BenQ G2222HDL 21.5" Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

G2222HDL 21.5" Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

  • LED Backlit
  • 1920x1080 Resolution
  • 5000000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 250cd/m² Brightness
  • 5ms Response Time
  • 1x Analogue Input
  • 1x DVI-D Input
  • 2 Year On-Site Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-034-BQ

EAN: 4718755019869


Manufacturer: BenQ

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Product information:

G2222HDL 21.5" Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

The BenQ LED monitors come with an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 5000000:1 to add colour depth and definition to darkened and complex visuals, so that everything you see - from the brightest white to the darkest black - is perfectly rendered to deliver the most incredible picture performance. The G2222HDL provides true-to-life 16:9 images that fit the 1920x1080 resolution perfectly. It offers outstanding image quality and a clear view of multiple documents simultaneously to ensure the highest work productivity. With a speedy 5ms response time, even highly dynamic video is rendered with smooth, fluid motion without ghosting or other artifacts to distract your view.

- LED Backlit
- Screen Size: 22" Widescreen
- Resolution: 1920x1080
- Contrast Ratio: 5000000:1
- Brightness: 250cd/m²
- Response Time: 5ms
- Viewing Angles (H/V): 170°/160°
- Colours: 16.7 Million
- Inputs: 1x Analogue & 1x DVI-D
- VESA Compliant
- Dimensions: 504.6mm x 392.9mm x 175.0mm
- Weight: 3.8kg
- Warranty: 2 Years On-Site

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Awesome, will buy another

Love it and I am going to wall mount it and then buy another. Its size is perfect and picture quality is spot on. Would recommend to anyone wanting a budget monitor.

Jack Taylor 2012-07-08

dead pixel

Good monitor for the price monitor is not even a year old and has a dead pixel whites are white the pixel is annoying when in some games

tonyt3rry 2012-03-29

Not bad

Not a bad monitor but does suffer from bad backlit bleed. Also the text can look fuzzy sometimes.

Matt 2012-03-29

Frankly spectacular for the price point

I'm going to keep this simple: 32 '5 star' ratings should say more than I ever could anyway.
Quick summary: you just won't regret buying one of these. I actually challenge anyone to regret buying one of these screens. They're that good.

The image quality is top notch. The settings are simple, convenient and do exactly what you need them to. For under

Kieran 2012-03-05


2nd one bought in less than a year, excellent just as before.

toon_mad 2012-02-26

Decent - for the price

I'm going to go in at the start and say this isn't a bad monitor; but it's not perfect, especially compared to more expensive models. I have had 2 of the screens, so I am fairly confident the cons I mention are representative.

LED Backlit so fairly bright
No noticeable
Image is sharp
Relatively small, which results in a high DPI for a 1920x1080 desktop screen.

Backlight not as uniform as some reviews could lead you to believe, some do have bleed
Strange, scanline light effect noticeable on pale solid colours, especially towards the bottom of the screen, caused by the backlight not being entirely sufficiently insulated. This does vary in strength from screen to screen.
Poor colour accuracy compared to more expensive TN, or IPS/VA panels.

Don't get me wrong, I do like this screen, but it's not quite as perfect as SOME reviews might lead you to believe.

Alex 2012-01-04


Absolutely chuffed to bits with this.I replaced a 5 year old 19" square digital screen and this feels massive in comparison.I think I will have to get myself another at this price!!

Graham Elsam 2011-12-05


Had one of these for 12 months nearly, not had a single problem with it and the quality is brilliant.

My xbox looks very hot going through at 1080p on it

Dan 2011-12-05

1 Year on

I bought 2 of these just over a year ago and the quality of the product is awesome as you would expect from Benq.

If you in the market for a quality product at very reasonable prices then this monitor is a must.

Ray 2011-07-20


Don't let the low price put you off,The build quality is second to none,And the picture quality is amazing.Considering buying two more =)

Dan 2011-07-19


Impressive monitor, and superb value. Had it for several months now, no issues, very happy with image quality. No dead/stuck pixels on mine, came well packaged and has been transported on several occasions without damage. Easy to set up, a suitable DVI cable can be had quite cheaply though is not included.

