PG279QE ROG Swift 27" 2560x1440 IPS G-Sync 165Hz Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black/Red

  • LED Backlit
  • 2560x1440 Resolution
  • 1000M:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 350cd/m² Brightness
  • 4ms Response Time
  • 1x DisplayPort
  • 1x HDMI
  • G-SYNC
  • Height Adjust
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Stock Code: MO-088-AS

EAN: 4718017429337

MPN: 90LM0230-B02370

Manufacturer: Asus

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Product information:

PG279QE ROG Swift 27" 2560x1440 IPS G-Sync 165Hz Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black/Red

The Asus PG279Q Gaming display has a maximum supported resolution of 2560×1440, also referred to as WQHD resolution. For a majority of gamers, this particular resolution is the most preferred one because of the faster GPUs you can get nowadays. They aren’t powerful enough (at least one of them) to be sufficient for 4K gaming at high refresh rates, so 1440p at 144Hz will have to do. Refresh rate means a lot more than resolution for most gamers anyways, so that is not a problem. And to top it off, this monitor is capable of reaching a maximum refresh rate of 165Hz when G-SYNC is enabled. (Only supported on GTX 960 and higher)!!

- Worlds first 165Hz panel with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology
- 27-Inch, 2560x1440 2K/WQHD resolution IPS panel with superb 1000:1 contrast ratio, 350cd/m of brightness
- Super-narrow bezel design for seamless multi-display setups
- Asus exclusive 5-way OSD navigation joystick, GamePlus and 60-120-165Hz Turbo hotkey for an in-game advantage
- Ergonomic design with full tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment. VESA mount compatible
- Features a signature and mysterious base pattern with the illuminated LED light-in-motion on the chassis for ROG brand synergy
- DisplayPort, HDMI and USB3.0 Hub

- Fully adjustable stand: tilt/swivel/pivot/height
- Screen Size: 27" (69cm)
- Resolution: 2560x1440 WQHD
- Panel: IPS
- Response Time: 4ms
- Refresh Rate: 165Hz (G-SYNC ONLY / GTX 960 & Above)
- Brightness: 350cd/m
- Contrast ratio: 1000:1 (100,000,000:1 DCR)
- Connectivity: 1x DisplayPort & 1x HDMI
- USB 3.0 Hub
- G-Sync Enabled
- Warranty: 3yr

- 165Hz G-SYNC mode is ONLY supported on GTX 960 and above, GTX 700 series only support upto 120Hz!!
- 3x NVIDIA GeForce GTX660Ti BOOST GPU or higher in 3-way SLI configuration are needed, or GPU with 3x DP connectors for surround mode.
- Driver version 355.60 already released for all G-SYNC-supported graphics cards. If you are using GTX 9 series graphics cards, you can download 355.60 or latest version from NVIDIA website.
NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ Technology only works with NVIDIA’s graphic cards. Other GPUs are NOT able to support this technology.
- NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ Technology automatically scales up your contents displayed to 2560 x 1440. The DisplayPort supports 2560 x 1440 up to 165Hz. The HDMI only supports 2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz.
- The ROG SWIFT PG279Q can support G-SYNC Surround (3x SWIFT PG279Q) up to 7680 x 1440 (*Driver version 355.60 already released for all G-SYNC-supported graphics cards. If you are using GTX 9 series graphics cards, you can download 355.60 or latest version from NVIDIA website.)
- PG279Q does NOT support NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ .
- NVIDIA ® Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) Technology works only at 85Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz.


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Product Specification:

Screen size
68.58 cm (27")
Refresh rate
144 Hz and over
Display resolution
2560x1440 WQHD
Over 120Hz Refresh Rate, Nvidia G-Sync
Response time
4 ms (Grey to Grey)
Height adjustment
VESA Support
100 x 100 mm
Display Port, HDMI
Energy efficiency class

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Couldn't be happier with the monitor

This was a massive upgrade from my old BenQ 1920 x 1080 monitor (with TN panel). The colours were amazing out of the box, the monitor is really sharp, i think this size and resolution combo is great and i probably also hit jackpot on the panel lottery, as I only have a tiny amount of backlight bleed on the right top and bottom corners of the monitor, with which i can easily live with. I would recommend it to anyone and would like to wish good luck with the panel lottery.

Tim Elias 2019-11-15

Simply the best Monitor money can buy

I own various ROG monitors including the new 35" 200hz VA Panel - this is the best screen money can buy. From a blistering refresh rate that NEVER tears on screen to mind blowing colour definition. Don't buy anything else - regardless of cost...

R4pt0r 2019-11-07

A great monitor.

The first model had excessive backlight bleed and although that's hugely subjective, the guys at Stoke were still fine about taking it back.

The picture was good enough that I decided to take another chance on it and I bought a second one. This second one just has some IPS glow which is inevitable but unlike the first one there's no visible bleed. The IPS glow is only visible in a dim room with pure black on the screen, which is much better than the first one I had.

