Kúhler H2O 920 Series 4 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

  • Socket Compatibility: 1150 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM2+ / AM3+

Stock Code: HS-006-AN

EAN: 0761345770866

MPN: 0-761345-77086-6

Manufacturer: Antec


Product information: Kúhler H2O 920 Series 4 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Antec Kúhler Series 4 offer a higher pressure pump and split flow copper fin radiator design.
These two innovations drop temperatures further than previous versions without changing the price!

Unlike traditional liquid cooling systems, this self-contained unit comes prefilled and requires no maintenance. The dual 120 mm Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fans and 3rd generation copper coldplate ensure quiet, efficient cooling, while the 49 mm radiator is equipped to handle the highest performing CPUs on the market. Lastly, the included software helps you monitor and control the
Kühler H2O 920’s performance and allows you to customize its stylish RGB LED. Designed to unlock the maximum potential of your CPU, the Antec KÜHLER H2O 920 delivers exceptional cooling when you need it the most.

- Customizable RGB LED for brilliant illumination
- Fan Speed: 700 - 2400 RPM (PWM controlled)
- Radiator Dmensions: 151 x 120 x 49mm
- Fan Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
- Air Flow: 110 CFM
- 3 Year Warranty

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Customer review "Antec Kúhler H2O 920 Series 4 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler"

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Got this for my ROG Board attached to my FX8350 & It keeps my temps down when playing...
I got this to replace an aging Coolit ALC - its cooling an 3770K @ 4.4Ghz and the temps...
installing was a bit of a hassle, probably more due to the fact that I am running out...
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Got this for my ROG Board attached to my FX8350 & It keeps my temps down when playing crysis 3 on full T 32c Now that's Amazing for a single Fan RAD Attached both fans in a Push Pull config.


Kuhler King

I got this to replace an aging Coolit ALC - its cooling an 3770K @ 4.4Ghz and the temps are fantastic. The fans are are absolutely brilliant on this cooler, on silent - silent, on extreme - extremely quiet! I highlt recommend this cooler.

Elliott 2013-02-09

Quality piece of kit

installing was a bit of a hassle, probably more due to the fact that I am running out of space in my case.

once installed CPU doesn't really go about 60C

Though would highly recommend installing the Akasa Apache Black fans as the stock ones are a little louder than I was used to

Arthur 2013-01-17


I love this water cooling system but i bought the black Apache fans straight away which are uber silent and on extreme fan settings i can only hear my power fans and hhd drives.
Got my AMD 8350 to 4.5Ghz for now and my temp is never above 39 c, really pleased with this product.

Ben 2012-11-23

Top Notch Cooling

What can I say, a top quality item - I've recently got back into the enthusiast scene and had never tried water cooling before.

After having this unit recommended on ocuk forums, I swiftly ordered it and am glad I did.

The quality of this self contained unit is excellent, it was already pretty cold before fitting and turning it on! Keeps my overclocked 3770k under 35 at all times.

Only niggle is that in the package I received, the part that holds the retention ring and the heatsink together (once twisted together) was for some reason separated from the ring. There is no reference to it in the instruction manual so it took a while to figure out how to clip it back on and hold the heatsink in place!

Kevin 2012-10-14

No 775 bracket

Looks like a good cooler, but when I went to install it, I discovered that despite it being advertised for 775 sockets and being printed on the box, the supplied metal brackets are for AMD or 1155/1366. Be sure to check this when receiving your Kuhler 920 if you want to use it with 775. Currently have support ticket open with Antec who will hopefully ship the missing part for free.

Fraser 2012-07-24


This is an excellent CPU cooler, it has many good properties. For a start it has an easy installation, it is quite and performs great.

As of now I'm currently running an AMD Phenom II x4 but will be upgrading soon, my CPU temps are @ 16c idle and 29c on a load. Irreverent but a problem I had was the USB input, it wouldn't install but 3rd time lucky it did. I'm not sure if I did anything wrong but I never unplugged the device but it eventually worked.

