noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Boba Fett Edition

May the 4th be with you every time you take a seat. noblechairs has teamed up with LucasFilm to bring you a gaming chair from a galaxy far, far away. Introducing the noblechairs HERO Boba Fett Edition. This stunning chair is officially licensed to resemble everyone’s favourite bounty hunter. Just feast your eyes on this beaut! 

noblechairs HERO Boba Fett Edition

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Where to begin?! The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Boba Fett Special Edition has been carefully designed to look like the infamous clone. The PU leather has been coloured to match his Beskar steel armour, the main body a bold green with red, gold, and black highlights. The front features stitching to resemble the chest plate, complete with embroidered versions of his patches. Of course, this wouldn’t be a Boba Fett chair without his iconic helmet. This has been embroidered upon the rear side of the backrest, above the Boba Fett and Star Wars logos. Pair that with the finely-stitched noblechairs logos, and you have a throne fit for a Daimyo. 

noblechairs HERO Boba Fett Edition
noblechairs HERO Boba Fett Edition

No Disintegrations

In addition to the breathable PU leather, only the highest quality materials have been used on the noblechairs HERO Boba Fett Edition. Providing outstanding comfort and support, this gaming chair has been padded with a deform-resistant dense cold-foam padding. No blaster is going to bend this chair out of shape! 

Below the padding, the frame is manufactured from stainless steel to enhance durability. If noblechairs could get their hands on Beskar steel, I’m sure they would have used that instead. However, the stainless steel does provide a strong foundation for this gaming chair, perfect for long gaming sessions playing your favourite Star Wars title. (It’s all about the Lego Star Wars for me!) 

The base is manufactured from powder-coated aluminium and formed in a five-point shape. Each prong ends in a 60mm caster, formed from a Nylon core and polyurethane coating, which enables them to slide seamlessly across both soft and hard flooring. Perhaps even a Firespray 31 patrol craft. 

noblechairs HERO Boba Fett Edition

Finest Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy 

It’s only fitting that the finest bounty hunter in the galaxy gets superior ergonomics. The HERO model is noblechairs’ largest, with an advanced backrest that features adjustable lumbar support and a memory foam headrest. The backrest and seat are suitably wide, providing a wonderful foundation as you game. 

Getting into the more technical ergonomic features now. The noblechairs HERO Boba Fett is equipped with an 11-degree tilt rocking mechanism, while the backrest can recline from 90- to 125-degrees. That’s 35-degrees to lean back on and a further 11-degrees to relax into – between catching bounties, of course. As always, this gaming chair is equipped with 4D armrests, manoeuvrable across four directions. Adjust in height, depth, swivel, and distance, while enjoying their larger surface area with a polyurethane coating for extra grip. Tasty. 

Finally, the base features a Safety Class 4 gas lift, which enables this chair to support up to 150kg in weight. Additionally, it adjusts in height over 10cm. It may not be a jet pack, but you’ll always be at the best height for gaming or even marathoning the Star Wars movies. You can skip The Phantom Menace, it’s not like Boba Fett is in that one. 

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Boba Fett Edition
noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Boba Fett Edition

May the Force Be With You 

We here at Overclockers UK can think of no better way to celebrate May the 4th than with this incredible gaming chair. The noblechairs HERO Boba Fett is available to pre-order now, so what are you waiting for? 

noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Boba Fett Special Edition

  • Officially licensed Star Wars gaming chair
  • Designed to emulate Boba Fett
  • Superior ergonomics such as 4D armrests and integrated lumbar support
  • Machine-stitched detailing on the front and back
  • Upholstered in PU leather and dense cold foam padding
noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Boba Fett Edition
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