Steven 2011-05-11

Good for the price

It only comes with a VGA cable, and the buttons are difficult to see when the monitor is glaring at you (black text on a black background, REALLY?)

otherwise this is a good monitor, with decent viewing angles, superb colour quality, an sharp image quality.

Ricky 2011-05-10

Nothing to fault!

I was on a budget monitor wise. So I chose this one. I wasn't expecting anything particularly special. It arrived promptly. And 2 weeks later I have to say how impressed i am. For its price its amazing, the images are sharp, clear and bright. A great Budget gaming monitor! Buy one.

Nathan McCormick 2011-03-19


Bought this during the Weekend Only deal and it was pretty much a steal at

CK61938 2011-03-17

great value and performance

this monitor is great. It is actually alot bigger than expected thanks to the 16:9 ratio and HD quality on such a size is amazing. looks cool too

Kevin Cheng 2011-03-09


For the price you cant fault it, perfect picture quality. All the buttons line up perfectly and are in easy reach. Just plugged it in and away i went. Perfect delivery as usual.

Geko747 2011-03-04


This monitor is amazing, nothing more to say really

toon_mad 2011-02-19

so good i bought a second!

as title says, so good i bougth a second one. awesome picture quality!
good price

robert 2011-01-27


top value and a quality monitor.
came with cable connected so all i had to do was hook the other end up to my graphic card output.
works fine with windows 7 only thing ive had to do is turn the brightness down. but its clear and excellent view.delivered on time and safely.recommended

patrick simpson 2011-01-24


tbh it is a very god monitor for

rob 2011-01-20

Surprisingly good.

I'm an IPS snob. Bought this one for me Mam, and I'm actually very impressed. colours are good, it's too bright out the box but easily adjusted in 1 minute. Viewing angles are quite impressive for a TN film, really. Damn excellent value for money. My only gripe? No DVI cable in the box, only VGA :( Wish i knew this before buying as i'd have at least ordered one...

neologan 2011-01-06


Was bought this as Christmas present, which replaced my 6 year old "17 Xerox and boy was it transformation.

Incredibly sharp, very easy to setup, strong colours and nice and bright.

One thing to note is that it only comes with a VGA cable and not a DVI, this however is not a down side just note for others.

Definitely worth the dosh!!

Dan Grimes 2011-01-05

Blown away..

Just buy one. Even makes New Vegas seem a bit more cheerful! Just plug it in and go, it works itself out all on its own. I didn't have to tweak anything.
The service from the OC crew is bordering on scary, amazing on the phone and the delivery was actually quicker than I think humanly possible..!

Pest 2010-12-23

Great Monitor!

Upgraded from a 6 year old ViewSonic 17" monitor and what a difference! nice sharp image, good colours and lots more 'screen room'! Hardly any heat comes out the back of this thing, and I got it for

Michael 2010-12-18

Great Monitor

Bought this to replace my 19

Craig 2010-12-13


great monitor for the money truely great value. runing it on a ati 5870 with amd phenom 965 overclocked @ 3.9 crosshair 1v mobo and 4g xms3 runing all my games on 1920x1080 pulling crazy fps on black ops.JUST GET 1 WINDOW 7 LOOKS AWESOME AS WELL LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHRIS 2010-12-01

Great Value For Money

Bought this to replace my Samsung Syncmaster T220 and I have to say I'm impressed. For a fairly cheap monitor, this thing blows away most mid to high end LCD monitors in respect of colours and contrast. Very crisp and clean images - have to say the viewing angle could be better but if you have it angled properly, this is not really an issue.

Not sure what Martin and Mike were getting at with the buttons underneath the monitor, they are perfectly lined up with the markings on the front so you don't have to guess what you are pressing.

Straight out of the box I didn't need to alter any settings in the menu to tweak the picture.

Great display for your desktop, also great for gaming and watching movies on - all in all, a great little all-rounder for the money.

Just wish I'd paid the extra

Andy 2010-11-15

Worth the money

Bought this monitor last week use as a home and gaming machine totally worth the money for the quality of the image you get and resolution size.