Overall a great monitor, quite expensive but I think as long as it lasts it'll be well worth it.

Dominic McCollum 2019-08-25

Excellent monitor but very pricey

I have been using this monitor for around 1 month and I am very happy with it. Mine has normal backlight and very little bleed on the right top corner so I guess I got lucky. I hardly can notice the difference between my old refresh of 60hz and higher than that. However, the G-sync is amazing.
Note that I received a European plug. I called OCUK and they said they would send me a UK plug. I haven't received anything yet so I will have to chase them again...

Francisco Javier Sanchez Manas 2019-02-06
Hi Francisco, thanks for your comment and apologies for the inconvenience with the plug. We tried locating your order using your name but can't really find it. Please contact our RMA department directly on 01782 44 44 55 (option 3) - we will definitely be able to help.


Overclockers UK team
Overclockers UK

Stunning performance and sexy monitor!

Firstly, hats off to Rich @ OCUK who despite being unable to price match this on the phone managed to hook me up a better deal by way of a free next day Saturday delivery which tipped the favour back to OCUK. Job well done and first class customer service!
Secondly, this monitor is a stunning piece of equipment. It's got sleek aesthetic lines and a tiny bezel which I was very pleased about but the real performance comes in the power it packs. I was running a 12 year old Samsung Syncmaster 275T so I was really impressed by the calibre of IPS panel, colour depth and ease of configuration. Asus really does deserve the crown of gaming monitor king. Going from 1920x1200 @ 60hz to 2560x1440 @ 165hz is a real game changer both literally and figuratively! Being able to spot enemies earlier is great. The only problem I have with my monitor is that I can't use it as an excuse anymore because I suck at PUBG! It's pricey yes, but in my opinion this will last for years to come, so the value from the investment will pay for itself in due course.

Steve 2018-06-10

Very Nice

This monitor is a beast. Very expensive but looks to be worth it. Beats my 4k TV no problem.

Nick 2018-05-02


Back in beginning of 2016 I have already owned a 1440p 27 inch 60Hz monitor but little did i know that there is a big, and when I say big I mean ginormous world of ips 165hz g-sync that can and will change your life. I know it's an expensive monitor but oh my god it is worth every single penny, and that is coming from a guy who owns one for over a year and a half. Any game you want to play it will feel better and smoother. Pair with with decent nVidia card and you are set!

Piotr R 2017-08-16

Single best improvement to my experience.

I've had a couple of decent toys over the last couple of years but no single purchase has improved my gaming experience and general workflow as a game developer as much as this monitor has.

It's literally a game changer, image quality, refresh rate, resolution and G-Sync to couple up with my Nvidia GPU all in one package. Plus the IPS panel makes a pretty big difference in both content creation and gaming scenarios.

I think some people will be discouraged by the price, I was, but I've has this thing since October 2015 and I think it's more than earned it's place on my desk. I simply couldn't live without it. I still occasionally marvel at it as if seeing for the first time.

Also, it speaks volumes about the quality of a product that it's still demanding the same price at retail nearly 2 years after purchase.

Mr james lawrence 2017-08-16

This thing is awesome.

I'm super anal on screens, and I wanted something that I could use for design and development as well as something I could enjoy games with. I don't have to compromise, had it for some time with no issues so far. It's probably overkill for most, but after a little time you'll be enjoying the screen and forgetting the cost.

Reuben Bell 2017-04-20

Excellent monitor!

After some extensive research I decided to keep on saving that bit extra for this one over a few others and I'm so glad I did.

My previous monitor was a 24" Dell Ultrasharp using the resolution 1920x1200 at 60hz which served me well on my old pc. I bought myself a new pc recently with a GTX980ti GPU and couldn't wait to see how it runs games. They looked fantastic however the constant screen tearing was too much. This monitor totally eliminates any screen tearing and is so smooth with the G sync and 144hz /165hz refresh rate. Viewing angles are perfect, colours perfect and I like the blue light filter options for if you just want to have a browse at night as there much easier on the eyes. The 27" screen size and 2560x1440 resolution is perfect for gaming. I was playing GTA 5 on the PS4 on a 47" TV before switching to a new pc and wasn't sure how I'd get on playing with a reduced screen size of 27" but its not a problem at all as I'm sat in front of it and it just fits into my field of view perfectly. When I went online it seemed like everyone was driving/flying twice the speed with the higher refresh rate. Also there are no dead pixels and no backlight bleed.

I did have a couple of problems but it won't stop me giving 10/10 as the response from Overclockers was excellent which is why I went with them in the first place. My first monitor came with a European plug so I phoned Overclockers and they immediately sent a UK one out the following day. Then when I switched the monitor on there was a big crack of light down the left side of the screen. I phoned overclockers getting prepared for the hassle of having to arrange returning it but they sent someone out to collect it the same week and the following week a new one was sent out which I was so pleased about.

