It’s back, baby!! Save this article, as we’ll be updating it throughout the week with all the latest tech announcements from Computex 2024.  

Welcome to Computex 2024: A Sneak Peek at the Future of Tech 

If you’re a tech enthusiast, PC hardware junkie, or just someone who loves staying ahead of the curve, Computex is the event you don’t want to miss. Held annually in the vibrant city of Taipei, Taiwan, Computex is one of the world’s largest and most influential tech trade shows. It’s where the biggest names in the industry come to unveil their latest products, cutting-edge technologies, and ground breaking innovations. 

This year, Computex 2024 is set to focus on five key areas that promise to shape the future of technology: AI Computing, Advanced Connectivity, Future Mobility, Immersive Reality, and Sustainability Innovations. Whether you’re into artificial intelligence, next-gen networking, futuristic transportation, immersive digital experiences, or eco-friendly tech solutions, there’s something exciting in store for you at this year’s event.  

We’ll be updating this article daily throughout the week, so stay tuned as we dive into the latest and greatest products that will be revealed at this year’s event! 

Computex Day Four: Steam Deck? Never Heard of Her!

Once again, welcome back to our coverage of Computex 2024 here on the Overclockers UK Blog! It’s day four, and that means it’s the last day of coverage so let’s jump straight in with what we’ve been checking out!  


Phanteks is redefining PC design standards with the EVOLV X2, featuring a sleek glass exterior, modern aluminium interior panels, and integrated D-RGB lighting. It boasts top radiator support up to 360mm, efficient cable management, and the NexLinq Hub for simplified D-RGB and fan control. The ECLIPSE G400A and ECLIPSE G400N cases emphasise maximum airflow with a new brick pattern front mesh design, multiple fan positions, and dedicated top radiator support, ensuring optimal cooling and cable management. 

Phanteks Evolv X2
Phanteks Eclipse G400A
Phanteks ECLIPSE G400N

The NV5MKII and NV9MKII cases support rear-connecting motherboards and offer near-seamless glass viewing, ultra-fine mesh design, and extensive cooling options. The ENTHOO PRO II XL caters to professionals with its dual chamber design, high airflow panels, support for dual PSUs and extensive fan configurations. 

Phanteks NV5II White
Phanteks NV9II White

Phanteks is not stopping at cases, either! There’s an offering of PC cooling hardware and accessories on display at this year’s Computex courtesy of the brand.  


Glacier EZ-Fit 

  • Simplifies water cooling setup with integrated fittings. 
  • Supports 16mm hard tubing and soft tubing interchangeably. 
  • No need for multiple types of fittings. 
  • Made from 100% copper, cast acrylic, and rigid aluminium alloys. 
  • Precision CNC-machined in Phanteks’ own facility. 

M25-Gen2 Fans 

  • Daisy-chaining capability with single Linq6 cable control. 
  • D-RGB lighting with infinity mirror hub. 
  • Available in 120mm and 140mm sizes, in black or white. 
  • Regular and reversed airflow direction options. 
  • Includes screw cover plates for a clean look. 
Phanteks M25-GEN2 FANS

Glacier One M25-Gen2 AIO 

  • High airflow M25-Gen2 fans with D-RGB lighting and infinity mirror hub. 
  • Large copper base and fin array for high-end CPU cooling. 
  • Daisy-chaining capability with single Linq6 cable control. 
  • Maximum clearance for motherboard and RAM components. 

NexLinq Hub 

  • A centralised hub for D-RGB lighting and fan control. 
  • New Linq6 connectors provide power for fans and D-RGB lighting. 
  • NexLinq software for easy control of lighting and fan settings. 
  • Supports chaining multiple D-RGB products with a single cable. 

NVIDIA Project G-Assist 

Hey, haven’t we already talked about NVIDIA? Well, yes but how can we not bring up this announcement? This year’s Computex has been very much focused on AI hardware and software implementations into next-gen tech. 

NVIDIA Project G Assistant AI framework

Designed to revolutionise the way gamers interact with their PCs and powered by RTX technology, G-Assist provides context-aware assistance, offering valuable insights and help in real time. 

G-Assist in Action

NVIDIA showcased G-Assist with a tech demo featuring ARK: Survival Ascended. The game makes use of the AI Assistant in several ways: 

  • In-Game Assistance: By pressing a hotkey or using a wake phrase, players can ask G-Assist questions about quests, items, lore, or strategies for dealing with in-game challenges. 
  • Contextual Recommendations: The AI assistant can advise on early game strategies, such as the best weapons to craft and where to find materials. It can also provide tips on interacting with in-game creatures based on the player’s current situation. 
  • Personalised Suggestions: The assistant analyses the player’s skill points, crafting menu, and locked engrams to offer tailored advice for progressing through the game. 

