CM Storm Scout Gaming Case - Black

  • CM Storm is celebrating the deployment of the Scout™ true gaming chassis
  • created in close cooperation with the world’s leading professional gaming teams and eSports organizers.

Stock Code: CA-175-CM

EAN: 4719512014981


Manufacturer: CoolerMaster


Product information: CM Storm Scout Gaming Case - Black

CM Storm is celebrating the deployment of the Scout™ true gaming chassis, created in close cooperation with the world’s leading professional gaming teams and eSports organizers, including Kode5, Team Fnatic and mousesports. Like all gear developed in the CM Storm Labs, the Scout has been heavily injected with Storm Tactics™ to ensure complete Strength, Security, and Control to the discerning gamer. Developed with elite engineering skills, and reinforced by the highest grade materials, your Storm gear will perform and deliver with unfailing reliability, letting you focus on your game and worry less about your hardware. The Scout has been built around a solid steel body, and comes equipped with a 140mm front intake fan, as well as 140mm top and 120mm rear exhaust fans, providing an accurate airflow to efficiently manage the heat from your gaming hardware. The aggressive window side panel, with its dark automotive tint, provides mounting locations for yet another 2 x 120mm fans to deal with thermal hotspots from overclocked CPUs and GPUs. The Scout has been fortified even further with the patented StormGuard™ accessory; this unique and widely acclaimed security solution from the CM Storm Labs consists of a specially designed PCI-bracket located at the rear of the chassis body. By locking your peripherals and side panel firmly in place, Storm Tactics and the StormGuard will protect your PC and gaming gear from thieves and other thuggish individuals whenever you are AFK. Never again return to your seat at a LAN-party, only to find that some villain has grabbed your gaming mouse and headset, or even worse, your entire system.

- Solid Steel Body for strenght and stability
- Features sturdy carry handles for taking to your favourite LAN events
- Unique security feature protection for your system and peripherals
- 4 x 5.25" drive bays
- 5 x 3.5" drive bays
- Bottom mounted PSU support
- Front I/O Port: eSata, FireWire, 4 x USB, HD audio
- Front Cooling: 140mm intake fan (included)
- Top Cooling: 140mm exhaust fan (included)
- Rear Cooling: 120mm exhaust fan (included)
- Side Cooling: 2 x 120mm intake fan (optional)

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Customer review "CM Storm Scout Gaming Case - Black"

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Overall a very good case, looks great (tinted window, black interior). Plenty of room...
Lovely looking case with some great features for the money. However I take issue with a...
Purchased this product on a Friday morning, arrived Saturday prior to lunch time, again...
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Tomas Kalvaitis 2011-03-19

CM scout case

It better go for Fulltower. I have bought HIS RADEON 6970 and cannot fit in this case. Nice case, really. But to small. I fited my radeon in this case anyway, but whit some HARD case upgrades :D

Joshimitsu91 2011-02-15

Good Case

Overall a very good case, looks great (tinted window, black interior). Plenty of room inside etc. Couple of things to note:

1. If you have a large CPU Cooler (I have a Fenrir) then the top side panel fan will not fit (its optional anyway)

2. This quote in a previous review: "GPU area is tight, my GTX 480 just fit so a HD 5870 or 5970 will NOT fit" is incorrect. I have a 5870, it fit fine in the top PCI slot, the bottom would be a squeeze as the cables would be too close to the HDD rack (i think). But one 5870 should fit fine (providing your PCI-E slot isnt low down the mobo for some reason).

Also, i feel this may have just been a fluke but the PC wouldn't start with the LED controller molex plugged in. Unplugging it solved the issue. Previous to this build, my first mobo set on fire after plugging the LED molex in, maybe it was related, im unsure.

Timsk 2011-02-12


Lovely looking case with some great features for the money. However I take issue with a couple of things - space is at a premium in the motherboard tray area. If you have a modern graphics card (and let's face it, if you're buying this case you do), check and double check the dimensions, my GTX260 has about 2mm to spare and was a bit of a struggle to slot in. It was the very last component I added and I broke out in a cold sweat when I realised it might not fit!

