902 Nine Hundred Two (V3) Ultimate Gaming Case (with USB3.0 Support) - Black

  • Antec’s award-winning Nine Hundred TWO established itself as “The Ultimate Gaming Case,” delivering new standards of versatility
  • style and performance. Now
  • Antec introduces the Nine Hundred Two.
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Stock Code: CA-110-AN

EAN: 0761345159241

MPN: 0-761345-15924-1

Manufacturer: Antec

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Product information:

902 Nine Hundred Two (V3) Ultimate Gaming Case (with USB3.0 Support) - Black

Antec’s popular and award-winning Nine Hundred gaming case became an instant favorite among gamers, delivering versatility, style and performance to establish itself as “The Ultimate Gaming Case.” Now Antec introduces the Nine Hundred Two, the next generation in premier gaming enclosures. Building on the tried-and-true designs of both the Nine Hundred and the powerful Twelve Hundred gaming cases, the Nine Hundred Two maintains popular features such as a perforated front panel, up to six variable-speed fans for maximum cooling, and a sleek, aggressive aesthetic. The Nine Hundred Two adds exciting improvements such as a top 200mm Big Boy TriCool™ fan now with blue LED, fan control knobs plus built-in washable air filters right in the front panel, and eight expansion slots for even greater versatility. Dominate your competition and maximize cool with the Antec Nine Hundred Two: “The Ultimate Gaming Case, Evolved.”

- 9 drive bays
- External 3 x 5.25"; Internal 6 x 3.5" for HDD, or
- External 6 x 5.25"; Internal 3 x 3.5" for HDD, or
- External 9 x 5.25"
- Advanced cooling system:
- 1 rear 120 x 25mm TriCool™ blue LED exhaust fan
- 1 top 200 x 30mm “Big Boy” TriCool™ blue LED exhaust fan
- 2 front 120 x 25mm special black blue LED intake fans with front speed control
- 1 side (Optional) 120 x 25mm fan mount
- 1 middle (Optional) 120mm fan mount
- Built-in washable air filters
- 8 expansion slots to support multiple graphics cards, including NVIDIA 3-way SLI®
- Front mounted I/O ports
- 2 x USB 2.0
- 1 x eSATA
- Audio In and Out (AC’97 and HDA compatible)
- Motherboard: Mini-ITX, microATX, Standard ATX
- No power supply included

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Product Specification:

Case type
Form Factor
ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Main colour
Accent colour
Noise dampening
Width (exact)
Height (exact)
Depth (exact)
200 - 300 mm
400 - 500 mm
400 - 500 mm
Weight (exact)
10 - 12 kg
USB 3.0
Audio output
Audio input
Internal 2.5" bays
Internal 3.5" bays
External 3.5" bays
External 5.25" bays
PCI slots
Motherboard tray
Cable management
Front LCD/TFT display
Power supply
Power supply format
Power supply position
Rear Lower
Fans pre-installed
1x 200mm, 3x 120mm
120mm Fan
200mm Fan
Fan colour
Fan controller
Card reader
Front door
Position I/O
HDD anti-vibration

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Really Good!

Very good case , does it job.
I have swapped all fans for low silence with front control panel.
But never runs them on med or high speed.
I use old corsair h50 with custom Fan.
My temp during the game never goes higher than 60C on CPU I7 2600k
Average temp on GTX 970 Msi 66 C during the gaming , only on high demanding games reaches 72-73C
All fans on minimum speed !


Really nice

Looks much better than it does in the pictures and overall it is a really nice case and well worth the money

Only one problem I have is the top fan rattles every so often if it's on the highest setting but it doesn't really bother me because I leave it on medium anyway

Also I'm happy that there's a switch to turn off the top led as it can be a little bit blinding when you walk past it

Stephen 2012-11-01

One of the best

Had the older version with no USB 3.0 for about 2 years, no problems with fans or LEds or anything. Paid 120

TyZny 2012-10-12

Superb case

Bought this last week and spent a few hours moving the guts from the old case into this one.

Nicely laid out, plenty of room: 3 x HDD, 2 x ODD and 1 x SSD; MSI 570 and Asus S/C + Corsair H50 cooler - loads of space left in there. Running Prime95 for 20 mins warms the CPU (i7 920 @ 4GHz) to 54C max :-)

Excellent choice, next day delivery as promised.