Steam Deck? Never Heard of Her 

Gaming handheld devices are once again taking over Computex this year. Driven by the success of devices like the Steam Deck, ASUS, Zotac, and MSI are all unveiling new and updated versions of their portables this year.  

Zotac Zone

Zotac Zone

  • Portable Handheld PC: Designed for gaming enthusiasts. 
  • AMOLED Display: 7-inch multi-touch high refresh display for crisp visuals. 
  • Adjustable Triggers: 2-stage adjustable triggers for enhanced gaming control. 
  • Premium Experience: Built with quality controls and top-end specs. 
  • Passion for Gaming: Reflects ZOTAC GAMING’s dedication to providing premium gaming experiences. 
  • Functional Prototypes: Available for hands-on experience and insight into the design process. 

MSI Claw 8 AI+

  • Next-Gen Processor: Powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors (codenamed “Lunar Lake”). 
  • Windows 11: World’s first Windows 11 gaming handheld. 
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Enhanced by the new processor. 
  • Upgraded Hardware: Additional Thunderbolt 4 USB-C port, improved LB/RB buttons, increased battery capacity, and lighter wall-mounted charger. 
  • 8-Inch Display: Aiming to be the most advanced 8-inch gaming handheld. 
  • Game Pass Trial: One-month free trial of Xbox Game Pass included. 
MSI Claw 8 AI+ Fallout Edition
Asus ROG Ally X

Asus ROG Ally X

  • Multiple Libraries: Compatible with Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Epic, GOG, and more.
  • Seamless Play: Supports cloud saves and robust online game libraries.
  • Powerful Processor: AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme with Zen 4 architecture and RDNA™ 3 graphics.
  • Operating Modes: Three modes (Silent, Performance, Turbo) for balanced performance and power usage.
  • Improved Battery Life: Upgraded to 80 Wh for extended gaming sessions.
  • Enhanced Design: New joysticks, additional ports, and reshaped ergonomics.
  • Display and Audio: 7-inch FHD display with 120Hz refresh rate and Dolby Atmos® dual front-facing speakers.
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with Game Pass, Steam, EA App, Epic Games, and more.
  • Bundled Game Pass: Includes a 3-month subscription to Game Pass.

Computex Day Three: HYTE and Lian Li 

We’re back! Yes, it’s time for day three of our Computex coverage here on the Overclockers UK Blog. There’s once again been a heck of a lot going on here in Taipei, so in today’s update, we’re taking a look at some of the coolest stuff we’ve found.  

Lian Li 

Showcasing new cases, PSUs and even wireless RGB Lian Li have brought their A-game to this year’s Computex.  

Wireless RGB?! 

Lian Li might have just fixed the worst part about RGB forever! There’s no doubt about it RGB is the coolest part of any modern gaming PC (I’m willing to fight on this matter), and it adds at least 20% more performance to your rig. However, if you’re anything like me and have three different brands of RGB products, the back of your PC case is filled with way too many RGB devices.  

Those annoying RGB hubs can count their days thanks to Lian Li’s new wireless controller for their PC case accessories. Set to launch alongside the upcoming UNI Fan SL V3 and STRIMER Plus V3, the USB dongle can connect to your Lian Li components wirelessly, removing the need for additional cables or boxes.  


  • Enhanced Dust Protection: Two-layer front dust filters, including a mesh panel and a removable inner fan filter. 
  • Innovative Fan Design: Pre-installed with two 170mm front fans featuring a cleaning mode to reverse blades and expel dust. 
  • Motherboard Compatibility: Supports regular and back-connect motherboards.


  • Front PSU Installation: Direct access for easier cable management. 
  • Compact Yet Compatible: M-ATX size with ATX motherboard support, accommodating GPUs up to 410mm. 
  • Cooling Potential: Can fit a 360mm top radiator and comes with pre-installed ARGB and PWM fans for optimal airflow.

O11 Vision Compact 

  • Versatile Top Panels: Choose between a glass panel for a sleek look or a mesh panel with support for AIO cooling up to 360mm. 
  • Clean Design: Side-mounted AIO setup hides tubes for a tidy appearance. 
  • Flexible GPU Installation: Supports both horizontal and vertical placements. 
  • Motherboard Compatibility: Works with both regular and back-connect motherboards. 
  • Availability: Launching in Q3 2024. 

AIO Coolers

HydroShift LCD AIO 

  • Tubeless Aesthetic: Designed for a clean look with hidden water pipes. 
  • Integrated Display: Features a 2.88″ LCD screen with 480×480 resolution, powered by L-Connect 3. 
  • Top Mounting: Cable management groove for hiding excess tube length. 
  • Variants: Available as HydroShift LCD 360S, 360RGB, and 360TL with TL LCD fans. 
  • Availability: Launching in Q3 2024.



