300 Three Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case - Black

  • Impressively spacious and unbeatably reliable
  • the Antec Three Hundred is an unbeatable enclosure. Despite its eminently portable frame
  • the Three Hundred has enough room for the latest graphics cards
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Stock Code: CA-101-AN

EAN: 0761345083003

MPN: 0-761345-08300-3

Manufacturer: Antec

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Product information:

300 Three Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case - Black

Impressively spacious and unbeatably reliable, the Antec Three Hundred is an unbeatable enclosure. Despite its eminently portable frame, the Three Hundred has enough room for most of the latest flag-ship graphics cards, as well as six hard drives and a standard ATX motherboard. A cable management compartment keeps your system organized and the airflow unobstructed. A 120mm rear fan and 140mm top fan ensure that the case runs cool even when playing the most demanding games, while the sleek black finish gives it an extra stylish edge.

- External 3 x 5.25"
- Internal 6 x 3.5" for HDD
- 1 rear 120 x 25 mm TriCool™ Fan with 3-speed switch control.
- 1 top special 140 x 25 mm TriCool™ Fan with 3-speed switch control
- 2 front (optional) 120 mm fans to cool the hard drives
- 1 side (Optional) 120 x 25 mm Fan to cool graphic cards
- Washable air filters reduces dust build up in your system, which helps keep your system cooler
- Perforated front bezel for maximum air intake
- 7 expansion slots
- Top mounted I/O ports for easy access
- 2 x USB 2.0
- Dimensions: 458mm (H) x 465mm (D) x 205mm (W)
- HDA & AC’97 Audio In and Out

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Product Specification:

Case type
Form Factor
ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Noise dampening
Width (exact)
Height (exact)
Depth (exact)
200 - 300 mm
400 - 500 mm
400 - 500 mm
Weight (exact)
6 - 8 kg
Audio output
Audio input
Internal 3.5" bays
External 5.25" bays
PCI slots
Motherboard tray
Cable management
Front LCD/TFT display
Power supply
Power supply format
Power supply position
Rear Lower
Fans pre-installed
1x 120mm, 1x 140mm
120mm Fan
140mm Fan
Fan colour
Fan controller
Card reader
Front door
Position I/O
HDD anti-vibration

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Great But Simple

the case may not look like much but it does not need to look amazing when its under a desk. the case is very spacous and can fit all the components in my computer without them being all crammed in especially when my fan is enormous

Nick 2012-11-22

questionable 2'5 inch bay

If you're going to install an SSD, buy a 3.5inch caddy rather than trying to screw it into the "available slot", which is a set of holes in the bottom of the case. My corsair PSU SATA cables wouldn't stretch across all drives and i couldn't get the default mobo sata cables to fit with it "housed" in the "available slot". otherwise very good, but i'm probably going to buy some four pin chassis fans so the mobo can control the fans, rather than the manual switches.

dds 2012-05-07

Great value

Great value case, it doesn't have all the features of a high end case but then this is not a high end case.
Lots of room inside for the biggest of GFX cards (just), I am running two 6970's. It has an SDD mount on the bottom also.
I ripped out the tri-cool junk and replaced with enermax fans, running a H50 cooler and all the optional fans. This thing is so quiet even on full load you'd think the fans had broken.

To be honest I wanted a better case, but blow my cash on the internals instead. Only thing missing is a USB 3 front port.

Buy one if you need a cheap option, its a great case, plus just get LED fans and rock the colour of choice. The filters by the way are built into the front grill, just get the dyson on there once in a while and your sorted.

Chris 2012-04-12

Very Good But...

Overall a nice case, understated and stylish and big enough to fit things (I don't buy all that cooling crap about cases)


There are no dust filters on the fan grills. Not a big issue for most fans except the massive one at the top which allows dus to pour down on the CPU and the rest of the stuff. No idea how this can be rated so highly with that issue..

dominic 2012-02-27

Great case but missing dust filters

This case would get a 5 star rating but what is the point if it has a vent above where the CPU sits (the one you see on the top of the case) with no bloody dust filter!?

