G2420HDBL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

  • LED Backlit
  • 1920x1080 Resolution
  • 5000000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 250cd/m² Brightness
  • 5ms Response Time
  • 1x Analogue Input
  • 1x DVI-D Input
  • 2 Year On-Site Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-033-BQ

EAN: 0840046020095


Manufacturer: BenQ

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Product information:

G2420HDBL 24" Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

The BenQ LED monitors come with an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 5000000:1 to add colour depth and definition to darkened and complex visuals, so that everything you see - from the brightest white to the darkest black - is perfectly rendered to deliver the most incredible picture performance. The G2420HDBL provides true-to-life 16:9 images that fit the 1920x1080 resolution perfectly. It offers outstanding image quality and a clear view of multiple documents simultaneously to ensure the highest work productivity. With a speedy 5ms response time, even highly dynamic video is rendered with smooth, fluid motion without ghosting or other artifacts to distract your view.

- LED Backlit
- Screen Size: 24" Widescreen
- Resolution: 1920x1080
- Contrast Ratio: 5000000:1
- Brightness: 250cd/m²
- Response Time: 5ms
- Viewing Angles (H/V): 170°/160°
- Colours: 16.7 Million
- Inputs: 1x Analogue & 1x DVI-D
- VESA Compliant
- Dimensions: 570.0mm x 412.6mm x 183.9mm
- Weight: 4.4kg
- Warranty: 2 Years On-Site

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Bought a pair of these when one of my old Belinea screens went titsup last week. Took a little while to get the colours calibrated properly (the screens are far too bright by default), and the OSD menu is pretty horrible to use, but once you have them sorted they're excellent for the money. Quick, clear, colourful.

Pete Rowley 2012-05-08

Absolute Bargain

I purchased this monitor over a year ago and was very pleased with my initial purchase. As the months have gone by and I've seen other's cheap LCD displays, I've come to realise what a bargain this was. Now it's even cheaper, you would be crazy not to get one! This was my first LCD monitor and I was impressed by the amount of real estate on my desktop (previously had a 19"CRT). I work in graphic design and had a few problems with the colours until I had played around with them a bit, but now they are fairly accurate... enough for me to do my colour work anyway. There is a slight problem with shift off centre, as you would get on any cheaper display, but this is far, far better than any of the other cheap efforts I've seen. The lack of HDMI is only a minor inconvenience. In summary; Solid built quality along with thin bezel and good, bright, accurate colours make this seem like a display twice its price. My advise? BUY, BUY, BUY

Rich 2012-03-01


This is an absolutely great monitor. I now own two of these and am very impressed with all aspects of them.

I can't recommend them more. :)

Harvey 2012-02-29


Brilliant screen, no dead pixels, very big, very bright,compares greatly with hd tvs such as samsungs, buy it, its a steal at this price.

bob 2011-06-24

Excellent Monitor

Very good monitor. Can attach two PC's.
Tested with Dream Aquarium - could have been looking at real fish + The Witcher 2 - could have been walking through a forest. Can't fault it.
Great service from Overclockers.

Robert Steele 2011-06-21

More than six months on...

I can only echo the positive comments of the previous reviewers. I've owned and used this monitor for 6+ months now and simply cannot fault it.

For the price, simply unbeatable in my mind.

Dean 2011-05-04

six months on.....

I can't fault it, if I was forced to make a negative comment, I would probably say that the colours are not as vibrant as some of the more expensive models althought still great, but tbh unless you sat them side by side you'd never know any difference. I am completely happy with my purchase and after many many hours of using it I have never had one issue. Super!! ;-) Oh yeah and its big! :D

deanasfreddie 2011-03-27

Awesome Screens

This is the 5th one so far.
Ordered some for clients and continue to buy more as and when needed.
Excellent screens, colours are clear and vibrant.
Fantastic for web design, video production and photo editting.
When they arrive they are a bit bright, thats easily fixed.
Delivery was rapid, ordered 3pm, it arrived 11am the next day.
Brilliant screen and the normal excellent service from OCUK
Love these screens they are great :)

Jon Siddall 2011-03-21

Very good monitor, but...