  • Wireless Technology: Eliminates the need for multiple controllers.
  • Enhanced Lighting: Two light zones per side with independent effects.
  • High Performance: FDB bearing and speeds up to 2000 RPM.
  • Availability: Launching in Q3 2024.

Cables and Power Supply Units 


  • Wireless Design: Control all your V3 RGB devices with a single dongle.
  • Enhanced Lighting: Enlarged light guides for better visual effects.
  • Compatibility: Available for motherboard 24-pin, GPU dual 8-pin, GPU triple 8-pin, and GPU 12VHPWR connectors.

EDGE PSU Series 

  • Dual Chamber Power: Designed for dual-chamber chassis with L-shaped direct access for cable connections.
  • Additional Features: USB expansion hub and 80 Plus Platinum efficiency.
  • High Power Options: Available in 850W, 1000W, 1300W, and 850W with a mesh fan grill.
  • Availability: Launching in early July 2024.


The coolest kid on the block, at least if you ask me. HYTE are up to their usual tricks this year and showing off some awesome cases, coolers, RGB, and upgrades.  


Earlier this year, when HYTE unveiled the THICC Q60 AIO cooler, we were blown away by the performance, style, and sheer amount of RGB they managed to pack into it. Hearing the cries of HYTE simps like yours truly for a larger premium variant and a stripped-down, more cost-effective version, HYTE are showcasing the Q80 Trio and P60.  

THICC Q80 Trio 

HYTE are referring to the Q80 as “The Highest Performing Cooler Ever Made” with a 360mm long, 52mm THICC Ginormous Heat Exchanger designed to absorb more watts than any other liquid cooler. This Thicc boi is also kitted out with two class-leading Dual Harmonic Pumps that effortlessly chill even the hottest CPUs. There’s even a 2nd generation copper cold plate with 50% higher fin density and upgraded liquid flow paths to drop temps by up to 2°C more! 

Beyond the sheer cooling performance of the Thicc Q80 Trio, HYTE has utilised the exceptional design choices from the original Q60 while introducing an entirely black variant, perfect for more subtle builds. The fun doesn’t stop there, either! This raid boss of liquid coolers features an HD 60Hz 5” Ultra slim IPS Display with a 42-Pixel qRGB Array on a Double-Hinged Floating Spout with 180 degrees of adjustable swivel. 

THICC P60 Duo 

Finally, the gods over at HYTE have answered our prayers and announced a more subtle AIO that still boasts the same exceptional performance as the THICC Q60 at a more affordable price. Following on from the Q80, the P60 utilises the new THICC FP12 DUO fan design with a refreshed omnidirectional aesthetic, integrating fans into a single frame.  

When it comes to RGB, HYTE isn’t skimping here either! Innovative projector lenses capture the scattered light from the qRGB LEDs, and focus them into a uniform beam of mesmerising colour to illuminate your surrounding PC components. What’s more, with Nexus Link, you can combine both your cooling and RGB signals along a single cable. Daisy chain up to 18 devices, including the THICC P60 Duo, across a single Type-C, or double that to 36 when using both Type-C and Type-M interfaces. 

THICC FP12 Duo & Trio 

It’s getting real Thicc in here. As if HYTE’s awesome THICC FP12 fans weren’t already cool enough, at this year’s event they’re showcasing an updated design with serious performance.  

Built with Omnidirectional aesthetics to provide uninterrupted visuals without sacrificing the exceptional 32mm THICC performance, we’re ready for the Duo and Trio! The efficient design makes for an easy build, while fiberglass-reinforced liquid crystal polymer blades silently obliterate heat with monstrous 105.8 CFM airflow and 8.14 mm-H2O static pressure. What’s more, included thermal and positioning sensors allow for smart system-wide cooling control and custom curves for each individual fan using the HYTE Nexus software.  

Milky Y70’s – Spilt milk has never looked so good 

Hades, help me. My wallet is already empty! After disrupting the entire PC case industry with their fantastic Y60 before launching the incredible Y70, a case that features a corner screen, they’re back at it again. Fed up with boring cases? Well, HYTE has you covered.  

The Milky Y70’s feature soft and creamy colours.  Available in Strawberry Milk, Blueberry Milk, and Taro Milk.  

Time for an upgrade? 

If you’re thinking about levelling up your new milky Y70 PC case, then there’s no better choice than the Y70 touch Infinite Display. Last year, when HYTE launched the Y70 Touch, they exhausted the global supply of 1100 x 3840 displays thanks to the sheer popularity of the chassis.  

Available in the 2nd generation Y70 Touch PC case and alone as an upgrade for your Y70, the new Y70 Touch Infinite Display, features a sharp 688 x 2560 (2.5K) resolution (183 PPI) 60Hz screen with a 50% faster pixel response time. What’s more, these screens boast a 25% higher contrast ratio, providing deeper blacks, and brighter whites. And with a wider viewing angle of 89-degrees, you can enjoy your display from almost any direction. 

