Boogie Bug AimB.Pad XL Gaming Mouse Surface

Boogie Bug
AimB.Pad XL Gaming Mouse Surface

  • The AimB.Pad has been especially designed for gamers looking for precision
  • fluidity and the perfect harmony between slide and friction.
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Manufacturer: Boogie Bug

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Product information:

AimB.Pad XL Gaming Mouse Surface

The AimB.Pad has been especially designed for gamers looking for precision, fluidity and the perfect harmony between slide and friction. This XL version also represents an essential tool for graphics designers, architects and other users looking for precision and wide movements. Its surface has been made with flexible textile material that not only assures fluidity and precision in the movements, but also allows the AimB.Pad to be folded, rolled up and transported.

- Dimensions: 450mm x 900mm

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Life Saver!

I've had mine since launch and last night spilt tea on my desk by accident:

The mat absorbed all the tea so had I had an inferior or smaller mat then the tea would have gone down the back, over the power sockets and over my PC under the desk.

I bought another late last night as

Robbie Khan 2012-11-06


Comfortable on the wrists even at the edges, and it let's the mouse glide smoothly. Don't see myself going back to a normal size mouse pad after this. Great purchase.

Johnathan 2012-08-28

Epic mat

Awesome mat. I've have it for around 2 years now and it's just starting to wear out at the edge from where my wrist has been sitting on the edge of my desk. It is extremely comfy and allows for a lot of movement. I have just recieved the XXL version which exactly covers my desk acting as a tablecloth and it is epic!

Alasdair 2012-07-21

Its Massive

That photo of it is just silly

We made our owh for OCUK buyers.
Got if for 11f
Iw cut it to my liking and still had 3 full size Mouse Pads left !!! If i knew how big it is i would have ordered 2 !!!

lord_Zed 2012-07-12


Great product for a great price! can you ask for more?

Aron 2012-07-12

Good for a year

Well after constant use for 1 year and 2 months my mat is still alive, however the mat seems to have warped in one of the corners and some minor fraying of the edges.

Great mat though, cheap enough to just buy another when it gets ruined.

Jay 2012-07-03

Really Good Mat for Gaming

This is a really fantastic cloth mouse mat.

I surface is smooth and quiet, and gives you good control of your mouse whatever the aplication. I've always prefered cloth/soft mats to hard ones, and this mat delivers on its promise of control and comfort.

The edges of the mat where it has been cut out are smooth and pretty soft, so it wont rub the underside of your arms like the roccat one I had before.

The size is its real draw, and is far bigger than any I had used before. This is really useful for me in games as I often switch between DPI settings depending on the game and what I'm doing in the game, so being able to use all of the space it provides is really good.

EDIT...I had almost considered buying 2 and covering the whole of my gaming table with them, however, the new Boogie EXTREME XXL is exactly as wide as my table and is taller than I need, so I'll be getting one of those very soon as well, and using this XL for something else.

You wont be dissapointed. 5 Stars

Scott Atkinson 2012-06-17

Hot Diggety Dawg

I know it was going to be bit but wasn't quite ready for what turned up. It fits my entire desk but feels damn nice especially with my mouse. Smooth glide and plenty of room for manoeuvring.

I have always preferred larger mouse strokes and this lets me swing till my hearts content.

Ordered arrived promptly and OCUK even throw in a bag of Tangfastic Haribo into the box! I love you guys.

David Tucker 2012-05-28

This is amazing

This is so much smoother than the roccat mousemat I had before ( the blue one ), and wow... so big. Really, this should be called a desk mat rather than mouse mat, it's big enough to do yoga on. It's really nice though, it being big is lovely, goes under the keyboard too and feels nice to rest your arms on. It makes my desk look nicer too as it's black, so matches the keyboard and monitor etc.

OcUK delivered after I ordered at 1:30pm, delivered the next day. Wow... didn't think that was possible. Thanks!

Stephen Nutbrown 2012-04-11


massive surface works perfect.

packaging from the company could be better, one half of the tube is exposed.

flawless service from ocuk as usuall

andy 2012-03-01


Amazing gaming surface.

Fitted perfectly onto my desk and covered the entire surface area.

Would definately recommend.

Craig Baines 2011-12-23

Quite good

This mousemat is HUGE, has plenty of space for mat keyboard and mouse and then some. My mouse (logitech G5) moves smoothly across it brillantly, equally or better than my Icemat 2nd editon. While my keyboard is sitting on it hardly moves at all.
The only problem i have with this mousemat is that when using the mouse it it irritates my skin as my skin must be reacting to it.

Would be 5 stars if my skin didnt react to it, but otherwise a bargin

Gary 2011-10-23


I've owned two mouse mats in my time and now that I have owned this I will never go to any others! IT'S HUGE! and very smooth!

