Arctic Cooling
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler

  • DCACO-FP701-CSA01
  • 92mm Fan
  • Socket Compatibility: 775 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156 / 1151 / 1366/ AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / FM1 / FM2 / AM4
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Stock Code: HS-035-AR

EAN: 0872767002494


Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling

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Product information:

Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler

The Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 is the upgraded version of the renowned Freezer 7 Pro. With the flexible mounting design, this version is compatible with the Intel Core i7, Core i5, as well as AMD Socket AM3. Featuring an ultra quiet 92mm fan and 6 heatpipes, the Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 is one of the most efficient and quiet CPU coolers for power users.
The unique heatsink design consists of 42 fins, which significantly increase the heat dissipation area to distribute massive amount of heat faster and more efficient. Featuring a 92mm PWM fan , 6 heatpipes and pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2.,the Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 offers performance far beyond stock coolers and achieves 130 Watts cooling capacity – becoming one of the most efficient CPU coolers for power users.

- Compatable Sockets: 939 /AM2 /AM2+ / 775 / 1155/ 1156 / 1366
- Compatible with Intel Core i7 and Core i5, as well as AMD sockets
- Excellent cooling performance - 130 Watts
- Ultra quiet 92mm PWM fan
- 6 heatpipes and 42 fins for efficient heat dissipation
- Patented vibration absorption to eliminate buzzing sounds
- Pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2
- Easy installation


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Product Specification:

CPU Socket
1150, 1151, 1155, AM3+, FM2+, AM4
CPU Cooler type
Single Tower
Fan connector
4Pin (PWM control)
CPU Cooler width
100 up to 109 mm
CPU Cooler height
120 up to 129 mm
CPU Cooler depth
50 up to 59 mm
CPU Cooler width (exact)
104 mm
CPU Cooler height (exact)
126.5 mm
CPU Cooler depth (exact)
58 mm
Bottom plate material
Heatsink (fin) material
Weight in grams
500 - 600 g
Max rpm
2500 - 3000 U/min
Max volume
30 - 35 dB(A)
Max flow rate
75 - 100 m³/h
Min rpm
750 - 1000 U/min
Number of heatpipes
CPU Cooler fan supplied
1x 92 mm
Heatsink colour
Fan colour
Black, White
Additional fans can be installed
Cooling type

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Fitted this twp days ago. Can't say it's the most sophisticated piece of kit I've ever bought and is kinda clunky but I have to say that it WORKS and does exactly as it says on the tin and for the price I would think it takes some beating. I've been runn

I'd certainly recommend this cooler as really does a great job and it's excellent value at this price-point.

Tony 2018-07-05

12C Cooler!!!

My i5 3470 with stock cooler used to run at 57C when encoding in Handbrake, and 64C running Prime95.

This cooler has knocked it down to 45C when encoding and xxC in Prime95...

...FOR EIGHTEEN QUID!!!!1!!one!!

Tony 2017-06-07

Most importantly, it's quiet!

I won't repeat what has already been said about this cooler other than I am really fussy about noise, and once again, AC have come up with a product that keeps my new i5 and my ears happy - great stuff!



Excellent for the money!

I got this after my old CPU cooler broke for my P67 Extreme - it works like a charm. Easy installation - way better with the separate bottom frame and the cooler just being screwed onto the frame - no messing around with fat fingers in a really tiny space under the cooler! The thermal paste stuck on well so no problems with that either.

My CPU (i7 2600k) temperature went down from 33 idle to 28 and under some load (Dota2) it didn't go above 40 degrees. It's also fairly quiet, I had to resort to use the stock cooler while I found a new one and this is a hell of an improvement.

All in all excellent cooler, works well, good price, would recommend!


Long term review: Great, but flimsy inte

I've been running this cooler for just over 2 years on my intel i5 2500k. It's been great and utterly silent, moderately overclocked the whole time without a problem. I always thought it was pretty big and heavy though, and it is secured to a plastic bracket on the motherboard by just two screws. This week, I had a CPU temperature warning and opened up the case to discover the plastic mounting bracket had snapped in two at one screw mount; the cooler was just hanging on by one screw and the mount for that one snapped by the time I had detached the heatsink. Arctic Cooling do sell spares, the bracket is just


Cool as a ermmm cooler

Great bit of kit this. Bought to replace standard AMD cooler which sounded like a jet engine. Has dropped temps by 10 degrees. Easy to fit took 5 mins and is almost silent. Fitted to my 8350 am3+.