Your PC will get very dustry, you have been warned.

Dominic 2012-02-21

Great Quality Case

Bought this for my new build, fits everything in but the ATX power cables are a bit snug around my 560Ti.

Love the look, not sure if it's my build error but the HDD activity LED doesn't flash for me.

Nathan S 2012-01-16


received this case as part of an i5 2600k build from OCUK.

Was very impressed with the case I must admit. It made my previous case look like a crampted 1 bedroom flat after the grandparents had moved in and were fighting your gf for space to put their clutter.

Serious room in here. From memory there are about 6 3.5" slots which is ace for expanision.

Intel z68 Mobo fights fine with plenty room all around - 560Ti fits like a dream despite being a pretty decent sized card to what I had before.

Cables... hmmm. A few stretched over the mobo but pressed in place to hold them so nothing comes loose. Wasnt too impressed with the lack of additional HDD connectors (only 1 full set supplied) but not sure if this is a PSU issue or not.

Fans are pretty powerful for me, they blow out so much cool air I actually need the heating on as they cool the room down so much!

Easy access, good build quality and value for money. Impressed I am.

blackwatch 2011-12-06

Love and hate this case, but for the mon

It's a great case for the cash, because it has Antec quality of build and a clean look with efficient cooling design. It does have some annoyances:

- Cable management is non existent and cannot be routed behind mobo tray. This makes the case untidy and hard to manage although it is possible to make it ok ish.
- Paint quality of finish is bubbley. Not sure if intentional.
- No bottom vent for PSU to breathe
- No front intake fans supplied with it
- Top fan resonates top of case slightly
- USB and Audio cables a bit short
- No tooless design
- No HDD vibration proof mounts or screws
- No black interior finish

On the plus side, it does look simple, clean and cools efficiently. Good build quality. Something about this case makes me happy. with the Coolermaster HAF 912 being close to this in price, it is worth going for that mainly because it has cable management and is more spacious to work with. Depends if you can live with the looks. They are very similar in size.

jaybee 2011-11-09

Simply awesome

Keeps my rig nice and cool, very nice looking and supplies everything i need.

Inside is very spacious and already comes with a few cable ties. Overall, epic.

Andrew 2011-10-15


Happy with the case plenty of room and enough cooling solution.
My only little niggle is that the supplied fans which are 2 good fans only come with molex connectors and the speed controls are on short leads which means case on and off if you want to adjust their speeds.
I have a Asus sabertooth mobo and i wanted the mobo to control the fans so i have had to replace with others to do so.
But if thats not a problem then you will be happy with this case

Paul 2011-09-24

Close but no cigar

Overall this is a nice case. I've now used it for three years.

* Simple, clean and elegant.
* Includes two large quiet fans when set to minimum speed.
* SATA connectors at the front of the motherboard have clearance.
* Cable tidy behind hard drive cage

* The PSU is at the bottom and there is no where for the ATX12V cable to go behind the motherboard. The cable ends up stretched over the graphics card which is ugly and in danger of touching something hot.
* The Front audio cable isn't that long so if the connector on the motherboard is at the bottom rear it will be a stretch at best.
* The two included exhaust fans have molex power connectors so can't be connected to the motherboard and it's difficult to keep them tidy.
* There is no included intake fan at the front.
* The optional side fan makes no sense. The grill is a dust trap. Is the fan supposed to be exhaust or intake? I've tried both and neither work well.

Jon 2011-09-20

its allright.

I cannot find a single review here faulting this case, so I thought I would help.

This case is good, tough, and sturdy, it has a good access window in the motherboard tray, easy removeable fans with 3 way speed controllers and is set up to have the psu on the bottom.

However this is where the good part stops, the inside is bare metal not black, so you can see silver caging through the front filter which looks terrible, the cable management consists of two cable ties around the back of the hard drive rack, there are no watercooling holes, the external paint is extremely low quality and lumpy (really really lumpy), the front facia is not the same colour as it appears in the photo, it is graphite, the power button feels flimsy and cheap, the paint scratches off easily and the side panels are too thin.

