Cooler Master CM-690 II Advanced USB3.0 Dominator Case - Black

  • The spacious mid-tower will keep enthusiasts happy with room for up to 3 vga cards
  • high-end CPU coolers
  • top or bottom mount water cooling radiator and 1.8"/2.5" drive adapter.
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Stock Code: CA-196-CM

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Manufacturer: CoolerMaster

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Product information:

Cooler Master CM-690 II Advanced USB3.0 Dominator Case - Black

The CM 690 II Advanced raises the bar again with practical improvements over the top-selling CM 690. The spacious mid-tower will keep enthusiasts happy with room for up to 3 vga cards, high-end CPU coolers, top or bottom mount water cooling radiator and 1.8"/2.5" drive adapter. It also features much improved airflow with oversized mesh and enough space for up to 10 fans. Maintenance will be a breeze with the tool-free drive bays, new cable management and CPU cooler retention hole.

- Dimensions: 214 x 511 x 528mm
- Motherboard Compatiblity: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
- Room for 120 x 240mm Radiator inside the top and bottom
- External SATA HDD dock
- Includes SSD Adapter
- Cable management and CPU retaining holes for easy maintainence
- Support Tri-GFXs
- 4 x 5.25" Drive Bays
- 7 x 3.5" Drive Bays
- I/O Panel: USB2.0 x 2 / USB3.0 x 2, 1 x eSATA, 2 x Audio
- Front Cooling: 1 x 140mm Blue LED Fan
- Rear Cooling: 1 x 120mm Fan
- Top Cooling: 1 x 140mm Fan
- Bottom Cooling: 2 x 120mm Fans (optional)
- Right Side Cooling: 2 x 120 or 140mm Fans (optional)
- Left Side Cooling: 1 x 80mm Fan
- HDD Cage Cooling: 1 x 120mm Fan (optional)
- VGA Holder: 1 x 80mm Fan (optional)

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Full Of Features and Nice Looking

After having my previous CM case (ATCS) for around 10 years I fancied a change to modernise my case along with my latest build.

This did not let me down in any way! I was after a case that all the features that my old one did not - cable management, front USB/SATA/headphones, built in fans, easy access drive bays and a window.

All in all, great quality item with plenty of nice touches from the gromits around the cable management, screw less, clip in ODD & HDD bays, and dust filtering, and rear water cooling access. Helps the machine to run very quiet too and size wise, it is much deeper than my old case.

There are ample fan mountings - included are top, front and back fans. Optionally, base and side panel fans can be added. The included front fan has a speed sensitive LED which is neat.

The window version gives you a nice robotic autopsy too :)

Ben 2012-11-23

Great case

I had a cooler master in the past and loved that one its good to see they still make the best bases.

The cable-tidy design allows you to route all the power cables through the backend of the case through rubber holes so that the main part of the case is virtually wire free. Lots of space, and the trays for holding drives are just amazing!

And it looks great!

Mike 2012-04-28


after seaching for a new case for a while i come across this beauty, this fits nice in the bay of my desktop not to wide like the half x which is 2 inch wider, this thing so quiet i can hear myself breath good cable managment solid metal sides, plenty of room inside even if your big handed, sdd bay works well and quick swap bays are good, even with wires tuck behind side case 24pin is a thick cable the side panel dose not bend, and slips in nice np. Got a msi580gtx with at lest 2 inch to spare plenty on psu room 4 big power units.. for a mid tower which holds the dogs nuts software this gets a 5 plus. good delivery from oc again 5 years never had a problem:)

shaun 2012-01-05

Top Quality

Case is great.

The light on the front can be slightly annoying, but the fact you can switch it OFF is great.

Lots of space and building up my machine inside it was done with ease.

The way the case works with the drives and placement make it very easy to have a nice clean cable install. Granted I used my fair share of cable ties but they work!

It fits the Prolimatech Genesis Mega Performing CPU Cooler no problem just in case your looking for a decent cooler to sit inside it.

Steven 2011-09-05

Cooler Master CM-690 II Advanced Dominat

Well ordered this on the Tuesday and it arrived Friday, good job OcUK!

What can I say, this case is just simply fantastic. Comes with the blue LED 120mm in the front, a 140mm on the top and a rear 120mm.

The 3.5" bays are fantastic to use and rock solid, even includes a 1.8"/2.5" tray adaptor to place your SSDs.

I moved the read 120mm to the top next to the 140mm fan as my out-take fans. And in the rear I installed a Corsair Hydro H80. It's a little tight near the CPU block, but it does the trick nicely.

Plenty of room to house my 5870. The cable management is fantastic to boot, lots of room behind the motherboard tray to house everything.