Excellent value cooler

I've used a few of these with various builds and they've never let me down :).

Great upgrade from the rubbish Intel & AMD stock coolers and can also cope fine with light/mild overclocks (don't over do it though as it soon shows it's limitations). They come pre-applied with Arctic MX-2 and are very quiet, even under full load... My case & GPU fans are louder!

Great for the price ;)


hot CPUs

you guys might want to get better thermal paste to keep it cool too. i got a diamond paste 8.3 w/mK and my i5 3470 runs 30 *C idle and never goes above 42 *C even under heavy load ! And that's with tiny stock intel heatsink ! I would like to get this heat sink though. 1 - 10 *C would also be good :D

Przemek Dawid 2013-02-20

Best cooler for the price

Fits a lot of sockets, easy installation for intel (no need for back access on mobo). Runs very quiet and actually slower than the original heatsink, however it produces more airflow and cools better. On idle keeps ivy bridge slightly above 30 and never above 65. Things to consider: Comes with preapplied thermal paste. Cooler runs at slower speeds so you might need to disable bios cpu fan failure warning, as when you start up it will always beep for about a minute. Just turn that off, but dont forget to turn on the temperature warning to about 80C in case this fan dies.

Jay 2013-02-04

looking good

So far I've not been able to stress my cpu to see how this heat sink performs but from it being 25c idle in my new zalman z9 case, I can see it doing just great at load. What an incredible price as well and fit just fine in the case not even over my RAM

liam 2012-12-27

Great cooler

Excellent cooler to replace stock AMD. Ice now forming on the inside of my case. Minecraft nukes and BF3 on Ultra don't even get it warm, maxing out in the 30s. Idle temps at 1-10c.

Mark 2012-11-29

22C Reduction in peak temperature

I have an Asus MA489GTD-PRO mobo, powered by an AMD Phenom II X4 965 (bought from OCUK back in 2010). Been pleased with it but noticed that at full pelt, the CPU was getting very hot (pushing 90C - ouch!)

Having installed this cooler (absolute snap - the biggest problem was getting the CPU off the old cooler - the TIM had practically welded the CPU to the heatsink - tip; apply sideways pressure, don't try to lever it off!), I experienced peak temperatures dropping from the ~88C I had before to a "mere" 66C - still warm, but comfortable. Idle temps have dropped from a whopping 52C to a much more reasonable 36C.

John 2012-10-31

Epic cooling

Bought to replace stock cooler on overclocked amd athlon x4 630, massive reduction in temps from 70oc and beyond to peaking at 49oc in prime95. Chuffed with that, quality little cooler this is for a great price

Tim 2012-09-23

Great Cooler

my stock intel fan was running my i5 3570k around 60 degrees, with this i OC 4.2ghz and it runs cooler! with room to go further!

joe 2012-08-25

Gold Medal

Very easy to fit, fan is very easy to remove, just squeeze top and bottom to release side clips. Very easy to fit on again afterwards. Temps this cooler will give you are brilliant, after 3 hours of running AIDA64 stress tests and watching 1080p youtube videos during test, the temps never reached above 42c. I can't believe this cooler could be this good for that price. Don't know how Overclockers do it.

5 Stars.

Mark 2012-08-13

works great

Support from overclockers was great beforehand as I didn't know what would be suitable for my system. Product arrived a day late due to the shipper not Overclockers (who were great about this). Very easy to fit, very quiet and works beautifully!

Ben 2012-08-03

Good for the price

In terms of temperatures, great for the price, far, far, far better than the Intel stock HSF.

However, build quality is an issue - I've gone through two of these in the last 2 years. The first one was a Rev 1 that broke after roughly 6 months because the fan just stopped moving.