This case does however have brilliant modding potential, but look at the 'BitFenix Shinobi Window' and the regular version.

This case will be getting replace by one.

Hope I helped.

Tom 2011-06-24


I bought this case as my old one was getting cramped.

Switched everything over in about 20 mins with an amazing amount of ease.

There is loads of space and the fans keep everything nice and quiet.


Richard 2011-05-25

Top Notch

Bought this case after owning a number of other "bigger" named cases. Best 40 odd quid i ever spent, mobo bay is big enough to swing a cat, the fans provided to a great job on the cooling side and are quiet. The front of the case is well designed with a mesh grill that not only looks sleek but provides great ventilation. Hands down the cheapest case ive owned and by far the best

stu 2011-04-07

Very Impressive

I got my case a while back as I'm building a new set up from scratch and I've got the asus ROG extreme ll GENE motherboard and wanted to know if anyone had trouble with fitting that board into there case???

Dave 2011-02-19

Power and Reset Buttons

I have just received this case and after spending 2hrs trying to work out why the computer would not start, discovered that the Power and Reset Buttons had been wired up back to front in the factory!

Apart from that the case is very good.

Vincen 2011-01-17

Airflow's nice.

Cable management's fine, and the thumbscrews for HDD management is much nicer than getting out the screwdriver. Positive marks for having a purpose-built SSD bay at the base of the unit as well. It's a touch on the loud side due to the top fan, but disconnecting it doesn't make the temps suffer that much.

Jon Bennett 2010-12-31

Saved my build

Like an idiot i dropped my

Tom Fish 2010-11-17

Amazing value

This case is very good for keeping your components cool. Even at full load this thing is still blowing out cold air! Quite big too!
I would strongly recommend this case if you've got a tight budget!
Excellent value for money!

Craig 2010-11-07

New Revision - Better Value!

The case I received has obviously undergone a revision - it now includes SSD ready mounting holes at the bottom of the hard drive cage, as well as a large cooler retention plate cut-out for easy access to the backplate. All in all, fantastic value for the money!

Tom 2010-10-27

Great case

Overall great case. I'll give it four stars for couple of things: dust filter a great idea, but not adding one on the side fan intake makes it pointless and you have to buy an aftermarket filter. Also the supplied 2 fans are quite noisy on medium and high setting. Cable management on the side of the HDD trays works great.

Pavel 2010-09-22

Just buy this.

What an excellent case.
First grabbed one of these in 2008, it was great then and still is now. Since then I have built another 3 machines with this case. It hits the spot in terms of value for money. I recently had a machine go under due to water damage and had to send the entire rig off to the insurance company to get it replaced. They would not send me anything back so I was left with the choice of buying a different case or this one again, I went with the trusty antec 300 again despite heavily considering and researching other cases. Why? Because it's just so damn good for the price!

Cooling is fantastic, I always fit 2 extra 120mm fans at the front when I build with it and everything inside gets plenty of cool air with the top and rear fans on the pull. The supplied Antec fans are very audible on anything but the lowest setting but they don't need to be set any higher. I read something about sharp edges but have never cut myself. It looks sleek and stylishly subtle.Loads of room.

Gareth 2010-09-21

Awesome Case!

Very happy with purchase. Quality for the price amazing.
Highly recommend to everyone.
You have to fans originally installed and another two spaces for another 120mm fans + one on the case cover. I installed them and currently my idle temp is 35 and at load not more then 52.
Very very happy!

Peter 2010-09-17


Very nice case, Excellent cooling with the extra fans added, very very good at this price!

If there was one thing i would love is better cable management, but i cant complain at this price!


Mayfair 2010-09-09

Good case

This is a great case for the money. No sharp edges and the layout is good. It also runs very cool, the fan on my 8800GT no longer spins up when playing games, and is quiet in general

Stephen Burden 2010-09-04

#1 Budget Case

Without a doubt, the best value budget case one can buy!

If anyone can suggest a better case at this price range, please email Regards.

