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It’s already been a full year since we last looked at some great farming sim games to play for the summer solstice. There are plenty of new farming games to play this year, so in this post, we’re adding a couple more to our list. 

Sometimes there’s no better way to relax than to take a stroll through virtual hills, tend to your crops, and look after your farm animals. There is no shortage of games that offer us a relaxing farming experience for us to get our teeth stuck into. 

Across The Valley 

Enter the world of farming like never before. Across The Valley is a VR farming simulator where you’ll need to muck in whilst relaxing in a hand-drawn paradise.  

Developed exclusively for virtual reality, Across The Valley allows players to sow, water, and harvest their own plants. What’s more, you can even milk the cows, sheer sheep, or head off on a truffle hunt with the pigs! 

Coming to VR: Across the Valley

Coming To VR: Across The Valley

STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life 

Coming to Steam on June 27th, players will put down roots as they begin their farming career. The peaceful town of Forgotten Valley is filled with fertile land that is ideal for cultivating crops alongside a whole host of townspeople to fall in love and make lasting memories with, as you start a family of your own. 

STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life lets you tell your story your own way. You can choose to play as a female, male, or non-binary character, and even customise your style as you begin your journey in Forgotten Valley. Regardless of which you choose, all eight romanceable characters remain available, allowing you to play however you want.  


Developed by a group of ex-Fable developers, Kynseed offers an intriguing fantasy world you’ll actually want to live in. Players have been given the Kynseed, a magical acorn that grows into a family tree with your choices creating its branches. You can farm the land, run shops, and explore the meticulously designed world.  

It’s like Kynseed has taken all the best parts of Stardew Valley and combined them with the charm of Fable. This life sim sandbox RPG will have you lose hours upon hours to adventuring, real-time reactive combat, and running your own business.  

Stardew Valley 

A personal favourite and widely considered to be one of the best, Stardew Valley really hit the nail on the head. After the stress of the modern-day 9-5 takes its toll, you leave the city to become a part of Pelican Towns’ 30-person strong local community on your grandfather’s old farm.   

Image of the farm from Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley Farm – ConcernedApe

You can truly build the farm of your dreams with endless choices in decoration, animal husbandry, and of course, farming. What’s more, with 12 townspeople to date, you can even meet your special someone.   

There is no doubt that part of Stardew Valleys’ success is attributed to the game’s extensive list of things to do, from preparing for festivals, fishing, mining, and even slowly dating, gifting, and falling in love with one of 12 super cute romance options: 

  • Shane
  • Alex
  • Harvey
  • Penny
  • Maru
  • Emily
  • Haley
  • Sam
  • Sebastian
  • Leah
  • Abigail
  • Elliott
Shane Stardew Valley – ConcernedApe
Emily Stardew Valley – ConcernedApe
Sebastian Stardew Valley – ConcernedApe

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself doing multiple play-throughs as all of our potential partners have unique personalities, likes and dislikes alongside their own stories. As you progress through the years, events and festivals, you’ll have the option to grow closer with all of the townspeople.   

Thanks to the laid-back nature of Stardew Valley, it is perfect for playing in Steam’s Big Picture mode with a wireless controller. After all, there is nothing like planting crops and making friends from the comfort of your couch after a hard day’s work. 

MSI Force GC30 Wireless Wired Game Controller

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Farming Simulator 22 

On the more realistic end of the spectrum, in Farming Simulator 22, you take on the role of a modern farmer. Just like other entries on this list, you can freely choose which type of farming you do, such as animal husbandry, agriculture, or even forestry. 

There are even different regions to work in. Whether you’re creating a vineyard or olive oil orchard in the south of France or focusing on forestry in US-Midwest, there is plenty to do. Work with more than 400 tools, vehicles, and machines from over 100 genuine agricultural brands, such as John Deere.  

SnowPlow – GIANTS Software

In addition to the base game tools and vehicles, there are a large variety of free community-created modifications for additional gameplay. Finally, there is even support for cross-platform multiplayer, so you and your friends can all take on some summer Solstice farming together. 

Got the right equipment? 

Farming is all about having the right equipment for the job. Overclockers UK has the perfect gaming setup for you. From fully customisable gaming PCs to our new range of Refract pre-built, pre-tested, and ready to ship for next-day delivery gaming PCs. What’s more, all of our gaming PCs come with a full three-year parts and labour warranty for full peace of mind.  

Refract Gaming Indigo 2023

Refract Gaming Indigo

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  • 32GB DDR5 RAM 

Refract Gaming Celeste

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Refract Gaming Celeste 2023
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Refract Gaming PCs Built To Play The Games You Love

My Time at Portia 

Start your new life in time for the Summer Solstice. My Time at Portia is an epically beautiful part farming, part construction, and part adventure game. We arrive in the truly enchanting town of Portia to restore our father’s old neglected workshop to its former glory.   

You’ll take on commissions from townspeople, farm, and explore the genuinely charming post-apocalyptic land. It is almost a guaranteed formula at this point with classic Harvest Moon games, Stardew Valley, and countless others transporting us to a broken-down farmstead with relationships, buildings, and more to work on…. But I sure do love them all! 

Alongside some similarities in gameplay, all of these games have the common trait of being heckin awesome to chill out with. Why not take your comfort to the next level with a gaming chair that is just as heckin awesome. A good gaming chair makes all the difference. With plenty of options in size and, more importantly style, noblechairs have you covered. 

Need more time? 

If your time at Portia leaves you wanting even more from this genre and studio then don’t worry, they’ve got you covered with My Time at Sandrock.  

Recently launch for full release Steam, you travel to the desert community of Sandrock and take on the familiar role of a fledgling builder. Turn your workshop into the best production facility and save the town from a fate of economic ruin.   

Good Times with My Time at Sandrock: Game Review

We got our hands on a copy of My Time at Sandrock. Our resident farming sim fan was very happy. Click the button below to learn more about gameplay and just what we thought about this sequel.

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noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair Fallout Nuka
Ultimate noblechairs Guide

noblechairs – Your Guide to Finding the Ultimate Gaming Chair

Ready to farm? 

If you’re ready to quit the rat race and head out to a farmstead, we don’t blame you. Just make sure you’ve got your gaming PC with you. After all, it will be lonely without you. Let us know what your farming sim of choice is down in the comments.

PC specs are subject to change.

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