Mark 2011-12-03

Great Case

Had this case about a year now, and it's as brilliant as ever. The fans all still work and are still super quiet (no rattles or squeeks) all the lights still work, the buttons still work.

Basically as good as new. Love it!

Rob 2011-11-17

Great case

And even better blue LEDs - essential for any system. Has lots of nice features and several forward facing USBs, which are linked up to be USB 3.0. A great buy.

NJ West 2010-11-28

remove fans??

case is great .....5 star

dont need to undo anything to get at dust filters just pop a small screwdriver into the top corner of the front grill....and extract like so... lol then slide the filter out i actually do mine while the pc is ON anyway great case

thomas 2010-06-21


Fantastic case from Antec. Great build quality and easy to set up. Only slight downside is the fans being a bit noisy but you can just replace the fans with more quieter ones.


Adam 2010-06-10


Rebuilt my PC into this case without even looking at any instructions. The HDD bays were a little confusing at first but once I sat down and had a look at how they work I realised how simply it was. They Bays have individual fans which is absolutely awesome for keeping the HDD's cool. The speed control for each fan is also an excellent touch. During the day I have my fans on full speed (which actually keep me a little cool in the hot weather :D), at night when its quiet I turn them down to low speed and I can hardly hear a thing. Building my PC with this case was easy and took a few hours. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Tom 2010-05-21

It rattles

Good finish but the top fan rattles. Cannot find more than a few other people with this problem but genuinely my ocuk provided case rattles at all fan speeds.

Lee 2010-04-26


Migrated my system from an NZXT Lexa to this and theres no comparison, this is better in every way. The build quality is fantastic, its an extremely solid piece of kit, and the amount of air this thing moves - wowsers! The cable managment you can perform behind the motherboard tray is a godsend as well.

2 slight niggles due to my system -

i) With the internal 120mm fan mount left on the upper 3.5" drive bays I lose a single sata port (biostar x58)
ii) With the monster Noctua cooler I've got mounted with a push pull right to left config you cant mount a side fan.

Bynar 2010-03-26

Da Best Case

Totally the best case!!! The dust filters really helped keep the inside dust free. And For OC'ing... AWESOME!!! Love the individual fan controls. Can turn all to full with OC'd GPU + CPU. And with 5.1 Surround sound, who even notices the fan sound? [Xcept the GPU one, thats a bit louder, but its OC'd 2]

Alan 2010-01-22

Superb case

Website photo's don't do it justice. It looks much better in real life. Very easy to modify and extremely quiet fans. Well worth the money.

John Clrake 2009-12-18

Fantastic Case

Got this case to build my new rig in. It looks amazing from the outside. The blue LED fans look sweet when you get them all wired up. I was thinking of watercooling, but was advised against it cos of the cost. But now I am very pleased I saved the money cos these fans keep my pc as cool as can be!

Inside it has a great layout. I especially like the removable cages for hard drives.

Theres plenty of room for the power supply, motherboard and cooler. The only thing i'd say is a little crampt is fitting the graphics card and other PCI cards. Connecting the power cables can be slightly tricky i found cos theres not a lot of room down the bottom of the case. But having said that, the cable management potential is huge with the back panel being removable and cable tie locations being abundant on the right side of the inside case.

Overall, definitely worth the money and it will last me a long time. It also looks very stylish if you like to show off :D

Chris 2009-11-12

Absolutely Brilliant

Extremely good case. Very solid build quality (much better than my old Thermaltake case) - has travelled 1000 miles in the back of the car and the whole system still fine! Can get slightly full with lots of kit inside but otherwise very nice. Fans are brilliant with adjustable speeds and light switches on front/back panels. Couldn't ask for a much better case. If you're looking for even more space go for the Antec 1200 - it's virtually the same but bigger!

Arthur Mills 2009-11-12

Antec 902 rocking

great case, little cramped if you want to put ALOT of hardware in it but it will fit the largest gpu's on the market solong as you keep hdd's and drives to the top of the case
at full speed the fans are a little noisey but they could easily be replaced with low noise ones if low db is an issue for you
looks the part, very solid and heavy enough to deter thieves when fully loaded :P

Richard 2009-11-02


What more could you ask from a mid size case at this price? Fits 11" cards providing you don't have more than 3 HDDs installed. Bought this and the Corsair H50 to push my Q6600, idling at 28C and load at 65C @ 3.6GHz, the air flow is excellent. Cable management is also great, plenty of access holes around the motherboard so you can hide the cables behind the tray and pull out the ones you need; looks very tidy indeed. The all black finish is complimented by the blue LEDs from the fans, love it!

elpedro 2009-09-30


first thing you ever notice how antec call every case "Ultimate Gaming Case" lool

But brill case it truely is, i thought it would look narsty with holes in the front (Mesh) but it dont it, it looks the part, when people see this case there jaw drops, but i do wish it didnt have mesh on the side panel and insted jsut have a full window like the modders do.