I bought just before it came down in price but I would happily play the

Chris Moore 2011-10-21

Great Pad

Amazing mouse pad, great price absolutely huge and very smooth. I would suggest getting a lint roller to occasionally get rid of dust etc from the surface. It doesn't come with a wrist band as some have stated and it also doesn't work with lower dpi optical mice. It works fine with my logitech G1.

Martin 2011-10-15


Best gaming surface out there!
Fits my G510 keyboard on and my G9 mouse. The Keyboard sticks to it like glue and the mouse slides around perfect! with plenty of room.
My desk is glass and sticks to it no problem.

I would buy this for all useage with out a doubt.

Mike 2011-08-16

Awesome Mat!

Huge desk mat, Really soft for resting your arms on, and really smooth too. I got it for a bargain at under

Alasdair 2011-08-16

Love it

Absolutely love this mouse mat. great surface, massive mat, washable...just sick, dont hesitate, buy it.

James 2011-06-14

nom nom nom

great mouse mat, had it for a while now. though is more like a desk mat! ITS HUGE! keeps getting mistaken for my mothers yoga mat though -.-

Ktme 2011-06-14

first proper mouse mat lol

well this is my first proper mouse mat , bought a razor deathadder and it didnt run right on a wood desk , so i invested in this. i know people said it was big but wow it just fits my desk lol. great buy for the cash.

Shady 2011-06-02


Just recieved this today and after putting it on my desk sorting everythin out and playing some Counterstrike: Source, ITS SO GOOD!! its alot smoother feel than my old mat and the quality is brilliant for the price!

A must have on any desk!
(Can also be cut to size for smaller desks ;D)

Alex Taylor 2011-06-02

Doesn't work with Microsoft Comfort Opti

Looks like a nice surface but I can't currently use it, as my Microsoft Comfort Optical 3000 mouse doesn't work on it.

James 2011-06-01

OK seriously how big?

People have said that this pad is huge... well sorry they are wrong, it's enormous! What a bargain at under a tenner (when I bought mine) and even at

Mr Hill 2011-06-01


This is a fantastic mouse pad!

I can't stand small mouse pads, so this is amazing!

Peter 2011-05-10

Best Mousemat Ever!

This mousemat is amazing, got my keyboard mouse and two monitors 24" and 20" on it! Its got a really nice surface and doesn't slide around on your desk at all. Looks pretty nice aswell.

M.A.D. 2011-04-04


this mouse mat is just great lot of space to work on , take the measures really before buy, and the type of mouse you are using with this mat laser is great , some optical not so great, but buy it

paolo 2011-02-12


I needed a new mousepad and I saw some good reviews of this, so I thought I would buy.

It sticks to the table like glue and is a really smooth surface for the mouse so it glides really nicely. Since it's really big there's enough room for a keyboard and mouse ontop of it, even the speakers and monitor if you wanted. Just make sure your desk if big enough before you buy it.

Yateszy 2011-01-26

buy it

best mouse pad , cant be without

paolo 2011-01-16


As others have mentioned, its huge. You don't quite realise until it arrives just how big it is.

Its great quality, mouse glides smoothly over it and space to sit my keyboard on it too. It's nice and low so the edges don't rub your wrists either. Very pleased with it.

Ben 2011-01-08

Its big

As the other reviwers have said, its huge.
Mr new Razer Deathadder mouse glides over it with ease while my keyboard stays exactly where i put it. Its comfortable to rest my arms on too. One day of use nd I cant imagine going back to a "normal" size mouse pad.

Paul 2010-12-23


Now i have somewhere to sleep the next time the wife goes in a mood about too much black ops. Too much black ops have you ever heard anything so stupid :P

Paul 2010-12-21


Smooth as silk and bigger than a mattress. Get one.

Liam 2010-12-08

Why choose any other?

This is a great mouse pad for the price and the size. It covers a large area of your desk and will allow you to put your keyboard on and still have plenty of room left to use your mouse. It has a non slip rubber underside and a very smooth surface on top so smooth your mouse just glides and is so comfortable you have no more aching wrists.
This has to be the best mouse pad i have had and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

blitzyuk 2010-10-01


This has been one of the best things I have ever bought! The mouse pad itself is huge and very soft and it feels great resting your arms on it :) I recommend this to anyone and make sure to get one while stocks last!

AzZa 2010-09-23

Dear Lord


Conor 2010-09-23

Best PC Product I've Ever Bought

Not written a review before, this product is perfect, i have an MS Explorer 4 mouse and it is so smooth on this mat. I had a hard plastic mat before but this is so much better, it covers half my desk and is a lot more comfortable. Helps your arms also when typing on your keyboard, and putting your elbow on the desk. Even considering getting another just in case they stop making them, its that good.

Jay 2010-04-09

Very smooth

This mat is very smooth! It was also a bit bigger than I expected but wasn't surprised.

Perfect to keep my keyboard from moving and bigger space for mouse movement.

Thanks OC!

Carl 2010-04-08

Best accessory ever

Absolutely amazing, cover 95% of my usable desk. Sticks to the desk but the surface on top is amazing. My keyboard doesn't move when typing but the mouse I have (MX Revolution) glides accross the surface effortlessly.