.... it's not a true great.

But then nor should you expect one at this price.

The picture quality on this screen is very good, the LED backlighting gives an excellent depth to the blacks once some fine tuning has been performed. But as it's TN panel, the colours aren't even across the screen, and it's brighter in some areas than others. You also have a much more limited viewing angle.

I also found it quite difficult to get a decent level of brightness from the monitor controls - it was either too bright, or the colours looked washed out. However, an easy solution was at hand - run the Windows 7 display calibration and turn the gamma all the way down - voila, perfect quality picture.

All in all, this panel is an absolute bargain, and a fine way of getting a large screen with LED lighting at a great price

Joe 2010-12-22


i didn't buy it here but i have the same monitor and when i turned it on where the black colours are there is lots of green sparkly dots. has this happened to anyone or does anyone know how to fix this or will i have to send it back

fraser 2010-12-09

Would buy again!!

Great monitor
shame the first one i got had a fault with the dvi input but Overclockers sent me a new one within a week. great service :)

Marcus 2010-12-07

Of high quality &totally reliable

Got this monitor with the ultima viper also with a 5970 been playing crysis custom maps,blckops,modwars,etc all look superb on this monitor which has a great depth of colour& adjustable options to satisfy any hungry gamer &dvd&blueray fan.

peter whiteman 2010-11-30

Good value for money

I'm pretty picky when it comes to monitors. In the end, I should probably make it clear that this is your usual TN monitor, with its usual problems: color shifts and pretty narrow horizontal/vertical viewing angles.

Having said that, it does its job fine, and it's very slick. The base is a bit plasticky but its solid and the black shiny surface and overall shape are very nice.

For this price and this category of monitors, it's definitely recommended.

Davide 2010-11-24


This has to be the best value for money monitor around. Super cool looks and performs perfectly in all settings. Set up and adjust are all straight forward, Plus excellent Overclockers service as always.

Neil H. 2010-11-20

BenQ 24'' LED

Well, what can I say that doesn't repeat all the other reviews.

I bought this along with my new Ultima Viper system from OcUK, everything looks awesome.

Very sleek design, bright vivid colours.

Amazing price too!

Awesome, just awesome.

Tom 2010-11-12

My 2nd one

I really fault this monitor for my needs (Gaming/movies/browsing). It's absolutely amazing, so amazing I've brought a second one! Good times!

Craig 2010-11-06

Its great

Viewed this in the shop against another monitor whilst it was playing a game intro, and the difference compared to a

Bob bob 2010-10-25


If you are looking for a monitor in this price range or just below/above it I HIGHLY recommend this. I did a lot of research, debating and comparing (eg Samsung(P2450H)) before finally deciding to purchase.. I was put off by some mixed reviews, claims the build quality is bad and other jazz but I have found this monitor is outstanding value for money and I am very happy with my purchase.
It's sleek and looks fantastic, the display is sharp and clear, the colours are great.. I really don't consider 'colour shift' that some reviewers mention to be a problem at all, unless you are very picky and in that case should be spending much more. No dead pixels (thought that is luck of the draw)
I recommend buying a cheap DVI cable to go with.
Final note, the calibration is RUBBISH out of the box, you will be disappointed when you first switch it on, but after calibration (I had to tweak the green, contrast, gamma and drastically reduce the brightness) it looks dramatically better.

Gareth Weaver 2010-10-23


Ordered this monitor a week ago and I have been nothing but impressed. Setting up the monitor takes seconds, literally. Love the way it just slots in nicely on the stand. Was a bit bright to start off with but now that I have set it to a level that doesn't attack my eyes I've had no issues at all! definitely worth it!

Steve Boulton 2010-10-19


This screen is HUGE, furthermore its an LED monitor and once its swapped into one of its modes eg. "game mode" or "video mode" the colour jumps at you! and the best bit is that it is so cheap, a bargain 10/10!

Martin 2010-10-13

Budget but brilliant

I bought one of these as an upgrade from my 20" and do not have a single regret.