Badgerblack 2010-08-19


Bought a i3 overclocked system from overclockers that used this case, the quality is great, loads of room inside, have just built another system for myself at work with an I7 920 bundle was a joy to build, case just looks professional solid and upgradable got a Corsair H50 water cpu water cooler fitted in mine, looks like it was designed for this case specificly, as usual great delivery from overclockers using DPD, thinking of using these couriors for my own buisness

Lee Frankis 2010-07-01

Great Budget Case

This case was more then I expected for a budget case.

There is lots of room and plenty of slots for extra fans. The fans it comes with are silent - though its a shame the speed controls are on the inside.

Only thing I would warn about is the fact that the insides are very sharp. It took me while to figure out where the red streaks where coming from when I first installed all my hardware.

L.Tyson 2010-06-24

Getting better all the time

Having owned a P180 I wasn't sure whether I wanted another Antec. The P180 had this ridiculous shelf seperating the PSU from the rest of the case, meaning it was VERY cramped inside. Add that to the stupid door on the front and I was less than impressed.

The 300 however is back to basics, it's a great case with plenty of room to make the rig YOU want.

One thing I liked about the P180 that is sadly lacking in the 300 however; The removable drive bay with the rubber grommits to reduce vibrations and noise I thought was a great feature, so it's a shame to lose that.

Never-the-less, a great case for a good price.

Will 2010-06-20

Clean Style

I am running 2 of these cases with Modular psu's and gigabyte motherboards, and plan to buy another for my forthcoming i7 project.I like the clean uncluttered style and build quality is excellent for the price.

Richard 2010-06-12

In addition

I would also like to draw attention to the loose front panel and the flimsy clips that fasten it - one side of mine also seems to want to come adrift frequently. There ARE screw holes present on both frame & fascia, but none provided - some users may want to nick the screws from something like an old CM Centurion (sizewise they'd probably fit) to pull it in tight. Or wedge it in hard like I have.
+1 to the problem with the reset button - I also have a pretty small pinky finger, and even then its a struggle (other fingers being fat don't stand a chance).
Internally its still pretty darn good though

Colin Tisdall 2010-05-31

Good for a price, but

This is a good case but there is always but. I start with good bits and come to things I didnt like.

- Good size
- Good buttons locations (top)

I like the size of this case and the internal space, lots of room for most builds and good cooling. I liek the location of power button and usb.

Now for Cons:
- reset button very small and in a tight hole and it's very hard to press it even with your pinky .
-front side has crapy mesh against dust (too big of a holes to my taste) ,
-Flimsy hooks that hold front cover .(my are anyway, one side almost not holding)

To sum it up I think its a decent case for the price asked but I beliave it could have been better if it was a bit heavier and had more attention to some of the smaller details.
I give it a solid 3 going towards 4

Laro 2010-05-30

Excellent case, few minors

I love this case - its gone through 3 sets of internal hardware, and my recent upgrade to AM3 has done nothing to disabuse me of the notion that this is a BRILLIANT case. I have a VaporX 5770, top end AM3 quad and game a LOT, and with a Coolermaster Hyper 212 (which fits comfortably ~2-3cm gap between fan & case ) the temps are brilliant - 30 degrees load after 15 mins encoding...happy!
It's not exactly pretty, but far from ugly like some cases, and its minimalist design helps keep is better looking. The top fan grill is easily bent - my case doubles as a footrest and I've flattened it with my leg, but it doesn't foul the fan.
Another criticism - speed-adjust fans, but you have to open the case to adjust them! Also...molex fans with annoying wires - they're loose and they get EVERYWHERE.
The case also needs better cable routing to make it perfect, but for 41 quid, its amazing quality for the money. I'd advise changing to 3 pin fans just for ease, and possible cable routing mods! A+

Colin Tisdall 2010-05-28

Great Case

I received mine yesterday. I am very pleased with the case, it is very easy to use, the thumb screws make access nice and easy.

The quality of the case is really good, sadly I cannot compare it against my old one as that was truly rubbish.

Fan's are reasonably quiet and installing the Motherboard etc into the case is easy.

Cable management is a dream and there are plenty of extra screws etc if needed.

