noblechairs HERO Iron Man Edition

Avenger fans, assemble! Officially licenced by the MCU, noblechairs has a new HERO in its ranks. They’ve only gone and scored Iron Man! My inner comic book nerd is happy dancing right now. Premium noblechairs comfort with an iconic Iron Man inspired design? Yes. Please. Dust off your quippy comebacks and feast your eyes on this amazing chair. 

I am Iron Man

Where do I begin with this chair? The Arc Reactor and panel design embroidery? The metallic red, gold, and black to match the Iron Man suit? The classy silver embroidery of Iron Man’s mask and signature? It’s almost like noblechairs got hold of a suit and literally turned it into a gaming chair. Thankfully, this gaming chair is upholstered in vegan PU leather rather than a titanium alloy. Whilst that may be incredibly durable, the PU leather is much more comfortable and breathable. Paired with the dense cold foam padding, the noblechairs HERO Iron Man Edition will keep you wonderfully supported whilst taking on Thanos. 

noblechairs HERO Iron Man Edition

The combination of PU leather and cold foam padding has its own durable qualities. Keeping the iconic design fresh, the PU leather holds colour excellently and will not fade whilst the cold foam is deform-resistant. Even the Hulk could sit in this gaming chair and it would hold its shape. Sit in the noblechairs HERO Iron Man Edition and feel like a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. 

Doth Mother Know You Weareth Her Drapes?

Beneath this fancy upgrade are all the premium ergonomic features that we know and love from noblechairs. As a HERO, the Iron Man Edition utilises the largest model from the noblechairs gaming chair range. The backrest has a larger surface area, as well as featuring integrated lumbar support making it the most advanced of the three designs. In addition to this, the space between the armrests is wider, granting you ample space for saving the MCU from terror. Loki, Vision, Thanos – they have nothing on the superior ergonomics of this chair. 

Armed with a tilt rocker mechanism, you can enjoy 11-degrees of movement paired with a recline of up to 35-degrees. Lean back from 90 to 125-degrees and relax, pretending you live that billionaire lifestyle. The 4D armrests move across four axes; height, depth, swivel, and distance. This allows you to perfectly align the noblechairs HERO Iron Man Edition to your exact needs. Plus, with the polyurethane coating, these armrests grant you extra grip and comfort than standard gaming chairs. Lush. 

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Iron Man Special Edition

Actually He’s the Boss. I just Pay for Everything and Design Everything, Make Everyone Look Cooler

For its foundation, the noblechairs HERO Iron Man Edition utilises the classic stainless-steel frame. (Not iron, sorry.) Stainless-steel is chosen for its highly durable qualities and the great stability it offers the chair. Paired with this, the five-point base is manufactured from powder-coated aluminium. At the end of each point is a 60mm caster, utilising a Nylon core and polyurethane coating. As a result, these casters glide effortlessly across both soft and hard flooring. You can seamlessly take the noblechairs HERO Iron Man Edition from one end of your playboy bachelor pad* to the other with a smooth roll. 

*We can dream, ok?! 

Finally, integrated within the base is a Safety Class 4 gas lift that adjusts over a height of 10cm. Plus, it allows this gaming chair to hold up to 150kg of weight. Paired with its DIN EN 1335 certification for office use, the noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Iron Man Edition is the perfect throne for extended use, whether you’re at your battle station, designing the next suit, or taking on Thanos. 

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Iron Man Special Edition features

I’m Tony Stark. I Build Neat Stuff, Got a Great Girl, Occasionally Save the World 

It’s time to cry, “Avengers, assemble!” because the noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Iron Man Special Edition is available to pre-order now at Overclockers UK. Honestly getting giddy just typing that! Click the link below to secure yours now, and be sure to share the pics of your gaming set-up with its new Iron Man gaming chair. Tag us, @OverclockersUK

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Iron Man Special Edition

  • Officially licenced Marvel design
  • Inspired by Iron Man, featuring his mask, signature, and Arc Reactor
  • 100% vegan PU leather
  • 4D armrests and adjustable ergonomics
  • Stainless-steel frame and aluminium base
noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Iron Man Special Edition
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