noblechairs HERO ST Stormtrooper Edition

Stand for the Empire and take on the Rebel Alliance! With the new noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition, you can show your support for the Galatic Empire in absolute comfort and style. Teaming up with LucasFilm once more, noblechairs has created something out of this world. In the Venn diagram of Star Wars fans and gamers who like white hardware, this chair is where those circles intersect. So, pick up your E-11 blaster and check out this incredible gaming chair with us. 

noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition banner

Aren’t You a Little Short for a Stormtrooper?

Officially licensed by Disney, the noblechairs HERO ST Stormtrooper Edition has been designed to emulate the iconic Stormtrooper style. Primarily white, there are black accents and decals that create a facsimile of their helmets. Plus, as an ST model, this gaming chair has a harness hole – akin to those found on EPICs – which, in effect, serves as the helmet’s visor. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect your aim! 

With the Imperial insignia displayed proudly on the back; you’ll definitely feel like one of Vader’s personal legion. The emblem has been machine-stitched and embroidered to replicate the most feared symbol in the galaxy. Feel the power flow through you. 

noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition
noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition

A Real Stormtrooper is an Extension of the First Order

All noblechairs are made with premium materials, and the HERO ST Stormtrooper Edition is no different. Utilising synthetic PU leather, the upholstery is highly durable, breathable, and easy to clean. Perfect for after taking a trip down garbage compactor 3263827. To provide outstanding support, this gaming chair is padded with a dense cold foam that expertly holds its shape. In fact, the chair could headbutt the door as many times as it wants, and it would not be bent out of shape. 

For its foundation, the noblechairs HERO ST Stormtrooper Edition is equipped with a frame manufactured from stainless steel. Robust and durable, you’ll be kept safe from errant blaster fire as well as enjoying a properly supported posture. The five-point base is manufactured from powder-coated aluminium, with each prong ending in a 60mm caster. Comprised of a Nylon core and polyurethane coating, these casters roll seamlessly across both soft and hard flooring. Smoother than a Mouse Droid. 

Better than a Buckethead

Star Wars may occur in a galaxy far, far away, but noblechairs comfort is proudly Earth-based. Each of their models sports a plethora of ergonomic features. The HERO ST is the largest model, with an advanced backrest that includes integrated and adjustable lumbar support, as well as memory foam padding in the headrest. There is ample room between the armrests, thanks to the spacious seat and wide backrest. You’re sure to fit, even in full Stormtrooper armour. 

While you game, or track down Rebel scum, the HERO ST Stormtrooper can recline from its upright, 90-degree position to a relaxing 125-degrees. That’s a scope of 35-degrees to find your perfect angle. Plus, this chair is equipped with a tilt rocker that boasts 11-degrees of movement. What’s more, this gaming chair features 4D armrests, that boast texturing on their wide surface. Not only do these armrests provide outstanding grip, even during the most intense space battles, but they can be manoeuvred over four directions. Adjust in height, depth, swivel, and distance. Configure this gaming chair to suit you! 

Finally, the base is equipped with a Safety Class 4 gas lift that allows for the overall height to adjust by 10cm as well as support up to 150kg in weight. Designed for use over extended periods, the noblechairs HERO ST Stormtrooper has been certified for office use, in accordance with DIN EN 1335. You can chase the rebels halfway across the galaxy and remain as supported and comfortable as at the start of your mission. 

No Jedi mind tricks, this is the chair you’re looking for! 

noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition
noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition

The Keenest Weapon in the Emperor’s Arsenal

If you’re excited for this gaming chair, then you’ll be pleased to know it is available to pre-order from Overclockers UK. Drop a comment below with your favourite Stormtrooper moment and if you’ll be bagging one of these amazing chairs. 

noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition

  • Officially licensed by Disney
  • White PU leather with Stormtrooper decals
  • Superior ergonomics including 4D armrests
  • DIN EN 1335 certified
  • Stainless steel frame
noblechairs HERO ST Gaming Chair Stormtrooper Edition
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