Matthew 2009-09-19

very nice

My first build so i got this with my i5 750 and Asus P7P55D Mobo. Still using my old x1950xt untill the 5xxx come out next month from ATI/AMD. Very easy to put together and moves a ton of air. Variable settings on fan speed is a nice touch as you can choose sound over cooling. Would definatelty recommend!!!!

matg 2009-09-16

heavy, but cool

bought this on discount at

EviL Ras 2009-09-13


The best sub

Dougal 2009-09-05

Great case

Case is awesome and it looks the part. Only problem i got is my card is very long asus 4870 x2 tri-fan and i had to take of the extra fan bracket for my hard drive bay shame. Apart from that case is quality, buy it you wont be disappointed.

dexter kaje 2009-09-03

fantastic case

Firstly, instruction manual is found online at Antec..but not really needed...

The case...fantastic!.reminds me of an amplifier.

Had an x-cruiser case b4 this..not the best for cooling. Temps at full load have now dropped by 10-15 degrees with fans set at medium. (& this is without an extra side fan blowing on my graphics card!) It's audible but not as loud as a single 80mm side fan on my old case. (which I added).

Turning the fans up high is on the NOISY side but unless you're extreme overclocking you shouldn't need this setting.

A very small gripe..installed a 3.5" card reader (could'a been a floppy). the facia it sits in is full of holes as is the rest of the front why no fitted filter/blanking to stop air being sucked thru around the 3.5" adapter? Solved by using supplied sponge from facias that get replaced with dvd drive...just cut out a square hole to fit. (what is the point of filters if you're letting in dust thru gaping holes elsewhere???)

Apart from this small gripe....I can't wait for next summer as I'm gonna be sitting next to this case to keep cool! (In the two hot days we have in the UK)

BTW...There is only a switch to turn off the big boy led (to answer a question below)

msi k9n sli mobo
athlon x2 6000+
gainward gs 260 g-card.
a wife that plays crappy card games on my baby.

tasslehoff 2009-08-16

Sexy Great and Perfect

This is sooo beautiful! I had a HAF case and going to this just makes my rig seem so much better as it looks the part, when i saw the pics i wasnt sure about the front but looks so much better then the picture. Keeps things cool and look great best case i have every had.

Matthew 2009-08-06

not bad

purchased to replace a standard atx case. as far as gaming cases go this one does the job.
effective cooling for my current system:
AMD 64 X2 6000+
4x1GB GEIL PC6400 DDR2
GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB

however (this may only apply to myself) the lack of instructions made some aspects of the installation difficult, and took longer than it should have.

although a little crowded, it is a decent case for my current needs.
however i would recomend either of the two Coolermaster HAF cases (922/932)

Sil 2009-07-31


I had the Antec 900 beforehand and didn't have any problems with it apart from i wanted dust filters and to be able to manage my fan speed and this case does just that.

It's spacious, it let's you manage the fan speed from low/medium/high and enables you to have the choice of turning the top fan off.

The dust filters are a pain to replace, but i do mine monthly. Basically you have to open up the case and unscrew the drive bays so you can pull them out to remove the dust filters so you can wash them.

The case is spacious which makes the air flow fantastic throughout your system.

I recommend this product 100% but if you're after a cheaper case, the Antec 900 is still a wonderful case.

Shaun Henson 2009-07-30

Amazing CAse

Very good quality, the average temperature inside my case is now 15C lower than it use to be. Excellent buy.

David Evans 2009-07-28

Awesome Case

This case is beautiful it really is. the dust filters are very effective and prevent dust as we all know the antec 900 pretty much attracts dust.

this case has brilliant circulation and looks very pretty at night.

worth the money for any enthusiastic gamer who wants to overclock his pc

Kyle Choularton 2009-07-18

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