Five stars, would recommend this to anyone who wants to build a new computer.

David 2010-05-27

Hot Days / Hot Nights

Just gone through a little heat wave, hot days and hot nights. Let me tell you this case was not at all phased by this, keep its cool and took it all in its stride. Running a full set of fans (120mm x5) I hardly noticed any increase in temperatures. Was running only 3 fans (2 at the back & 1 front) but as the temp climbed so did the amount of air I wanted push. I've had this case now for two years with no niggles what so ever. I even bought another (3 speed) Antec fan as I was so impressed with the two fans supplied (also 3 speed switchable). Running an Intel Duo 7200 2.53Ghz OC @ 3.6Ghz with 800mhz OCZ RAM OC @ 910mhz on a Gigabyte MB which isn't covered in heat-piping. Artic Cooling Pro V1 heatsink for the CPU. Everytime I think about changing it for another I can't even begin to justify why and therefore am thinking I may have this case forever untill the day ATX is replaced as the standard form. Strong, cool & quality value.....and of course with Overclockers service wit!
h a smile.

Limits 2010-05-26


Best case I ahve ever had and I have had plenty.

Running everything on air and it is as cool as an ice cube.

Superior build quality to anything I've seen before.

John Price 2010-05-18


i have had the antec 300 a while now as a base for my new build, its not gonna be an amazing build, but it wont hang about. its gonna house a phenom II x2 and 4gb of ddr2 ram, fantastic cooling, surprisingly quiet since it has 2 huge(ish) fans running in it (i have mine on medium)
superior quality case, had no problems with it, would highly recomend!
but please put better internals in it that i have lol, its currently running on ddr1 with a p4 northwood 2.8 clocked to 3.2... :-(

Tom Priston 2010-05-13

Perfectly Proportioned

I bought this case to house my older components to make a server, and am absolutely stunned at how good it is. Installing everything was done in about 40 minutes and there wasn't a screwdriver involved other than the PCI-E slot! Absolutely amazing work by Antec.

Runs quiet and cool too, stunning.

Christian D'Amico 2010-05-11

Simple but gooood

Wanted a durable case for when I go to LANs and with this one I feel like I could throw it off a building. Not 'pretty' but is stylish enough not to get laughed at. Easy installation of everything. My PSU cables are long enough so no problems there. My front fan struggles to reach its MB power connector but thats my fault for buying wrong fan. Not using the cable ties but case is large enough to have the cables everywhere without problems.

Gonads 2010-05-06


Great case. I use it for a media server which is never switched off and it keeps it cool all the time! One thing to note is that the psu sits at the bottom of this case. Which makes great sense really but could be an issue for some people....

Josh 2010-04-29


I brought this case a while ago and I'm going to be upgrading to the 902 soon because I want the better styling. This isn't the most attractive thing its just plain and simple really and wouldnt look out of place in an office. You can brighten it up with some coloured fans on the front if you want. It fit my ATi 4850 nicely with room to spare and could easily of accommodated two. The build quality is good for this price however I did manage to dent my sidepanel. All in all though for this price its a steal.

Simon 2010-04-24

Great Case

Massively impressed with this case... i used in my first build!
This case is just the right size to fit in the essentials and was able cope with my 750w Cosair PSU and HD5850 gfx card no problems!
I think cable management is a little tricky so you might want a modular PSU instead to help with that!
Great service as always from OCUK!!!

George 2010-04-22

Not bad

Really good case, Excellent airflow and lots of space. However the cables are all running across the motherboard and i will have to buy a new PSU with longer cables because i had to unscrew the psu so that it reaches the motherboard and the optical drive.