5 Star service and 5 Star product!

Lee 2011-08-20

Very nice

I have just installed my computer in a WHITE version of this model, absolutely chuffed to bits with it. Quite a lot of space for a midi tower. Quiet fans included, 1*140mm (Blue led) lit, 1*120mm and 1*140mm. The cooling possibilities in this case are endless, as you can house extra fans at the bottom and top of the case. Good cable management. What I really do like is the hot swappable hard drive at the top of the case, just make sure you set it to AHCI in the bios. Makes a nice BIG back up drive or that super fast SSD so easy to add. Great case, nice cooling and super, super looks in white :D

KevC 2011-06-22

Good but replace the case fans for quiet

First off this is replacing an old case with 3 80mm fans and the cooling difference is superb! But as soon as I got this I replaced the fans with 3 fractal design fans as advised on the forums. It made a big difference, the noise is next to none. I've attached one of the original coolermaster 140mm fans to the side of the case but at the same RPM as the fractal (900rpm) it is clearly louder. I'm going to replace it with a fractal as soon as they come back in stock on ocuk and probably even get some more as they rock. That being said the case is great for 70 quid and can be easily modded to provide even better cooling and quieter operation. It's a bargain!

Reis 2010-12-27


very good i like it . i used air cooling and beleive me if you install fans in all the places you can its awsome . not a huge case but perfect for me . looks solid and feels solid . people say its not big enough for watercooling but you can just use the top air ducts . plenty of hard drive places with an ssd drive caddy inside and a ssd external connector on the top ace . i currently have 2 6870's in crossfire and it fits . super long cards you may struggle but i can get 90 fps on crysis (max everything) so why am i going to bother . nope i wouldnt spend a penny more on a case when this really is awsome . ive had a few cases but this is one of the best and definatley the cheapest . if you want a case on display in your house and dont want to look bad boy, buy it.

10/ 2010-12-12

Bad for water cooling

First up, this review strictly focuses on the case's suitability for water cooling. The reason for this is that is how Coolermaster have advertised this case (as suitable for water cooling) and that is why I bought it.

First of all, this is a mid-tower case. The small size affects a lot of water cooling factors. For example, the clearance between the top of the motherboard and the roof of the case is only 45mm - so select radiators with a hight no greater. Additionally, a 45 mm rad in the top means the fans have to be mounted above the roof, in the shroud.

This case is apparently meant to house a 240mm rad in the bottom of the case, once you remove the hard drive cage. This is technically correct, although you will need a compact PSU (a length no greater than 180mm I would say) and a small rad (maybe a 140mm).

I should point out that I eventually gave up trying to house a water cooling loop in this case, as it's just too small. Do yourself a favour, and buy a full tower instead.

Vincent Harvie 2010-11-29


This is the best case i've ever had...lots of room...easy to build and really well designed.
It really looks smart too
The hard drive caddy on the top is so handy to use as a spare back up.
I've also purchased a windowed side panel from coolermaster in holland to give the finishing touch.
I'm so happy with this case and would recommend it to anyone

Ross 2010-11-08


Bought this along with the GX 750 Psu and its brilliant. The case makes cable management very easy, and even with 101 different spare cables from the PSU there is nothing obstructing the Mobo or any vents or where any of the fans are directing cold air.

Bottom mounted PSU's are a great idea and kind of makes you think why its not always like that

Plus having a great service from OCuk helps :)

Chris 2010-10-08

Amazing Case

Bought as an upgrade for my old generic case and the difference was phenomenal! looks awesome and has the same noise level as my old case which had no fans. the tool less hard drive bays took a bit of work befor i could figure them out, but the optical drive just slides in and clicks. Amazing buy, i can't comment on price comparison because this is the fist proper case i have bought, but i say it is worth it.

Alasdair 2010-09-14


great case, very good features lots of room and has the option to watercool!

chronic86 2010-09-13

Great Case

This is a fantastc case, I don't think you'll find a better mid-tower for the money. The build quality is excellent, the cable management is great and make it a breeze to build on. The 3 included fans, 140mm

blue led front, 120mm rear exhaust, and 140mm top exhaust are really quiet even at full speed.

I hooked up the 3 fans via molex connecters and disabled auto fan speed adjustments in the BIOS, so they run at full speed all the time. All I get is a gentle hum from inside the case. Ran prime95 on an

E8400 E0 @ 4GHz overclock and the core temps never exceeded 52c. I have 3x SATA II HD's installed directly behind the front 140 mm fan, max temps in Everest for the HD's are 22c. The cut-out to allow access

to a CPU back-plate was dead center for my board, so no worries if your using a socket 775. All in all I could not find a single thing to dislike about this case ... it's brilliant.

NB. the 24pin ATX connector from my PSU was fine routed behind the mobo, but the 8 pin 12v connecter from my psu would not reach when routed behind the mobo, needs an extension.

