Xonar D2X 7.1 PCI-E Sound Card

  • ASUS Xonar D2X audio card
  • dedicated to be the best audio card for gaming and home entertainments
  • provides unprecedented 118dB In/Out SNR audio quality and features for games.
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Stock Code: SC-001-AS

EAN: 4719543032008

MPN: 90-YAA055-1UAN0BZ

Manufacturer: Asus

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Product information:

Xonar D2X 7.1 PCI-E Sound Card

With the introduction of Windows Vista, the whole audio architecture landscaped has been changed. This has resulted in teething problems for gamers - with the possibility of losing all surround sound or hardware accelerated Direct3D and EAX while gaming in the Windows Vista environment. To circumvent this problem, the Asus Xonar family of audio cards utilizes an Asus exclusive technology - the new DS3D GX extension in the Xonar D2X driver; to provide full support for surround sound and hardware accelerated features by translating DirectX to the DS3D GX. While other solutions like OpenAL requires special installation and game support, DS3D GX doesn't. Gamers can enjoy DirectX gaming with hardware enhanced surround sound and EAX effects automatically and immediately after installation. Asus Xonar D2X audio card, dedicated to be the best audio card for gaming and home entertainment, provides unprecedented 118dB In/Out SNR audio quality and features for games, music, and movies. Combining 192k/24-bit ultra fidelity input and output with a suite of Dolby and DTS sound technologies and abundant valuable software, the Xonar D2X is well designed to upgrade your PC to a powerful and high-quality Home Entertainment Centre, which you will never have with onboard audio or other sound cards.

- PCI-Express Interface
- Vista Gaming with DirectSound & EAX support
- Hi-Fi class audio quality with SNR up to 118dB
- Dolby HomeTheater Technologies & DTS Connect
- Valuable Cakewalk and Ableton Live music production software bundled
- Unprecedented SSNR NR Up to 118db reaching the limit of PC audio sound quality clarity
- Full duplex High-definition audio processing at 192KHz/24Bit for all Input and outputs and Inputs
- Versatile Dolby/DTS Audio Technologies for Game, Music, and Video
- Accurate 3D sound positioning and hardware acceleration for PC gaming
- Real-time DDL and DTS Connect encoders for amazing gaming and surround sounds over your Home Theater System
- Requires floppy power-connector
- Vista Ready

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It's Friday night and I'm going to have a pizza as soon as i can be torn away..
Reluctant to do any of my normal Friday night stuff I'm just going to sit here and listen to music in a new life.
Coupled with my Corsair SP2500's I've discovered a new depth and clarity to music, I'll try some gaming out tomorrow or the day after but right now i'm loving the crisp new sounds.
Being only a 2.1 system the unused jack points are projecting an almost holographic plethora of colours onto the back of my home made PC cabinet, a really nice touch from Asus.
Happy - Yes.
Overclockers - Fantastic on all counts as always.
Deaf - Nearly.



Great service from overclockers speedy delivery as usual ! firstly i must say iv never used a sound card before but this little beauty is not only stunning but also has the quality sound as well cannot fault it so far the features of this card are world class !


Great card

Card is superb with sound and utilities, but the power-connector ( floppy cable ) is really fragile and will easily break off if you are the kind of pc user that move your equipment quite a bit in different builds, so that's why it get 4/5

Max 2013-04-08

Top Notch Quality

First off, brilliant delivery from OCUK, this was my first purchase with them (usually use Scan) but they are now up there with the best of them!

Audio card is brilliant, you open the box and get a real sense of quality, the accents of Gold and brushed black metal look really nice!

Installed easily, drivers installed first time, although thanks to one review I used the "Unblock" method via WinRar first so maybe that helped!

Sound quality is unparalleled by anything I have owned previous to this card. I doubt I will ever need to upgrade for my personal use which is mainly games and movies!

I use a set of Sennheiser PC360 and also a new set of Astro A50's just recently. The 3.5mm jacks work and sound great and the optical is perfect too, plus the Dolby Digital Live is easy to activate so all in all 5 stars easily!