I took the opportunity to upgrade to a Rev 2 and whilst the fan has lasted, the bracket on this one is a massive problem. When replacing my CPU, I realised that I would have to remove the bracket due to it blocking the lever mechanism, but the only way to remove the bracket is to push it out from the back of the motherboard (not mentioned anywhere in the instruction leaflet!) which on my case required me to take the entire motherboard out. And even then the bracket was wedged so tight that the plastic cracked trying to get it out.

Seth 2012-04-19

excellant buy

was running my i5 2500k at 4.3 with temps of 75-80 under load

bought this cooler incresed my overclock to 4.5 increased voltage ,set it all up temps have dropped to 55-60 under load , really pleased with this

paul 2012-04-16

Good Budget Choice

Installed one of these on a Gigabyte 880GM-USB3 with an AMD Phenom II 965 @3.4GHz. One of the easiest coolers to install, the fan runs very quiet very quiet, and keeps the CPU cool, great price, great cooler.

Nelly 2012-02-10

Great product

I just got this today from OCUK. The cooler itself looks nice, is very silent under operation, and was very easy to install, taking me under 5 minutes to set it up after having looked over the installation instructions. One thing I should mention is that if you have high ram you might have some problems getting this on your motherboard. It wasn't a problem for me as I have low profile ram, but worth bearing in mind. Other than that I cannot fault it for the price.

Andrei Olteanu 2012-01-24

Great item

As good as everyone says. Little tricky to fit (but good advice on here). Quiet and keeps everything cool.

Gary 2012-01-07


This cooler is brilliant AMD Phenom II x4 970 Stock cooler idle 37 degrees
stock cooler under load (prime 95) 74 degrees
With this cooler idle 26 degrees !!
under load (prime 95) 43.5 degrees !!!

If this cooler was priced higher more people would by this but ignore the price it is brilliant

The best cooler for the money

Steve 2011-12-29

Good Cheaper Option

Bought this for an i5-760 (1156)which was running at 50C idle and about 73C with all cores maxed out.

Very easy to fit and much better than the stock cooler. Now I get around 37C idle and a maximum 60C with all four cores maxed for a long time in a warm room.

JG 2011-11-13

What a bargain

Where to begin, this product rules for this price.

My i5-760 at 3.8ghz had been on the stock cooler for too long and was stopping me from rendering.

Temps used to be 0% load @ 60c and would reach 100% @ 97c before i had to kill renders.
Now they are 0% load @ 36c!!! and wait for it 100% load @ 60c AFTER 10 HOUR RENDER.

For the money, this is simply the best cooler available. 25c and 40c drops respectively!

Ben 2011-11-10


this is an amazing cooler for the money

i had this on my work i7 rig and a cooler master v10 on my home pc

both overclocked at 4.2ghz with ht enabled at 1.41 v

i was hiting 83c with this and my home computer i was hiting 90+ c with the v10 so i got a corsair h100 and my hoem pc is now runing at 71c at 4.4ghz with ht enabled :)

i put the v10 on my work pc thinking it would run beter than this and the v10 is still hiting 90c + this artic cooler is amazing for the money

if u added a 2x120mm fans in a push pull config im sure this would be an epic cooler

stay clear of the v10 its bulky exspensive and a hunk of s**t in my experiance

10/10 for this artic cooler at cooling
10/10 for fiting with ease
10/10 for noise its silent with stock fan

ps all the test i did were on a ud5 mobo with an i7 Do 920

Kilner 2011-10-10

Awesome Cooler!

Got one of these for my Athlon X4 640 OC'd @ 3.4ghz!

In my ThermalTake V9 case it idles at around 34C and underload never exceeds 55C.

Only problem I have had is with my Asrock M3N78D AM3 motherboard. It does cover one of the DIMMS closest to the AM3 socket. So I have had to use DIMMS 3/4 instead of 1/2 for dual channel. I do want to get another 4gb of memory in, but will have to go with low profile memory which is hard to find sometimes.

Apart from that, very quiet, great cooling and very cheap!


Nicki Urwin 2011-09-27


Everything about this cooler is so well designed.

It's relatively light, cools fantastically and is super quiet.

