GeForce GTX 480 1536MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card with FarCry 2 Game

  • Core: 700MHz
  • Memory: 1536MB 3696MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 480
  • Shader Clock: 1401MHz
  • SLI Ready
  • PhysX/CUDA Enabled
  • 3 Years Warranty.

Stock Code: GX-222-AS

EAN: 00000000

MPN: ENGTX480/G/2DI/1536MD5

Manufacturer: Asus


Product information: GeForce GTX 480 1536MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card with FarCry 2 Game

Next generation gaming has arrived. Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 gives your games an adrenaline shot with the world's fastest performance and futuristic, visually stunning graphics. Experience heartpounding, cinematic visuals on your favorite games with the combined power of DirectX 11, CUDA and Nvidia PhysX technologies. And expand your visual real estate across three HD displays in jawdropping stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate in immersive gaming. Nvidia GeForce GTX 480: pure adrenaline meets visual bliss.

- Voltage Tweak Technology
- Core Clock: 700MHz
- Memory: 1536MB GDDR5
- Memory Clock: 3696MHz (Effective)
- Memory Interface: 384-Bit
- Processing Cores: 480
- Shader Clock: 1401MHz
- Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.0
- Display Connectors: 2x Dual-Link DVI-I & 1x Mini-HDMI 1.3a (Includes HDMI & VGA Adapters)
- SLI Ready
- HDCP Capable
- DirectX 11 Support
- OpenGL 3.1 Support
- PhysX Enabled
- CUDA Enabled
- Warranty: 3 Years
- Supplied with FarCry 2 Game

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Customer review "Asus GeForce GTX 480 1536MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card with FarCry 2 Game"

Average customer rating
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(from 36 customer reviews)
Quieter and cooler than my Geforce 260 XXX Edition. Temps are 34 idle and 79 load, in a...
I bought this as an upgrade from the red camp. Previous was an OC'd 5850 and this card...
wanted something to replace a faulty 6970 while it was rma'ed and decided on this ,...
All Time (36)
86% (31)
3% (1)
8% (3)
0% (0)
3% (1)
Stuart 2011-06-08

Buy with caution

Bought this card for my Dell Inspiron along with an upgraded PSU. PSU didn't work and had to be returned for a refund. New PSU from elsewhere installed and working, installed the card and it wouldn't work. OC reckoned it was because it was a Dell PC!!! Returned for checking, apparently ok, received it back again, guess what, still doesn't work. I now have a very expensive door stop. Not happy at all. Buy with care if you have a Dell PC.

Ifan 2011-05-27

Quiet and Cool

Quieter and cooler than my Geforce 260 XXX Edition. Temps are 34 idle and 79 load, in a HAF 922.

Runs all my games on the highest settings.

Lou 2011-05-26

Incredible upgrade

I bought this as an upgrade from the red camp. Previous was an OC'd 5850 and this card gets +50-70% performance in Crysis, Metro 2033 and Witcher 2! Also having PhysX has made games so much better! It's quiet (but when fans are 100% its like a jet taking off) but I've never seen the fan go above 45% even after hours of gameplay. Also, as testimant to Overclockers absolute superiority, it arrived within 16 hours and came with TWO copies of Far Cry 2 meaning my best friend was very happy with his freebie! Thanks OC! :D

chaotc_uk 2011-05-07

Asus GTX480

wanted something to replace a faulty 6970 while it was rma'ed and decided on this , glad i did as it is not as loud as my 6970 and is nearly as fast and was cheaper . again ocuk delivered fast again , great work guys

Rob 2011-04-18

Pleased as can be

I came from using 2x 6800 gt's and the performance difference is night and day.

Getting roughly 100 FPS on games like MW2 and Assassins Creed II

Oleg 2011-04-06

Great card for good price

This card is one of the best for this price for moment. I am just delighted in SLI mode. My previous cards are still working on another computer (Asus 8800gtx) but this ones are much faster. Special they are really great working in 3d applications.

SEKO 2011-04-01

N1 GTX480

i was in ATI boat long time 3870 4870 4870(CF) 5850. GTX480 it was 191

paul 2011-03-18


i've had the this card for a month now and going from a 9800 gtx+ card this thing is great.
under bench marking the temps can run fairly high though during gaming this isnt a problem with another being purchased soon for sli at which point they will be watercooled anyway.

all in all im very happy with the card and would recommend them to anyone.

Dionysos 2011-03-15

Great card for the money

If you keep the frequency below 770 - 800 mhz this card can be under volted to a quite acceptable level of performance, noise and power consumption compared with the other (much more expensive) top cards on the market.