Ross Hollingsworth 2013-02-20

Wow What A Difference

At first I was skeptical but after installing this into my computer I can't believe the difference it makes. In games footstep sounds and your surrounding are much more clear and and pronounced definately has made a difference in my gaming by a big margin. When it comes to music wow! the clarity compared to onboard is amazing and I have a pair of sony head phones that are in the

Arif 2013-02-14


Super card download the drivers from the website and turn onboard sound off in bios

and sit back and laugh at the quality

Kev 2013-01-18


Cant fault so far, sound quality is :)

Tomas 2012-12-29

great card

excellent !! card doe,s everthing i want and more must buy ,must have sound quality is just beautiful

only one problem cd keys for appleton live and the rest of the bundles software nowhere to be found and def not on cd sleves there just plain white nothing on them ??? maybe an rma because it was the appleton live that made me buy it but overall great card 10/10

speedy65 2012-11-06

Amazing hardware. BAD software

The good:

The build quality on this card is extreme. It even comes with a midi panel for keyboards etc. I am using 5.1 Analog, and the sound is amazing. The Flexbass function FINALLY got my subwoofer back into play :)

The bad:

The software the came with it was for Vista 32bit. And gave me EXTREME issues. No sound in the pannel, and no firmware update.
The surround sound was lacking in quality at first. But when i went to their site i got the Windows 7 64bit installer/firmware update and everything has been fine.


Really impressive card! But as always with most install CDs that come with hardware. DO NOT USE IT. I got a blue screen of death trying to install over the CD supplied software the first time. My advice, go STRAIGHT to their site!

Sean 2012-08-07

Good Card shame about the drivers!!

Just brought this card from overclockers, installed ok made sure the power cable was in correctly. went to asus website for official drivers. then bluescreen of death on installation search the internet for a solution and thats like going round in circles till i found a help post, when downloading official drivers the .rar needs unblocking before unzip, ( right click ) properties ( unblock ) then unzip and install worked fine after that

Dane Walker 2012-06-29

Why are you still using onboard sound?

Blimey, this card is very good and great value for this beast of a card. Please and I mean this, please don't ever use onboard audio ever again and must get a sound card. This card got everything you can shake a stick at.

Just one quibble though - CyberLink PowerDVD requires the activation code and I can't find it anywhere. Personally myself, just download the driver and you're good.

Josh 2012-06-09


Having stuck with onboard sound for years I finally took the plunge when this card was on special offer.

WOW, my music when played through my 5.1 system is now so much clearer. It just sounds excellent - and I thought it was fine with onboard

Games now have much richer sounds, better bass etc driving game sound far more aggressive and its far more simple to detect and identify enemy units in WW2online.

It installed in 5 mins works trouble free with win764 and finally I have no static crack or pops through my speakers.

My only issue is doesnt seem to work properly with my Roccat Kave 5.1 headset. Sound quality is excellent but the positional sound doesnt appear to work correctly front to back.

All I can say is mor ethan worth the money I spent.

chris 2012-04-19

Excellent Card

Upgraded from an old Xonar DS.. what a difference!

Paired up with Z-5500's and even on stereo sources I find myself checking the rear's because you'd swear they are still working, really changes how these speakers behave.

Following a lot of testing I'd recommend using the 3.5mm direct jacks to connect up if your using the Z-5500 system, this will bypass any decoding by the reciever and use purely the D2X DACs.

Excellent buy and judging by my Xonar DS will never give you any problems.

Jon 2012-03-15

Pardon??? What did you say?!??!

I do not profess to be a expert in the sound card field so don't expect any technical related wizardry in this review, but what a card! I upgraded from my old Creative X-Fi which served me well for the past how ever many years and finally took the plunge into spending a bit of money on a decent card.

Absolutely no 'static' when listening to music/games a full blast, I'm hearing noises I never knew even existed!! Works a treat with my Sennheiser PC 350 headphones and gives you the advantage when sneaking around in games. The only downside to this is I may turn slightly deaf from enjoying the sound a little too much...!