Ian 2010-11-01

Worth the money (£110)

I bought this on Monday (while it was still on offer) and it arrived on Tuesday (next day delivery) in the morning so i was happy with the quick turnaround.

I've been using this monitor jointly with my macbook and an old IBM T41 Laptop.

When i first connected with the D-SUB leads to the ThinkPad the picture quality wasn't bad but as soon as i switched over to the DVI on the Macbook, i was amazed with quality and shapeness of the screen.

Its well worth the money, go for it!

Raz 2010-10-27

Fantastic Value for Quality Monitor

This monitor is fantastic; it has a great design, lovely picture quality, a simple menu system for adjusting controls, and (most importantly) a stellar price tag! No wonder it's sold out at the time of writing ;)

Also, 5 stars to OcUK and DPD for getting this to me so quickly - ordered at 4.30pm on Monday, arrived 2pm the next day. Great service, will definitely shop again.

Tom Grassick 2010-10-05

Great Value

I can only compare this monitor to other screens I have owned, and I can safely say that this is the best.

The button placement at the bottom of the screen are a love/hate feature. They can be annoying at first as you aren't always sure which button you are pressing, but I like not having them in my face for general work.

The clarity of the screen is excellent, and the colours are very true, if you look at the screen directly.
The viewing angles are very strange, horizontally they obscure the colour slightly, but not enough to detract a star rating for me. But the vertical angle leaves something to be desired . Nodding or bopping your head will make no difference, but look down on it while standing up and you will see a large amount of purple, or green is sitting down.
The only other thing I have to complain about this monitor is the limited connections and only tilt function for the screen.

Apart from the above, it is a very clear and bright monitor. Especially for the price point.

Martin 2010-07-04

Not the best buy i have to say

Tbh bought this monitor after the large amount of positive reviews i saw on it. Have to say that i have owned this monitor for a few days and think that most of the reviews were overstating things quite alot.

Its ok value for money but thats it. Its certainly nothing amazing or going to bowl you over.

Dont make the assumption that this monitor is exceptional. It isnt. Its very basic. Regarding value for money, well i have to say its a little under what i expected, considering my belinea 19.1 inch monitor, for alot less price, pretty much owns this on viewing angle, clarity, and design.

The most annoying feature on this monitor is the poorly placed buttons. They are at the bottom, with the labels slightly out of alignment with the actual button, so your never sure if your pressing the back button, the left button or the menu button. Very poor design and annoying as hell.

Overall disappointed with this monitor. But i think thats because the reviews were so good i expected alot more.

Mike 2010-05-15

Love this monitor

Where i work we don't stock this monitor however we sell Macs and all i hear from Mac fan boys is that the 150 pound worth of components in say a 1300 pound mac is justifiable cause the LED screens are so expensive! They obviously haven;t seen this sexy piece of screen meaning i can buy my High end music and editing work station including I7 processor ect for the same price annd have change compared to buying a mac just wow

Jack 2010-04-18

very good

this monitor is awesome. only do i wish i had bought 3 of them, something i might well do

mike 2010-02-15


This monitor is great! 1080p on a 21.5" screen! The screen looks fantastic from a Playstation 3, and the stand allows the screen to be adjustable aswell. A minor problem is that it doesn't come with a DVI cable, but you can pick one up for pretty cheap. Overclockers has this monitor at a great price ann the service is excellent too.

Robert 2010-02-11


When i saw this product on overclockers i was sceptical at first as it seemed to cheap too be LED.

I read a few reviews here and a couple of other places and decided it was deffinatley worth it! I noticed theres a 24 inch for only 30 pound more but i chose this 1 as the space on my desk is already limited with other monitors.

Plugged this in and i been absolutley satisfied colours are great image quality is great! it comes with a vga cable instead of DVI but if its things like that small cable that keep the cost down then i have no problems with that because OCUK sell DVI cables for under a fiver anyway!

No complaints here:D

Ahmet 2010-02-09


Amazing quality from this big screen.I didnt even have to set anything.Just plug and play.
just buy one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where is the beat 2010-02-03

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