ATI Radeon HD 6950 OC 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

  • Core: 810MHz
  • Memory: 2048MB 5000MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 1408
  • DirectX 11 Support
  • ATI CrossFireX Ready
  • ATI Eyefinity
  • ATI Stream
  • ATI Avivo HD
  • ATI HD3D Technology
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Stock Code: GX-248-AS

EAN: 00000000

MPN: EAH6950/2DI2S/2GD5

Manufacturer: Asus


Product information: ATI Radeon HD 6950 OC 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

The ATI Radeon HD 6900 series features the latest graphics technology from AMD designed to support all the features of Microsoft DirectX 11 and DirectCompute 11. The new GPU’s are built in AMD’s 40nm process to deliver high performance with low power consumption. Advanced hardware features include an enhanced Tesselation unit, new AA and image filtering options, dedicated HDR Texture compression, multi-threaded communication with system CPU cores, embedded support for many of the DirectCompute 11 instructions, 3D stereoscopic support and HDMI 1.4a.

- ATI Reference Design (Revision: 1) - Flashable too 6970
- Core Clock: 810MHz
- Memory: 2048MB GDDR5
- Memory Clock: 5000MHz (Effective)
- Memory Bandwidth: ??GB/sec
- Processing Cores: 1408
- Texture Units: 88
- ROPS: 32
- Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.1
- Display Connectors: 2 Dual-Link DVI-I, 1 HDMI & 2x Mini-DisplayPort
- HDCP Capable
- DirectX 11 Support
- Shader Model 5.0 Support
- OpenGL 4.0 Support
- ATI CrossFire Ready
- ATI Eyefinity Technology
- ATI Avivo HD
- ATI Stream Technology
- ATI HD3D Technology
- Maximum Power Consumption: 250W (Typical 190W)
- 2x 6pin PCI-E power connectors required
- 450W minimum PSU recommended
- Warranty: 3 Years

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Customer review "Asus ATI Radeon HD 6950 OC 2048MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card"

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Not going to repeat what the other's said, I'll simply say the card is more than I...
Alan M
I bought this to replace my HD5770, and it has made a massive difference. As others...
Dont know what the guy below is on about as regards noise but seriously these are very...
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SgtMunky 2011-06-13


Not going to repeat what the other's said, I'll simply say the card is more than I expected. It was tricky at first, but then again I did buy it as soon as had it in stock and guides to flash to 6970 BIOS were scarce

What I will say about the noise people seem to be mentioning.. mine if quiet. Very quiet. But I force the fanspeed up to a point I can hear it, because for some reason, its almost as if the card would rather sit at a high temp. rather than let the user hear the fans :P

I sit mine at 45% fan speed, it is audible, but what I would expect from a card of this power

Just have to order another one now...

Alan M 2011-05-22

Amazing card

I bought this to replace my HD5770, and it has made a massive difference.
As others have said, it is so easy to flash the BIOS to a 6970, and the dual BIOS switch means that even if the flash goes wrong, you can easily recover the original BIOS and try again.
My 3D mark scores are now the same as someone with a genuine 6970! Result!
Some people are complaining about the noise, well I have to say I can't notice it. All I can hear is the slight hum of my case fans. This card isn't any louder than my previous 5770 was.
All in all I'm really happy with it, although it does seem a bit mean for a

Danny 2011-05-18

Excellent card!

Dont know what the guy below is on about as regards noise but seriously these are very quiet I went from a 460 gtx to 2 of these in crossfire and the noise is no different my 460 was the asus directcu one aswell. Anyway these are amazing cards scale extremely well in crossfire. Also the asus ones have a metal pheat plate covering the top of the card which gives them a much cleaner look and helps with heat, shame you dont get a better bundle though just a xfire bridge and power cable.

Jon Mackie 2011-05-18

Fantastic value

Have to say some of the best packaged and well built VGA cards I've ever had. Superb performance! Flashed to my own modded BIOS unlocked to 1536 shaders, set voltage to 1.125V for the core and set it to 810MHz left VRAM voltage and timings well alone and they fly! When used in conjunction with SmartDoctor to remove CCC Overdrive restrictions! Mine are now stable at 900MHz core and 1375MHz (5.5GHz effective) for VRAM, at 20% extra power. Unigine 94.2fps, 2407 points, 10008 points 3DMark 11. Cool and reasonably quiet! What are you waiting for? Buy me!

Nik 2011-05-08

Just amazing

Have been using Nvidia for a long time but decided my Nvidia 9800 GT has long passed its prime.

Bought one of these and flashed the 6970 Bios and am amazed!

Love it and would highly recommend

Zimanodenea 2011-04-24

Long card. Not the quietest.