As well as the size being brilliant for the price it is light but is still of a high build standard.

The gloss black finish is lovely, and the picture quality is fantastic, with the many different screen modes (I prefer the movie mode) comes the eco mode which is brilliant at night when you don't want to burn a whole in your retiners!

DVI and VGA connections, only VGA lead provided but wasn't a problem for me as I had loads of DVI kicking about, power lead and manual also included.

Came well packaged and very easy to clip onto the base unlike some monitors were you fear damaging the unit.

With the LED back light the colours are all incredibly crisp!

Picture qaulity - 5/5
Price - 5/5
Build quality - 5/5

*thumbs up to BenQ*

Captainqwerty 2010-10-09

All good

replaced my 22" widescreen acer and it does what it should and better than what i expected!!!

Dr Q 2010-10-01

Good Buy

ordered this 3.30pm on thursday, and it arrived 11.30am the next day. great service.
Monitor is a great size with crystal clear image. Been playing battlefiled bc 2 all day on full settings. no ghosting, looks great. highly recommended for a budget led monitor.

Nick 2010-09-18

One more thing

I had a little trouble with one of these monitors not showing a picture, just a blank white screen. I rang up BenQ and within a couple of days they replaced my monitor for free and took away the broken one for repair. Excellent customer service in my experience!

Tom Shaw 2010-09-16


Luckily I read a few of the reviews first and ordered a DVI cable with it too, so when it turned up next day (great service OC) I had 1080p right away and what can I say, I've never owned anything HD and the picture is just amazing! Some people think max brightness is too much but i like it, great in the dark with a good movie, the piano black finish is great too...nice and shiny!

Philip 2010-09-07

So nice i bought it twice!

This is a great monitor.

I'm guilty of spending ages reading reviews on components before i buy them and this one has the best of them all. At the time of writing this it has 50 reviews, I don't think there are many products on this whole site that have received that many reviews let alone in the category of monitors.

I use my pc for photo editing, 3D design and web development and for these purposes it's been fantastic. Great colours for photo editing (once calibrated correctly) and just about the right amount of space for modelling and web dev if you want to view a live rendering in a separate window.

I've compare this monitor to the new 27" iMacs and it stands its ground well.

My only gripe is that it could do with a higher resolution so it could squeeze more on the screen, but saying that i've plugged my xbox into it and it's looked great running at 1080p.

I've been so pleased with it that i've now ordered another one to replace my second "smaller" 19" asus.

Happy consumer 2010-09-01


moved up from a 4:3 19" HD gaming is such a treat, excellent value and not a dead pixel to be seen

althalus609 2010-08-30

Its all been said...

yeah, its awesome (light too) not a single thing wrong with it.

Jason 2010-08-27


Great monitor good picture clear colours watched a blu-ray on it and picture was perfect
only things you should be aware of is this only supports vga or dvi-d not dvi-i, dvi-a or hdmi not a massvive problem but it does only ship with a vga cable other than that it is a perfect monitor for the ptice and i couldnt ask for more

as always overclockers service fantastic quick and perfect

James Rooke 2010-08-16


Arrived at work this morning after ordering the day before - absolute beauty of a screen, can't complain at all. So uber sharp it's kind of unreal. I got my flat mate to buy one first, and he couldn't believe the quality. So I would definately recommend one!

Sephzer 2010-08-06

Awesome Monitor

Got this monitor today and am very impressed. The colours are vibrant and even across the screen. It only takes 2 minutes to set the right balance, I recommend 35 brightness, 65 contrast on the sRGB setting - got those ratios from someone who used a colour calibration program, and it works a treat on those settings.

Only bad thing I have to say is that the day after I ordered, it got an entire

Ben 2010-08-05

Sweet Monitor

Very good reviews given on this monitor. Was going to buy one because of all the good reviews and the fantastic specs and good size for the price of

BritishGaMeR 2010-07-29

So good Im recommending it to all my cli

Bought one for my girlfriends system a few weeks ago.
One of the best 24" screens you can get.
So happy with it that several of my customers have seen it and now bought one too.
They all think it is a fantastic screen.
Don't even bother looking any further
Stunning screen, great price
Must buy Screen !!!

jon siddall 2010-07-28

Very good for the price

It's very clear from the price that this monitor uses a TN panel, and it is pretty much what you expect from a typical TN monitor.

