Antec Kúhler H2O 620 Series 4 CPU Watercooler

Kúhler H2O 620 Series 4 CPU Watercooler

  • Socket Compatibility: 1155 / 1156 / 1150 / 1366 / 2011 / AMD AM2 / AM3 / AM2+ / AM3+
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Manufacturer: Antec

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Product information:

Kúhler H2O 620 Series 4 CPU Watercooler

Antec Kúhler Series 4 offer a higher pressure pump and split flow copper fin radiator design.
These two innovations drop temperatures further than previous versions without changing the price!

Finally, there is a liquid cooler for the rest of us. The Antec KÜHLER H2O 620 delivers high-performance liquid cooling for your CPU in a quick, easy-to-install package. Unlike traditional liquid cooling systems, this self-contained unit comes prefilled and requires no maintenance. The voltage-controlled 120 mm fan, 3rd generation copper coldplate and airflow-enhancing low-profile pump ensure efficient cooling, while the estimated 50,000 hour pump lifetime means this cooler is even likely to outlast the system it cools. Easy-bend flexible tubing allows the KÜHLER H2O 620 to be installed in nearly any orientation regardless of the internal configuration of the case. Finally, the KÜHLER H2O 620 comes with peace of mind in the form of an industry-leading Antec Quality 3 year limited warranty on parts and labour. Take your PC’s Quiet Computing™ to the next level with liquid cooling performance at a price that rivals aftermarket air coolers.

- CPU Socket Compatibility: Intel LGA 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, AMD AM2, AM3, AM2+, AM3+
- Low profile pump ensures exceptional liquid circulation while preserving internal airflow
- Easy-bend tubes for maximum flexibility in radiator positioning
- Intelligent noise / speed control fan for quiet, efficient cooling
- Latest generation copper cold plate for optimal conduction
- Cooling Liquid - Safe, environmentally-friendly, anti-corrosive
- Fan Speed: 1450 - 2000 RPM
- Tubing Length: 330 mm / 13.0"
- Radiator Dimensions: 151mm x 120mm x 27mm
- Fan Dimensions: 120 mm x 25 mm / 4.7" x 1.0"
- AQ3 - Antec Quality 3-year parts and labour warranty

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Fantastic first timer watercooling solut

I bought this in order to upgrade my socket 775 dual core machine from air cooling to watercooling to improve general system temps. I contacted Antec who told me the motherboard bracket was 775 compatible (as the backplate does show) however once I got it, it was VERY fiddly to get on my 775 board (not the backplate, but the actual waterblock).
For this reason only have I given it 4 stars.
I used it on an Asus P5K motherboard in a Antec One case, used the stock Antec fans for both the cooler and the case, cpu temps were 42 - 45 idle and are now down to 31 rock steady! Not really tried it with load yet, but I'm expected a fairly decent reduction.
Noise wise it's not silent, but I'm used to some serious whooshing air sounds and this was very quiet in comparison.
Great price for a great starter cooler (i'll keep it when I upgrade to a socket 2011).



For some reason my first review wasn't posted. I went from stock cooling on AMD FX 8120 at stock speeds. Temps on that were getting stupid, 45C (cpu) 30 (cores) idle 65C+ under load. So I decided to get an aftermarket cooler and this was 1. the best value for money and a reputable company. My idle temps went down to 29C (cpu) 8-11C (cores) - 45C underload and cpu is also overclocked now to 4.1GHz so a very powerful cooler and a good price to boot.



Great cooler, very easy to install although the manual was a little sparing with instructions! 30


Can understand why this has so many 5 st

Bought this watercooler to finally switch over from my AMD Piledriver 8350's stock cooler (Which is loud and sh*t).
I've pushed my 8 core processor to 4.6GHz which now stays at 50 degrees while running burn in tests such as Prime95. It's cooler than it was when it was at 4.23Ghz with the stock cooler (which when being stressed would hit 70 degrees!).