Computex Day Two: AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA  

Welcome to day two of Computex 2024! There’s been so much going on in the last couple of days. Yesterday, we checked out everything PGG is showcasing at the event. Today, we’re taking a look at the three big dogs. AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA have set our expectations high at previous Computex shows, and they don’t seem like they’re out to disappoint this year.  

AMD’s Breakthroughs at Computex 2024 

Dr. Lisa Su kicked off Computex 2024 at the AMD keynote with exciting news about AMD’s future in high-performance computing and AI. She introduced new Ryzen processors that promise to make laptops and desktops faster and smarter. 

Ryzen AI 300 Series for Laptops 

AMD’s new Ryzen AI 300 Series processors are designed for next-gen laptops. These processors have a powerful AI engine that can handle demanding tasks efficiently. They come with up to 12 high-performance cores and improved graphics for great gaming and productivity. Expect longer battery life and top-tier performance on the go. 

Ryzen 9000 Series for Desktops 

For desktops, the Ryzen 9000 Series processors offer exceptional speed and power. Built on the new “Zen 5” architecture, these processors are perfect for gamers and creators who need reliable, high-performance computing. The flagship Ryzen 9 9950X is the fastest consumer desktop processor available, delivering smooth gameplay and fast content creation. 

The new Ryzen 9000 Series desktop processors are expected to be available to DIY customers and SI partners starting July 2024. 

Model Cores / 
Boost / Base Frequency Total CachePCIe® TDP
AMD Ryzen™ 9 9950X 16 / 32 Up to 5.7 GHz / 
4.3 GHz 
80MB Gen 5 170W 
AMD Ryzen™ 9 9900X 12 / 24 Up to 5.6 GHz / 
4.4 GHz 
76MB Gen 5 120W 
AMD Ryzen™ 7 9700X 8 / 16 Up to 5.5 GHz / 
3.8 GHz 
40MB Gen 5 65W 
AMD Ryzen™ 5 9600X 6 / 12 Up to 5.4 GHz / 
3.9 GHz 
38MB Gen 5 65W 

Continued Support for AM4 and New Graphics Card 

AMD also introduced two new Ryzen 5000 Series processors for the AM4 platform, ensuring continued support and performance upgrades. Additionally, the new Radeon PRO W7900 graphics card is optimised for AI development, making it easier for developers to work on advanced AI projects locally.  

The new Ryzen 5000 Series desktop processors are expected to be available to DIY customers and SI partners starting July 2024. 

Model Cores / 
Boost / Base Frequency Total Cache PCIe® TDP 
AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900XT 16 / 32 Up to 4.8 GHz / 
3.3 GHz 
72MB Gen 4 105W 
AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800XT 8 / 16 Up to 4.8 GHz / 
3.8 GHz 
36MB Gen 4 105W 

NVIDIA’s Keynote Highlights at Computex 2024 

Jensen Huang’s Vision: Accelerate Everything 

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang kicked off Computex 2024 by emphasising cost reduction and sustainability in AI and computing. Speaking to over 6,500 industry leaders, gamers, and AI enthusiasts, Huang highlighted how generative AI is transforming industries and creating new opportunities for growth. 

Accelerated Computing Revolution 

Huang introduced new semiconductors, software, and systems designed to power data centres, factories, consumer devices, and robots. He announced NVIDIA’s one-year development cycle for new platforms, including the upcoming Rubin platform with advanced GPUs, a new Arm-based CPU, and cutting-edge networking technologies. 

Sustainable Computing 

Huang emphasised that accelerated computing is not only powerful but also sustainable. By combining GPUs and CPUs, NVIDIA’s technology delivers up to 100 times faster performance while only increasing power consumption slightly, resulting in significant cost and energy savings. 

AI Factories and Networking 

NVIDIA is partnering with leading computer manufacturers to build AI factories, pushing forward a new industrial revolution. The NVIDIA MGX modular reference design supports the latest AI systems, while the Spectrum-X networking platform enhances AI performance in data centres. 

Empowering Developers with NVIDIA NIM 

NVIDIA NIM (inference microservices) allows the world’s developers to create generative AI applications easily. With support from nearly 200 technology partners, NIM optimises AI deployments for various applications, such as digital assistants and human avatars. 

RTX AI PCs and Robotics 

NVIDIA’s RTX AI PCs bring AI to consumer devices, offering over 200 AI-powered laptops and more than 500 apps and games. NVIDIA also showcased Project G-Assist, an AI assistant for PC games and apps. 

In robotics, NVIDIA’s Isaac platform supports the development of advanced AI robots, enhancing factory and warehouse efficiency. Taiwanese manufacturers, among others, are using NVIDIA’s technology to create digital twins and automate their facilities. 