Good deal

Paul 2011-03-12


Heaven Bench;FPS: 83.7 score 2109
purchased four, for two seperate gaming rigs all in SLI configuration overclocked to 845/ 1690/2165 voltage 1.125 water cooled on OMNI coolit gtx 480 kits so nice and quite TEMPS: 79/77 load 39/38 idle
room is warm! all on old technoligy EVGA 790 ultra q9550 3.7ghz 8gb 1875 memory dominator GT. Deal of the year at this price , delivery charges are too expensive @

Michael 2011-03-09

Excellent Value

Not as loud or hot as I was expecting. I peak at about 70 degrees doing benchmarking etc. Playing games like Crysis 2 I sit at about 55 degrees with the fan on 50%.

Done a slight overclock in MSI Afterburner:
Core Voltage 1050mv
Core Clock 825mhz
Shader Clock 1650mhz
Mem Clock 2050

Runs stable, I'm sure there is plenty room for more, but the games I play still only use 70% of it's resources so no need for this overclock even yet.

Owen 2011-03-09

Good value


Jack 2011-03-03

Great Deal

I paid

Chris 2011-03-02

Absolute Menace

Very Good Card when u Compair it to say a GTX 580 Price to Performance this is the one to Buy..

Over Clocks well :)
830Mhz Core 1660Mhz Shader 2100Mhz Memory (4200Mhz)

After Looking on Futuremarks forums and Results

This Can Beat the 580 Stock if your into Overclocking :D

Pete 2011-02-25

gtx 480

an absolute bargain for

N Pearce 2011-02-22

The Sexiest Piece of Hardware

This card is just awsome. Have just upgraded to the GTX480 and WOW im just blown away. I run benchmarks and then have to re-run to check and double check that the FPS is correct.
This card will handle ANY game you throw at it on Big Screen Resolutions and All the highest settings.
For the

Rob aka Brit-XR 2011-02-22

Great card for the price

I brought this to replace my 6950 because i wanted to give 3d a go and prefer nvidia.

These 480s dont seem to use as much power as the first gen. Uses around 330 to 400 watts in system power when gaming with 1088mV stock volts.

You can even undervolt this to 1000mV to 950mV which will make it use around 50 watts less power and run cooler. At stock volts i could overclock to 860mhz which used around 25watts increase in power but run totally stable.

On bad company 2 with 1000mV i was geting around 79c with 55% fan speed. My 6950 using 6970 bios was hiting around 85c

This card selling at

DAVID 2011-02-20


This is a fantastic card and a great deal from Overclockers

Collin 2011-02-11

Good card

Once nvidia flagship.
It does run hot and a bit loud compared to other fermi cards (other than 470 of course), BUT for

Mark 2011-02-11

Fantastic deal

This is a fantastic card and a great deal from Overclockers

Alex M 2011-02-11

Awesome bangs for bucks

This card really isn't that noisy in general use. Throw Furmark at it and it gets pretty offensive, but at idle and in games, I'd say it's just a bit noisier than my old 4890.

A 10%-15% overclock to core, mem and stream processors is pretty much a gimme, at which point you've basically got yourself a GTX580 for

Steven P 2011-02-11

What a beast

As everyone else here says all games max settings...

These are suppose to get quite hot after 10 hours of gaming hottest ive seen mine is 63 degrees with the fan on 75%

David 2011-02-08

Wonderful Asus quality

Heard alot about the GTX480 for being very fast, but let down by getting to hot, using to much power and being over priced!
Well when i saw this card on Overs for

Steve 2011-02-06

Great Card for the Money

Went from a GTX275 with a Q9650@3.7GHz to this card and it made was a great upgrade, mostly doubling performance for me. It is a bit noiser than my GTX275 under load, but I knew this before buying it and tbh its not intollerable for me, and not much louder than my previous card and the junp in peformance in games like BFBC2 easily out weighs any worries about nosie levels.

Would recommend especially at the price I paid, out performs a lot of other cards for not a lot of cash.

Matt 2011-02-06

What Heat Problem?

This card is fantastic! I originally ordered the ATi 4870 but then i saw this for practically the same price so i had to change my order!

My card idles at 33C and full load is about 80C and doesnt go above this! Note this is on a stock cooler aswell! :D Have decided not to OC this card as it doesnt need it!

Crysis Warhead - 60FPS (Highest Settings)
Metro 2033 40FPS (Highest Settings)

This card is a beast!

A bit noisy only on load and even then your game sound should drill that out!


Tayo Willett 2011-02-03


This is a really great card, very good fps, maxes out, arma 2, on a dual screen at 50+ fps.