The instructions aren't very straight forward if I'm honest. I could just about work them out and I build PCs a lot.
I recommend that anyone which hasn't fitted a watercooler before should watch a Youtube video on how to do it before attempting to fit this product.

Still, I'm very impressed by this piece of kit.
5 star rating, would recommend to anyone looking for a cheap watercooler which works incredibly well.


Cool - pun intended

Upgraded from stock cooling for my 8120 FX, idle temps on that were 50C and 65C with no overclock. With this baby installed, idle temps are at 35C idle and 42/43 under load with a 15% overclock, speed of 3.6GHz. Was reasonably easy to install, slight difficulty getting the back plate on but thats due to the cut out of the Antec 1200 case, also it is a bit fiddly installing the pump onto the CPU. Highly recommend this for anyone thinking of ditching their stock coolers or switching to water cooling, it is a great entry level device.


worth the money

the instructions were not very helpful but after noticing the very small socket numbers on the bracket and fiddling about with it i managed to get it installed onto my z77 board its nice and quiet i would defiantly recommend this to my friends and install it for them to save them time

kieron 2012-12-10

Poor Quality

Having bought this to complete a new build, I could even get the backplate to fit properly on my z77 board. Parts were being bended just to try and get it fixed to it, plus the bracket didn't line up exactly. Not a chance to test the temps as I had no chance of getting it installed. Very dissapointed.

Steve 2012-08-06


Cant complain at all. Keeps i5 2.4 - 4.2OC around 40-45 under full load. and its silent. dont waste money on 'better' coolers they will give you a degree or two for double the price!

charlie 2012-08-05

Good buy

Very good. But has downfalls. My 8120 on stock 3.1gzh runs at 30-32 on idle and on BF3 max settings she hits abouts 48 I do have 2 6870's which reach 75 to 85 degrees so I'm guessing ambient temp in the case is affecting the the CPU temp. My only bad comment is that my saber tooth board doesn't recognize the cooler fan and give CPU FAN ERROR so I can never tell what is actually going on. I will be getting 2 PWM fans shortly to rectify this but for now I have just changed it to 2 stock case fans 1450 Rpm in push pull at full wack. Other than that very good buy and easy to install. Very quite can't even hear the pump. Just get 2 PWM fans if you are planning on buying this

Kane 2012-08-01

Great cooler

Cooling my cpu great, knocked off 10-15 degrees from idle temp on my i7 920. Another great purchase from you guys.

Also thanks for the haribo ocuk, nom nom.

Robert Balmbra 2012-07-12

Caution but good performance

I have bought this as my existing cooler a Akasa Venom was very loud when under load. The cooler is well built, but the instructions are quite poor and I had to verify some things by watching youtube videos.

Please be VERY careful when you tighten the 4 screws up that attach the cooler to the backplate - if you use a screwdriver instead of your fingers you can overtighten the screws. This wil lead to the metal screw mount rotating in the backplate, and you will not be able to remove the cooler without using pliers to hold the metal legs while you unscrew the bolts.

The cooler performs well enough, providing temperatures about 5-7 degrees cooler than my existing air solution, however, after replacing the enclosed fan for a Gentle Typhoon is virtually unaudible.

Overall im very happy with this purchase, but please be careful when installing with those screws!

Robin 2012-05-09


As others have said, it's not the quietest (though not super noisy) and has no fan speed control. Also, given that the price is creeping up almost daily and the 920 isn't much more but is much, much better (i've used both), i'd say get that if you can afford it - especially as this could do with a second fan on it anyway. Fitting is actually easy and it's nice to be able to use any RAM you like without worrying about clearance issues. If you change the fan it comes with an fit a 2nd fan it's great - but then, it would cost the same as the 920. This should be about

Chevallier 2012-02-22

quick review

got one of these to cool my fx 8120
there not bad for the money but think h100 would of ben a better choice for my cpu as dose get warm under load , not keen on the cheap twisted wires for the pump looks naff , keeps my 8120 around 25c ideal 45c under load but this all depends on room temp as when heating is on it can hit 60c+ , might even try the Noctua NH-D14 think would be better air cooled as once liquid is warm and heating is on it struggles to get temps down, fitting is easy enough but recommend getting a Noctua PWN fan if want to control fan speed as it only comes with 3 pin fan header so runs 100%

stewie 2012-02-13


Great value, not exactly an easy install considering the useless instructions! From ~86 degrees @ 4.2 ghz on all cores in Prime95 to 54 degrees @ 4.2ghz. ~30 degree difference!

