Lian Li has answered all our prayers with the UNI FAN SL-INF Reverse Blade fans, now available in 120mm and 140mm models. No matter the angle that you look at your gaming PC from, your RGB lighting will look phenomenal.

Lian Li SL-INF 120 reverse Blade Featured Image

We all love the mesmerising infinity mirror design of Lian Li’s SL-INF fans. By using standard fans for your air intake, you only see the edge lighting, as the fan hub is pointing to the outside of your case. With the SL-INF reverse blade though, both intake and exhaust fan hubs are pointing inwards, properly displaying the infinity mirror effect. 

We Need That Cool Air 

The Lian Li RSL-INF fans have been engineered to provide outstanding cooling performance. Each fan is manufactured from premium quality materials, including polycarbonate, PBT, and aluminium. Utilising these, the SL-INF reverse blade fans are manufactured to an extremely high standard, allowing these fans to easily reach speeds of 2100RPM. 

Thanks to these phenomenal speeds and an excellent fan blade design, the SL-INF reverse blade fan can deliver a phenomenal 63.6CFM of airflow, with a static pressure of 2.02mmH2O. What’s more, these fans can achieve this without being overly taxing on your system power, as they only require 5.16W combined for fan and RGB. 

Lian Li RSL-INF Fan

Additionally, the Lian Li UNI FAN SL-INF reverse blade fan is whisper quiet while in operation, reaching a maximum acoustic volume of just 32dB(A). It can achieve this as it is equipped with fluid dynamic bearings (FDB) which are excellent at minimising vibrations. Alongside this, the SL-INF reverse blade fan also utilises rubber contact feet, so any vibrations that are produced can’t be amplified by your case. 

A New Addition to the Fam 

The Lian Li SL-INF family of fans is now complete, as there is now a 140mm Reverse Blade model to add to the existing range. If you have space for these larger fans in your case, then they are a fantastic option. These fans deliver many advantages over their 120mm counterparts, such as improved airflow, higher static pressure, and reduced noise. 

Specifically, a UNI SL-INF 140mm Reverse Airflow fan can produce airflow of 71.6CFM, at a static pressure of 2.95mmH2O. This is achieved by spinning the seven blades at speeds of up to 1600RPM. With their larger size, these fans can spin at slower speeds and still achieve the same results as smaller models. Plus, they don’t make as much noise! In fact, these fans have a maximum acoustic noise of just 28.6dB(A). Moreover, as they don’t need to rotate as fast, they also require less power, drawing just 4.56W. 

This Little Fan o’ Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine 

Reverse Airflow through a Lian Li RSL-INF fan

The major advantage of the RSL-INF is its reverse blade design. Using this configuration means that instead of drawing air through the open side of the fan and exhausting it through the fan cage, it does the opposite, drawing air through the cage and exhausting it out the open side. 

By doing this, the full RGB lighting can be put on display when using these fans for intake. If you utilise a standard fan, the RGB is hidden away. Thus, you can create a full infinity mirror display within your case by using these fans for air intake, and a set of standard UNI FAN SL-INF fans as exhaust. 

Infinity Mirror RGB of a Lian Li RSL-INF fan

Controlling all this magnificent RGB is easy, simply download Lian Li’s L-Connect 3 software for full control of every aspect of your fan’s functionality. With its user-friendly interface, you can control the lighting’s colour, brightness, lighting effects, and speed. Even better, with Lian Li’s proprietary daisy chain design, you can connect multiple fans together in a cluster and control all of them with a single cable. Thanks to this, you can create unified lighting effects across multiple fans, for a unique aesthetic.

Order Your Lian Li RSL-INF Fans Today 

Take your lighting setup to another level, with Lian Li’s reverse blade infinity mirror fans by getting your pre-order in today at Overclockers UK

Box contents of a Lian Li RSL-INF fan

Lian Li UNI FAN SL-INF 120 Reverse Blade Fan 

  • 120mm PWM Fan 
  • Reverse airflow design 
  • 63.6CFM airflow at 2.02mmH2O static pressure 
  • Whisper quiet operation at just 32dB(A) 
  • Infinity Mirror RGB lighting 

Lian Li UNI FAN SL-INF 140 Reverse Blade Fan

  • 140mm PWM Fan
  • Reverse airflow design
  • 71.6CFM airflow and 2.95mmH2O static pressure
  • Almost silent operation at just 28.6dB(A)
  • Infinity Mirror RGB lighting
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