Intel’s Keynote Highlights – AI Everywhere: Intel’s Vision 

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger kicked off Computex 2024 by emphasising the company’s commitment to making AI accessible and cost-efficient across various platforms, including data centres, cloud, network, and edge devices. Intel aims to lead the industry with powerful, energy-efficient solutions and low total cost of ownership, pushing towards a sustainable and scalable future. 

New Processor Architectures 

Lunar Lake: 

  • Intel introduced the Lunar Lake processor, designed for thin-and-light PCs, promising major improvements in power efficiency and performance. 
  • The processor features new Performance-cores (P-cores) and Efficient-cores (E-cores), delivering up to 40% lower system-on-chip power usage. 
  • New Xe2 GPU cores boost gaming and graphics performance by 1.5x, while the neural processing unit (NPU) improves AI capabilities up to 4x. 
  • Lunar Lake will power over 80 new AI PC designs from more than 20 partners starting in Q3 2024. 

Intel Xeon 6: 

  • Intel launched the Xeon 6 family, including both E-core and P-core options, to cater to diverse workloads from AI and high-performance computing to cloud-native applications. 
  • The Xeon 6 processors offer up to 1.4x higher memory bandwidth and up to 1.8x increased inter-socket bandwidth compared to previous generations, enhancing performance and efficiency. 
  • The E-core variants, code-named Sierra Forest, are optimised for high-density, scale-out workloads, offering significant improvements in performance per watt and rack-level consolidation. 

AI Accelerator Kits: Intel Gaudi 

  • Intel unveiled pricing for its Gaudi 2 and Gaudi 3 AI accelerator kits. 
  • Gaudi 2 kits, with eight accelerators, are priced at $65,000, about one-third the cost of competitive platforms. 
  • Gaudi 3 kits are priced at $125,000, around two-thirds the cost of similar platforms. 
  • Several system providers, including ASUS, Foxconn, and Gigabyte, will offer Intel Gaudi 3 systems, expanding the market for Intel’s AI accelerators. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Lunar Lake: Promises significant advances in power efficiency and AI performance for next-gen PCs. 
  • Xeon 6: Offers scalable, high-performance solutions for data centres and cloud applications with improved efficiency. 
  • Gaudi AI Kits: Provide a cost-effective solution for deploying AI at scale, with competitive pricing and widespread industry support. 

Intel’s latest innovations underline its mission to integrate AI into every aspect of computing, ensuring enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and broad accessibility for developers and enterprises alike. 

Computex Day One: Pro Gamers Group (PGG) 

Welcome to day one of one of the largest technology shows of the year! Today, we’re checking out everything the Pro Gamers Group is bringing to the show, and there is a lot of it. Showcasing brands such as noblechairs, Ducky, Streamplify, and more, PGG has a load of new stuff to show off. 


Welcome to the world of nobility with noblechairs! Known for bringing the exquisite feel of the world’s best racing car interiors to your home and office, noblechairs continues to lead in ergonomic seating, premium materials, and elegant design. This year, they’re showing off some awesome bestselling models alongside new special edition chairs, cushions, and the FOOTREST 2! 


As a proud supporter of the esports scene, noblechairs presents the HERO DIGNITAS Edition. This Special Edition chair features magnetic surfaces on the side wings, allowing users to attach a limited-edition holographic magnet and customise their throne. Styled in Team Dignitas colours, it celebrates the team’s many victories with premium features like a steel frame, deform-resistant cold foam, an aluminium base, 4D armrests, and built-in lumbar support. 

HERO: Darth Maul Edition 

Unleash the power of the dark side with the HERO DARTH MAUL Edition. This chair features stunning artwork of the iconic Sith inspired by his facial tattoos, on the front and back. Built with the same high standards as the DIGNITAS Edition, it combines comfort and style for all Star Wars fans. 

Accessories: DOOM Retro and Grogu Pillow Sets 

Enhance your noblechairs experience with the DOOM Retro Edition Pillow Set, perfect for adding some 90s nostalgia to your setup, or the Grogu Edition Pillow Set for maximum cuteness. Both sets are made from a polyester and cotton blend, offering superior comfort and machine-washable convenience. 

Footrest 2 

The new Footrest 2 complements your chair and provides the most comfortable sitting position. Available in five materials, from synthetic premium-quality imitation leather to genuine top-grain leather, it ensures both style and comfort. 

The Best Gaming Chair and Footrest Combination 

Upcoming Special Release: EPIC V2 

Get ready for the next level of gaming comfort with the noblechairs EPIC V2. Building on the legacy of the original EPIC, this upcoming release features cutting-edge enhancements inspired by motorsports. With a synchro-mechanism and advanced reclining options, the EPIC V2 promises unparalleled ergonomic support and luxury. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new addition! 


Founded in 2008 and based in Taiwan, Ducky is a leading manufacturer of high-end mechanical keyboards and peripherals. The brand combines state-of-the-art technology with cultural traditions to create products that are not just functional but also artistic. At this year’s Computex Ducky is showcasing a line-up of innovative and visually stunning keyboards that we can’t wait to get our hands on. 