Martin 2011-12-11


I bought this to replace my ASUS Xonar DG that came with my pc (bought from OcUK aswell). At first i thought it won't be that much of a difference, but i was SO WRONG. Music, movies and games sound unbelievable. My old z-5500 and this soundcard are a wonderful combo. it's worth every penny, unless you are using your headphones only.
and OcUk delivery is perfect as always.

Weecka 2011-11-19

The best sound I've ever heard come from

I'll start with the service from Overclockers which was very good, i have one minor complaint which is that they wrapped the box with that much bubble wrap, it actually slightly damaged the box. The next day delivery from DPD was perfect.

I'll now move onto the sound card, the setup of the hardware was simple and only took about 10 minutes, it hasn't blocked anything on my motherboard, this is worth checking before you buy this card as it is quite large for a sound card. The software on the other hand caused me a few problems, I was partly to blame though, I installed the software from the CD, I then updated with updates from the Asus website. This process caused the audio console to have graphical errors and made it unusable, I therefore strongly advise to anyone who buys this card to go straight to the website and just download the latest drivers.

Finally is the sound which is great, it is good for games and music, I am yet to watch a film but I'm sure it will perform.

Tom 2011-06-01


First of all, great service ordered it yesterday afternoon, got it im my PC today before midday (on Christmas Eve!)

A little advice for people who buy the PCI-E version. Make sure you have free PCI-E slot which is not blocked towards the right end of the slot. The card is relatively long (for a PCI-E 1x) and some PCI-E 1x slots don't leave enough space behind the slot, mine is blocked by the RAM modules for examples. However I had another unused PCI-E x16 where the other GFX card would go and that works fine. (PCI-E are all backwards compatible!)

Now to the juicy bit :)
Well, I bought this card because my Creative X-Fi packed up since I changed to Win7 x64 Creatives drivers are horrible and actually killed my card (reboot cycle until i pulled the card)

I was using on-board solution for a while now. Hell, when I installed this card (which takes less than 10 minutes incl. drivers) I was amazed at the clarity. Never heard my speakers make that kind of sound before :)

Double-Thumbs up

Gordon 2010-12-24


First of all, hats off to Overclockers. Ordered around 2:30pm Wednesday afternoon, delivered some time Thursday afternoon despite the bad weather affecting the country at the moment.

Upgraded from a Creative X-FI Gamer which had a few niggles I wasn't happy with. This card is significantly clearer than the X-FI (which Isn't a bad card really), and it's instantly noticeable. I used to game more than I listened to music but that has reversed now. I can't review on all the functions and features as I haven't tinkered with anything. The card comes with loads of cables and software such as Ableton.

Just to confirm that you do need a floppy power cable to power this card (As it's the PCI-e version). Fortunately my Corsair PSU came with a molex to floppy adapter.


Kol 2010-12-23


Excellent card - ditched Creative after 12 years due to bad press (was using OB solution for last 8 months...)

Installation a breeze, 10 mins and I'm back in Winamp/WMP testing it - sounds fantastic.

One point: does tend to show up some mp3 files for what they are - be prepared to re-encode your CD collection at a higher bitrate or in FLAC :-)

Movie playback and gaming sound perfect with this card - buy it! Running under W7x64 will no problems.

No need to mention the service from OC - you all know how good it is! :-)

Mark 2010-11-30


I recently upgraded from Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music and haven't looked back. In Win7 creative drivers are really poor and to this day are still pop crackling and hiss. So my setup is now Xonar D2X and Z-5500 which brings great sound clarity in music/games/movies and superb bass and no distortion. I read the reviews from this site which lead to my purchase. You will not be disappointed!!!

Ross 2010-07-17

Good stuff

I use Ubuntu Linux and was quite disappointed with the onboard sound from the new Asus Mobo I had just purchased so bit the bullet and ordered this card. After installation the sound was abysmal.. I tried everything to no avail and was just about to swap the card over for an old Sb-live I had kicking around when I decided to remove and re-insert the Xonar even though it was seated fully home it looked a little "wonky" in relation to the graphics card.

Success... Awesome success.
So be aware even that it seems obvious now.. If you get cr4p sound then try pulling the card and re-inserting.
This screengrab is the card inserted CORRECTLY
See what I mean !!

