Are Gaming Chairs Good for the Office? Yes!

It’s no secret that we love gaming chairs at Overclockers UK. But the question on everyone’s lips is: Are gaming chairs good for the office? 

Are Gaming Chairs Good for the Office? Yes!

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Office Work? 

The short answer is, yes! The long answer is, yes because of all these great reasons that I’m about to go into. Whether you’re desperate for an upgrade or kitting out your new office, pull up a chair and have a read. 

Rainbow of gaming chairs

Why are Gaming Chairs Good for Office Work?

Now that we’ve established that gaming chairs are good for office work, it’s about time I told you why they are good for this purpose. The following is the TLDR list version, but below you will find more detailed explanations behind each of the benefits gaming chairs bring to the office. 

  • Enhanced ergonomics 
  • Designed to be used over long periods of time 
  • Certified for office use 
  • Breathable materials 
  • Premium quality construction 
  • Stylish 

Enhanced Ergonomics

Gaming chairs are packed with ergonomic features, which are usually adjustable, so you can configure the chair to meet your exact needs. Common amenities include reclining backrests, height adjustments, 3D or 4D armrests, and tilt rocking mechanisms.

Designed for Long Use 

To complement the ergonomic features, gaming chairs have been designed to be used for long periods of time. Many are crafted with the help of esports professionals to include the features they need when competing in long tournaments. Those very same design choices help you stay comfortable in the office. Whilst we should get up and stretch regularly, the sculpting and contours of gaming chairs will keep you well supported during those long nine to five days. 

Office Certifications

If you take no other feature seriously, at least get behind this one. There are certifying bodies that mark whether a product is suitable for select uses. Gaming chairs and office needs are no different. Many gaming chairs have DIN EN 1335, BIFMA, or TÜV certifications, which are markers for office use and premium quality, respectively. 

Breathable Materials 

Further enhancing your comfort, gaming chairs are upholstered with breathable fabrics. The padding is usually a high-density foam that holds its shape, providing ample support on top of everything else. The covers are usually faux leather (typically PU or high-tech vinyl), fabric, or real leather. All fabrics are chosen for or crafted with breathable properties, to keep you feeling fresh as you sit. 

Premium Quality Construction 

All the materials utilised in a gaming chair’s construction are of premium quality, and they are built to high standards. As a result, they are durable and long-lasting. A gaming chair will keep you comfortable for many a meeting to come. To help keep them factory fresh and lasting even longer, check out our guide for maintaining your gaming chair


Finally, and possibly the most important point going, gaming chairs are incredibly stylish. Many feature designs that emulate racing car seats, complete with harness holes and sculpted wings. Plus, they come in a variety of colourways and styles to meet any aesthetic. Brighten your workspace with bold colours or opt for a more subtle coloured accent. There are even special edition gaming chairs that sport officially licenced designs from popular games, films, and franchises! Be the envy of all your co-workers. 

Personalise Your Play

We also offer a printing service, where we can add your designs to select noblechairs models. Show off your business branding in style!

Gaming Chairs That Are Good for the Office 

We have a wonderful collection of gaming chairs to explore – each fit for the office and stylish in their own way. Today, we are showcasing some of the best sellers from Aerocool, ThunderX3, Nitro Concepts, and noblechairs. Should any of our featured chairs not spark joy, then plenty more are waiting to be discovered! 

Your Guide to Gaming Chairs

If you’d like to know more about gaming chairs then check out our dedicated guide. Here you’ll find the key features written out in detail, a breakdown of the popular brands available at Overclockers UK, and more information on our printing service! 

Aerocool Guardian Gaming Chair – Azure White

First in our showcase, we have the Aerocool Guardian in Azure White. This gaming chair sports a unique shape, with armour-like padding and breathable mesh paired with a leatherette fabric. The ergonomic features are fully adjustable to maximise your comfort on a hard day’s grind. Plus, the Safety Class 4 gas lift is BIFMA tested, ensuring its safe use within an office environment. The Aerocool Guardian comes in a range of colours, and there is also the Aerocool Crown Nobility range to explore which sports the more traditional esports shaping. 

