HD 7970 Matrix Platinum 3072MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

  • Core: 1100MHz
  • Memory: 3072MB 6600MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 2048
  • DirectX 11.1 Support
  • ATI CrossFireX Ready
  • ATI Eyefinity
  • ATI Stream
  • ATI Avivo HD
  • ATI HD3D Technology
  • 3 Year Warranty.
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Stock Code: GX-293-AS

EAN: 4716659292012

MPN: 90YV02P0-M0NA00

Manufacturer: Asus

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Product information:

HD 7970 Matrix Platinum 3072MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

The ASUS ROG MATRIX HD 7970 continues the ROG tradition of catering to overclockers who want the fastest and smoothest performance. It meets extreme tuning needs, utilizing a TOP-selected GPU factory-set to 1100MHz. For hardware-level overvolting, customers get VGA Hotwire and the TweakIt interface, with one-press 100% fan speed settings. DIGI+ VRM digital controllers and Super Alloy Power components form the basis of massive 20-phase power delivery. Exclusive GPU Tweak has been enhanced for ROG duty, adding GPU loadline calibration and VRM tuning to an already full range of parameters.

DIY modification of voltages on MATRIX HD 797 becomes simple by removing the need for complicated and risky soldering. Just connect wires from dedicated headers on compatible ROG motherboards to VGA Hotwire connectors on MATRIX HD 7970, after which you can change voltages directly on the hardware level through the ASUS UEFI BIOS or via the Windows-based Ai Suite II.

TweakIt provides flexible overclocking control even when gaming or running benchmarks! The + and - buttons put overvolting adjustments at your fingertips, with more power translating into the faster and smoother gaming you crave and the winning edge you require for intense multiplayer and competitive benchmarking.

Instantly trigger the dual 100mm fans to 100% speed regardless of driver settings. This proves very useful in extreme overclocking and other heavy workload scenarios where rapid heat evacuation and max cooling are a must.

The Safe Mode button resets the graphics card back to default frequencies and BIOS settings. This is a very useful feature for hardware enthusiasts and experimental tuning - think of it like the motherboard's clear CMOS function.

MATRIX HD 7970 is built with carefully-designed massive 20-phase power delivery, unmatched by any other graphics card for the ultimate in performance and spectacular power delivery. This ensures ample room for experimental performance tuning, as its DIGI+ VRM digital voltage regulation design augments precision overclocking capabilities, which are further supported by the use of hardened Super Alloy Power capacitors, chokes, and MOSFETs. These components are forged under extreme pressure and temperatures to increase reliability, power output, and overall card lifespan while eliminating bothersome choke buzzing noise, unlike much tamer reference cards. All these and more enable the absolute best in overclocking potential and experience.

ASUS DirectCU thermal design utilizes all-copper heatpipes so heat is removed efficiently. DirectCU II generates 6X greater airflow yet performs 3X quieter than reference in idle and full load thanks to dual 100mm sound-dampening fans.

A color-coded LED MATRIX indicator at the back of the ROG MATRIX graphics card gives real time and easy-to-understand visual display of the current GPU workload, with colors changing dynamically depending your card’s work load.

Easily fine-tune core and memory clocks, voltages, and fan settings intuitively via sliders or manual value entry. MATRIX HD 7970 arrives with a new ROG edition of GPU Tweak, which adds detailed GPU loadline calibration and VRM frequency tuning, allowing for the most extensive control and adjustment parameters for maximum overclocking potential.

- TOP-selected 1100MHz cores run 175MHz higher than reference for smoother gameplay.
- All new MATRIX thermal design utilizes six all-copper heatpipes and 20% bigger dissipation area, achieving 20% cooler and 14dB quieter performance than reference
- Acclaimed DIGI+ VRM with 12-phase Super Alloy Power technology delivers precise digital power and enhanced durability for stable overclocking
- VGA Hotwire allows you to plug and solder wires on the card’s voltage regulators and accurately read and control Vcore, Vmem, and PLL voltages on a hardware level
- GPU Tweak utility helps you modify and tune clock speeds, voltages, and fan performance via an intuitive interface
- One card drives up to six screens with AMD Eyefinity™ 6
- ROG GPU Tweak suite offers the world's first graphics overclocking tool with loadline calibration and VRM overclocking.