Ducky One X 100%/60% Wireless Gasket-Mount Inductive Analog Mechanical Keyboard 

Meet the Ducky One X, the world’s first rapid trigger keyboard featuring inductive analogue switches for superior accuracy, consistency, and power efficiency. It boasts Ducky’s QUACK Mechanics+ with seven-layer dampening, a gasket-mount design, tri-mode connectivity, and 85% high-density PBT doubleshot keycaps. Customisation is a breeze with web-based software. Experience unparalleled performance and sublime typing with features like adjustable actuation, multi-point trigger, and PET acoustics isolation layers. 

Year of The Dragon – Outlaw 65 Limited Edition 

Celebrate craftsmanship and tradition with the Limited Year of the Dragon Outlaw 65. This 65% pre-built gasket-mount custom mechanical keyboard is adorned with Oriental Crystal Caps and the Seal of the Dragon Esc/Spacebar, featuring classical oriental blue colouring and a mesmerising dragon pattern. Limited to 999 pieces, it includes Cherry MX2A Purple switches, a CNC machined aluminium case, and a south-facing switch design. With QMK/VIA support and a design inspired by traditional Chinese porcelain craft, it’s a fusion of tradition and innovation. 

Ducky One 3 Pro 100%/60% 8000 Hz Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard 

The Ducky One 3 Pro sets new standards with its south-facing switch design for enhanced keycap compatibility and aesthetically pleasing backlighting. Boasting an impressive 8000Hz USB report rate, it delivers extremely fast and responsive performance. This hot-swappable keyboard features triple-shot PBT keycaps and Ducky’s QUACK Mechanics, available in both 60% and 100% layouts. 

Ducky Zero 6108 100% Wireless Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard 

Offering tri-mode connectivity, the Ducky Zero 6108 ensures seamless performance across USB Type-C, 2.4GHz wireless, and Bluetooth connections. Designed for ultimate customisation, it features hot-swappable technology, allowing users to replace switches without soldering. With OEM PBT double-shot keycaps and a 100% layout, it’s perfect for gaming, typing, or programming. 

ProjectD – Tinker Series 75%/65% Gasket-Mount Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard 

The Tinker keyboard brings high-quality mechanical keyboards to a wider audience. Its minimalist barebone design allows for easy installation of switches and keycaps, making it hassle-free to start typing. Despite its affordability, it retains customisable features like QMK/VIA programmability, gasket-mount design, south-facing PCB with RGB LED, and double-shot PBT keycaps. Available in 65% and 75% layouts, it offers a premium experience at a cost-effective price. 


Streamplify is dedicated to empowering live streamers and content creators with high-quality yet affordable equipment. At Computex 2024, the brand is unveiling four new products, including a 4K webcam for under £100!!  


The MIC PRO is a second-generation condenser microphone delivering hi-res audio at 192kHz/24-bit. It offers four polar patterns for versatile recording scenarios, ensuring clear and professional sound for interviews, crowd interactions, instrument tracking, and live streaming. 


The CAM PRO, Streamplify’s first 4K webcam, retails for under £100. It captures stunning 4K/30fps or 1080p/60fps video. With a larger sensor and enhanced resolution, it supports a 5x digital zoom without losing quality. The default 105-degree wide-angle lens can easily be cropped for a more focused view. 


The MOUNT LIFT offers incredible flexibility for your set-up. This mounting arm is compatible with a wide range of products and can be manoeuvred to fit your needs perfectly. 


Streamplify’s CAPTURE 4K streaming device offers 4K/30 capture and up to 4K@60Hz passthrough resolution with ultra-low latency under 100ms. It’s compatible with OBS, Twitch, YouTube, and major gaming consoles, making it a robust solution for high-definition content capture and streaming. 


AeroCool is displaying new high-value flagship products across its lines at this year’s Computex, emphasising their commitment to affordable premium products. With over 20 years of experience and a presence in over 50 countries, the brand is once again showing off some really cool hardware.  

APNX V1 Case 

The APNX V1 is AeroCool’s finest case. Designed from the ground up, it features a unique intake angle for better airflow to the rear of the chassis, supporting two 16cm fans in an angular intake panel for powerful, centrally targeted GPU airflow. Additional features include an adjustable motherboard location for thicker AIO radiators or improved airflow, quick-release cooling brackets, a cable management channel-board design, and options for wood-side panelling. 

Spectro Vision L360 AIO Cooler 

The Spectro Vision L360 stands out with a 4.3” IPS LCD screen, more extensive than its competitors, with an adjustable angle on the water-block screen. It displays CPU temperature, load, memory load, and more via the Control Center app, supporting customisable JPEG, PNG, BMP, and MP4 uploads. The cooler also features real wood panelling on the pump and an expanded radiator fin surface for superior heat dissipation. 

