Queer Cosy Games to Play This Winter

There’s still a couple of months of winter ahead of us. In this article, we’re breaking down some cosy and Queer-inclusive games to help keep you warm.  

If Found… 

A game about going home, coming out, and erasing everything, If Found… is an experience you won’t soon forget. 

It’s December 31st, 1993, inside the ruins of a crumbling mansion on Achill Island. Our protagonist, Kasio, has just destroyed her diary. It tells the story of her journey home to the west of Ireland, conflict with family, friends she made, and the challenges she’s gone through. Everything leads to the night a black hole will destroy the entire world.  

If Found… is packed with charm, beautiful hand-drawn art, and a genuinely captivating soundtrack. Players relive Kasio’s journey through good times and bad, all leading up to the fateful month of December 1993. Along the way, there are awkward crushes, kisses, confusion, and even a cute dog.  

Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly  

Queer cosy vibes, coffee, and stories abound are what await you in this heart-to-heart talking simulator sequel.  

In Coffee Talk 2, you’ll brew custom drinks for your shop’s patrons as you listen to their stories and maybe even influence their hearts with a warm cup of coffee or two. More than just a visual novel, Coffee Talk 2 continues on from the first game’s brilliant cosy atmosphere with new and returning fantasy friends, latte art, a chill Lo-Fi atmosphere, and what can only be described as a Cappuccinopunk aesthetic.  

Doomsday Paradise 

When we reviewed this masterpiece back in Dember 2023, we gave it the fitting tagline of “the fever dream I didn’t know I needed”.  

Hot people, queer-friendly, dark humour, and multiplayer? Damn, Doomsday Paradise, you looking hella fine. In this article, we’re taking a look at probably the best dating game I’ve ever seen… not that I play a lot of dating games or anything though, I swear.  


Self-described as “TikTok’s horniest dating sim”, Doomsday Paradise is full of hot singles for you to flirt with whilst you procrastinate from stopping an impending apocalypse. Designed to be replayed over and over again, there’s not only 100 different endings but also 13 singles to romance.  

Night In The Woods 

Centred around exploration and story, Night in The Woods sees college dropout Mae return home to the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs, seeking to resume her aimless previous life and reconnect with the friends she left behind. 

The brilliance of Night in The Woods comes from the relatability of its storytelling and Mae’s lived experiences. Beyond story and gameplay, there’s a genuine compelling styling to the game’s art and graphics. 

Time to whip out ‘Ol’ Reliable’ AKA Stardew Valley 

You have been summoned for the bi-yearly Stardew Valley gaming time. Listen, yes, we’ve talked about it before, let’s be honest, everyone brings it up. But in fairness, it is really good, and I know you want to play it again. Go check on your chicks, raise your cattle, sow some seeds, and fall in love once again. Maybe even try some mods this time!  

Image of the farm from Stardew Valley
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More Games? 

We’re big fans of representation in gaming, so if you’re looking for some more recommendations, check out some of our previous articles below. Hey, and if we’re missing out on a really cool game, make sure to shout at us in the comments.  

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