- PCI-E 3.0 Ready: Delivers double the bandwidth per lane of PCIe GEN2 for faster GPU- CPU
- Hugely overclockable
- Vastly cooler running than previous generation
- Quieter running than previous generation
- Compute Power: 3.5 TFLOPS
- Core Clock Speed: 1050MHz
- GPU Boost Speed: 1100MHz
- Primitive Rate: 2 prim / clk
- Shader Architecture: GCN
- Stream Processors: 32 CU / 2048 ALU
- Texture Units: 128
- ROPS / Z-Stencil: 32 / 128
- Frame Buffer / Memory: 3GB GDDR5
- Memory Width / Speed: 384 bit / 6600MHz
- Load / Idle Board Power: <300W / <3W
- Power Connectors: 8-pin + 8-pin
- 20 Phase super alloy design
- Display Outputs: 2x DVI + 4x DP
- AMD Golden Ticket: Choose any three games from AMD (Select 3 FREE Games from AMD upto December 31st 2013)
- FREE Shipping: Buying this product entitles you to FREE SHIPPING on your entire order!
- 3yr Warranty

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After receiving as a warranty replacement for a his 7950 ice card which had been nothing but trouble I was expecting a lot from this card. How wrong I was after initial setup and a few very low bench scores as standard I started overclocking it to see how it faired and as soon as anytiny increase was applied fatal error so it's basically stuck in default for a so called cherry picked card it's rubbish and the fact it's it has the rog logo which Asus only in my experience brand there top end no problems stuff with is a joke!


Great buy, but test it thoroughly

I got one of these and was getting visual artefacts in Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Unigine Valley benchmark after 10 minutes of warm up. Turned out that the memory was faulty and could not operate at its stock frequency of 1650MHz. kindly replaced it.

The new one runs Battlefield 4 1920x1080 Ultra settings great.

I was able to overclock it from 1100/1650 to 1150/1750 (around 5% FPS increase) without additional cooling or voltage increase. However, it won't go any faster without visual artefacts even with additional cooling and voltage increase, none of ASUS GPU Tweak and MSI Afterburner magic helps.


Dissapointing product from Asus this tim

I was excited to get this card after reading all the reviews and seeing how well it performed in benchmarks. But after running a few myself and seeing it getting fantastic scores, I took it to bf3. Played brilliantly for about half an hour at a time, and then I would suffer terrible artifacts. Huge black triangles across the screen, making it unplayable. So I went back to Heaven Benchmark, and left it running for a longer period of time. Sure enough after half an hour or so it would suffer terrible artifacts.

I tried downclocking the card and ram, and even ran the fan at an unreasonably loud 80% solidly but it would still suffer the same problems. My cpu is water cooled with a black ice 240mm radiator and good fans with plenty of airflow into the case for the gpu cooler, so I am confident overheating wasn't an issue.

Once I had encountered these artifacting problems I googled it, and found a large number of threads and video's from people suffering the same problems. Also with the 280x matrix platinum which is essentially the same card. Not sure what's up with Asus letting this card go out with these known issues, but it's certainly put me off.

Great service from overclockers, posted it back and received a full refund. I'm just waiting for the 280x Toxic to finally be released so I can spend my money on one of those instead.


not impressed

got this when it was on offer to replace a matrix gtx580 thought the 7970 would be so much better well how wrong was I !! the drivers for these cards are just pants and that's bein nice to ati half my games wont work anymore under 13.11 catalyst and the text when browsing online and stuff just looks mushy and blurred gpu tweak just crashes when I try for the overclock so I got a card that's appears to be no better than my gtx 580 for fps in games so what do I do ???? I buy another to crossfire it ?? omg what a waste of time ive now lost my xonar sound card cos no room for it half of the games I play f1 , fsx , bf3 etc run slower in crossfire I was 100fps in f1 2013 under crossfire 70 fps wtf same with dirt 3 although get 130 fps with the single card im totally deflated now with these cards ive tried and messed with settings for too long and im not happy so there going and im going back to NVidia suppose at the offer price ocuk has them for


