Haiku Day: Showing Our Love For Gaming Through Poetry

Humble beginnings, 

From Pong came this timeless love 

Which we write about. 

Haiku Day Poetry Feature image

So, it’s Haiku day, 

And now we shall count the ways… 

Wait, that was Shakespeare. 

In Spooky Swamp, Our Love Did Bloom 

A tale from my life, 

Young dragon on Playstation 

Ventured to the swamp. 

There they spoke haiku, 

Form fit to express our love. 

Our thanks to Spyro. 

haiku day spyro the dragon spooky swamp

Cherry blossoms leave 

As soon as wind blows. But this, 

gaming, lives always. 

The Console Withered, PC Gaming Bloomed 

Our summer ended, 

Gaming PCs took my heart. 

A new spring began. 

Scorn did not take hold 

Though something jaded did come 

From the Refract range. 

Upon the Mountain We Take Our Seat 

Through every season 

Kings and queens all need their thrones. 

noblechairs, hear us. 

With golden stitches 

The Elden Lord reigning true 

To grant us comfort. 

The Keys to the Kingdom 

Our fingers reach out 

For keys to digital worlds 

That have tactile feel. 

The mallard lights up 

To tell us it is the one. 

Like autumn lanterns 

And now winter falls 

On our silly little blog. 

Mount Fuji reference. 

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