Akasa 8-Pin 30cm PSU Extension Cable [AK-CB8-8EXT]

Kevin 2010-09-12

Great little case

As far as mid towers goes this is one of the best. Nice features and room for plenty of fans, 10 in total, should help keep the hottest parts cool. Dropping a star as 4 of the stand off holes in mobo tray werent tapped, and they had to be the awkward ones on the I/O side ^^, so had to tap them myself so i could fit mobo :(

kareem abdul jabaar 2010-09-09

the best case

my favorite feature is that most of it is vented and due that it cooled down my hardware by 10C.come with a 140 and 2 120 fans. this the best case and for

edward white 2010-09-07

Tut Tut,

Over Rated.

The case itself looks awesome, all matt black and a strong overall design but lacks cooling power.

My antec 900 was better, wish I invested in a 1200 to keep my i7 gaming rig running cool.

Also the front audio had a major fault soon as I bought it, was too much effort replacing after building and overclocking my brand new system. Disappointed.

Jake 2010-09-05

Great Buy

Bought this case for a build for my dad. I was not sure if this was going to be a good purchase. That all changed once i got it out of the box. Case is great, very sturdy, although a bit heavy. Unlike stated in a comment below this case fit my ATI 5970 no problem (have to use the lower pci slot rather then the top 1 as the non removable HD cage does block it) without having to remvove the lower drive cage. Also instaled the Coolit ECO no problem on the back exhaust. Love the cable management through the back and the way the HD cage is set up. Should be able to fit more then 1 high end GPU no problem!

Only problem with the case is the top hatch for the external HD does not latch and falls out if you move the case.

otherwise great case and I'm considering replacing my Coolermaster Cosmos S with this one!

Nik 2010-08-25

Spot on.

This case has proven to be a victory for me in so many ways.

Since buying this case, I've bought a new PSU, Grapics Card and CPU cooler.

The initial transfer of the motherboard and original components was painless. Took very little time at all to move (once I managed to get it out of my old case)

Cable managment was very easy, as is HDD installation, DVD installation etc...

Generally everything was really easy, even installing the stupidly large CPU Cooler.

I dare say me and this case will go a long way together.

Tom 2010-08-24

Fantastic Case

Fantastic case. I have always had well built cases and paid the price for them. This is the cheapest case I have ever bought and it has some of the best build quality.

It will not be for everyone, but I am planning on going watercooling when I upgrade next and this has more then enough room in which to do so.

If I had to state a bad point, it would be that you have to use a 80 x 80 x 15mm fan on the 80mm fan slot behind the CPU. There are a few on the market but are very noisy so I am not bothering with that just yet.

So much room for cabelling too, very well designed. Be prepared to buy an extension for your 8pin power cable though, but this is nothing new to what I have seen in cases lately.

Very well built case, lots of room and gives the builder of the PC confience to cable up neatly and its extremely easy to keep a good air flow.

As a closing note, as long as my source if correct, the fans included are all under 19dB so they are quiet. Air flow is debatable though.

Scott 2010-06-04

A pleasure to build

Bought one of these for my new i7 build. It must have been one of the easiest builds I have ever done. The side loading HDD trays are a great idea and completely tool-less but still solid. Cable management was great, no untidy cables here! Nice touches with the on/off switch for the fan LED's and SATA drive tray on the top of the case. My New GTX470 slotted in just fine so no complaints size wise. All in all I am happy with this case and see it as an upgrade from my Antec Nine Hundred Gaming case that houses my old system.

Bill 2010-05-19

not bad, But

The case looks simple, Yet attractive. It's spacious enough on the inside, and very sufficient air flow that has left me with cooler hardware overall.

My last case was a non-descript, pretty plain case, which I bought as a barebones bundle years ago when I was building my first -from scratch- pc, that was running a P3 processor. So Need I say more? A new case was just something I kept putting off.

Overall for the price, Im pleased with the looks, But dissapointed by the lack of room for the cables behind the mbd tray. How thin it is, Even with a coolermaster aftermarket heatsink, I couldnt install fans on the side door as there was no room!
I wish for the price paid, they had more than One 2.5 sdd adapter, Specialy As I use aprox 6!
The retention hole was off and covered half of the coolermaster heatsink screws... the plastics feel cheap and flimsy.

I probably would have been happier with the first 690. as its larger & still requires addition 2.5 hdd adapters anyway.

Dean 2010-05-11

Almost Perfect

The case looks stunning, and works well. The air flor through it is strong and steady.

The only problem I could find is that it wouldn't fit a Radeon HD 5970, whereas the CM690 first edition would. Kind of a step back. Other than that though, awesome case!

Christian D'Amico 2010-05-11

Worth the upgrade

Very nice case indeed, ive been waiting for a mid tower case like this for ages that can accomodte my water cooling kit, I hate full towers.