Jake Bloomfield 2010-04-01


this mat is simply amazing its also huge so make sure your desk is big enough

john morris 2010-03-31

well it a bit big

Brought this with my logitech MX518 and wow it nice and smooth. My BFBC2 stats gone stupid now. Best mat i've owend

devilmaycry 2010-03-22


Bought on This Week Only along with a Razer Mamba - they work brilliantly together. This mat is HUGE, it covers most of my desk - even with the keyboard on it, nearly half of the area is still available for the mouse, which is great. At this price you'd be mad not to!

Josh 2010-02-26

More space is better

lol this matt is massive. really nice quality, goes great with my coolmaster advance laser mouse. tracks really well. looks good, very big. your keybooad and mouse will fit on this matt with extra space left over. Extremely good price for such a great product. only negative is maybe its TOO BIG..... NAH!

Eoin 2010-02-13


ordered mine at xmas never arrived so just got my replacement . love it transforms your desk. works super with my lachsis make sure your desk can take the size of this thing. She wants one now!

ardtullaich 2010-01-19

Nice Pad

My main reason for this purchase was that the laminate on my desk had started to come off.. this covers the lot. saved me spending

NathanT 2010-01-14

Boogie Bug Beauty

Bought this as my old mat was getting a bit past it and had to be retired R.I.P my old friend, this new mouse mat is awesome and huge 45cm x 90cm HUGE, I can get my keyboard and mouse on it comfortably with loads of room to spare, my mouse (MX 518) glides a dream on here and will even more so when I fit the Steelseries glides I bought at the same time. The mat I got was black in colour and had a nice rubber underside to stop it from sliding about the desk, the working surface of this mat is a dream to behold, super smooth the mouse glides about with hardly any effort, tracking in games has improved for me so this purchase was worth the money, you also get a nice amount of padding from the rubber under side to rest your tired arms on.

JibbaJabba 2009-12-30


Excellent mat, very large (larger than I expected), nice and smooth, not rough.

All the room in the world for the mouse to flow on. Ten times better with wireless mice.

Works great with my Logitech MX1100. Took some getting used to, wasn't sure whether or not I liked it at first, but now it's here to stay!


steve 2009-12-24

BEST Mat you can buy

This is a top notch product and i can't recommend it enough gets a little dusty but whip a hoover over it and its good as new if mine ever starts to wear out or fray at the edges im coming straight back to pick up another :) Extremely please with this product after 4months

Jordan 2009-12-03

1 year on

I have had this mat for over 1 year now and cannot recommend it enough. The fact that it can sit on the desk and have both the KB and mouse on it is fantastic cos u never run out of mat for the mouse and it keeps your arm comfy too.
Mine works as smoothly now as it did when I brought it.
If it does ever wear out I will be back to OC to get another.

MASH 2009-11-14

Love it

i ordered this recently and i got to say its amazing. i had been using a free mouse mat i got with my graphics card but it ended a bit curved up at the corners. I have my g11 keyboard and my a4 gfx tablet on this and still got plenty of room for the mouse!!

best thing about it i find it offers a comfy surface to rest my arms on while typing/photoshopping/ and gaming

Well worth it!!!

martin 2009-11-03


Wonderful gaming surface and it really is very, very big!

Fitted perfectly onto my desk and covered the entire surface area.

Would definately recommend.

John 2009-10-06


Amazing mousemat. Smooth for your mouse, and looks great.

Those dimensions arent kidding this thing is huge! This is easily the size of 6 regular mouse mats in one! I have my keyboard, speakers, half my monitor stand, a desk lamp all on it, with still more then enough room for my mouse!

Comes with a nice little sweatband too which is a nice bonus.

Cannot recommend this enough!

Dan 2009-09-24


Great mat. Works well with my mx518. It is massive though so make sure you have the space or youll need to cut it up a bit

TGP 2009-08-21

Washing instruction

Really good mousemat, Ive been using it for about a year now. But...does anyone know if it is washable?

Wilson 2009-08-17


I went straight to this mousemat from a regular everyday one, i've never had an icemat or steelseries and after having this i don't think i ever will. This has set an extremely high standard and it's such good value for money, it's comfortable for my arms to rest on whilst i play and my mouse (G5) runs across the matt smoothly. I've played on other mouse matts at friends etc and none of them compare to this. It provides somewhere for my keyboard and phne to rest and i've had it for around 6 months and it's in great shape.

Andy 2009-08-17


Great value, great quality!

Just get one! Showed this my mates, Grandad, and manager.

They all want one! Going to place a order for a few more now!

Liam 2009-07-29

Huge Ownage

Good MAtt best of all its huge and no compromise on performance in comparison to my old steelseries qck this a mosue matt that does it all tbh this is just ownage if ur not a noob click BUY

epiccarnage 2009-07-16

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