New Cases 

AeroCool has more new cases with real wood front panelling options. These cases support ASUS and MSI motherboards with backwards-facing connectors for clean cable management. They also accommodate up to 360mm radiators and long GPUs up to 400mm. 

MAX P1 1300/1000 PSUs 

The MAX P1 1300/1000 power supplies are 80 PLUS Platinum fully modular units, manufactured by Tier 1 PSU maker CWT. They comply with ATX 3.1 standards and feature all Japanese capacitors for top-notch performance. Equipped with a 135mm silent FDB fan and an optimised grill design, these PSUs offer excellent ventilation and cooling. They also feature reduced fan speed for minimal noise and a zero-fan silent mode during low loads, all backed by a 15-year warranty. 

Endgame Gear 

Endgame Gear is bringing an impressive line-up of gaming peripherals to Computex 2024, demonstrating their commitment to precision, performance, and innovative design. 

EM-B & EM-B Plus Gaming Mousepads 

The EM-B and EM-B Plus gaming mousepads feature a balanced surface that perfectly marries speed and control. These mousepads offer the right blend of friction for both swift movements and precise adjustments, essential for fast-paced games and tactical FPS. With a base made from premium 3mm Japanese PORON®, they provide a soft, comfortable cushioning with exceptional grip and non-slip properties. The sub-surface stitching ensures a flat, unhindered experience, allowing the mousepad to lay flatter than conventional stitching. 

XM2w 4K Wireless Gaming Mouse 

The XM2w 4K wireless gaming mouse is equipped with top-tier components, including a PixArt PAW3395 sensor and custom Kailh GX mechanical SPDT switches. Designed for ultra-low latency, it supports polling rates up to 4000Hz via wireless, ensuring exceptional performance and responsiveness. Available in multiple colours like Black, White, Dark Frost, and White Frost, it features a 335 mAh battery and comes with a 4000Hz dongle. 

XM2 8K Wired Gaming Mouse 

The XM2 8K wired gaming mouse is the next evolution in Endgame Gear’s lineup, featuring an 8000Hz polling rate and custom Kailh GX switches. It integrates the exceptional internals of the OP1 8K into the iconic XM shape, making it the fastest mouse in the world. With the lowest click latency and high-speed components, it is available in Black, White, Dark Frost, and White Frost. 

OP1w 4K Wireless Gaming Mouse 

The OP1w 4K wireless gaming mouse offers the same impressive specifications as the XM2w 4K but in a smaller shape. It operates at a 4000Hz polling rate in wireless mode and allows users to swap out the main buttons easily. Featuring a PixArt PAW3395 sensor and custom Kailh GX switches, it ensures top-tier performance and comes in Black, White, Dark Frost, and White Frost. 

OP1 8K Purple Frost Limited Edition Wired Gaming Mouse 

The OP1 8K Purple Frost Limited Edition is a striking addition to the line-up, featuring a translucent Purple Frost shell and cutting-edge technology. EGG is bringing back the early 00s gamer aesthetic with this one! Equipped with the latest PixArt PAW3950 sensor and Motion Sync at 8000Hz, it offers exceptional surface compatibility and the lowest click latency in the world. The premium packaging includes a no-kink cable storage, ensuring a top-tier user experience. 

Innovative Endgame Gear KB65HE Hall Effect Gaming Keyboard 

KB65HE Hall Effect Gaming Keyboard 

The KB65HE Hall Effect Gaming Keyboard utilises advanced Hall Effect technology to redefine the gaming experience. Each keystroke is detected by a state-of-the-art sensor responding to magnetic field changes. The CNC machined aluminium case offers precision engineering and modern aesthetics, while Gateron KS-37B switches provide enhanced stability and less key wobble. Features include double-shot PBT keycaps, button remapping, RGB customisation, and ergonomic typing angles adjustable to 7.5°. Available in multiple layouts, it boasts a sturdy construction with a weight of ~1050g. 

HAVN at Computex 2024 

HAVN is making their debut at Computex 24 as Pro Gamers Group’s most premium PC hardware brand, showcasing their meticulously designed and expertly engineered products. 


  • Hybrid Structure: Offers high-volume central GPU airflow within a full panorama view dual chamber design while maintaining a traditional mid-tower ratio and footprint. 
  • Custom Panel Ventilation: Optimised for airflow, ideal for 140mm fans with 11 fan slots and supports up to 420mm radiators on the top, bottom, and side. 
  • Panoramic Curved Glass Panel: Engineered to be flatter and with a smaller radius to minimise visual distortion, providing a stunning view of the interior. 
  • SimpliCable Routing System and Fan Hub: Organises cables cleanly and discreetly, making for a tidy build. 
  • Vertical GPU Kit (HS 420 VGPU version only): Includes an angled bottom fan bracket and glass airflow guide, along with a mount kit featuring a PCIe 5.0 riser cable for optimal GPU placement and cooling. 

