Benq XL2410T 24" TRUE 120Hz 3D Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

XL2410T 24" TRUE 120Hz 3D Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

  • LED Backlit
  • 1920x1080 Resolution
  • 10000000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 300cd/m² Brightness
  • 2ms Response Time
  • 1x Analogue Input
  • 1x DVI-D Input
  • 1x HDMI
  • 2 Year On-Site Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-043-BQ

EAN: 4718755025600


Manufacturer: BenQ

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Product information:

XL2410T 24" TRUE 120Hz 3D Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

BenQ, proudly announced the release of their 23.6” (16:9 Aspect Ratio) LED Gaming Monitor XL2410T. BenQ understands that to lead and become a true and professional gaming monitor provider, they have to understand the mindset and needs of gamers. In order to achieve this goal, BenQ co-worked with ZOWIE, a professional Gaming gear manufacturer. BenQ have ZOWIE’s gamer teams join in during the product development and testing stages. With their assistance, XL2410T can truly be a professional LED gaming monitor – with a set of Gaming Display Modes which includes the FPS mode (First Person Shooting), co-developed by two legendary Counter-Strike players – Emil “HeatoN” Christensen and Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed.

Every serious gamer know that lag will cause you to lose a game; XL2410T is made to have a quick response to action, hardware lag will no longer be the cause for your headshots. XL2410T has a fast refresh rate of 120Hz for higher precision; a low input lag so the shots made is more in sync with the visual on-screen; a quick 2ms GTG (OverDrive) meaning users can see the edge of the enemies clearly and without motion blur, and Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 10,000,000:1 for detailed images and clarity in both darkened and brightened situations, this complemented with BenQ’s gaming tuning technology becomes a huge advantage for gamers.

XL2410T has a smart design, for one purpose – to win. The monitor has two hotkeys available; the first changes the display mode: Full; Aspect; Overscan; 1:1; 17”; 19”; 19” Widescreen and 22” Widescreen. Whereas the second hotkey is Smart Scaling, which lets the users adjust picture size in original input to the screen’s limit. Together with Display Mode function, users can play in the resolution size they are used to with their previous monitor, or adjust their screen size to what their teammates are using for easier communication and reference. From BenQ’s Gaming Display Modes options, users can choose from FPS Mode, made possible by co-working with the gaming heroes -HeatoN and Spawn as the best setting for personal shooting games, or from the two User Game modes for more dedicated and personalized settings.

For extreme entertainment, XL2410T is the LED monitor to go for. 3D-ready (NVIDIA 3D Vision certified); Picture by Picture (PBP); connectivity values (D-sub; DVI-D-DL, HDMI) and height adjustment feature are offered for users’ enjoyment and comfort. Picture by picture (PBP) is a feature that enables users to show two programs side-by-side on the screen. Feel like camping once in a while for fun? Watch a movie while you do it!

- LED Backlit
- Screen Size: 23.6" Widescreen
- Resolution: 1920x1080
- Contrast Ratio: 10000000:1
- Brightness: 300cd/m²
- Response Time: 2ms
- Viewing Angles (H/V): 170°/160°
- Colours: 16.7 Million
- Inputs: 1x Analogue, 1x DVI-D & 1x HDMI
- VESA Compliant
- Dimensions: 570.0mm x 412.6mm x 183.9mm
- Weight: 6.0kg
- Height adjustable stand / Swivel 45/45 left/right
- Warranty: 2 Years On-Site


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well i did alot of reserch into buying the next screen i bought and ended up with this top of my list.
bought it here from OVERCLOCKERS UK.
what can i say im mad with myself for not buying this before im running an i5 with a GTX580 and 8gb ram on a sabertooth mobo, now and only now can i see the pay off from the GTX580 this screen is amazing and really aalot more sturdy than others made it out to be! i cant see why some people complain about bleeding in on the edges? what are they using to see this a magnifing lense?
im yet to use 3D but thats in the post and working its way to me as i type, its made an amazing diffrence in BF3 and MW3 im so happy and only now feel that my rig is now complete! thanks OCuk.
if you reading this dont hang about get it and thank me later its the dogs you know whats. GAME ON.