I've built numerous PCs over the years and this was by far the trickiest due to the cable management. Admittedly it's the first case I've had that employs cable management though, so if you're the same be prepared to spend a couple of hours on it with a scraped knuckle or two.

Also the front intake fan makes an oscillating hum when the CPU is under the slightest strain. It could well drive me insane over time so it'll have to be replaced.

Still, it looks great and runs quiet when the fan isn't mooing at me.


Liam 2011-01-29


Purchased this product on a Friday morning, arrived Saturday prior to lunch time, again fantastic service by Overclockers!

The case is brilliant, the option to turn off all the lights is fantastic for when i leave the computer on during the night and the lights begin to annoy. The 2.5", 3.5" 'caddys' for the HDD are just as stable as screws, a lot easier to install and remove - similar to that of the DVD drive.

I like the cable management, being able to high the hidious cables behind the back of the motherboard plate (as it's dented on the other-side to allow for thick cables)

Overall, i love the case; the power-on button is hidious, but it's perfectly fine,

I can't reitterate on the 10/10

David White 2011-01-26

Stunning product, stunning service

I got a Sapphire 5850 in just about fine, had to plug power leads in before I slotted the card in though. Fits MUCH better then the previous BIG case that housed the components somehow, it was the previous version to this:

Antec 902 Nine Hundred Two (V3) Ultimate Gaming Cas

Cable management is second to none. Nice lights, with switch to turn them off if they annoy you, and the esata and 4 USB ports at the front are great.

The easiest case I've ever worked with, by far.

I used it with:PSU which was the only element that annoyed me, which was the PSU problem.

The SATA power cables are the opposite of what I needed, in other words I had to twist the power cables a bit to fit the 2 HDD's, which wasn't ideal.

The CPU cooler fitted with plenty of room, not the biggest cooler.

Bottom line:

+ Very easy to work with
+ Brilliant cable management
+ Nice touches, like fan led on/off swith
+ Pretty small, and amazing how much you can fit in it
+ Comes with very handy spares
+ Well built

Nick 2011-01-18


Brilliant case, had it for a while now, not too bright as well, so doesnt annoy you, the reset button i find dodgy though, have to push your nail into it for it to reset, should be a bit more sensitive to be honest, smooth design, the carry handle is very useful, for when moving it around the house

smokey 2010-12-16

nice case

well the case is the best u will get 4 that price but very dissapointed about delivery i tracked my order and dpd said had bin but no 1 was there 2 sign 4 it. yer right i toke a day of work just 2 be home. ended up going 2 my local DPD depo and picking it up myself all in all cant fault ocuk thay just need 2 change there currier.

stokeyblokey 2010-12-11

Bit of a revelation

Having only ever bought cheapo cases in the past (not a serious gamer, I usually play older games and use the machine for general stuff) this was a revelation - the air flow is fantastic compared to my old Zen case!

Sturdy construction all round, I didn't break any clips installing my cards like some others mentioned, they were just a tad fiddly. Handle is solid as a rock although I have yet to fill all the drive bays. LEDs a bit disappointing but hey who cares, that is soon fixed.

Only flaw for me was the lack of filters on the side window vents - bit daft as all the rest is filtered?!

Overall a fantastic case for the money and I love it, thanks OC :)

Tim 2010-12-07

Comparable to NZXT Phantom

Awesome cable management with provided cable ties

don't normally purchase mid size cases but needed a small solution

added two antec tricools (red) onto the panel and temps are incredible
crossfiring 5770's both cards dont top 65 celcius at load

Dave 2010-11-03


Got this case after a mod went wrong on my Antec 900. Very nice looking case with a fair bit of room inside, my H50-1 fits very easily but theres only just an inch between the HDD cage and my 4890.

After fitting 2 case fans to the side panel i found i couldnt put filters on them as they hit my PSU, but didn`t botherme much.

The handle is very robust, my computer probably weighs between 25 - 30 kilos and it creeks some when i pick it up but theres no sagging watsoever, makes it very easy for transporting.