ThunderX3 TC3 Gaming Chair – All Black

As a brand, ThunderX3 has been crafted for esports. But these comfy designs work within the office, too! The All Black TC3 is upholstered with dense foam padding and synthetic leather enhanced with ThunderX3’s AIR Tech design. Armed with ergonomic features, this gaming chair has a rocking mechanism that moves between 3 and 18 degrees, as well as a backrest that can recline up to 180-degrees. Use wisely – the last thing you need is to fall asleep in a meeting because you were too comfortable! The TC3 comes in a range of colours and an XL model, called the TC3 MAX, plus there are more models to explore. 

ThunderX3: Great for Esports

Has ThunderX3 caught your eye, but you still need a little more info? We recently did an extensive breakdown of this brand, so here’s everything you need to know! 

Nitro Concepts S300 Gaming Chair – Stealth Black 

The Nitro Concepts S300 usually comes in an array of bold colours, but the Stealth Black is sleek and perfect for the office. With a TÜV certified gas lift, you can work in confidence knowing that this gaming chair is office approved. The fabric and cold foam upholstery are highly comfortable and both incredibly breathable materials, keeping you well supported as you meet those important deadlines. In addition to the S300, Nitro Concepts has the X1000, E350, and S300 EX models available in a veritable rainbow of colours. 

noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair – Black

The noblechairs EPIC is an absolute icon, especially in the Black colouring. Upholstered in PU leather that is 100% vegan, this gaming chair oozes premium. From the high-quality materials to the all-machine construction method, it feels like you are sat in a super car, not at your desk. Every noblechairs gaming chair is equipped with superior ergonomic features that are fully adjustable, including a lockable tilt rocker and 4D armrests that manoeuvre over four directions. Plus, this chair boasts both TÜV and DIN EN 1335 certifications, so you know it is office ready. Also part of the noblechairs line-up are the HERO, ICON, and LEGEND gaming chairs. 

Ultimate noblechairs Guide

HERO? EPIC? ICON? Or LEGEND? How can one possibly choose? Our ultimate guide to noblechairs may help you find the answer.

Special Edition Gaming Chairs: noblechairs HERO DOOM Edition 

If you truly want to make a statement in the office, then why not opt for a Special Edition gaming chair? The noblechairs HERO DOOM Edition is a masterpiece. In addition to all the ergonomic features that make noblechairs great and the office certifications, this gaming chair sports one hell of a design. The black PU leather is accented by red panels and embroidered sigils that are precision stitched in place by machines. This gaming chair is ready to rip and tear through your quarterly targets! Not a DOOM fan? No worries! We have plenty of special edition chairs to explore from both noblechairs and Nitro Concepts. 

Add Extra Comfort with a Pillow Set

It’s an established fact by now that gaming chairs are good. Is there a way to make them even better? You bet’cha. By adding a pillow set, you can enhance the ergonomics even further and add a splash of style. We have dedicated pillow sets for both noblechairs and Nitro Concepts for you to explore. 

noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set - Black

Memory foam pillows crafted for the HERO, ICON, EPIC, and LEGEND. Includes neck and lumbar pillows with adjustable straps.

Memory foam pillow set crafted for Nitro Concept gaming chairs. Includes neck and lumbar pillows with adjustable straps.

Nitro Concepts Memory Foam Pillow Set - BlackRed
We Love These Special Edition nobelchairs Pillow Sets And You Should Too!

You can even take this a step further with Special Edition pillow sets. Crafted to complement the noblechairs Special Edition Gaming Chairs, we have an extensive collection of these colourful and stylish pillows. Read up on the anatomy of a memory foam cushion and peruse the amazing designs available. 

Convinced Yet? 

Have we swayed you to the dark side? Ahem, I mean, to gaming chairs. (Although, if we stick with dark side, you can get an amazing noblechairs HERO Darth Vader Edition, so…) Tell us below which gaming chair will become your office throne and why! 

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