If you want a monitor for photo/video editing purposes you should really get 'proper' ones instead, and if you choose to buy this one then don't complain about colours etc.

I don't have any problems with this monitor, it just does whatever I normally ask it to do e.g. web browsing, gaming etc. No dead/stuck pixels.
No HDMI ports and DVI cable not included, but these are minor issues to me.

You get what you pay for, that's what this monitor exactly is. Oh apparently the monitor stand is Windows 7 compatible, I don't know what exactly is compatible, but that's what it says on the sticker.

Klarcius 2010-07-28

Mixed feelings

Before this monitor I was using a Samsung XL2370 and it is an extremely impressive monitor but due to moving and change of set up I really needed something I could use a VESA desk clamp stand with so after reading and phoning around I went for the Benq. Now its a great monitor considering the price but the difference between this and the panel in the Samsung is huge. I have tried calibration discs etc but I just can't settle for what i'm seeing. I just wish more monitors had VESA fittings. So all in all a great monitor for the price but the Samsung has spoilt me a little so now im stuck what to buy. I'm going to sell this one on though and hope I can get something else soon from OCUK as the quality of their service for me is always great.

Chris 2010-07-24


Can not believe the quality of this monior, for this price it's an absolute bargain, Im a gamer and I went from a 22" LG lCD to this and the difference is mind blowing, Don't waste time reading the reviews, just buy one while you can. 5 starts fully deserved

Omid 2010-07-19

Not amazing but good for the price.

Don't expect it to have the best picture, colours, no ghosting or build quality. However for the price it is a great deal, really good and cheap monitor to use for my number two PC.

Grant 2010-07-15

Go for it

Let's not jump the gun - this monitor isn't 'perfect' but my comments are based on my experience in the graphics & animation world for a good 12 years - still happy with my high-quality CRTs.

I say this is not perfect because a single flat full-screen colour will be darker at the top and light at the bottom, so it's not uniform in that sense - vertical viewing angle has an effect.

That said, the backlighting seems great, it's very vibrant and powerful, crisp an easy to read text on.

Had a quick check with a DVD, & like other LCDs, naturally it exposes the flaws of the format and its quantization from compression, which CRTs generally hide well. Not had a chance to test games on it, but have to admit I am seriously looking forward to that.

If you're not looking for an absolutely print-proof ready screen, then you can't go wrong with this monitor, at this price (and for me, even better as it was on a 'this week only' special) then GO FOR IT as you will not regret it.

Dominic 2010-07-13

As expected

To begin with i was looking for a 22" monitor, something like a Samsung for the reliabity, yet after browsing Overclockers for some deals and what to get, i came across this. After having read all the amazing reviews, who wouldn't buy it? Heres mine:
This monitor for the price, the specification and the size. Is apsolutely brilliant. It's got a nice gloss shine and nice looking shape to it. I'm an average gamer and from what i have seen so far, i can't fault it at all. A nice speedy, next day delivery from Overclockers. If your looking for something around this region of price, this is the monitor to go for.

Sparkey 2010-07-04

AweSome Screen

Great value screen.
We use it for Photoshop work and the colours are excellent, images very sharp and clear, brightness and contrast are perfect.
No eyestrain, looks very modern too.
If your looking for a good 24" screen you've found it, 2 is even better.
Great buy, extremely happy with it.

jon siddall 2010-06-28

Better than expected

This monitor is really good for the money and exceeds my expectations for the price. The screen is very brightly lit straight out the box on standard settings, but this is a good thing as you can adjust it to your taste. It's the best backlighting I've seen on any LCD monitor or T.V, as most I've seen tend to have dodgy blacks or light bleed around the corners but this screen doesn't show any uneven lit blacks. Also quick next day delivery by A must buy for the money.