DB006 2010-10-05

Great case

Got this case to rehouse my ATX board, plenty of room for smaller GPU's, cable management is good if you take your time. Because the PSU is mounted at the bottom, most boards will require a 24pin ATX extender and 4/8 pin CPU extender cable to enable you to run the cables behind the mobo tray. I used an OCZ PSU and it needed them. The lights are not as bright as the pics, but just get some cold cathodes or led's for a few quid.

saz 2010-09-11


me and my friend made my computer and i chose this case he said this case is so perfect and its the tidiest case he has ever seen and made.

Grant 2010-09-02

Awsome Stuff

Case looks gorgeous, but not as bright as the pics show.
Cant really fault this case, was my first build and all came out perfect.
Would deffo reccomend this case if your looking for a SOLID case. 5/5

Ross 2010-08-21

Good case

I bought this case as part of my first build and am quite happy with it and I would sum it up with the following:

-Good carry handle
-Excellent front connectivity
-Switch at front for LED's (be warned that they are very dim though)
-Looks good/well built
-I found cable management to be fine with a little patience and a lot of tie wraps (i had to get a 8pin extender for my cpu power cable to hide it properly)
-Added one side fan next to GPU and it runs very cool, honestly it feels like I have got AC on under my desk ATM
-Cut out at back for pro cooler mount

Be warned, with cases of this size things get a little tight when you install the MB
-GPU area is tight, my GTX 480 just fit so a HD 5870 or 5970 will NOT fit
-I wanted to put my side panel fan filter on the outside but the stupid angle design on the grille stopped me from doing this.

There you have it... all in all I would recommend but recommend caution with the cons (hence 4 out of 5)

Matt McP 2010-07-26


Absolute bargain, one of the best cases I've had, its just the right size, the black inside/out looks great, the side window panel looks good with two Akasa Vipers, cooling is good too.

Phil 2010-07-22

Great Case if your on a Budget

This case is really good if you have a budget like me.
its a lot bigger than i though it was going to be and has a lot of room on the inside...

installation of the HDD and DVD drive was simple. the MB and GPU took a tiny bit of effort but was pretty easy in the end.

the clips for holding in any PCI devices are very fragile so be careful when you install. it comes with one spare (which i had to use) and its easy to replace them. these clips do hold both my PCI devices securely.

the LED on the back and front fans are not very bright (can only really see them in a dark room)
i'd recommend that if you get this get 2 additional red LED 120mm fans for the side to complete the look.

cable management is tidy and neat.

all in all this a great case and i'd highly recommend this to a gamer who is strapped for cash

dug diamond 2010-06-10

95 per cent happy

It is a very good looking case with enough room inside for my tri-sli m4n82 deluxe with all 3 gtx260's in there (tight squeeze).

The red LED lights on the fans are NOT as bright as they are in the pictures, here, or on the coolermaster website... so if you are looking to mod the case so that you can see all your components inside the case (otherwise, what is the point of the window) i would recommend you buy some nice cathode light kits.

The PCI screwless fixngs are very flimsy :( ... i broke 3 within five minutes of building. But PCI cards can be fixed securely using like normal.

I put my 2 Akasa 120mm Super silent APACHE fans from a previous built in the case and it matches the Antec 1200 for air cooling. Though the side panel intakes do NOT have fan filters. These are a must if you want a clean system.

If it wasn't for the average cable management and the easily breakable PCI securers, i would be overjoyed.

All-in-all, well worth the money.

paul 2010-05-17

Great case for cooling

A great case for cooling, just order a couple of side fans and you'll be sorted. Cable management could be a little better. Carry handle is brill. Takes 3 gtx 260 black edition cards with a little room to spare. (just)
One bad point is the plastic clips to hold the add on card in brake very easily but you can still put screws in which i would of done anyway,
Great case

Tom 2010-04-22


I bought this case and at first was p***ed i couldn't afford the Lancool k62.
but this case looks great and offers amazing cooling options. As standard its great but with the extra fans i had added on the side i was able to increase my overclocking on GPU by a noticeable amount.
space for cables could be a lil better, the components are easy to put in to this case.... basically epic everything^-^ 5*

Humzah 2010-03-27

Great Case

This is a wonderful case with lots of fans, black interior and plenty of 3.5" and 5.25" bays. The reason for the 4 stars is because the case has not got alot of room inside to work with, so if ur like me trying to get a great cable management then this case is not all that great. But overall its great :)

Alan 2010-03-23

Love it

had this case delivered today and just finished installing all the components and what can i say this case is great the airflow is wonderful and the build is fantastic, thanks coolermaster for a great case and thank you overclockers for a very fast and reliable service..

