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Overclockers UK is back with another incredible game bundle courtesy of Intel. With a qualifying Intel 14th Gen processor, you can now get your hands on the long-awaited Star Wars Outlaws! Need we say more?  

Keep on reading for all the information you need, including redemption dates and qualifying products. 

Star Wars Outlaws 

Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Star Wars Outlaws is the very first open world Star Wars video game. Play as Kay Vess, who, alongside her companion Nix, is seeking freedom and the chance to start a new life. Fight, steal, and outwit your way through the galaxy.  

Pilot your very own ship, The Trailblazer, as you take on high-stake missions from some of the galaxy’s most wanted crime syndicates. Infiltrate secret locations, steal goods, and defeat enemies as you explore distinct planets rife with opportunity.  

What’s Included in the Bundle?  

Included within this exclusive bundle is your very own key for Star Wars Outlaws. All you need to do is purchase a qualifying Intel 14th Gen CPU between April 9th 2024 and July 31st 2024.  

You can redeem your game key by heading over to before September 15th 2024

Compatible Intel 14th Gen Products  

The qualifying Intel 14th Gen products included in this bundle are both the desktop and HX line-up which can be brought as a standalone and as part of a gaming PC or laptop. This includes: 


  • i9-14900K/KF 
  • i7-14700K/KF 
  • I5-14600K/KF 


  • i9-14900HX 
  • i9-14700HX 
  • i7-14650HX 
  • i5-14450HX 
  • i5-14500HX 

Tempted to upgrade to get your copy of Star Wars Outlaws? You can browse all the Intel 14th Gen CPUs available on the Overclockers UK website by clicking the button.  

Will You Be Getting Your Hands on This Bundle? 

Will you be purchasing a qualifying Intel 14th Gen CPU so you can play Star Wars Outlaws? Let us know in the comments.  Alternatively, if you want more information about this exclusive bundle, click the button below.  

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