As of service I picked it up as I live near the warehouse.

Craig 2012-07-14

Fiddly to fit but fantastic

Fitting is not the most straightforward... and that was in an almost-empty case (Coolermaster CM690-II), but well worth persevering with. Normal operation is very quiet, turbo mode has almost physics-defying cooling properties. I've yet to get my CPU over 50 degrees with this cooler (i7-3770K 92W TDP), although I haven't (yet) overclocked. The fact you can fiddle with the settings through the OS without having to resort to physical buttons on the cooler itself is also a big plus point. Well worth the money. NOTE: this is quite big due to a fan either side of the radiator - make sure you have sufficient room in your case.

Jonny R 2012-06-27

Not bad

I got the 920 to cool my FX 8 Core 8120 processor because the stock fans were just too noisy.

I was initially intimidated, cause I didnt know anything about how to fit the water cooler, but once I got the back bracket installed, the instalation of the pump/cooler to the cpu itself is quite simple.

Lowered temps considerably.
Processor was reaching 70 degrees c with stock fans, and sounded like a jet engine,
with the 920, it hovers between 40-50.

The software that controls the pump/fans for the radiator is quite fun to play with too.

I often spend a good 10 minutes tinkering with the settings to get the best balance between temperature and noise level.

Speed control is completely based of the temperature of the liquid.
You set the ramp up start point in degrees, and the ramp up finish point in degrees.

When it hits the ramp up start point, it will start to increment the rpm for the fans, until it gets to the end point, at which point it is 100% speed/noise.

Synchro 2012-06-04

Excellent introduction to water cooling.

The best air cooling options are usually massive, fiddly to install and overhang your RAM and struggle to actually fit in your case; obliging you to build the PC around the cooler. For me, this is a better alternative as the actual cooling aspect (the radiator) isn't on your Motherboard. It performs as well as, if not better than the best air coolers and so is an excellent alternative without the faff of a full water cooling kit. It's a sealed unit so once installed you don't have to top it up or do anything else. The installation guide, isn't great but it's nonetheless easy to install. On silent mode it is remarkably quiet and effective. The extreme mode is obtrusively noisy and but thankfully not needed unless you are seriously stressing the PC, in which case, you probably want to go for a full water cooling kit anyway.

Rob 2012-05-30

Excellent !

Have put this on my 8150 (oc'd to 4.7GHz) and max temp now 52c under 100% load. Great cooler ! I did the same as others though and put the apache black fans on it.

mark 2012-04-26

good job

very nice cooler, reletively easy to install to replace my corsair h50, the software is nice but maybe could do with updating, the stock fans are incredibly loud in extreme mode and had to replace them with apache black fans from ocuk and now extreme mode is no where near as loud and my temps are 30 deg on idle after an hour and 45 on load great stuff thanks...

Alex 2012-04-18


A great cooling system. Reasonably easy to install, all you need is some screwdriver skills and some patients. Check youtube for video how to's. I've managed to shave 20C off my load temps. Running AMD Bulldozer FX-4100 OC@4.6Ghz idle @40C, full load (Prime 95 for 30mins) @ 49C. Compared to before - full load @ 4.4 Ghz being 69C its a massive improvement! Good software included, allows you to set temperatures before the 2 120mm fans spin into full action. (it is so loud on max settings). I would recommend for anyone like me with small case and poor air flow. 8/10

James 2012-03-30


Got one of these a few weeks ago and have just got round to installing it.

I did hear the supplied fans were a little on the loud side when they were cranked up to extreme setting so I got two apache black fans.

Very simple to install and on the extreme setting I could barely hear it, it's knocked 10c of my temps and idles at 28c, never goes over 55c at load.

Love the Antec led logo which is very easy to change the colour to suit your preference along with full fan control via the chill control software.
Awesome cooler, just buy one, you wont regret it.

