Valentine’s Day is finally here! To celebrate, we asked around the Overclockers UK and put together this selection of our all-time favourite gaming kisses. Whether your plans are a candlelight dinner or some classic two-player gaming, all these kisses are sure to get you in the mood for some romance.  

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Before we shine a light on our favourite gaming kisses, take a look at our Valentine’s two-player hub. From gifts to gaming inspiration, you can find everything you need to spoil the special gamer in your life.  

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The Sims – 1999 

Kicking off our top gaming kisses is one that has made its mark in history, from EA’s hugely popular life-sim.  

Way back in the humble beginnings of the original The Sims game, it brought us one of the most iconic gaming kisses. At E3 that year, The Sims was being showcased on a small scale before its release in 2000, with far too many people believing the game wouldn’t be a success. Fast forward to the moment in which two background characters kiss, and The Sims has gone down in history.  

Throughout development, the team at Maxis had debated whether same-sex relationships would be included in the game. At its core, The Sims is a life simulator, so why wouldn’t it represent everyone from all walks of life and sexualities? However, in 1999, no other game had included this feature to such an extent. The end result?  

The end result? A show-shopping kiss between two minor background characters, which helped to kickstart the game’s future success and later the entire franchise.  

Since 1999, The Sims has gone on to expand its heart-stopping kisses (think The Sims 2 with those cinematic cutscenes) and representation. The Sims 4 now includes options for transgender Sims, the ability to customise pronouns, attraction preferences, and much more. A huge leap from this kiss in 1999.  

Geralt and Yennefer – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  

Geralt and Yennefer are the stuff fairytales are made of. It’s no wonder they made the list of our top gaming couples after the beautiful romantic kiss they share during the aftermath of the Djinn battle. Their kiss on the ship is packed full of enough emotion to make our cheeks blush and hearts swoon.  

After the deadly battle, in which they destroy a powerful spirit and disconnect their destinies, players can choose the fate of Geralt and Yennefer’s relationship. After she reveals her love, you can choose to either feel the same way or pick something else entirely. It’s only if you select that Geralt feels the same way do you get to experience this unforgettable kiss.  

Ellie and Riley – The Last of Us: Left Behind 

The Last of Us is jam packed full of gut-wrenching scenes and gruesome gore. Thrown into the mix are brief moments of happiness and even romance. The DLC, The Last of Us: Left Behind, is no different. In this extra slice of content for the series, we see Ellie reminiscing about her best friend Riley who she secretly loved.  

The flashbacks we see take place before the deadly outbreak and chaos in The Last of Us. We see Riley, who has run away to join a militia group return to spend one last day with Ellie. The duo spends the day having fun in an abandoned mall, after which Ellie begs Riley to stay. It’s only after she agrees do we get to see the heart-warming and iconic kiss between them.  

This gaming kiss sticks with us for one reason only. In a world full of deadly threats and the infected, we get this one precious scene of these two characters finding a moment of joy. The tears are forming, okay, let’s move on quick.  

Tidus and Yuna – Final Fantasy X 

The popular RPG Final Fantasy X has probably one of the best gaming kisses. We’re talking about the one between Tidus and Yuna that takes place in the middle of crystal water, deep in the Macalania Woods. Their slow motion kiss to the backdrop of rainbow bubbles is sure to make the butterflies in your stomach flutter like crazy. 

I, for one, can’t stop fathom how these two can hold their breaths for that long. They remain completely uninterrupted as they float deep into the water. All whilst one of Final Fantasy’s beautiful soundtracks serenades you.  

Aloy and Seyka – Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

In the long-awaited Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West, we see Aloy face against a new enemy and romance. Throughout the storyline, Aloy and Seyka become companions, forming a close bond. Players get the chance to decide how they want this relationship to develop, with the option for a romantic relationship. 

If you select this option, you’ll get to see a scene of them kissing.  

As sparks are flying between these two characters, it answers several questions and fan theories that fans had about Aloy’s sexuality. Along with shedding further light on the importance of more representation in video games.

What stands out for us about this gaming kiss is the developer’s response, in light of the unnecessary backlash. Their refusal to alter the story, the embrace of the LGBTQ+ storyline, and addition of even more representation throughout the game, such as pride flag face paint.

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Your Favourite Gaming Kisses? 

Be sure to share your favourite gaming kisses with us in the comments.

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