Alan 2010-03-23

Love it

had this case delivered today and just finished installing all the components and what can i say this case is great the airflow is wonderful and the build is fantastic, thanks coolermaster for a great case and thank you overclockers for a very fast and reliable service..

Guy Papworth 2010-01-20

Great buy

A very nice case, it feels very sturdy and is well constucted. Installing the motherboard can be a fiddly if like me you have big hands. I binned the tool less arrangement for holding the pci cards in favor of screws but the rest is simple to use.
I like the idea that you can turn of the LED's with the front panel mounted switch.
No problems fitting large graphics cards either both mine went in with room to spare.
I was concerned I may not be able to use water cooling with this case but the Corsair H50 fits with no issues. As I said its a great case fans are not to loud and cooling is great my motherboard is running at 34 deg and my memory is running at an amazing 19 deg.

Coolermaster Storm 'Scout' Gaming Case
AMD pheneom II x4 965 black addition 3.4ghz
Corsair H50-1 High-Performance CPU Watercooler
Asus Crosshair III motherboard
Corsair Dominator XMS3 8GB (4x2GB) DDR3 16000C9D
Ati Radeon 4890 x 2
EZCool 700watt modular power supply
750 gig s-ata 64meg cache HD

Martin 2009-11-06

Loverly Job

Originally i had ordered another case but it went out of stock, so i changed to this one last minute and its AWESOME the handle on the top has already proved its worth, just fits my Alpenf

andrei 2009-11-05


1st time builder chose to have this case and it came so quick

i was told to use overclockers and i will stick with this website !

also my specs are
Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P
amd II x3
windows 7

LeeWoo 2009-10-21

Great design

This case is brilliant. As i work in a computer shop and have to fit various types of system, this particular case is possibly the best one that i have worked with, and it just so happens to be my own also! Took me about an hour to get everything installed, and up and running. I added the two extra 120mm fans to the side of the case and its cooling perfectly. I have found only one flaw with it, if your a cheapo and cant be bothered to change your disk drive over from IDe to SATA and you have a backup H.D.D that is also IDE, you will have difficulty attaching them both unless you have an EXTRA long IDE cable! But thats just me being a cheapo, New SATA DISK drive on its way. Great build, Easy to put together, tidiest case ive worked with as of yet, cool as ice, and looks cool aswell! Go For this one!!

engram 2009-09-10


best case ever! Took me 2 hr to put everything together and im happy to say that if you are looking for good lan party case this is one of the best options. Top bracket is strong and you can easy take it with you anywhere.
Some guys are having problems with wiring saying that to many cables are left and dont know what to do with it. well my option was to hide them behide the right panel and under HDD's .
The only concern that i have is the button for LED option, mine is only getting in when you hold, then all LED switched off, but i cannot be bother to return this once is up and running ;)

Stuart Banks 2009-09-10


Best Case on the market!
-Very High build quality
-Looks awesome
-Double side panel removal, wires hidden and no need to remove mobo for big heatsinks
-so strong and light, pick up with handles handed
-nice security features if you need them
-Perfect airflow
- fan lights on / off button on the front with 4 or 5 usb and a sata connection
- i got a huge Xigamech archilies in here and i think i could squeeze a fan in the top optiona side fan slot but its not important might no probs to attach one to the lower side fan point.

no negatives Highly recommend

Ragostini 2009-08-20


Very well conceived case, very high quality finish, with excellent airflow. Side fans not included, and expansion card quick clamps very flimsy, use screws

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