Mark A 2010-06-19

awesome monitor

Great monitor, its massive, no dead pixels, looks great playing fallout 3. using my own DVI cable. glad i got this :-)

Marku 2010-06-18

Just buy it

Its true, this monitor is so good its ridiculous.
Thanks again to all the wonderful staff at OC.

HY 2010-05-29

Great for the Price

Awesome monitor. Upgraded from a 19" so can easily see a difference. LED backlighting allows for some great contrast settings.
My old Asus monitor was easier to set up though, but after 15mins of mucking about got it set up perfect.
Definitely better to use a DVI cable over VGA.
Overall very pleased for this price may end up picking up another two for some real goodness :)

Raja 2010-05-25

Cannot fault this

I have done my research before buying this monitor. It has received almost 40 positive reviews, so it has to be good.

I was gob smacked when my brother turned it on. It is amazing and should have been priced above

pakken 2010-05-19

Better than Best

its not worth for my money. why? because my money is just for a 19" lcd monitor. but what i get with

MAC 2010-05-15

Awesome monitor

Bought this monitor last week to replace an ageing 19" Acer LCD.
Comes well packaged, with kettle/vga leads, and a CD/manuals (not used either of these though).
Colours are vibrant and the LCD comes initially very bright, but this is easily changed in the easy to use settings menu.
Didn't have any problems with dead/stuck pixels (thankfully) and overall I'm very impressed. Bad company 2 and GTA 4 didn't have issues with the res being upped from 1440x900 to 1080p (5850/E8400 stock), and look fantastic on such a high resolution.
Couldn't go back to anything less than 1080p now :).
Awesome monitor, highly recommended.

Mitch 2010-05-10

BenQ G2420HDBL

Well I thought I'd invest in a new monitor... My god it was the right thing to do.

No dead pixels, which I'm very happy with.

I have my old Dell 19" set up alongside it with a dual monitor set up, having them next to each clearly shows the colour difference. The colours are insanely better!

If you do a lot of photo editing, this isn't the monitor for you. Move you head a little bit to the left or right and you'll see a difference in colour. Only a tiny bit though, nothing for a gamer or a casual PC user to worry about.

Outstanding monitor choice! Highly recommended!

Craig 2010-04-30


I'm the kinda guy that only upgrades their monitor every 5 years or when the old one stops workings so I was very glad to see that this is a cracking little monitor.
I dont pretend that I am an expert or anything, I can't quote colour depths, contrast ratios and ghosting issues.
What I can tell you is that if you want a monitor to play games, watch movies and write the odd Word document on, you can't really go wrong with this monitor.

For reference, this monitor comes with an analogue cable, and not a DVI cable.

I have tested this monitor on Bad Company 2 and WoW and as a layman, everything looks great to me.

Froggy 2010-04-26

Great Product

For a 24 inch monitor excellent price. The picture qualities great

Chris 2010-04-22

Great Monitor

Very nice monitor fast delivery as always with overclockers, i am very happy, going from a 32" plazma lcd tv to this is very strange because the size is alot smaller but the quality is WAY better would recommend it to anyone and for the prize.. you wouldnt find a better deal!

Sam Carter 2010-04-20

Dead Pixel

Nice monitor, shame that it had a dead pixel and there is nothing that can be done about it. One pixel isnt enough for manafacturers to care about and so neither do ocuk. Wouldnt mind but its right in the damn middle of the screen

Gary 2010-04-17


Please take your time and look at all the reviews, this monitor is the very best out there, Incredible picture quality and simply amazing for games such as bad company 2 and modern warfare 2. it also as great features for gaming - picture editing and so on. best 24" monitor by far.

Cnet Reviews 2010-04-05


Bought this to replace my BenQ T903 19" LCD...Wow what a difference :)...Pin sharp even in fast games like NFS Shift...which is awesome in 16:9 :)

Mike Brown 2010-03-27


Ordered @ 5pm on 24.03.10 and arrived at 1215 pm the next day,great service.