Egidio 2012-02-10


I hit a wall of 4.5 GHz with the stock fan on my 2500K.

I now have 4.9 GHz fully stable with a lower temp and is far quieter.

Buy a second 120mm fan for push-pull configuration on the radiator for max results.


Martin 2012-02-08


Installed on 6 Core AMD 2.8 over-clocked to 3.7Ghz.
4 hours of SiSoft Sandra burn in test. max CPU Temp was 54. Normal operation 32 - 35 degrees.

AND VIRTUALLY SILENT!!!!!!! Unlike the stock AMD cooler (needs ear protection).

Slackness 2012-02-06


Great value for money.
I added a 2nd fan to lower my temps but would like to know what screws people have been using to put another fan onto the radiator?
I have had to use 2 each side on the original 4 screws that came with it. From what I have been told it is an american thread and I cant get additional screws over here. So what are other people using?

David 2011-12-12

Woth every penny

stock fan overclocked to 2.9ghz and core temp shot to 75 deg c and rising before I stopped prime 95.
with this cooler it get to max 54 deg c.
I did replace the stock fan with two Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1900RPM Slip Stream 120mm Fans.

Charlie 2011-12-04

Kúhler 620

Brought this last week along with a few other components as i wanted to change my system a bit.

After reading online it can be a challenge to install i completely felt the opposite, it was so simple to install even though the instructions were abit lame! went in smoothly!

Once installed it has a vaste improvement on not only the CPU temperature but also the GPU temp, there is not bulky heatsink in the heart of my case, therefore increased airflow and lower temps!

Cheaper product over the corsair and matching results, very pleased.

Craig 2011-12-01

Great cooler

I bought this cooler for my intel i5 650 3.2ghz because under load (playing battlefield 3) my cpu was around 75' degrees with the stock cooler.
Now under full load it is around 48-50 max so im getting 25' drop in temps :)
Also helps with temps of other components inside the case because unlike the stock cooler the heat is going straight out of the case rather than into the case.
great cooler worth every penny.

Kyle Townsend 2011-11-23

Cant beat for the price...

Fitted to cooler master case with i7 2600k with two 120mm fans in a push/pull config on the Antec K

Peter 2011-11-19


Fitted this to a X4 965 and added another fan to the radiator for a pull push. My case isn't even great for sucking out heat but with this cooler the cpu idles at 25 degrees with a max of 38. Can't fault it.

kyle 2011-11-07


This product is excellent, very wisper quiet which really pleases me while getting good temps with my I5 750. What are you waiting for ! Don't take my word for it buy it. !!!

It that good :)

James 2011-10-25

Good for the price

This cooler provides good cooling performance for the price (cooling my 4.2ghz 2500k to 60*c under load using the stock single fan exhaust setup.

However using my lian li fan along with the antec fan in push-pull (one fan blowing in, another sucking through the rad) it can cool the cpu to 48*c full load (in cool weather)

the only downsides are that the provided antec fan is very noisy at full speed (i have it on mid-high speed and the the lian li on full) and also that my pump makes an audiable noise (like a fridge) for the first hour or so of the system being on, though this may just be a problem with my unit and i may get it RMA'd

Tom 2011-10-04


Went from a Freezer pro 7 to this, massive difference on my q6600 b3 @ 1.5v, temps down from 67c to 52c when running prime95 for 1 hour. At stock clocks and volts, it runs 30c doing the same test.


