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The AMD Ryzen 7000 Series officially hit our shelves on September 27th, along with their X670/E chipset motherboards. Today, we’re getting more AMD goodies joining the line-up! Their B650 series chipsets are officially available. Sit back and relax as we take a look at these two new chipsets and how they compare to the previously launched motherboards. 

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The New Chipset

There are two new chipsets compatible with the AMD Ryzen 7000 Series: the B650 and B650E. As you would expect, these sport the new AM5 socket as well as support for the industry technology standards the new processors utilise. 

The B650 chipset is a firm foundation for gaming. Armed with DDR5, AMD EXPO memory overclocking, and optional PCIe 5.0 for NVMe, this motherboard packs the performance for all your favourite AAA titles. 

The B650E chipset delivers for both gaming and creating. PCIe 5.0 for your NVMe SSD comes as standard and is supported by an array of features that will speed up your workflow or games. Of course, this chipset also includes AMD EXPO, DDR5 support, and incredible data transfer rates. 

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How does the B650/E Chipset Compare to X670/E? 

The main difference between the B650 series chipset and the X670 series is the intended user. The X670 and X670E have been crafted for enthusiasts, looking to push every bit of performance out of their hardware for high-end gaming and content creation. The B650 series was created as a more accessible platform for mainstream gamers and creators. 

Here’s a table of how their specifications compare: 

ChipsetPCIe Lanes: GraphicsPCIe Lanes: NVMeUnused PCIe LanesOC EnabledSuper speed USB (10Gbps)Super speed USB (20Gbps)Max SATA Ports
X670E1×16 or 2×8
PCIe 5.0
1×4 PCIe 5.0
plus 4 x PCIe GPP
X6701×16 or 2×8
PCIe 5.0
1×4 PCIe 5.0
plus 4 x PCIe GPP
B650E1×16 or 2×8
PCIe 5.0
1×4 PCIe 5.0
plus 4 x PCIe GPP
B6501×16 or 2×8
PCIe 4.0
1×4 PCIe 4.0
(PCIe 5.0 optional)

Whether your choice is influenced by budget or performance needs, there is an AM5 motherboard for you. Plus, whether you go for X670 or B650, AMD has future-proofed the platform. Meaning it will serve you well even as the industry develops. 

What is AMD EXPO?

Did you know that EXPO is an acronym? It stands for Extended Profiles for Overclocking. This software from AMD is specifically designed for overclocking memory, with a user-friendly interface. This gives you an easy way in to accelerating your gaming power. By increasing the memory frequencies on your DDR5 modules, you can unlock smoother and higher frame rates. Say hello to that competitive edge and super immersive gaming! 

Only select models of DDR5 RAM are AMD EXPO certified. Corsair and Kingston are two of the brands AMD partnered with for providing this technology. Here are two of our favourite kits available. 

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB EXPO 32GB (2X16GB) DDR5 Dual Channel RAM (CMT32GX5M2B6000Z30)

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB EXPO 32GB (2X16GB) DDR5 Dual Channel RAM

Kingston FURY Beast EXPO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 Dual Channel Kit (KF556C36BBEK2-32)

Kingston FURY Beast EXPO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 Dual Channel Kit

For more details and in-depth look at AMD EXPO, you can check out our dedicated blog article.

8Pack Meets AMD Ryzen 7000 Series 

Don’t forget to check out 8Pack’s deep dive into the AMD Ryzen 7000 Series! 

Available Now

The best news of all, all four chipsets are available to add to your gaming PC today. Check out the selection available at Overclockers UK now!

B650 and B650E Chipset Motherboards

ASUS ROG Strix B560 AM5 Motherboard

X670 and X670E Chipset Motherboards

ASUS TUF Gaming AM5 X670 Motherboard
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