This is an amazing, vibrant classy looking razor sharp screen, incredible value, cant wait to upgrade my graphics card and play some high res games on this A+++++

Neil Morris 2010-03-25


For the price and excellent monitor. Very light weight in comparision to the Acer 23" that i have on my desk at work.

Fast power on (very fast). Had to turn the brightness down and probably turn it down further when it gets home to the den.

Yes it's huge in comparision to the 17" it will replace. Stand and base are all plastic but seem firm enough and not much wobble.

Great value for money and will report more after swapping the 17" ips panel later. Will this 24" show much of a difference against a 5 year old 17" panel?

Nick W 2010-03-25


Bought 2 of these babies to replace my old 22" Belineas and the difference is unbelievable!
The LED back lighting makes games come to life and the colours are really vibrant.

Both VGA and DVI inputs is nice to have too.

Tom 2010-03-23

Amazing monitor at an excellent price

I took delivery of my shiny new BenQ 2 weeks ago. I ordered at 2pm and it was here next day by 10.30am. Can't say fairer than that.

This is my first flat panel. As I'm an avid gamer, I have clung to CRTs until I was sure that an LCD would be good enough.

I wasn't disappointed. The monitor is beautiful. No dead pixels, it's very big, I can easily fit 2.5 A4 documents side by side and the colour and vibrancy is amazing.

When it comes to gaming there is still a slight blur in fast paced FPS games compared to a CRT but it really is negligible. I definitely wouldn't let it put me off the monitor. To be honest, I was probably only disappointed at first because so many people say LCD now is as good as CRT so my expectations were set at that level.

After 2 weeks of using the monitor though I wouldn't go back to CRT. So it must be good.

At this price, you cant beat this monitor. And despite the fact it lacks HDMI, it's DVI output is HD compatible as others have pointed out.

Mike H 2010-03-22

very good

totaly agree with all the reviews a very good 24inch monitor with fantastic colours. my only gripe is that when you clean the black frame it scratches very very easy i used a microban soft cloth and it still scratches it. appart from that blinding little piece of kit 5*

wheeledrazzor 2010-03-18

It's Big

It's big big big.

Arrived next day from OCUK. Easy set up and well protected from accidental courier damage. Coming from a dell 2209wa I wasn't expecting much. The Benq has suprised me after a bit of fiddling with the colours I've got a good image that I can work with.

Is it worth

John 2010-03-17

Best of the bunch

In our home we have 5 various lcd panals acer samsung lg and now a benq G2420HDBL.This is the first time iv seen a panal with no screen bleed plus its got the best Contrast great for games.CRYSIS HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD

ANDREW 2010-03-16


Best monitor in the world without doubt, all the reviews suggest that this monitor is better than Lg - Acer & Dell but for alot less cost. again best 24" in the world..

Bad Comapny Veteran 2010-03-16

Well worth the money

I already own a BenQ MD2400HD and have been really impressed with BenQ ever since.

The G2420HDBL is considerably lighter than the 2400 which is great in terms of moving it around etc, altho the stand doesnt feel quite as sturdy as on the 2400. Not a problem unless you're planning on moving it around a lot, which I'm not. Otherwise the build quality is really great as I've come to expect. Picture quality is of course fantastic, no dead or stuck pixels on either monitor, something that I've previously had problems with on other makes. My only niggle is that its black and my 2400 is white, but for the price I really dont care!

Take away message: dont let the price fool you! It may be one of the cheaper 24" monitors on here, but in the flesh you'd never know!