Philip 2010-04-06

Gorgeous Case

Got this delivered on Friday, as my old no name case wasn't up to the job of housing my new i5 750 @ 4Ghz...
Very, very impressed with this - especially for the price. The build quality is outstanding, and it shows immediately. Lots of room in the case, and I found it very easy to install my bits in there. Thumb screws for all your drives, and the cages in the front for the 120mm fans are really good idea. The tri-speed fans are good...and give settings for quiet, normal and max - which is loud, but if you want maximum cfm then loud is good...I have the 140mm set to medium and the exhaust I put in the front, as I have fitted a Corsair H50 in the rear 120mm space. My hard disks love the cool air blowing over them and were reporting temps below room temperature @ around 18 degrees C. I ended up turning off the other front 120mm fan, as it wasn't making a difference to my temperatures - but its nice if you are running warm and have the spare capacity. Lovely case, I love it =)

Shwan 2010-03-29


Good Case Nice and big. Fitted 5 Fans in this case. Good airflow.

James 2010-03-03

5 star case

This case is great! Used it for my first build :O was a big step from changing a graphics card haha. Lots of fittings and loads of room. Fan set to medium as its rather loud on high. Will do temp check when i get OS see if i can put it on Low then its quite as a mouse =] Only problem is cable management might have to do some drilling as the some wirings are laying on graphics card. NOT GOOD =] will get modifying tomz.

Myles O 2010-02-23


I did not think it would be any more than a case.

I saw 50 5* reviews so i thought, ok let's go for it.

It is amazing... Superb build quality, amazing airflow, stunning looks and to top it off, excess screws!

There are so many screws! :D

Jack Ofcourse 2010-02-23

Nice Case - Be careful on PSU selection

Got this case a few days ago and wow, awesome case design 140m top fan as well ideal. Loads of fan options as well.
Only snag was my Corsiar TX650 psu didn't fit as it it too wide for the mounting area inside the case, a litlte metal support is in the way :-(. So have had to sell the psu and gonna get a modular antec one instead that should fit.

Sphinx 2010-02-20


great quality case, side fan to cool gpu knocked 20C! off of my ati 4870 and the case is pritty quite only a slight vibration can be heard, overall for 40quid this is a bargain, GET IT!

Ricky Stokes 2010-02-20


An awsome case, really is something to rival much more expensive cases however it doesn't come with the price tag to match. Perfect cooling, I got great temperature drops all round when i put my hardware in this. Stock fans are pretty good, i run them on their lowest speed and they still move lots of air, combined with my 3 intake fans I've fitted (2 front and 1 side) which are also running on very low speed via a fan controller. Well build solid case which is big enough to house my GTX 260 with two HDDs and room for another one or two HDDs. If you gave have me

Chris 2010-02-18

Great case for the money

I chose this case for my first-ever PC build and I made a great choice. Side panels and front panel come off easily giving great access to the interior. Front fan installation is easy thanks to the "cages" for the fans being hinged and detachable. Cable management is good, there is a space behind the back panel with plenty of room for spare cables (I also found room to have a "molex" cable in there so I could attach the two front fans I fitted plus the top fan and keep those cables well out of the way of the main body of the case). Pre-fitted fans work well, although they are a little noisy on the fastest setting (I have them set to the middle setting). There's plenty of room for a full ATX motherboard and all but the biggest of graphics cards. Package comes with plenty of ordinary screws and thumbscrews. I have no hesitation in recommening this case.

Douglas Aird 2010-02-08

Great Case

Great case, plenty of room for my rig, but my biggest problem, and only problem, is the cable management in the case. I'd recommend a modular PSU to help with management.

Aodhan 2010-02-07

Treffic value for money

I bought this case to build my youngest son a computer. His two older brothers both had the 900 case and I reckon this is far better value for money. I fitted a Q8400 and a 4890 into this case and the temps are really good on air cooling with an Arctic Cooling pro 7. Cable management is superb and better than the 900 or 902 cases - you just have to put in a little effort to tidy it up properly.

Murray 2010-01-14

Great value for money

I've owned this case for over a year now, i switched to it from a Thermaltake Tsunami case when my PSU died.

The Tsunami case had all the no tools plastic brackets, clips and frills that just got on my nerves (and broke) after two years.
The Antec was a breath of fresh air, proper screws and metal plates, clean and solid design, plenty of ventilation (buy some extra fans).