David Jarlestedt, HAVN Product and Brand Director, emphasises the brand’s commitment to purposeful design: “Nothing is frivolous; every aspect of the product has been thought out, tested, and included because it has a specific function. We hope those who buy it will appreciate this kind of meticulous beauty, and the refined performance it brings.” 

Nitro Concepts Dominate the Track 

Nitro Concepts are known as a go-to brand for high-quality gaming chairs, desks, and accessories that don’t break the bank. This year, they are stepping into a new dimension by adding sim racing to their portfolio with three setups for racing enthusiasts.  


The C-Racer is a foldable racing wheel stand perfect for casual sim-racers and beginners. It easily folds up after your racing session, making it ideal for small spaces. It features a detachable caster rail to keep your gaming chair secure during intense racing. 

  • Foldable for easy storage 
  • Extremely small footprint 
  • Safe and non-slip standing 
  • Caster rail for gaming chairs 
  • Under 20kg shipping box 


  • Comfortable assembling 
  • Small footprint 
  • Supports Nitro, noblechairs, and bucket seats 
  • Reinforced connection parts to avoid wobble and bending 
  • Under 30kg shipping box 

The Nitro Concepts S-Racer Rig is designed for demanding users ready to upgrade from beginner to advanced. Its compact design supports Nitro Chairs, noblechairs, and bucket seats alike, ensuring stability and ease of assembly. 


The E-Racer is Nitro’s first aluminium profile racing rig, perfect for advanced users looking to create their first enthusiast sim-racing rig. It features premium build quality for high-intensity use with high-end racing equipment. 

  • Modularity of an aluminium profile rig 
  • Small footprint 
  • Stable and durable 
  • RGB illumination support 
  • Under 30kg shipping box 

THUNDERX3 Unveils Premium Mesh Chair at Computex 2024 

Get ready for some serious comfort upgrades courtesy of THUNDERX3. Known as one of the top five gaming chair brands worldwide, THUNDERX3 is showcasing their new FLEX Pro Mesh Chair and LAB-X Motor Desk.  

FLEX Pro Mesh Chair 

First up, the FLEX Pro Mesh Chair. This beauty is all about breathability and customisability. Here are the highlights: 

  • 19 Adjustment Options: Customise it to fit your body perfectly. 
  • Triple Backside Support: Self-adjusting for maximum comfort without the fuss. 
  • 3D Lumbar Support: Borrowed from the award-winning CORE series. 

LAB-X Motor Desk 

Next, check out the LAB-X Motor Desk. This motorised steel desk is built for heavy-duty use and customisation. Key features include: 

  • Anti-Collision Motor: Automatically reverses when bumped. 
  • Mesh Plate Bracket: Perfect for better airflow under your desktop PC. 
  • Tempered Glass Panel: Works like a built-in mousepad for those ultra-smooth swipes. 
  • Modular Design: Tailor your desk with a full ecosystem of parts. 


Showcasing PC cases, PSUs, custom cables with RGB, and more, Kolink is looking to please at this year’s event.  

New PC Cases 

Kolink’s new PC case lineup offers high-performance and stylish designs: 

  • Unity Arena: Features edge-to-edge glass panels, addressable ARGB fans, and support for vertical GPU mounting. 
  • Observatory HF Glass / Mesh: Comes with a full mesh or glass front panel, depending on the model, and pre-installed ARGB fans. 
  • Unity Meshbay ARGB: Boasts a mesh front panel for excellent ventilation and a sleek tempered glass side panel. 
  • Unity Peak: Includes tempered glass panels and ARGB fans with advanced cooling support. 
  • Unity Cascade: High airflow front panel with a stylish venting design and ARGB fans. 

All cases are designed with clear interiors and extensive cooling support, perfect for gamers and PC enthusiasts. 

Upcoming Products 

  • Regulator Gold and Bronze PSUs: Offering 80 PLUS Gold and Bronze certification, these fully modular power supplies support ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 with 12VHPWR connectors, available in various wattages. 
  • Core Pro 12V-2×6 Braided Cable Extension Kit: High-performance cable kit with 16AWG wires, PET braiding, and multiple aesthetic options. 
  • Core Pro 12V-2×6 90 Degree Adapter: Ensures secure connections for VGA cards, perfect for compact cases. 
  • Umbra Radiant ARGB Extension Cables: Feature ARGB LEDs and high-quality silicone construction for an impressive look, available in late Q2. 
  • Umbra Pro High-Performance ARGB Fan: High-performance ARGB fan with excellent airflow and static pressure, coming in Q3. 

Computex 2024

We can’t wait to hear what other spicy announcements are going to drop at Computex this year. Let us know what tech you want to get your hands on in the comments below! 

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