Jamie 2010-03-15


yes having read all the other reviews..made my mind up to purchase..and im well glad i is sharper than i expected.. a bargain thanks Ock for next day delivery..great service..

mjharris 2010-03-12


Unbelievable is how I would describe just how good this monitor is at the price, its funny because allot of people would go for say a Samsung or Dell non led display costing around the same price thinking they are better because of the brand heritage and hype...that would be a bad move, Why? you ask?. Simply put this baby is pin sharp at 1080p operation and the white balance and color depth actually surprised me to such a degree I wish BenQ made 47inch versions because the natural wide contrast ratio combined with the neutral colors makes my regular HDTV seem like a ripoff!! all in all motion is very good with no sign of blur build quality is good and this brings me to say to anyone considering whether to buy this or opt for a bigger brand name, be careful because yes the others might have better features eg; this monitor doesn't have HDMI nor does it swivel left to right but it does tilt upward... I have never seen a normal non led lit LCD produce such quality at this price!
point ever

PaperTrail 2010-03-09


Amazing monitor for the price. Shame about no DVI cable being included but it doesn't really matter.

To be honest when i first turned it on I was like "Wtf this looks faded and balls." but it turns out that it just needed 15 seconds or something to warm up or whatever.

After that the colours were great, blacks were deep and rich, and not the usual ~very dark grey.

The image was sharp, tested on a few games with the default 3/5 sharpness setting. Amazing clarity, really made everything look beautiful.. like a different scene.

Zero backlight bleeding that I could see when watching some very dark movie scenes.

Uh.. pretty much perfect as far as I'm concerned. The colour presets just make the colours look crazy and unrealistic so you may as well stick with the default. Unless you CBA to fiddle.

Amazingly light by the way, lovely to use and move around. Still feels sturdy

Toby Partock 2010-03-06

Best 24 inch montor around

Having only ever owned a 19" non-widescreen Dell. The 22" LG that I finally chose vanished off the planet before I could order one. This BenQ is the only monitor Ive seen that could compete with the LG one. Only the low price put me off.
Loads of reviews state how 'quality' this monitor is despite being the cheapest around. If the reviews on this page aren't enough to sway you theres a forum thread dedicated to this monitor

Good points - Looks brilliant, sturdy stand, good finish on bezel, menu easy to use, presets work well and can be cycled through with 1 button, Win 7 auto-detects a driver download in Win update, I don't mind the brightness at all, Mass Effect 2 Looks twice as good and even desktop items look so much better I.e. I actually like the colour of 'steam' now.

Bad points - Buttons could be slightly more quality, dust and finger prints.

But in reality these flaws don't really matter at all. Best choice 24"

Tom 2010-03-06


Cracking monitor and what a bargain! Had this monitor over a week now and it performs like a dream! just need another 2 now one for duel screens on my newest build and the other for an older system. Would highly recommend.

Geoff Dodds 2010-03-06

Amazing monitor amazing price

I was a bit skeptical whether the upgrade to my viewsonic 22inch 1680x1050 display would be worth it but my gosh, what a difference in games and bluray films, I really cant see any other monitor bettering this in the <

Adam Carter 2010-03-02

Great stuff from BenQ

I'd been dallying over a new monitor to replace my 21" IBM CRT for a while and finally took the plunge when I saw this LED lit beast. I'm glad to say it delivers entirely. Really sharp picture, great colours and spectacular price. First class service from OcUK as ever. It's so good, I really want another two!

SonicH 2010-03-02


what can i say ordered to have delivered on fri and guess what, it arrived on fri good on you overclockers top dogs as allways. now the monitor BANG4BUCK for this price you get great sharp colours i am running a ps3 through the dvi and a pc on rgb and no complaints from me. trust me dont tinker with it just use it straight out the box. other manufacturers take note.....of this low cost but extremely good monitor.

Mike 2010-02-27


this monitor is HUGE, the picture quaility is really sharp.

pros: bright, clear, nice glossy black, cheap.

cons: no hdmi, comes with vga only.

Josh Wood 2010-02-25

Great Monitor - BenQ G2420HDBL

After reviewing my options, I decided to go get 2 24 inch monitors. The style is great( narrow borders), and looks much nicer then some recent Samsung 22 inch monitors I got at work.

As another reviewer has mentioned, there is no DVI-D cables supplied, so you must purchase these if you plan to use it.