Me being a little child at heart, loved the packaging, I was wowed by that for the first 10 minutes. get this either for a great card, or just great packaging.

Dan 2010-10-04

beastly overclocker!

GOOD overclocker! I watercooled mine and got this overclocked to:
900mhz gpu
1800mhz shaders
2200mhz memory.
Fine on air too its only about the same as the gtx280 or 295 in noise and temperature in my opinion.
Plus its maxed out every games settings ive played so far. :D

dan 2010-09-30

good overclocker

the noise wasnt bad i dont know what people are so anoyed about it, i watercooled mine and got it to overclock to 900mhz gpu, 1800mhz shaders and 2200mhz memory.
sick card! asus voltage tweaking software was terrible though.
maxing out everygame with only 1 what can i say, 5 stars :D

Lee 2010-09-15

Good upgrade

I've come from a specialized 4870x2 to this and i'm inpressed.
Triple score in FFXIVbench was the biggest increase but I have gains in all software of at least 25%.
Optimal fan speed to match the sound of Antec902 case fans on max is 75%.
At this fan speed even with furmark for an hour you will not get into dangerous temperatures.
Look on the bright side with the heat output its nearly winter and I don't want to use the storage heater in my computer room because its about

James 2010-09-09

Pure awesome sauce

Simply put, this card is just amazing.

Straight out the box I can play BFBC2 @ 1680x1050 with DX11 enabled, 32xAA, 16AF, max settings on everything and I only have a Yorkfield clocked @ 3.6GHz... So don

Thomas Whitehead 2010-08-25

What the hell is everyone complaining ab

I recently got this card, and I do not know what everyone is complaining about with the noise and the temperature.

My acrd idles at 35 degrees, and when benchmarking, can get to 60-75, but thats on full load, which most of the time doesn't happen in games, as most games I've played only use 60-80% of the GPU.

And noise? I can't even hear it, unless I turn the fan up, but even with the fan speed at 60%, you can't hardly hear it.

Overclocking is great on this card, I managed to get the core speed to 870MHz, and still have it stable in games. Granted, I had to have the fan on 85%, but it only got to 71 degrees, and for me, thats fine. Anything over 85 degrees is bad for me, and this card hasn't passed that once.

Overall, great card, possibly the best GPU out, and with overclocking, this card actually beats dual-gpu cards in some games.

Anyway, another great choice I made shopping at overclockers, and will definatly buy here again.

Ian 2010-04-13

Best Card

Waiting for watercooled GPU & 1 slot

GTX480 - 1 GPU requires 600w

ATI5900 has 2 GPU how much power will it require

GTX480 - without Physix , Cuda & 3D features it would be the fastest GPU on the market
If ATI 5900 had these features it would be too slow to keep up with GTX480

Too Noisy & Becomes really Hot after a while & feel the system heating up, you will have to leave the case open

Steven 2010-04-11

Not so impressive

I would say go for this if you plan to water cool it, otherwise it's gonna be too hot or too noisy for SLI setup. With a 6 months delay, the performance is not so impressive though. This turn the ATI 5870 cards are winners, and they are as good as the 8800 cards a few years ago and cannot be a wrong choice.

Michael 2010-04-06

nothing more than AMD, but 6 months late

6 months later, nothing so "great".
By the reviews, seem to be a good vga, but by the price, and the power consumption, not a chance.
Except for F@H, 10-15% faster than a 5870.
Maybe the next step, with all 512 CUDA Cores enable, no so "power hungry", can be a great vga (as the original idea)

R3APER 2010-04-04

Fastest gpu on the planet

This is the fastest gpu on the planet granted there is a faster card but it uses two gpus.

This card shreds dx11 like its dx9 and reviews so far have been done on beta drivers, theres so much more to come.
If you are worried about power, turn off a few light bulbs.
Price is reasonable for release and you get so much for your money, 3d vision surround and physx, 1.5g ram, great support, warrenty and great drivers, did i mention its the fastest most complex gpu on the planet?

Playing metro 2033 on max detail with this card is simply amazing. JC2 cuda water, the most realistic water simulation i have ever seen.
Bc2 3d surround will simply blow your mind.

You want the ultimate single gpu this is it, you want to beat 5970 cf then order 3, which thrashes the 4 gpus of 5970 cf.

If you really wanna rub it in then get 4 and run them in 4 way sli, water cooling is advised for such a crazy set up, but will surly make every other pc enthusiast bow down to you.

MichaelB 2010-03-31

Good Card, Bad Price

The fastest single GPU card, but seriously overpriced given that it's only about 10-15% faster on average than a 5870.

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