Chris 2011-09-24

Too good for the price

Pros: Quiet, keeps other components cooler since heat is vented straight out the case, low and stable temperatures, low profile pump.

Cons: Can be fiddly to install, manual could've been more detailed- view a video on youtube instead.

I've managed to overclock my Phenom II 555 x2 BE on my Sabertooth 990FX in my Antec 1200 to 4.2Ghz @ 1.45v with this cooler, also after replacing the thermal interface material with my year old MX-5 on the copper plate and attaching one of the rear case fans behind the radiator to achieve a push/pull configuration.


Idle: 33-34c
Load: 38-39c

I won't be going back to air again.

Edward 2011-09-04

class just class

this cooler is very good has pused my cpu temp down by 20 at normal rate very please instrutions where abit hard to follow but a video clip on youtube soon solved that problem.

Andre 2011-08-24

New Install

Bought this with my first upgrade in about 3 years!! First step into water cooling, couldn't have been easier!

Took 5 mins to install onto my Asus MB, on top of my X6 2.8 Phenom. Quiet as a mouse, in fact too quiet as I can now hear my HDD, need to invest in a SSD!

Temps after a few hours of standard runing, extracting, some video editing are between 22c and 23c on each of the six cores! Excellent purchase!

Roblin 2011-08-14

Really cool cooler

bought one off these a couple of days ago i replaced the stock fan with artic f12 very good temps best cooler iv bought so far idels around 29-31c load around 65-70c with my 2600k overclocked at 4.6ghz

Rikki morgan 2011-05-28

Easy to install and Fantastic coolin

Ordered this yesterday and I had it installed and running at lunch time today =)

Installation was quite easy, installed it on an AM2+ board. No matter what board you have, you will need to remove it to isntall the backplate so keep that inmind! Just follow the instructions, they are pretty good.

Once I turned it on I had to check that the fan was actually spinning! its that quiet! I booted up Bad Company 2 and played for 4 hours (max settings) and when I checked the temps it was 39c.....thats amazing as before I was at 55!

The main thing to keep inmind is that all that heat is being vented straight out the case, so the mobo temps + gfx temps all go down.

I cant recommend this enough, and for

Zultan 2011-05-12

First Foray Into Water Cooling

This is the first time I have gone for watercooling. I was looking for a simple solution that mounted easily and simply inside the case and this is probably as easy as it gets. No assembly required, simply attach the fan and radiator to the case, add the mounting bracket round the CPU, and then attach the cooler block.

Apart from having to move the top on my Zalman ZZ9, as it obscured the radiator, the unit fitted without a problem.

My only criticism is that it is slightly noiser than I would have hoped, but having come from passive cooling this is probably to be expected.

NOTE: The unit fits on 1155 CPUs but the supplied docs haven't been updated, so use the 1156 instructions.

RemAngel 2011-05-06

Great Cooler

Temperature drop is significant from my old air Cooler Master. Plus with a pleasant tweek in my overclocking I managed an additional 0.4ghz overclock on my cpu. Unfortunately I had to remove my motherboard to install but other than that an easy instal. Lokks great with so much more space within the case. Note: add an additional fan on the radiator for increased cooling.

naishokensai 2011-04-28


My first aftermarket cooler. After a bit of frantic head-scratching on my part during installation (I accidentally bent a pin in the CPU socket!), my I7 950 is now running 30 degrees cooler (from 80 to 50C) when running the "IntelBurnTest" util. I would actually give 4.5 stars if I could because it looks like Asetek (who actually made this) have cheaped out on the plastic mounting clips; mine cracked under barely any pressure but still seem to work. Anyway, it looks awesome, and is so much quieter than the stock cooler it's just silly. :)

Jon 2011-04-13


got mine few days ago. makes a horrible 'whirring' and 'whooshing' sound, going to RMA it

oh and the AM3 plastic pins broke too...

might have just been unlucky, but still

ejaz 2011-04-06

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