=1PARA=CORNISH {Darren} 2012-03-07


arrived today, big box!! Easy to set up on the stand. looked a bit washed out colours when first switched it on, had to mess around with the settings a bit and now it looks really really sweet. Sooo smooth, no lag or stutter...great monitor!!!

Adam 2011-11-21


I must admit this monitor has blown me away. The 120hz from 60hz gaming reminds me of the leap between stand def and high def its that good. No ripping or tearing like you get on 60hz! Its so smooth, im running it on a radeon 6870 in 2D 120hz at the mo so i haven't tried the 3D side of things out yet. If your a gamer like me, and you play first person shooters then this is a must buy because its so smooth and improves the gaming experience massively, don't listen to the negative reveiws they are just picky. Colors are good, brightness is good and black levels are amazing. With all this combine makes a very good montior which performs very well. Blu Rays play smooth and look very nice too, i always test the helicopter scene in avatar when the cameras pans around alot because alot of tvs with 100hz etc fail to perform on this particular scence, but the benq had no problems at all and it was very smooth on 120hz. I say no more, buy it!

Robert Nodwell 2011-10-16


Had one of these for a while now and it's fantastic, amazed at some of the negative feedback this monitor got.

Absolutely no issues whatsoever. Pin sharp visuals, fantastic 3D. I have no light bleed or dead pixels.
Stunning all rounder, exellent for both gamers and non gaming use.
Thanks Overclockers.

James Jordan 2011-08-03

On-Trick Pony

As indicated, this monitor is only good for games.

As a general purpose PC Monitor it is not good and fails in virtually every aspect of day-to-day general usage when compared to non-TFT panels, which is a real shame as this monitor is truly gaming perfection.

I can recommend this only as a secondary monitor to a 'normal' usage and the 16x9 aspect ratio makes this 23'6'' monitor feel like a 21' instantly.

I personally would not purchase this without actually sitting down in front of one and testing it out for yourself.

If however the normal problems with TFT Panels do not concern you like backlight-bleed at the edges of the screen then go right ahead.

Trust me, I am sat in front of this now and am using it - tomorrow it goes back.

Personally I am going to wait until they release a 120Hz gaming monitor with an IPS or better before buying one.

If this was purely about gaming - I'd give it a 5 - but as a monitor, just a average 3.

The Truth 2011-07-06

BenQ XL2410T

This monitor is amazing for the games i play i did have a crt 100 hz and was torn between getting a monitor like this but i took the gamble and im very happy i did because its amazing.

It still feels like im on a crt but better quality.

And the 3D gaming and movies on it are amazing.

So this is a must buy monitor for fps lovers and other gamers.

And thx to overclockers for quick shipping as always.

Scott Campbell 2011-06-06

Best Monitor I have Ever Owned

Got this as an upgrade from a Samsung 225MD and the difference is amazing, cod black ops I just own as the 120Hz makes a massive difference, I thought I was possessed as I owned everyone in my first few games after a month off clocking 170 hours previously and the colours are fantastic. Not got 3D to test as I own a Radeon 5970 but I hope to utilise this monitor for 3D from ATI hopefully in the future. Very happy with this screen and have no LED bleed or dead pixels as others have mentioned, may possibly have been a bad btach as this is the first monitor I have purchased with no dead pixels and I have had about 5 now over the years.

Karl 2011-03-21


I feel a lil slapped in the face as they dropped the price 12 pound 1 week after buying, however the money is well worth it. It's a beautiful monitor, i see no issues with the screen despite what others have said. 3d vision looks divine on it, and it's very sleek, I love it.

Hayley 2011-03-11

Best Gamin Monitor

Professional lookin monitor with awsome features, @ 120hz with instant mode on games just fly super smooth and i can finaly uncheck wait for vertical sync in all my games and i get zero screen tear. Love this monitor specially for online gamin as it has instant response times. Cant wait to get my 3d vision kit. As for Overclockers UK as always instant dispatch ordered friday recieved sat mornin thanks again oc.