Don't be cautious because its cheaper than most, it's a brilliant cooler.

William 2011-07-31


This thing is just beast.

Replaced it for the stock cooler which was running my Q6600, stock at 60 degree's max temp (Prime95). Which is good don't get me wrong, that's perfectly within safe temperature.

However, this thing just blew my mind. Currently have my Q6600 overclocked to 3.2Ghz with 1.355volts and it runs at 59 degree's max temp with Prime95 running again. From 2.4ghz that's quite a sizeable overclock. Bare in mind this is in a very hot case, and in a hot room.

I still feel it has a tonne of headroom still. I'm going to attempt 3.6Ghz soon as I do belive it can run stable 24/7 at that speed.

Really impressed, don't hesitate, just buy it. Do yourself a favour.

Steven 2011-07-25


Just wow! I can't actually believe how good this is considering its one of the cheapest coolers out there. I'm running an AMD 955 BE OC'ed to 3.9 and I'm idling at 44/45 and it just sits at 58 while playing any game. prime95 large FFT torture test it sits at 60 and is still as quiet as it is at idle. slightly hard to fit but only if your MB is already in the case, on a clean install this would be a breeze.

Steve 2011-06-21

Pretty good for the price

Anyone here who's been complaining of the push pins being too difficult to install must be high.
When I was done, even my girlfriend said "Is that it? What was all the fuss about" (no jokes please lads :p)
Fitted to p8p67pro i2500k, clocked @ 4.5 29degrees idle 70 with intelburn on max.
Had it clocked to 4.8ghz 33-36idle, 85 degress on intelburn on max. So dropped her down a shade.
Fairly quiet (can't hear it over my keys when typing), not as quiet as stock cooler but certainly more effective.

Really though, those pushpins were laughable easy- nothing compared to fitting an AM2 socket. I had a harder time putting in the power jack into the mobo pins.

El_Commi 2011-05-30


Installation on Asus M2A-VM HDMI for my new AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 555 3.20GHz Black Edition (Socket AM3) took no more than 20 minutes and was simpler than I expected after reading some the reviews below.

I'd been running Windows 7 x64 in performance mode and been getting 51 degrees C with the stock fan. That dropped to 40-41 degrees with this cooler in place. (@ stock clock speed of 3.2 Ghz)

Putting the performance on Win7 back to 'Balanced' results in a drop to 28-30 degrees.

So far under load the max it has gone to is 50 Degrees.

What a brilliant bargain.

As ever Overclockers were excellent with next day delivery.

DarrenH 2011-05-14


Replaced stock coller with this, 38-40 at idle, and then doesn't go abve 50 degrees with furmark, prime 95, or gaming.

(OC'ed E8400 @ 3.6GHZ).

Why do people spend fortunes on after-market coolers when this do this job perfectly for

dave 2011-04-05



PHIL 2011-04-03

Good Cooler

Recently had a lot of heat issues and my setup has never been the coolest by a long chalk.

CPU idles at around 50c.
Under (heavy) load with this cooler it got to about 75c max and idled around 60c.

Great for the price, Does the job nicely. Bit of a pig to install but nothing dramatic.

Great value for money.

Tom 2011-03-29

Spot On!

Firstly, thanks to overclockers, simple, problem free ordering, and excellent packaging as always 10/10!

The fan itself....

I cant provide much in the way of comparison to the stock fan of my AMD phenom quad processor as Ive just fitted it and turned my pc back on now other than temps are alot lower.

This fan is silent compared to the stock one, which was my main reason for buying, rather than overclocking (although i might now)

As for fitting..


All those having problems, im not sure why, ok, some mobos are different, mines a gigabyte board MICRO ATX in a MIRCO ATX tower, no fouling of the ram, a couple of mm to spare, i just has to swap over my cables to one of my HDD as it was a bit tight there, no big deal.

Fitting the fan itself was very straight forward, no dramas at all, took under 5 minutes..

Highly recommended on those facts above.