Fantastic monitor and customer service, a new customer.

Lee 2016-05-22

Serious monitor from a great supplier

I upgraded from an old 1080p Samsung and I couldn't stop grinning every time I switched this Asus ROG 27" on, amazing piece of kit, really easy on the eyes.

I was really worried about buying a monitor online for this amount of money because it can be a bit of a lottery to get a good one but Overclockers are the best.

My first one developed a bright spot. So I would like to thank Overclockers for their amazingly fast replacement and brilliant customer service.

Mark 2016-04-30

Serious Monitor

Made the big jump from a standard run of the mill 1080 tn monitor to this and straight away I realised what a peasant I've been thinking I know how to game. The 165hz but realistically normally 144hz most of the time is as smooth as you know what.
I was excited dropping the cash on this for 2 reasons; firstly the 165hz and secondly it would be my 1st IPS monitor. Both fronts have really impressed me and I am happy to say it's money well spent! Ever so slight bit of backlight bleed on the bottom right but nowhere near RMA'able.. cannot see it during use and I have to kinda look for it to be noticable. 1 stuck pixel on arrival but a gentle tap sorted that. Cannot praise this thing enough!

Tony 2016-04-16

Awesome Monitor

I'm another person to drop down from 4k, and definitely not missing it. Used the settings from TFT Central, and won't need much, if any, tweaking.

None of the previously reported problems. No faults at all, apart from getting a version with a 2 pin plug, which OCUK are sending straight out. Luckily I have an old travel adaptor that I'll have to use until Monday.

Mark 2016-01-30


This screen is an absolutely brilliant monitor. It comes pre-assembled (so it comes in a massive box) and was incredibly easy to set up. As soon as you connect the display port cable to your computer - you have a notification stating you have a g-sync compatible monitor and would you like to set it up.

Colours are clear and vibrant and are able to pick out incredible detail. Whilst I got this monitor for gaming I now also edit photos on the monitor. The inbuilt menu system is so easy with the joy stick and setting the monitor back to 60Hz for games like skyrim (where anything above 60FPS breaks it) requires only one button push on the side of the monitor. Additionally the blue light filter is brilliant for working late at night and helps remove using F.lux which often caused performance issues in games when it switched to night mode.

Also Overclockers were very good at their customer support. I ordered the item next day delivery and due to my Bank the order didn't go through in time, but Overclockers offered me a full postage refund which was very kind.

Only down side was the power plug came in a European/American set up so I had to buy an adaptor to use it.

Gregory Keenan 2016-01-29

Switched from 4K

Wow. That is all I could say when I first saw the monitor and that is all I could say the more I used it. Switching from 4K to 1440p may seem like a downgrade but I knew what I was doing when I switched.

Take this from someone with a fairly powerful build: SLI 980Ti's and a 4790k powered by a ROG motherboard and many other expensive components, this monitor is the monitor of choice for serious gamers.

The refresh rate alone is a considerable advantage in multiplayer games and easy on the eyes. Everything flows so smoothly, but not unnaturally so. When G-SYNC is enabled you get a boost up to 165hz from 144HZ, it is noticeable, but not what makes this monitor stand out.

It's build quality alone should set it aside from most. It as a beauty to look at and simple to use. The controls are fantastic, the display menu is seeming less to work with, it all just shows ASUS ROG division take gaming passionately and listen to what gamers want.

The color is fantastic thanks to it being an ISP panel. Very minor back light bleed but this is a trade off when switching to IPS. It is hardly noticeable unless on a pitch black screen with your light off and even then, you wouldn't think it was an issue unless someone pointed it out. It is by far better than a TN panel with it's washed out colors and terrible viewing angles.

Then there is G-SYNC. Ah, G-SYNC. No gamer should be without it these days. Say goodbye to your V-SYNC stutter and input lag or your screen tearing because all that is a thing of the past. Couples with 165HZ, you truly do get a gaming experience so smooth you would never consider going back to standard 60HZ V-SYNC. I downgraded from 4K just so I could have the experience I have wanted in gaming for a long time. 4K is nice too look at but it will never give you the smoothest of experiences, even with G-SYNC.

I am so happy with this monitor and look forward to the enjoyment that awaits me. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Daniel 2016-01-12

Eye-poppingly good

I've only had this monitor for a few days, but as an upgrade from my 24-inch TN display... but this monitor is good! You'd expect as much for the price, right?

The colours are vivid and the viewing angles decent, as you come to expect from an IPS display, but with one critical thing fixed for the gamers - the refresh rate. Traditionally, most IPS displays have a mediocre refresh rate - like 8ms response at 60Hz. ASUS seem to have overcome this by making this panel work at 144 and even 165 Hz if your card will manage. Even just seeing the transitions and animations in Windows 10 you can notice an improvement.