Kenny Hynd 2011-02-26

3d surround

I have just recieved 3 of these monitors for 3d vision surround and i have to say they are fantatstic. Some of the reviews here mention back light bleed, i have none on my monitors and no faulty pixels. surround was easy to set up however for the 3d vision you need to download a controller driver that is not featured in the normal forceware drivers. The screen was at 100 % brightnes out of the box which i noticed when i played the opening scenes of bfbc2 and it looked like daylight!! A little tweaking of the easy to use settings and the picture is excellent. HD video looks brilliant thanks to the LED backlighting and the 120 hz ensures a silky smooth picture, especially in 2d gaming. I had these monitors within 24 hrs of placing my order so once again brilliant service from overclockers.

John 2011-02-18

Benq 24"

Bought this to replace my ageing Iiyama 22". Superb quality and crisp display. Running Black Ops and MOH LE on full 1920 res, with no problems at all (2 X 9800GT cards).
The detail is great !!!!!!!!! Agree slight bleed top and bottom, but didn't notice it until I really scrutinised.

Morris 2011-02-01

Benq 24"

Brill colours, Black Ops runs smooth as silk, really easy ajustment controls.
Got to be the best monitor i have had,
SPOT ON!!!!!

mark c 2011-01-07

True gaming monitor

After reading some comments on the forum I was beginning to regret my decision to buy the monitor, but after it arrived I was amazed at how vibrant the image quality (if somewhat bright) was in comparison to my old Dell 2208wfp.
After some tinkering with the colour/contrast/brightness settings I got (for me) a brilliant image, especially for gaming.
The response times and seemingly zero input lag gives a smoothness to everything from simple browsing to gaming and watching movies.

It's not all great though; there was some minor backlight bleed around the edges and also very dark scenes can blend together a bit. This last part isn't a problem to me because I was accustomed to it on my last monitor, which had it very bad.

I've not bothered with any of the 3D, but for 2D gaming it's almost like playing on a CRT again.

Ian 2010-12-16

Mostly good, 1 bad point.

This monitor is in a different league to my old Samsung. The colours are vibrant and really do look good in games. The 120Hz also works well. Everything just looks so much smoother when your moving anything around the screen. The monitor comes out of the box on 100% brightness which on a white screen can give you snow blindness :).
Im really happy with the monitor and look forward to a year or two of trouble free use, that is after it has been replace.
This is due to the one bad point. My monitor has quite severe backlight bleed so is going to be replaced all been well.

Richard 2010-12-13


Recently bought this to see what the whole 3D thing was all about. This monitor is incredible. Nice colors, no ghosting, tilts literally any angle you can think of, even vertical facing backwards oO.

By far the best monitor I have ever had. Even when not in 3d, just running at 120mhz in games, it makes games so much smoother. You will not regret getting this monitor.

michael 2010-12-08


Moving from an IPS panel to a TN was, according to my colleagues, was a silly move. Now that may be true but as I do my picture editing and art on my Macbook now and only play games on my PC I can assure you, it was not a silly move. Not at all. Are the colours as good? No although they are still excellent. Is the definition as good? Not quite but still excellent. Is there any backlight bleeding? Yes, top and bottom. Viewing angles? As stated in the specs. There good for a TN but no IPS quality. Is it good for gaming? Well here it just absolutely blows my NEC out of the water. It's so smooth. Everything glides. 120hz all the way and finally it almost feels like a CRT. It really is that different from anything I have used before (excluding crt of course). With the added bonus of HDMI etc this is a fantastic gamers monitor. My 360, PS3 and PC all look and move superbly. Easily a 9/10 for me.

Chris 2010-11-12


Bought an ilyama last year and was horrified by the negative ghosting trailing from high contrast edges. Have been reading reviews all over and finally decided to take a risk with this since all the other monitors out there seem to have start pros/cons.

Cant say im dissapointed. Ghosting is not an issue with this monitor. No dead pixels on the 2 i bought.

i have 1 285gtx and am using a DVI-D cable for one and a HDMI for the other so i cannot test the 120hz atm but can say the reasonable quality HDMI cable is not performing as well as the DVI-D on this monitor. (2 screens for 2 seperate clients of EVE rather than multi screening one game)

Simon 2010-11-10

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