Managed to get everything in it in the end, running a Core i7 system with a big water cooling kit, 240mm rad in the top, 240mm rad in the bottom and 120mm on the back, cable management is a dream come true, but you dont want to see behind the hidden area's.

One disappointment though was I couldnt fit a 240mm rad in the bottom of the case with my Coolermaster Realpower 850w PSU, I would of thought Coolermaster would of designed this to fit their own PSU's alongside a 240mm rad, I managed to do it in the end by drilling some new holes in the bottom for the Rad, still very tight though, had to make sure I plugged in the PSU cables I was gonna use before I fitted the Rad in the bottom.

Sean Galvin 2010-05-03

Excellent Case

Best case i have ever bought by far, plenty of space with great cable management.

really tempted to add watercooling as this case looks built for it.

One warning, the case only comes with one SSD adapter so if you are like me and using 2 SSD's then you will not an extra conversion it(

Si 2010-04-27

Good value for money

Great value for money ! Bought this ready for when I get my i7 rig. The stock fans are pretty good, and it was a breeze to settup, took no time at all. The front panel will pull off without needing to unscrew or mess about with it, makes tampering with it really easy :) Cable management is pretty good, and as Paul wrote; the hard drives face the side, letting the wires go behind the motherboard tray easily. Buy it, you know you want to !

jordan 2010-04-18


This is the best case i have brought. It is better than my previous Kandalf 9000SWA. The black inner and outer realy makes this case look awsome. Cable management is realy good allowing for most to go behind the Mobo panel. The hard drives face the side so the cables are at the back (opposite side). Plenty of room for my 5870 card. Only thing i would do is buy 1 x 14cm fan for the side panel. Or like me buy an additional 3 x 14cm ( 1 for top, there is allready 1 at top, so gives 2) and 2 for the side panel. The entire front panel pulls straight of so its easy to work with Fan controllers or DVD/CD/BD, card readers. MUST BUY !!!

Paul 2010-03-18

Solid, spacious

Bought this to accommodate a new build - corsair H50-1 water cooling, XFX 5770 GPU, 4 x sata HDD.
Space is not an issue with this beauty and the fact that I can run all my cables around the back of the case, out of site is a huge bonus.
Build quality is the best I have seen, this thing is heavy! No flimsy side panels here.
Come with 2x140mm fans & 1x120mm fan. Having the PSU at the bottom is much better.
It looks great, runs pretty quiet and is a well thought out design.
Highly recommended.

Chris 2010-03-17

A new case

Everything seemed to fit perfectly in this case.

The PSU is bottom mounted which makes it much easier to get to. Especially if you are using a modular PSU. I could leave out cables and attach them as needed.

Cable tie hooks on the back, and holes in the motherboard tray allow for easy cable tidying. I have finally managed to hide most of the cables on this thing.

It even managed to hide the ugly ribbon from the X-FI card front panel to the sound card.

Something to look out for is the slot at the top that allows you to plug in a sata drive externally. Fantastic feature, guess I wont use it too much but for backing up or testing drives out its amazingly simple.

Side mounted hard drives allow easier to hide cables, and easier to access drives as well.

Seems very roomy inside, and air ventilation seems pretty good even with the stock amount of fans. For those who really want more you can attach fans all over.

Allattar 2010-02-16

Brilliant Case

i upgraded for an Antec 300 which is a good case but isnt designed for watercooling, this case isnt much bigger but has alot more space inside and with 5 removable HDD cages leaving 2 it is possible to get 2x280mm radiators and 1x120mm radiator and still have alot of space spaire. it also has exelent cable managment using holes in the motherboard tray, and also unlike the Antec 300 the front panel wires are more than long enough to be hidden away and still reach the motherboard.
overall a 5* case

Adam 2010-02-05

Great Case

Have actually downgraded from a cosmos sport and feel that this a better case. Mega fan options as well as the ability to fit two rads inside. My X58 setup fits easily and space to spare at end of my 4870X2 graphics card. Amazing list of features for a case at this price. Cable managment is good and quick and easy to get clutter free install. Best case I have bought yet and will be a modder/gamers dream.

Ray 2010-02-04

Amazing case

Buy this case you will not be dissapointed! I have the older Coolermaster Dominator Nvidia Special edition case and this case has many more features. It has enough room in the case to support 3 graphics cards and is the perfect companion to anyone with a watercooling setup. Only downside some people might moan at with this case is the fact that the PSU sits at the bottom of the case, i persoanlly didn't find this to be a problem but some with older psu's might.

As i said this case is an awesome case with many many features like screw less design supporting card slots, cd/dvd drives and slide trays for HD quick changes inside your case one of the features i love most!

Buy it you will not be dissapointed...

Gilbery007 2010-02-04

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