Rob 2011-03-12


18-20C on idle and 40-45C full load on a Phenom x3 , and it was the easiest thing ever to install on my AMD MOB ,no interfering with my RAM's ( like other people are saying )

ricky 2011-02-20

Good heatsink

First time using a AM3 motherboard (Asus M4ATTD-V EVO USB) and also first time using the Arctic Cooling Freezer (I normally use TRUE 120 with Intel sockets).

It took me some time getting it installed, the first problem was getting the screws for the brackets in, the second was getting it to lock onto the brackets around the CPU and the final problem was it was hitting one of my G-Skill ram sticks in DIMM1. I eventually managed to get it in, its way better and quiter than the stock Phenom x6 Hexcore cooler, shame it took some persuading to get in otherwise I would of give it a 5.

toon_mad 2011-02-19

Impressed on a budget

As the title implies,I have to say that i am impressed with this for the price.
I am using it to cool my 965be and temps dopped about 5-7 degrees from stock.
i have it oc'd at 4ghz with idle temps of 26-27. brilliant!!
The most impressive thing about this though is the moise. It is almost completely silent. I can hardly tell the difference between a fan speed of 30% and 80%!
The only problem that i encountered eas fitting it to my AM3 board.
luckily i have XMS3 ram, otherwise the first ram slot would be covered, as it is, there is about 1mm between heatsink and first stick.
Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Stephen 2011-02-17


got an amd phenom x2 555 be unlocked to tri core and overclocked to 3.4 ghz on stock cooler temps idle 35c to 37c load temps using prime 95 hit 65c installed this cooler and overclocked to 3.6ghz idle temps now 30c and using prime 95 highest tem 51c

daz 2011-02-15

Great cooler!

Great cooler, i'm now on 24C on idle and 43C on full load. Hard to install on an amd system though.

James Price 2011-02-10


I got one of this at christmas with a i3 540 and overclocked 4.20ghz and is very cool... would recomend to anyone.. my brother is going to get him self on to overclock his i5....

boab 2011-01-27

Very good

Installed onto a quad core 3.5ghz phenom, on a crosshair 3 mobo.. Bought due to the original fan on the cpu not being good enough and becoming very loud when running any form of game (maybe due to a fault). Other than the difficulty installing which required me removing my power supply and alot of fiddling about (not sure if Intel is any easier) the unit is brilliant.

Mark Pearson 2011-01-14

Excellent value

Bought one of these on today only for under

Brad 2010-12-31

Cool enough to clock it more!

Got a quad Core 2 Q6600 and could only clock it up from 2.4 to 2.6 before it cut off with stock heat sink. And that's when I cleaned it! Dusted up within a week it was reaching the +80s then shut down!

Now with this its running at 2.8 at 39 degrees with a weeks run in - never over 75 degrees under stress and I render lots with 3D applications over long periods of time! Going to clock it up to 3.0 in a few more weeks. Best to notch it up a bit at a time, but this baby is the dog's b*llocks for the price!

Also the MD2 paste is fine. Was going to use arctic silver 5 but no need and not worth the hassle unless your completely anal. Such an easy install! It also makes you dinner and s*cks you off! (maybe not that)

Chris 2010-11-11

5/5 Thumbs Up

I Have Just Built My First Pc With An asus Evo am3 Motherboard With a AMD Phenom 2 Multi Core Processor. I brought This From O.c Uk And Fitted It In my Hummer Gaming Case Very Easy Taking Me About 10 -20 mins, WOW What a Difference Realy Is That Quiet I Can Only Hear My Case Fan Running , At This Price Its a Bargin..

Shane 2010-11-06

Snug fit

After burring out my AMD stock fan, I decided to upgrade to this. If you are running AMD the fitting is fiddle to say the least the problem is with the space available, on my AMD sapphire 690v motherboard the ram is to close and you have to squeeze it in......carful thought I was going to snap my ram or motherboard

What you can be sure of is that this is the best value for money in this price range.

xxbigunxx 2010-11-06

Asus Mobo Phenom II x2

I have a Phenom II X2 processor, the cooler fitted nicely in my standard no name case, I did look around before buying this to see what temps the cooler got the processor down to but no luck. So if anyone is wondering, the processor runs between 24 - 26oc on idle and 39 - 40oc on full load, was running at 53oc on full load with stock cooler so a big improvement!