To Ubuntu users (10:04 Lucid Lynx 32 bit) Works perfectly. On initial boot after install, go into bios and disable onboard sound. When you get to the desktop the correct driver will have been fetched and installed automatically.

Outcast 2010-06-12


Upgraded from a X-fi Gamer edition after it started to crackle and hiss.
The sound quality from the Xonar is incredible. I am using with the wonder Z-5500 speakers and they are a match made in heaven.
The clarity and range is outstanding. Music sounds so much better. No hiss, no distortion and I can hear additional instructions. It really makes music come to life.
Games also sound incredible for the same reasons.
The drivers are nice a small but very functional and work perfectly on my Windows 7 64bit machine, unless the flakey Creative drivers.
This is the first non Creative sound card I have owned in my 20yrs as a PC owner and I am VERY VERY VERY impressed.

Colin Hudson 2010-04-22


I had a creative xtreme game fatlity pro and repleaced it because the drivers are just @%$ i have to say that I missed quite a lot while i was listening to music. this card is simply amazing in soud quality

chris 2009-12-24


the sound this thing delivers is just first class and when i connected my Logitech Z5500 Digital PC Multimedia Home Theatre Speaker System it nearly lifted me out of the seat worth twice the price in my opinion.

packomac 2009-12-19

Fantastic Audio Quality

I've Never used on-board sound because its horrible in comparison to a dedicated card. I've Always been a Creative user in the past but since my X-Fi fatality started to crackle and pop I decided to switch to an ASUS Xonar.

Wow what a difference. FLAC audio sounds superb but suprisingly even some lower quality 128kbs mp3's even sound better than before.

The amplifier is superb and really powers my sennheiser headphones well. There is a lot more bass (not over powering and I havn't even needed to play with the EQ) and it is crystal clear. I only need the volume set around a quarter and it's plenty loud enough. The X-Fi had to be set to more than half way volume to get the same level of output through those headphones.

Fired up Modern Warfare 2 using optical connected to a set of logitech z 5500's and straight away there is a lot more clarity to the sound and the bullets whizzing past.

Very Happy :)

CrazyMonkey 2009-12-17


At first i didn't notice much of a difference between my onboard sound and the new card, however after a short time i started to notice the little intricacies that the new card brought over my motherboard sound.
This card is well worth the money and i would highly recommend it for music, games and films even if you are only running a 2.1 system.
The card is a little beefy and i had to put it in a PCI slot rather than a PCIE and it took me a few attempts to get the right power connector (i put in a cd audio connecter in the first time).
Apart from this setup was extremely easy.

Thomas Chase 2009-11-29

Superb for lossless music

Bought this to listen to lossless music with my Klipsch Promedia GMX 2.1 speakers. Ditched my Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro, the quality just wasn't good enough
This card is absolutely flawless and will breathe life back into your favourite albums. Beware though, the sound is so clear, listeners who use 192kbps MP3's may notice they sound pretty terrible. Stick to 320kbps or better yet use FLAC

Barry 2009-09-12


I bought this last week from here (extremely fast shipping from DHL.. arrived a day earlier than I expected! 5 stars as usual for OCUK shipping) and I have to admit; I was a little worried when I did my research about the Floppy power connector and the Windows 7 Asus drivers and all that but there's absolutely nothing to worry about. This card kicks ass! I love it and the sound quality is much much better than the Realtek High-Def (yeah right..) that came with the motherboard. The sound quality is absolutely mindblowing in games, movies and normal music. And even though I'm not an audiphile, I have to admit this card was worth every penny I spent on it.

Ismael 2009-09-01

Awesome CARD

Well all i can say is WOW........!!!!, if you think your onboard sound is good... blah! you dont know what your missing with this card!!!

if you someone who loves gaming,music and movies you will love this card


Bryn Glew 2009-08-26

What can i say

I got this today and, well, what can i say, it is utterly amazing. It completely destroys my old Audigy 2 ZS. Sound quality is crystal clear, driver install was simple after getting the Win7 beta driver from the web and so far i have been nothing but impressed. If you are looking for a sound card - don't look anywhere else - buy this !!

Andrew Fletcher 2009-08-07

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