Godbins 2011-12-19

Got there eventually

been on and off speccing for a powerful silent build; one that would be silent for normal use then if under stress get a bit noisy to keep cool. Researched OC forums and was advised on this cooler. On silent mode I was advised it was silent. When I set it up it was fine then I decided to change the fans for some apache's. But when I powered the system on there was a bad grinding noise. Cutting long story short tried all sorts to restore quietness; rotating radiator 180, reseating pump, shaking rad while on!..almost RMA'd when I found a forum post where some one fixed it by lieing the PC flat for an hour. Not me. What did work was rotating the CPU pump 180's. So keep trying before throw the towel if you get the same issue. Cant fault it now. 4.8ghz idle 25/30 prime 24 hours 75/80 and quite quiet still with apaches but stock are 3000rpms, apaches 1500 but with good airflow.

Harveywoo 2011-12-18

Awesome cooler

this is my first self built rig and this cooler was soooo simple to install even if the included instructions are not that brilliant but as for the cooler its brilliant highly reccomend this bit of kit :)

Ming 2011-12-06


I decided with my new build to go that extra mile and try out a water cooler. The idea of water and electronics always baffled me but I thought I'd give it a go.

Installing the unit wasn't hard but wasn't easy either. The instructions aren't the best and I actually had trouble getting the fan to actually work right.

Sent a support ticket to Antec and they go back to me in less than 24 hours. I followed their steps (which should be in the manual)! And et voila! I have a cooled system that I can't even hear!

It's amazing how much of a difference in sound air coolers and water coolers have!

I'm now totally sold on water coolers!

Bart 2011-11-28

Great Cooler

First one had the dreaded pump click, I went to see in person and they changed it without any hesitation, the replacement is as quiet as a mouse, and incredibly good at cooling my i7 setup. I must thank for a fantastic service that is second to none.

mark 2011-11-01


I love this cooler it has taken 10 degrees off the temp of my 8 core bulldozer i would recommend this to everyone

Simon 2011-09-07


i am so happy i have bought this cooler, my hex core amd 1090T is just perfectly cooled, nothing more to say! just buy one :)

Steve 2011-08-26

Very nice cooler!

I wanted something to cool my i7 920 and my previous cooler was not sufficient enough to reach the clocking speed I wanted. However this device is amazing and keeps my CPU temp nice and low at idle speeds. Running Prime95 clocked at 3.3GHz and my temps are at a steady 53C. Which is a lot better then my previous temp of 72C. Fans at full speed are a little noisy, but that's a small price to pay then having a toasted CPU.

Ben 2011-08-06


This product is awesome.

My CPU is 12degrees idle and 19degrees under full load!!!!

It's silent apart from a gentle hum and a bubbling sound similar to an aquarium. :)

It is the best CPU cooler i've ever owned.

scooby keatsy 2011-07-12


had more fun playing with this than cod ive got it on custom settings cooling my 1100t oc 3.9 (mid 30's idle...low 40's load) fans on about 40% can hardly hear them but full tilt is silly loud but they are moving some crazy air, got asus crosshair 5 board am3+ bracket included unlike the corsair h60 i sent back , this a tad more expensive yes but really is awesome i love it and the led is a nice touch, software is a breeze win 7 64bt no bugs to report go ahead and get 1 very nice kit very very pleased i got this , now im off for another play with the led colours and fan speeds all from the desktop woooooooo

Mr Hill 2011-05-24

Simpley EPIC!

This thing is quite frankly amazing! I have upped my over clock to 4GHz now on a i7 930 and have had Prime95 running for over an hour and the tempreature has not gone over 56 degrees Celcius at maximum load.

The fans are a tad noisy at full tilt but during normal operations they are really quiet, my system is actually quieter now that I have removed the 2 stock rear Antec fans from my Antec 1200 case.

If you are in the market for a AIO water cooler then I would strongly advise you to not look any further whatsoever! Now I ordered mine when the price was lower than it is now (currently

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