Warwick Davis and Steven Levitt

Film fans will recognise Warwick Davis from mega movie franchises such as Harry Potter and Star Wars, or his extensive range of voice-over work. Gaming fans will recognise him as Harrison’s dad. HarrisonXGamer is a popular YouTube gamer and a film star in his own right. So, the day they both came to Overclockers UK was certainly one to remember!

Warwick Davis and Steven Levitt

HarrisonXGamer Meets Infin8

Harrison Davis has made a name for himself in gaming circles as a big fan and creator of wholesome content. Yes, playing Rocket League against your Dad IS wholesome content. I won’t hear otherwise! He spends his time playing Overwatch, Sea of Thieves, and Subnautica, as well as competing against his father and sister in high-octane matches.

In the market for something specialised, Warwick and Harrison Davis dropped into the store (pre-pandemic) for a browse and shop. Carefully studying Harrison’s gaming specs, the tech team suggested the 8Pack-inspired Infin8 Nebula. This high-end gaming PC met Harrison’s requirements, whilst also providing plenty of scope for customisation.

Infin8 Nebula MK3 - Intel Core i7 12700K @ 5.0GHz Overclocked Watercooled Extreme Gaming PC
Intel Core i7 10700K CPU
Asus ROG Maximus Hero Motherboard
Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU
16GB 3600MHz Dual Channel DDR4 Kit
Full Custom Watercooling Loop
Kolink 1200W 80+ Platinum Rated PSU

Behind the Scenes Tour

From there, we invited them behind the scenes to see how the computer is put together, from Motherboard to water-cooling. Ash showed them how the components are pieced together to make a high-powered gaming PC take form. Demonstrating the tricks of the trade, like using olive oil when bending pipes, Harrison’s dream gaming machine came together before their very eyes.

Just, slowly.

6&1/2 hours later title card

Of course, more than just building the Inifin8 Nebula went into the experience. At Overclockers UK, we have an Epilog Fusion M2 Laser. Not just a collection of words, this tasty bit of kit can custom-etch tempered glass panels – and more! – with the design of your choice. In Harrison’s case, he opted for his logo to be engraved on the glass door panel of the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X Digital Mid-Tower chassis. Paired with the custom braided cables and RGB lighting to match his colour scheme, the HarrisonXGamer brand is looking very professional indeed.

Levelling Up HarrisonXGamer

HarrisonXGamer unboxing

Custom etched HarrisonXGamer branding.

Equipped with a remote control for easy access.

HarrisonXGamer Infin8 Nebula PC

Custom Comfort

The Davis family as a whole has a rare form of dwarfism, which can make purchasing gaming hardware more difficult. Especially, gaming chairs. Our friends at noblechairs were able to design and manufacture exclusive editions of the HERO and ICON. They featured shorter backrests and other adjustments to provide the proper lumbar support and comfort. Naturally, these speciality chairs have both the Davis’ signature branding on the back, too. For greater accessibility, we also installed a remote control for the gaming PC, increasing the user experience for the whole family.

Warwick and his wife, Samantha, run a charity called Little People UK. Dedicated to helping folks with dwarfism around the UK, by providing support and opportunity for a positive future. We here at Overclockers UK and noblechairs are delighted to join this endeavour and are looking forward to attending their conventions and other events.

Close up of Warwick Davis' noblechairs

Wholesome Gaming Content

Finally, we wish you some happy gaming on your custom Infin8 Nebula, Harrison, and eagerly await the notification from YouTube for your next video. Meanwhile, we will just be sat here, rewatching the video of the day the Davis’ came to stay.

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