Hand picked GPU, what a joke

Had this on the 15th of Oct 2013, its now the 20th, and last night on the 19th, i have had to RMA it as its not working, started ok, worked for 4 days, although i only had one half hours session on BF3 in that time, decided to run a few bench marks on the 19th and the rest is history, started to crash, to a odd colour screen, then it might flicker and then id lose signal, then i would have to reset, to cut a long story short, now the card wont even boot to windows, yet the Matrix led will light up suggesting that its under load already, gutted i sold my 680 DCII OC for this card, which should be a overclockers dream card with all the feature it has, and i also told 4 other about the offer on this card and the also bought one, and my one friend got two, well out of the 5 cards bought, 3 of them are going back on monday, gutted i am tbh, yes i accept things go wrong, but never expected this!

Hope my replacement will fair better, although im not sure i want another Matrix

In case this does not get published the please note that i have done a screen shot of this fair and honest review, and it will go on all the forums im a member of


All show...

Bought this on offer as an 'upgrade' to my HIS HD 7970 IceQ X


S Walsh

Upgraded from the 7950 as I saw the incredible offer Overclockers were running over the weekend. What can I say? Alongside the 13.11 beta drivers from AMD this thing rockets! Can run anything you throw at it in Ultra/1080p. I have been running Crysis 3 and Battlefield 3 on top settings in the realms of about 80fps. Yet to overclock the beast but I'm sure the results will be nothing less than fantastic! Great card, I'm sure it will serve me for years to come!


Very very very happy

At this price the temptation was far to great to resist. The box this thing comes in is as big as motherboard boxes and the card is huge, infact it is massive, only just fits in my case and takes up 3 slots. Not one for small chassis!

I got this for overclocking, I was going for the MSI Lightning but at over



i've been using this card for allmost a month now. and i can say nothing less than that it is a brilliant card. and the looks are just perfect!
also one big plus are the many ports on the card. and te fact that it are full sized display ports! i got it setup with 6 screens now, of which 3 monitors setup as eyefinity for gaming and 3 plasma-tv's as extended desktop's. and thanks to the full size displayports (and active DP to hdmi adapters), my audio is coming throughlovely.
the card described in two words; just brilliant! thanks for shipping me this card (to outside the UK)!

Harjan 2013-01-23

Giant of Giants

Stunning graphics on standard setup of 1100Mhz. The OC features on this card are superb and the Asus GPU tweak system works a treat but to get the best from this card, once software is installed go to the Asus website and get the latest drivers available as it runs even sweeter.
No bugs and as i said in beginning, standard setup of 1100Mhz works a treat and the fans are quiet. you dont even notice them.
I have Overclocked this to 1250Mhz on the GPU clock and 1350 on the voltage and you can hear the fans kick in, as they become a lot louder.
Overall i rate this card as a super buy especially for the amount of ports available for monitors. DVI, HDMI and Display ports are all available.
There are even cables for attaching to Mobo for the real serious overclockers where you can do manual setups, even through bios.
If like me you dont have this then the GPU tweak is great and does the job i want to play top games.

The extras you get are 4 free games and even a mouse mat.

Tazman 2013-01-10


What a monster card, with all the bells and whistles you could ever want. Runs any game maxed before OCing. Managed to get mine to 1220 on the core and 1700 memory with no voltage increase after 5 minutes of fiddling. A fantastic card and worthy of any gaming rig, a masterpiece of tech porn.

nipthepip 2012-12-14

Software lets it down

The card itself is amazing. Cool running and great overclocking potential. Looks great too!
However, GPU Tweak is full of bugs and is unstable, therefore the cards potential cannot be accessed without frustration.
Other utilities such as AfterBurner will not work. You're stuck with GPU Tweak.

Ross W 2012-11-28

Lost for Words

Scores 10 out of 5.
The card is a beast, comes in a box the same sixe as Maximus Formula Mobo. really solid feel to the card, 100% fan speed & fans are still reasonably quiet.
Great to look at when lit up and running. incredible card.
(this gpu, the maximus formula, i7 3770k & 16gb corsair ram give over 35k in 3d mark06)

Rich G 2012-11-09

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