PC Modding with OcUK: Custom Water-Cooling

Our ‘PC Modding with OcUK’ series has been designed to take you on a guided tour through the wonderful world of PC modding. In this article, we’re showcasing custom water-cooling, showcasing what it is, and identifying everything you need to create your own water-cooled PC.  

Custom Water-Cooling Loop 

A water-cooling loop will consist of several different components and a liquid coolant which has been designed to draw any excess heat away from your hardware. Typically, you’ll find all the following in a water-cooled PC: 

  • A pump: circulates the liquid coolant through the loop. 
  • Reservoir: stores the coolant and ensures that there is a steady flow of coolant in the pump. 
  • Water block: a type of heatsink which will transfer any heat from the component. Usually features two pipes connected, one which brings in cold water and one that removes any hot water. 
  • Radiator: cools the liquid that you use before it re-enters the loop.  
  • Fittings: connects all the tubing to your hardware. 
  • Soft/Hard tubing: connects all your components and cooling hardware together. The liquid coolant runs through the tubing.  
  • Fans: most water-cooling loops will also utilise a combination of fans to also help keep temperatures down to a minimum.  
Cooling Components to Beat the Heat

Pros and Cons of Water-Cooling 


  • Notably more powerful than standard air cooling. This makes water-cooling loops better suited for high-end PCs or workstations.  
  • Lots of customisation options. You can choose between soft or hard tubing, along with endless liquid coolant colours.  


  • Can be challenging to install.  
  • Often more expensive than air cooling or an AiO. 
  • There is a chance of damage to your hardware. The liquid coolant may leak onto your other components.  

What Do I Need for Custom Water-Cooling? 

To successfully build your own custom water-cooling loop, you’ll need a few handy tools and accessories. This is especially the case if you wish to utilise hard tubing.  

Tube Cutters: 

Tube cutters have been designed for both soft and hard tubing. You can achieve straight and clean cuts in your chosen tubing with one swift motion, making the process even easier for beginners and veterans alike.  

Barrow Tube Cutter: 

  • Compatible with soft and hard tubing
  • Makes it easier to achieve straight and clean cuts in your tubing
  • Steel blade and plastic handle

Hard Tubing Bending Kits: 

Hard tubing can be a challenge to work with. Achieving the perfect bend in your tubing can be achieved notably easier with a bending kit. These kits come with all the necessary tools you need, including mounting screws, a tube cutter, and more.  

Bitspower 12mm Hard Tube Bending Kit:  

  • Bending kit for 12mm OD hard tubing
  • Includes Chamfer tool, OD12mm mandrels, metal tubing cutter, and mounting screws
  • Has a 14 & 16mm variant also 

Plenty of Screwdrivers: 

A screwdriver set is a must-have tool for PC building. You can find sets that come equipped with a huge range of different heads to fit all your hardware and electronics. Typically, these kits are all housed within compact storage to ensure they won’t take up precious space. 

EK Water Blocks 49 Screwdriver Basic Set: 

  • 49 piece screwdriver set
  • Includes screwdriver with magnetic bit holder
  • Housed in a compact storage case

Foldable Filling Bottles 

With a foldable filling bottle, you can reach even the most remote corners of your PC. The narrow tube ensures that you don’t need to unscrew the entire reservoir, limiting the risk of accidental spills. 

EK Water Blocks EK-Loop Foldable 1L Filling Bottle

  • 1L foldable filling bottle
  • Includes telescopic tube for hard to reach areas
  • Marker highlights every 100ml along the side

Leak Tester: 

Having liquid coolant running through your PC increases the risk of leaks and damage. However, you can find testers that have been designed to spot any possible leaks before the worst happens. 

EK Water Blocks Leak Tester:  

  • Leak tester for custom water-cooling loops
  • Fast, safe, and easy way to test for any possible leaks before any damage happens

You can find even more tools and accessories to make building your custom water-cooling loop a breeze.  

Our Top Water-Cooled Gaming PCs 

Is the sound of building your own water-cooled PC a little too daunting? Don’t worry, you can find plenty of game ready PCs that harness water-cooling.  

We’ve got two high-end selections for you below, but if these don’t match your aesthetic, you can shop all our water-cooled PCs by clicking the button.  

Infin8 Venomous High-End Gaming PC 

  • High-end gaming PC
  • Custom water-cooling loop
  • Intel Core i7 14700K and NVIDIA RTX 4080 Super
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM
  • HYTE Y60 PC Case with panoramic glass panel

8Pack Hybercube MK2 Extreme Gaming PC 

  • High-end gaming PC
  • Custom water-cooling loop
  • AMD Ryzen 9 7950X CPU and NVIDIA RTX 4090
  • 32GB DDR5 RAM

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