial ram 4-4-4-12 @900mhz
Enermax Infinity 720

Had this case up and running now for a couple of days now and I cant believe the change in my temps, I had a NZXT Apollo case before which I thought had ok air flow etc these are my before and after temps with CPUID hardware monitor (with core temp and real temp take 5c of cpu temp so not sure which ones are rite, I no its all down to the tj max but not sure what that should be set to ?). These temps are with Antec 1200 fans on low, 8800gt fan on 60%.

NZXT Apollo
CPU idle 38 load 69
M/B idle 39 load 47(hot)
GPU idle 60 load 89

Antec 1200
CPU idle 24 load 52
M/B idle 30 load 35
GPU idle 46 load 71

Now I think thats a big difference in temps plus I didnt take cpu cooler off so it couldnt be that I replace it better. I am very pleased with this case.

Essex 2010-01-13


Well, when I opened the box and saw how big this thing is!! Its HUGE! I mean, i was expecting it too be big, and i'd seen loads of reviews saying the same thing and i had measured out the dimensions etc, but it is ENORMOUS!! That is a GOOD thing.

It is excellently cooled, positioning the hard drives behind the front fans is a really good idea, keeping the hard drives nice and cool. Also, the cable tidying features are excellent, keeping airflow good. Its just a bit tricky closing the side of the case if, like me, your still using some IDE cables and old style PSU's with the HUGE bunch of cables.

Overall, this case is AMAZING which has loads of excellent features! 10/10, couldn't ask for anything more, worth the money! I did hesitate on the button to confirm your order, but it was the right decision to press it! An excellent case, and highly recommended! Buy! 5*

David 2010-01-09

Not Bad

I like this case however after reading sooo many reviews I was expecting more, but to reiterate, i dont know what more i was expecting.
Ok - enough of the confusion, lets get to the point.

This case is very well cooled, yes, as good as the hype makes out to be. I was choosing between this and the haf 932. Although the haf is probably more spacious, i couldnt justify the looks and i much preferred those of this. The space here is not gigantic, just adequate. Enough to fit a big cooler (i got the titan fenrir which is excellent if anyone was wondering.

I installed both case and cpu cooler at same time and my processor (amd II x4 965) idle went from 47 to 29 and my max load (as from now as im doing a prime 95) is an amazing 43. wow. Although the cooler probs made most of the difference, you cant have good air cooling without good airflow. thus the case, i would have though contributed to around 5 degrees!

Overall a fairly spacious case with good airflow.

Also the quality is good.

Jamie Tanner 2010-01-03


This case is something else!! the quality is outstanding, looks amazing! So spacious!! the air flow is spot on. I am so glad I purchased this case!!

Dan Garratt 2009-12-20


This has got to be the best case ive ever worked with its large enough to fit any ATX motherboards and accommodates 8 120+ fans .... thats a lot of cooling.
Also i like to thank OCUK for great delivery service i ordered last last Thursday and it arrived Friday morning nice!

just 1 problem i had with the case on the left side panel is has a small dent though it does not hinder the case i think this was a transport error, behinds that its a excellent case i highly recommend.

Mo 2009-12-13


Build quality is first rate, no sharp edges, solid quality metal and plastic + construction.
Case has 6 fans all with 3 speed settings and neon.
Huge space inside, makes airflow a walk in the park.

With medium fan settings my i7 920 @ 3.7ghz idles at 30 degrees C!!

I once had the antec 900 and was impressed with that but this is a whole different league.

Lewis 2009-11-09


100% worth the buy if u got the money

DLG 2009-08-27

Still love it

Bought mine a year ago when it was 95 pounds! (not including VAT). It's still going strong and I get lots of nice comments on it. I mess with it a lot and nothing has worn down on it.

Nate Silvers 2009-08-13

Spot on case

This case is nice! Its big well built and looks the part. My temps have dropped about 10C from my old case which was a Antec P180.

One thing I don't like is to clean the air filters on the front you have to remove both side panels then unscrew 24 thumb screws! Then pull out the hdd case to get to the filters! then ya gotta put all this back again. Where on my old case I just clicked open a door to get to my filters.

good case though! buy it!

Scott 2009-08-09

get one

had this case for a year now only one word to say BUY ONE you will not find a better case than this it's the dog's ******

sloppo 2009-08-08

This case is supreme

One could be forgiven for thinking that each Antec 1200 is hand-crafted by Chuck Norris.

It's size is ferpect, it's cable management is unmatched, it's cooling is excellent. A very well designed and well constructed case.

I bought it as part of an overall upgrade to my gaming rig and specifically to help cool my two new Gigabyte 9800GT Silent Cell graphics cards (10-inch cards that it fits with inches to spare!). They have no fans, just a huge heatsink. The combo of their heatsinks and this case's fans keep the cards at about 30-35*C (idling)... truly brilliant.

Ordered on Thursday, arrived on Saturday, system rebuilt on Sunday. Very happy customer - thanks again OcUK. :-)


Krus Khamsin 2009-07-27

Shes a beast

After much deliberation I settled for this case as the base for my new puter build and I am not dissappointed with my choice. This case is very big and heavy thou with plenty of room but be sure that if your limited on space check the dimensions. The build quality is excellent and its a pleasure to work inside this case. If I had any gripes at all with this case it would be that unlike other high end cases Antec have opted for a non tool free design, and the hard drive cages were held in place with 8 screws, I have removed half of these opting to leave 2 on each side but woulda prefered an easiser method to remove these bays, also the motherboard tray is not removable but due to the amount of space inside the case this is not a biggy. This case has excellent airflow, upgradabilty and cable management options and also looks quality when all lite up and running. Highly recommended for those that wanna buy a decent case that has the potential to last years!

Ian 2009-07-22

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