So, you’ve got your gaming rig all set up, your microphone is crisp, and your gameplay is on point. But there’s one thing that could take your streaming game to the next level: lighting. In this article, we’re breaking down everything you need to know to light your streaming set-up properly.  

Good lighting can make a world of difference in how your audience sees you and your gameplay. Whether you’re crushing it on Twitch, making waves on TikTok, or kicking butt on Kick, here are some tips to properly light up your streaming set-up and give your viewers the ultimate experience. 

What About My Bedroom Light? 

Any light is better than no light. However, your overhead bedroom light just isn’t going to cut it if you want to look professional. Natural light is awesome if you can swing it, but ideally, you need a massive window in front of your gaming set-up, and if you’re streaming at night or in a dark room, then it’s game over.  

At the very least, try to position yourself so that whatever light source you are using is in front of you, not behind, to avoid looking like a shadowy figure lurking in the darkness. Unless shadowy figures are your whole jam… then go for it, I guess? 

Level Up Your Light Source! 

Use the light source, Luke. While even an old desk lamp from the loft will make a difference, investing in proper lighting gear is totally worth it and not as expensive as you might think. Listen, there’s a reason ring lights are popular with streamers okay – they provide even, flattering light that makes you look like a superstar. Or, well, as good as you possibly can look… we’re not miracle workers.  

Streamplify LIGHT 14″ Ring Light, 100 – 240V, White LED – Black

  • 14” ring light with 10 brightness levels and 4 colour temperatures
  • Remote Control
  • Versatile lighting solution that can be adjusted 5cm in height
  • Natural and vivid lighting with CRI ≧ 90
  • Additional USB port behind the Tact-Switch control panel for charging devices
  • Versatile and sturdy ring light for all your content needs

Streamplify LIGHT 10″ Ring Light, 5V USB White LED – Black

  • 10” ring light with 10 brightness levels and 3 colour temperatures
  • Includes smartphone holder, camera mount, and foldable tripod
  • In-line controller for lighting setting adjustments on the fly
  • Versatile lighting solution that can be adjusted 5cm in height
  • Natural and vivid lighting with CRI ≧ 90
  • Includes a 5V USB cable to interface with power banks for lighting on the go
  • Versatile and sturdy ring light for all your content needs

If you want to take it up an extra notch for more even and adjustable lighting, then a key light is the way to go. Streamplify’s GLOW light, for example, offers up 20 brightness levels, four colour temperatures, and a CRI of up to 90! You can even control the light with the handy remote, making adjustments on the fly simple.  

Streamplify GLOW LIGHT 14 Ring Light with LCD Touch Panel

  • 14″ ring light designed for indirect lighting
  • Twenty brightness levels and four colour temperatures
  • Produces natural lighting up to 90 CRI
  • Includes desk clamp and standing mount for versatile placement
  • Precise control via LCD touch panel or wireless remote
  • Ultra-thin profile to save on space
Streamplify GLOW LIGHT 14 Ring Light

Play with Angles 

No, not Castiel, I SAID ANGLES! Experiment with different lighting angles to find what works best for you. A light positioned slightly above eye level can help reduce shadows and highlight your face, while side lighting can add depth and drama to your stream.  

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Adjust for Colour Temperature 

Ever noticed how some streams have a warm, cosy glow while others look cold and sterile? Both of these styles can work depending on how you want your stream to look, but changing between the two or finding a comfortable middle ground is super easy. It’s all changed by the colour temperature of your lighting. Most streaming lights will allow you to change to a few different colour presets. Play around with warmer tones for a cosy vibe or cooler tones for a sleek, modern look. 

Your Background & Details 


Okay, we’ve made it to the final step. Yippee! How you light yourself isn’t the only important lighting for your stream. A quick way to look more professional is to consider your background. For streaming, you generally have two options. You can use a greenscreen and a digital background or opt to style your real background. A simple RGB light casting some colourful light at the wall behind you can make for a background that is interesting but not distracting.  

Finally, keep an eye on reflections, glare, and shadows, and make adjustments as needed. 

Ready To Level Up Your Stream?

Make sure to shoot us your Twitch, Kick, or TikTok channel name down below so we can come watch!  

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