Limerick Day

There once was a shop called OcUK

Where the staff loved Limerick Day, 

They like to describe some games, 

Without saying their names, 

To make you guess – so have a play! 

Limerick Day: Can You Guess What Games We’re Describing?! 

There once was a blog title 

Limerick Day: Puzzle One

This FPS game has been to many a war, 

From World, to Cold, to future, and much more, 

It’s been a gaming staple since 2003, 

With 22 titles and the odd zombie, 

Modern or classic, it’s never a bore! 

For formatting it was vital 

Limerick Day: Puzzle Two

This game is where military and science fiction meet, 

With oh so many aliens to defeat, 

Armed with plasma gun, 

And the green armour you don, 

There are 12 games to master and complete! 

But the whole blog was a gimmick 

Limerick Day: Puzzle Three

Time to slow down and play something more chill, 

Raise some animals, grow some crops, if you will, 

Befriend and fall for your neighbours, 

Revive the community centre with your labours, 

But danger lurks in the mine if you still need that thrill! 

haiku day poetry gaming

Gaming in our books is a big hooray, 
Weirdly, we’re into poetry too, ok? 
Using the 5-7-5 syllable frame, 
To talk about why we love to game, 
We wrote a blog in honour of Haiku Day! 

For it was written in limerick 

Limerick Day: Puzzle Four

Travel back with us to ancient times, 

Where even deities must pay for their crimes, 

From getting vengeance solo, 

To an iconic father/son combo, 

This once-PlayStation exclusive simply blows our minds! 

Perchance the blog will go viral! 

Limerick Day: Puzzle Five

We love a good battle entrenched in chaos, 

Play in wacky skins or even as Kratos, 

Be the last player standing, 

With game modes ever expanding, 

And end each match with a victory floss! 

Refract GFX square

In need of a new gaming PC? 
That’s pre-built and hassle free? 
Then Refract Gaming is for you, 
A PC so shiny and new, 
Plus, it comes with three years warranty!

Can You Guess? 

Do our puzzles have you scratching your head? 

Or are they the easiest brain teasers you ever read? 

Any answers you know, 

Drop in a comment below, 

Or perhaps share your own gaming limericks instead! 

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