Armand 2010-11-01


Ive had some coolers over the years,,some good and some bad.. however the freezer 7 pro rev2.0 is a amazing peice of hardware
ive had this in two rigs up to now however in the 2nd pc im cooling a celeron E3300 and with the freezer 7 pro it idles at just 28c...
however the amazing thing about this cooler is after some intensive gaming(crysis,devil may cry 4 max detail ) it wont go above 34c... now thats some serious cooling
to this day i dont know how arctic cooling do this.. ive had other direct contact copper based coolers however they havent produced temps like these...
installation can be done with your eyes closed... its that simple... place bracket.... insert plugs.. attach cooler using screws.. plug in fan to fan header... job done....
note: this comes with thermal compound pre-applied however i used mx3 to acheive these temps..
summary : best sub

brianthesnail 2010-10-17

Awesome for the price

Great price and great performance.

Easy to fit to my AMD3 board..

By the way the paste on the bottom is artic silver as far as i know at least it stated that in the reviews i read.

No issues with temps rumming my 1055t at 3.8ghz and the temp has hardly changed from stock.

Michael Smith 2010-08-24

Rev 2

Well i had the original version of this HSF which had worked great for a couple of years but when reseating i broke the little holding plastic pegs..

So i ordered this Rev 2 as a replacement. I like the improved bracket design but its still not perfect. I originally seated in on my cpu.. and with the preapplied gunk my temps were 6C above what they were. So i didnt to reseat but firstly cleaning off all their gunk and applying some Arctic Silver 5. A point to note i had to take off the motherboard to release the little holding pins as i couldnt get to the cpu latch so the design isnt ideal if you need to take your cpu out to clean it.

When i reseated the HSF i couldnt start my computer... but after much testing found out my 5 year old hyper PSU died. oh well and saving for a new PSU and case now. Hopefully with better design/cooling case i will have that magic 30c idle again.. not 36C.

Good cheap cooler but has couple of design niggles.

ShaolinDreams 2010-07-31

Great Cooler

This Cooler is very good for the price, keeps my i3 @ 4Ghz Very cool and stable @ 36 Degrees.

Fras 2010-07-30

Decent cooling

Pros: Temps at stock
room temp approx 20

D13 2010-07-16


Well I bought this a few weeks ago but only just got it up and running, now my computer is usually quite cool, with the fans I had in my case before and the stock intel cooling fan (Core2 Duo 3Ghz processor btw) I was running at only about 29-32*C Idle, Installed this and booted up this morning, idle hasn't reached above room temperature which today is 19*C, big improvement.
It was quite easy to install, and the instruction were clear and simple, although you may want to use some long nosed pliers and a small, fairly powerful torch just to aid you, it's not necessary but it does make it a little easier.
Well worth the money, bargain

Mike 2010-05-27

Fan Speed

Fitted this ina AMD Gigabyte motherboard ...turned the whole thing 180 degrees so that the heat is not directed at the Power Supply unit and seems to work fine. I have caned the system and the got the CPU to start bleeping at 60C but noticed the fan did not ever go the max 2500RPM (best I've seem was 2020)....has anyone seen this fan go to 2500 as per the spec. I've played with a few utils (ET6 and Speedfab, HWMonitor) but at no time has this ever gone to full revs, apart from that I like the product.

Frank 2010-05-24

Very Impressed

My CPU fan started to get noisy so I thought I'd change the cooler as well as the fan. I didn't have space for one of the larger coolers so I settled for this one not really expecting much of a change. I was amazed to see the idle temperature drop from 60C to 39C and the load temperature drop from 73C to 58C. A very good buy!

Note. If you have an HP xw series workstations like me, you'll need to drill out the holes for the mounting plate as the new pegs won't fit through the threaded case mounts (use a 5mm metal bit). This does mean removing the motherboard but it's a simple job as long as you're patient and take your time.

Steve Thresher 2010-05-23

Good Buy

Nice price, fits nicely on my new
Gigabyte GA-P55-US3L mobo. Very easy to fit. I fitted it to a i5 750 Lynnfield and i am impressed by the temps under load. I have currently overclocked the i5 to 3.7GHz and it stays at 45c under load.