Graphics / Linux
I have also bought the Titan bundle with the ATI Club 5770 card. For all the Linux users out there, multiple monitors is possible in RHEL, Fedora 11 (NOT 12) and Ubuntu 9.10, I have no idea on other distros as I really only use RHEL / Fedora. The issue with Fedora 12 is ATI have not developed the Catlyst driver to support the latest Xorg server, its not the OS that is the problem.

The contract / brightness are absolutely stunning, I am running a KDE 4.3 plasma desktop, and the rendering is polished and clean.

Stuart 2010-02-25

BenQ G2420HDBL

I bought this to go with my Titan Proton system. Delivery was as usual excellent.
For the money this is an exellent monitor.
I would suggest using a calibration tool such as this
It really nails the contrast and brightness. I used the ATI control panel to get my settings spot on.

john 2010-02-19

Best Buy

Better than anything i could find under

Sean 2010-02-18

oh my god

what is wrong with the price? i would pay well over

marc connell 2010-02-16


only been using this for a few hours but WOW.. must buy!
less then 1hr after ordering i had an email saying it was dispached, and as always 1st class service from OC..

crw 2010-02-12


Been looking for a while, and decided when I saw this at the price to take the plunge.

If anyone else out there is "thinking" about spending some money on a monitor then look no further than this little beauty.

Screen amazing! Blacks are black and the picture pin sharp!!! Just make sure you use the DVI connector if you have one on your graphic card.

All purchasers need to be aware of the fact however that the box DOES NOT SUPPLY A DVI-D CABLE......only standard VGA.

Other than that, buy one now!!!

ByeBye rubbish HP1740.

Bezman 2010-02-05


This is a great monitor, colours are fantastic, nice on the eyes and good automatic settings for photos, games and movies, windows 7 looks great, you can not go wrong with this monitor, it's worth every penny, I can wait until next payday so I can buy another one as a dual set-up to replace my other two 22" LG monitors

eN Que 2010-02-05

Surprisingly Impressed

Replaced a Samsung 2032BW with this and there is not one area that this monitor doesn't beat the Samsung.

I needed to make one small gamma adjustment to produce my preferences which took all of 30 seconds. Buttons are on the underside of the monitor but are tactile enough to not fumble blindly and press the wrong one.

Colour reproduction is marvellous, white is pure white and black is as black as you would expect (faint patches of back-light bleed, only noticeable if you screen a full black background).

Web pages look sharp and fonts clean, connect a PS3 up and bluray playback is flawless.

Gaming is tremendous. No ghosting or blurring whatsoever. Does not feel at all laggy.

Comes with a standard VGA cable so make sure you have a DVI if that's what you require. No HDMI input but none required if you have a DVI-HDMI dongle, maybe a "con" for some though.

Piano-black bezel amplifies finger-marks, my simple solution is just don't touch it then! ;)

Dead silent too, only 24W load.

-Aura- 2010-02-05

Must buy of the year

With so many monitors out there, I was in total confusion. Some very expensive, some not too bad and then I saw this beauty.

Not only is it a nice slim design, the quality is amazing. Ive been playing Left for Dead 2 and Bad Company 2 beta and the colours etc are brilliant!

Throw in a 3 year warranty, Overclockers superb next day delivery and you have a real bargain here!

jigglybean 2010-02-03

very impressive

i was going to go for the normal lcd version of this but waited for some reviews which turned out good, and when it came time to order one i saw this as a new product

i took the risk even thou there werent any reviews an took a chance, and wow im glad i did, what a stunning display, ill be honest ive only had it on for few hours now and i havent adjusted any settings and even straight out the box its a superb monitor

i'd reccomend it in a heartbeat especially with it only being a few quid dearer than the normal lcd one

the only thing ive found is its so bright, i have it running in eco mode which dims the panel and darkens it off and its still seriously bright, gonna go mess with the settings and see if i can tone it down abit so i dont have to game with my shades on :p

now i can appreciate the windows 7 desktops in propper 1080 :D thanks again overclockers

Craig 2010-01-30

Super Bright

I bought this monitor and it turned up next day, first class service from overclockers. The monitor is bright and Clear. Good gaming monitor and you get 24 inches for your

Minty-Linty 2010-01-30

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