Flaws i've come up against.
Pick the right PSU, mine wouldn't fit properly because of a u-shaped metal plate riveted to the bottom of the case, i had to hammer it flat first.
Cable management is a bit poor, get a modular PSU if you can.
If you want a 2 GFX system, get a bigger case, my 4870 is fine in it, 2 would not be IMHO.
The dust filter on the front clogs quickly, clean it at least once a month.
Buy a rubber film if putting on a wood surface to reduce noise from plastic feet.

Overall i found this better than the case i had before, suitable for 95% of PC builds, easily recommended for the price.

Daniel 2009-12-29

Probablt the best case for all situation

This has to be by far the best case I've ever owned, and I've owned quite a few.

If you want a clean and simple, easy fitting, well-built case, then I would definately say BUY THIS.

It has lots of ventalation, 2 supplied 12cm fans with room for others. The build of the one I have is excelent, and expansion cards align perfectly with the fitted motherboard.

I have mine housing a WindowsXP AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+/Gigabyte motherboard machine with onboard graphics used for a media server, and the thing is almost silent using the standard AMD stock cooler. There's never once been an overheating issue either and the box has got an average up-time of 74 days.

I'm very happy with this case and so long as it remains in production I'll be buying more for future builds, and recommending it to friends when they need a case.

David Costello 2009-12-23

Very Good Case

It managed to fit my HD4890 with loads of free space for airflow, which was my main worry. The case is very sturdy and well built, my temperatures have definitely dropped and I have no problem with the fans even when on full speed.

J 2009-12-15

Not Bad At All

I think this is a brilliant case for the money and i think the fans are fine tbh. The ony gripe is the insde colour and cable mangement. I wish I got one sooner and brill case!

George Waller 2009-11-26

Great, but find better cooling

Looks good, feels solid, I love it

However I will be replacing the fans.. I like a quiet PC, and even with the two fans it comes with on the lowest settings it is not at all quiet... but for the price, the rest of the case makes up for it!

Jay 2009-11-26

good case

Excellent case, though cable management is a bit tricky. Keeps things very cool with the 2 case fans + an extra fan at the front.

Peter 2009-11-24

Top class

Bought for my new build- overclocked phenom 965 to 4.4ghz at 49 degrees full load with help of corsair h60 cpu cooler and mx5 paste! great case, cool in both ways. do not spend money on useless

Faisal 2009-11-04

Good Case

I bought together with 2 Akasa fans for my little brothers's new gaming PC and and it keeps he's E8400 @3.6 Ghz at 32*idle and 2xHD4830 @ 46*idle.Great case worth every penny.

Ast3r 2009-11-01

Spot on

This case is excellent, there are no sharp edges or stupid clips. Antec supply you with a bag of thumbscrews for your drives.
The case is a solid construction, plenty of room for hard drives which means you can move them around for better cooling (My HDD sits in front of the front fan bay, which will have a fan in it soon)
The front easily hinges off and the front fan fitment is a doddle to get to. Its got space for my HD4890 graphics card and then some, its a solid case and with the fans turned right down it keeps my gear nice and cool at almost inaudible noise levels.

The HDD and power lights are very small, which i like. They're subtle but noticeable. Case looks smart, its a no messing looking case with no stupid light shows, i know some of you like that but after the first couple of days they just annoy me.

For the money, this case is an absolute steal.

To sum it up
Its a cut the crap no frills case, just a well made chassis with good cooling and well thought out layout.

Tim 2009-10-18

Almost perfect

I love this case, it's well made, the air flow is good, it looks brilliant so top marks there.

Only downside is the cable management, It needs holes cutting out of the motherboard tray, and even then the space between the tray and the outer panel is really tight. If it was 5mm more space and had holes in it ready for cable management, it would get 5.

Muel 2009-10-11

Not only a gaming case

This case is superb and well equipped considering the modest price. After getting an Antec P182 case last year I embarked on setting up a home server. Armed with all the components I would need I installed them in an old ATX case.