Jim Clarke 2010-04-21

Absolutly Amazing

I just got this today in the post and WOW. I mean i took a little while to fit it in an AMD computer with all the fidly bits but the performance is outstanding quite frankly. Before my computer used to idle at around 57c which is bloody high, now i just checked my temp and its running at 32c OVER 20c DROP! Seriously reccomend for value for money and just sheer performance!

Wasim Ashraf 2010-04-14

Excellent but not universally

I set this up with my Phenom II X4 965 (the 125W revision) after getting sick to death of the noise of the stock cooler.
This cooler is excellent. It is very,very quiet and cools better than the stock cooler (but not by much). I don't think it could cope well with 140W AMD CPU's. As other reviews state, the area of contact with the CPU is a little small and this probably inhibits the cooling a little.

This cooler is not easy to install with AM3 sockets. Please take my advice and remove the motherboard from your case first. I installed directly into my case and it took ages due to the fiddly brackets.

Now this is important! On an AM3 systems, the fan can only be orientated towards the top or bottom of your case, not the rear! Unless your case has a fan at the top (as mine does) the air flow in your case may be greatly disturbed and your fans may end up working against each other. Seriously don't bother with this cooler for AMD systems unless you have a top mounted fan.

Matt B 2010-03-24

One Word WOW

I recently realised that my stock intel fan was making a grinding noise so I decided to go with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 CPU Cooler. What a fan this thing is extremely easy to install and brings down your cpu temp easily and quietly. I strongly reccomend this fan to anyone and Once again the serivce Overclockers provides is top notch.

Gordon 2010-03-19

Best cooler around for the price

one word BARGAIN, this cooler has better specs than some twice it's price. I've got the rev. 1 of this fan, exact same thing but with the old intel push-pin style mounting. However I have fitted a Rev.2 on another PC, slightly fiddly at first to fit the bracket on the rev 2. but easy after that. Very efficient cooler and uber quiet. I don't usaully turn it above 60% speed as i don't have the need to, it's not audible at these speeds yet i can run crysis on max for hours on end with it. Pretty easy to clean too, just clip the fan off the front of the heatsink with a screwdriver and brush/airdust anything off. Will NEVER buy anything else as long as i can avoid it!!
I got good cooling when i started using this cooler, (lot better than stock fans) however after i got better case cooling i got 'another' 10

Chris 2010-03-01


Excellent cooler. Went from a stock intel cooler on my core i5 which was running around 50 degrees on idle and reaching almost 81 degress running prime95 (overclocked from 2.66ghz to 3.7ghz).

Now all cores sit below 40 degrees on idle and never go over 57 degrees on prime95, still overclocked.

Leon Cook 2010-02-07

Very good AM2 Cooling

I picked this up over the 64 Pro, because at the time of ordering, I couldn't get the 64.

Previous idle temps are 60C on the stock cooler, and getting to over 85C under full load.

Currently idling away at 35C, and even under a full stress, never goes over 55C.

The only issue I currently have is that the fan blow the air up to the PSU, which is situated at the top of my (pretty lame) case. When I get my hands on the Antec 300, this will be a moot point, as the roof exhaust fan with a floor mounted PSU will solve all those problems.

Installation on AMD brackets isn't too bad. It would be nice to have another pair of hands to hold the cooler down while you clip the second lug on, but otherwise fine.

sleepygamer 2010-01-28


Really pleased with this, for the price it is the optimal choice - might even be more effective than some of the

Phil 2010-01-14

didnt work for me

Bought this for my phenom2 965 be and although it was very quiet the stock fan done such a better job very disapointed in this fan. i did retry fitting it 3 times but eventually gave up processor was running 10c higher with this fan over stock

Dave 2010-01-13


I got this today, my Q8400 @ 3.8Ghz on stock fan had an idle temp of 40c and 90c under stress tests. With this installed and MX-3 thermal compound, temps are at 25c idle and 55c using Prime95. Also fitted into my Asus P5Q-E a charm, this mobo usually has problems getting cpu coolers to fit.