My FPS games are smoother too. Gone are the days of boasting "my card does 165FPS" when your monitor only manages 60 - now you can actually boast about it and benefit from it first-hand. No motion-blur issues whatsoever. G-SYNC also appears to just work - I don't notice any tearing at all on GPU-intensive games with v-sync disabled.

Build-wise, this monitor is sound. It feels sturdy and the included stand is decent - orientation rotation (yay for programmers), height adjust, pivot and standard swivel. The stand does look as though it can come off if you want to VESA mount it instead, but this won't be an issue for most people.

No dead pixels at all on arrival and minimal backlight bleed (no more than you'd expect from an IPS panel), which says a lot about ASUS Quality (Acer's similarly-specced panel has a lot of reputation for sending them back repeatedly).

So it costs £750. That's expensive for a monitor. But, you do get what you pay for, and this monitor should last you for years.

David M 2016-01-03

Dat screen !

This is by far the best gaming display I have ever owned - Worth every penny -

Ediz 2015-12-07

As expected

165hz, Gsync, IPS, 1440p, 4ms, and has the looks to match it's price tag.

That's all i needed to know before I found myself throwing my debit card at the screen :D

No IPS Glow issues, no quality control issues (it is much better built than the previous generation 144hz version).

Recommended :)

Stoycho Karaulanov 2015-11-23


I tend to be very wary when spending so much on monitors, I searched the deep depths of the internet for reviews on the previous model the PG278Q which I was worried about having a TN panal plus I didn't need 3d as i'm half blind, I was soooo excited when I stumbled across this IPS, G-Sync, 1440p, 4ms, 165hz Monitor.

This is the best Monitor I have ever used, seen, own.

If you are tempted but worry about the price, I can honestly say the £750 I paid for it was beyond worth it in my eyes. Asus I love you and Overclockers I love you aswell lol thank you for being swift getting this out to me, I appreciate it.

PS I got this with the Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix and the Monitor along with the Graphics card are a beautiful match.

Frankie 2015-11-12

Fantastic monitor

Having pre-ordered the monitor i was slightly worried given the concern over the previous high refresh IPS panels but on receiving this monitor i think it is fantastic. The panel glow is only at normal levels for IPS monitors and slightly less than my other 60hz IPS screen. It is not a problem in normal use even with dark content in my opinion.

The colours are awesome out of the box with little adjustment needed and it feels a very well made piece of equipment never getting hot when checked with my laser thermometer.

On seeing this on my PC my brother decided to try the TN version out but on side by siding the monitors he could he could not deal with the colours downgrade and so upgraded again to this model so now we have two of them. Both have the same levels of glow and minuscule levels of back light bleed.

I would recommend this to anyway running an older screen as a major system upgrade over a graphics card upgrade. For example, if you have a 780ti do not upgrade to a 980ti, get one of these instead. My brother runs this res with a 970 and with a couple settings dropped can still routinely hit the 100fps sweet spot in modern games.

For £750 I do feel it is worth it but hopefully the prices can drop a little soon for those holding out.

Tim 2015-10-30

If you game, this is a GAME CHANGER!!!

Lay_The_Smaketh 2015-10-28

The best in it's class

Fantastic monitor, the 1440p IPS screen combined with the refresh rate of 144Hz (165Hz overclocked) and the G-Sync make it an absolute beast of a monitor. The OSD is easy to use and to understand, with the ability to flick between various refresh rates (120/144/165) on the fly. My only complaint is I can't afford two of them as the prices these go for are bank account busters!

Richard Hill 2015-10-28

Amazing monitor

Loads sold & not one review WOW I am shocked TBH

Well after spending the last year plus using the PG278Q I was blown away with that one for gaming,

So I was totally draw towards this one,And was hopping it be even better it's newer and as so much more to offer with its G-sync V2.0 & IPS SRGB panel there are a ton more option now in the menu plus HDMI ... There are some people that are having a hard time with this monitor due being over picky IMHO with back light bleed "They just need to learn how to setup a monitor" ,I've never owned an IPS in my life other than what i've seen on IPADS and other tablets that's as close as i've come but never owned a monitor with it . So for me this is a massive upgrade from the older model with TN ,

PG279Q as 100% better colors 100% better viewing angles , Image just look fantastic there is no more shift in color nor in brightness or contrast it's all scaled across the screen perfectly, I see next to know bleed on my monitor when on black ,There are 0 dead pixels ..Text on desktop and day to day things are sharper and clear to read then on the older model .Playing games like BF4 its just so much clear and thing stand out more .

0 motion blur in game with the monitor overclocked to 165hz but game capped to 143 ,

I love this monitor Asus done a great can't wait to see what they do the next model ..

Karl 2015-10-26

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