This is a rather long card (11.5") and only just fit into my very old Chenbro Gaming Bomb case, it helps that the power connectors come out the top of the card rather than the back though.

Dont be fooled into thinking this is a quiet card. Compared to my ATI 4800 Vapor-X and Nvidia 8800gts this is far far noisier even at stock speed running as a 6950. Flashed to a 6970 and overclocked it makes a propper racket and I'm looking to buy an alternative cooler now. Other reviews I've read on the Internet compare the noise levels favourably to the likes of the Nvidia 480 which must sound like a jet engine.

All in all this is an excellent card performance wise, just be aware if you like acceptable noise levels (with headphones off!) you'll need to buy an aftermarket cooler, maybe buy a different version of the 6950 with a better cooler in the first place.

DirtyH 2011-04-15

Tricky Flash

I used the 6970 bios flash had a little trouble as it seemed to take it down to 880 shaders which was confusing . so i uninstalled all ati drivers re-installed after a reboot it worked other than that i am very happy with the card was worried it may be a little noisey but its not cant hear it at the moment and when gaming i use headphones so wont hear it then.

Joe 2011-03-11

The gift that keeps on giving

Good retail therapy - Arrived the morning after I ordered. I am

Paul 2011-03-03


Upgrade from my 4850 so to be honest woulfnt take much for me to see a huge improvment. Easily achieves +100 FPS in black ops with Default CCC settings at 1080 and managed to flash this with the ASUS 6970 BIOS and OC'd to 6970 Clock speeds without issue running idle around 48 and 82 on load. Huge card though i had to remove the drive bay from my Antec 900 to get it in. Usual quick delivery from OC :)

tom 2011-02-28

get asus !

wow , what a perk from amd !!! flashed with modified asus bios ( just unlocks shaders , bumps up voltage to 1.175v , doesnt touch memory volts or timings ) . all took 5 min . the card is flying , 920 core , 5500 memory , stable . now the best part is i got two of these card for crossfire .... and let me tell u - thats a serious power for the price of gtx 580 . the scaling is unbelivable , almost 100% all the time , even stubborn crysis . those spreading gossips about bad drivers stfu pls - they no worse then nvidias , stable , no crashes , no bother at all . temp wise great idle at 34 , heaven bench max 70 , with fan spinning below 40% - no louder then rest of my case fans . plus asus 3 years warranty .get two now !!!

V 2011-02-28

Value for Money

Firstly like everyone says these cards are big so make sure you have space and the clearance for it in your case. I had a issue with the card not sitting due to sata port placement on my motherboard and one phone call to Overclockers support and they sent me out some right angle cables that resolved the issue. Top marks for service , thanks Joseph.

The card itself is well worth the money if you cant stomach the cost of a 570 and two of them in x fire scale very well. As its a revison 1 board it can also be flashed up to a 6970 so you get more bang for your buck.

Zayvin 2011-02-24

Nice cheap 6970 :)

Great cards!

I bought two of these on a DotD offer and installed them in Crossfire on a clean Win 7 x64 build. I then installed the latest 11.2 drivers, unlocked the shaders (using a modified 6950 bios), cranked them upto 940/1450, no problems whatso ever.

So ineffect i got highly OC'd 6970s about

Armen 2011-02-24


I received this vga in less than 2 days,great service from OCUK.Since i did some research that this vga's bios can be flash to 6970,i thought the money is worth it. Once i did the flash,my card became 6970.No need to buy 6970,cause this one can be functional as 6970 100% if you do the flash.Just google it and you will find some tutorials.

Hassam 2011-02-23


being a Asus fanboy, had to buy this! And I am very pleased with the purchase GPU generally runs at 42C idle and 50 when gaming. This can pretty much handle any game out there, and with the addition of it becoming a 6970 with a BIOS flash, who doesnt want to buy it? GET ONE NOW!!

Ninjagordy 2011-02-21

The Boy!!!

i have one of these bad boys..... flashed to 6970 in seconds.....really superb cards..... be quick and get this revision as the new revision 6950 is un-flasheable!!! flash at your own risk...!!

Joe 2011-02-21

Great card for the money

I love this card, it max's the game's I'm playing such as Crysis Warhead, DO:A, Metro33 etc, but then wipes the floor with them once you unlock the shaders (flash to 6970)

Just a note, many people worry about flashing to 6970 BIOS in case of over voltage on the RAM. I did some benchmarks, and the difference between a stock 6970, and a 6950 with unlocked shaders, but RAM speed and voltage left at 6950, was less than ~2 fps in crysis

Great card, great potential, crazy to think I bought a 4870 about 2 years ago for this money

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