Andy Stephenson 2010-01-05

Feels cheap

I'm not a fan of the Intel Push pin cooler installation method, but this is somewhat worse in my opinion. The cooler comes with a Bracket that you must first attach to the motherboard with the supplied screws, then the cooler itself attaches to the bracket with two screws. I had what I thought was a securely attached CPU cooler, but whilst fiddling inside my case, building my PC, the Cooler managed to become loose from the motherboard. Unfortunately it's very fiddly to re-attach the bracket whilst inside the case, so I needed to take the motherboard out and do it again.

Another gripe I have with this cooler is how flimsy the fan rubber attachment feels to the Heat sink. I thought it was going to break it, when I removed part of it, so to have better access to the screw underneath.

In conclusion this will keep your CPU cool, but in my opinion a little extra can buy much better CPU coolers.

Johnny 2009-12-31

Great for the price

This is the best CPU Cooler you can get for under

Zaim 2009-12-22

Ecellent cooler - Update

Just to update from my previous review, I have my X3 720 sitting quite happily at 3.2GHz (from 2.8 stock) with this cooler. Idle temp is 32 deg C, Prime95 load temp is 43 deg C. For comparison, load temps with the stock cooler and no overclock were 48 deg C! Reckon, I've got plenty of scope for cranking up the GHz with this cooler - superb.

Glenn 2009-11-20

Excellent cooler

Bought this to replace the stock cooler for my Phenom II X3 720 on an ASUS M4A79XTD EVO mobo. With the AMD bracket kit, the fan sits facing the middle of the board and exhausts to the top of the tower case not the back as with the Freezer 64 Pro version. I have an Antec 300 with a top mounted fan so this works well. Was a little concerned that the bracket kit was a bit Heath Robinson but it results in a solid fit. The fan is very quiet - with ASUS Q-Fan and cool and quiet off, it sits at around 2000 rpm and I can't hear it over my other fans and 9600GT. I have only carried out some simple load test and my temps are down by about 10 deg C from the stock cooler. Now have a bit more to play with when I get round to overclocking my CPU.

Glenn 2009-11-18


Superb cooler, minimum of fuss to install and works like a dream. Core i5 sits very cool under gaming, and it's about the quietest thing in my case!

Only small issue: it IS big. I have a Gigabyte P55M-UD2, and the fan just about blocks one of my DDR3 slots. Not a problem as I only have two sticks, but could be an issue for some.

Alex 2009-11-05


This heatsink fan was bought to cool my i7 core 920 processor, however, I went Liquid cooled on that system so I had this cooler. I therefore tried it on a Q9550 quad Intel on an ASUS P5Q-SE2 Mobo, with a ATi4850. Overclocked to 3.4ghz the temps on full load with Prime 95, never got hotter than 51 degs C on either "Speedfan" nor on "Realtemp" ...
Combined this heatsink fan with the Cool laboratory Liquid metal pro for the best results I could imagine.

Terry 2009-10-11

Yet again Artic Cooler get it right

This CPU cooler is fantastic. I have it fitted to my Intel Core i5 750 2.66Ghz CPU and the temps have yet to get above 39c under load! 25c idle. Which is great, couple that with the fact that this is near silent, brilliant!

It's very easy to fit and can be fitted to nearly any socket. Mine is obviously the LGA 1156, however, because the clever people at Artic have thought about this, you could fit it to the LGA1366 or AM2+ sockets as well.

It's not too big either, I've plenty of room in my Antec 300 case.

Well done Artic Cooling

Also, great choice as always and great delivery from OCuk. nice one guys.

Matt 2009-10-04

just great

to be fair i wasnt expecting too much but im glad i was mistaken.
im running an amd 7750 be which is now currently at 3.2Ghz stable on prime95 over 24 hours had trouble before with the heat.
so to the good bit on idle it runs at approx 22-24c going up to 33-35c on full load cant complain at that, thats with the room temp being about 19c.

of course the new case does help a coolermaster haf 922 and yes it does fit with no issues.

all i can say is this hsf is well recommended oh and i should also mention this thing is silent.

paul 2009-09-12

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