This case was not good enough and I needed more drive space and heat was also an issue. That meant 120mm fans were needed. I originally looked at the Antec Three Hundred as my gaming case but felt it was not big enough for my needs. Once a new server case was required my first port of call was the Antec. Armed with 2 large Tri-cool fans and 6 hard drive bays this was the case for my new server. I have also added two intake fans to the front to keep a nice air flow through the case. My hard drive temps dropped 10

Kieran 2009-09-13

Antec three hundred

Grate case for the money. 3 speed fan controller for roof and back fan both create great airflow. Lost one start for cable management. Case is a nightmare to work with and watch for large graphics cards, you won't be able to get a HDD directly opposite a large GFX card

Jonathan 2009-09-02


I bought this case for the first system a have eve built.

Its a good looking case and as a first time builder I found it very easy to work with, loads of space etc.

I think its great I was impressed by its looks, it appears really classy and looks and feels quallity.

My system runs very cool. With a Q8200 clocked to 2.7GH (Small overclock I know) idles at 22 degrees C, full load 38 degrees C.

I fitted a Scythe 120mm exhaust and moved the 120mm exhaust which came with it to one of the intake bays. and it not that loud (i'm a bit deaf anyway and kind of like my PC to sound like a spitfire lol)

For the money I dont think you can do better highly recommended!!! I love it!!!!

Madnoss 2009-08-29

Great for price, but loud

This case is great, I've fitted 3x Scythe Kaze Jyuni fan's in it and it cools my i7 and dual 4850's well.

However, the fans which come with it drown out all the other's, even at medium settings. The case is also quite hard to work with when doing cable management.

Andrew 2009-08-26


I bought this case to house one of OCUK's 3.8ghz i7 bundles.

This case is more than capable of keeping such a high overclock cool. Runs at 42 idle and hovers around 68 on load. I'm sure these temps would go down slightly if I added in some more fans but it is stable as it is and i don't want any more noise.

I wish that the fan in the top was 120mm not 140mm as as of yet there are no quieter replacements on the market. I have to set both the case fans to "medium" to get decent cooling.

Overall a decent case for the money but best of all it isn't covered in tacky lights and windows.

Russ 2009-08-14

Can't beat for the price

Used this case on a recent build and I was amazed! Plenty of room inside too work with, there is a little sectioned put aside for cable management and with two 120mm blue LED fans in the front - It looks great!
Only negative is on full fan speed, it sounds like a tornado, but its cool enough on low/med setting.

Great case - wont beat for price and great service OCUK!!!

Dave 2009-08-14

You cant go wrong in terms of cooling

These is monster cooler for that price. But very noisy and vibrant, so poor acoustics. Lack of mobo tray holes for cable management, flimsy plastic front frame. Beside that it serves me around 3 years and its a budget cooler you can afford.

Kuba 2009-08-07

Good budget buy

Overall I am very pleased with the Antec 300, it feels well made, looks nice and the price is excellent.

Few issues, the big one is the PSU, although I am sold on the bottom of the case position my PSU 12v lead didn't easily reach the m'board 12v connector - it's strected across the RAM and close to the CPU heatsink so I'm concerned about the heat damaging the wire. My PSU is a year or two old so maybe newer ones have less issues but if your 12v m'board connector is in the top left you may need to plug in before installing your heatsink.

No removable HDD/optical drive holders like the Sonata I previously owned - if you swap drives a lot then I'd recommend a more expensive case but not an issue for me.

The big case fans are nice and quiet but the 3-speed controls just hang off a 4 inch or so wire, not really sure what to do with it, shame it didn't connect to a backplate.

Really like the matt black finish and overall would recommend this to those looking for a bargain case.

Dean 2009-08-02


Great value for money, looks good, has great cooling capabilities with the 3 optional 120mm fan spaces, the 2 that come with the case are great and almost slient.

Chris 2009-07-31


build quality of the case is awesome for the price! looks uber sexy too!
Ventilation = brilliant 2x 120mm optional fans, side panel optional 120mm fan, 140mm top exhaust fan (included), 120mm back exhaust fan (included).
practically silent when on low, but loud on full speed

would definately recommend this case if you want a sleek cool looking case for everyday use

Philip 2009-07-16

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