Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case - Black

  • The flagship case of Cooler Master - COSMOS II
  • is defined as the “Ultimate platform for extreme performance”.


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Stock Code: CA-249-CM

EAN: 4719512035184

MPN: RC-1200-KKN1

Manufacturer: CoolerMaster


Product information: Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case - Black

The flagship case of Cooler Master - COSMOS II, is defined as the “Ultimate platform for extreme performance”. Its streamlined design with aluminum and mesh makes this product incomparably stylish and luxurious. It supports up to 10 fans, 13 HDDs, and 4 Way SLI/CF; also features an Advanced Control Panel for fan speed adjustment with LED indicators. The rich I/O includes 2 high speed USB 3.0 ports for quicker data transfer. The combination of its elegant looks, numerous expansion options, and functionality make the COSMOS II a definite choice for a user’s “Dream Case”.

- Stylish and streamlined race-car inspired design
- Brushed aluminum and steel for strength and elegance
- Airflow optimized design
- Supports up to 10 fans and 13 HDDs (2 from X-dock)
- Supports 4 Way SLI/CF
- Supports XL-ATX / SSI CEB / SSI EEB boards
- Advanced Control Panel:
- 4 channel fan speed control
- Materials Appearance: Aluminum, Mesh, Plastic/ Case body: Steel
- Dimensions: 344(W) x 704(H) x 664(D)mm / 13.5 x 27.7 x 26.1 inch
- Weight: 21.5kg
- 5.25" Drive Bay: 3
- 3.5" Drive Bay: 13 (2 from X-dock, Middle cage for 5 HDDs, Bottom cage for 6 HDDs:
- 2.5”/3.5" Drive Bay 11 (converted from 3.5" bay)
- I/O Panel: USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 4, E-SATA x 1, Audio In and Out
- Expansion Slots: 10+1
- Front Cooling: 200mm LED fan x 1 (converted from 120/140mm x 1)
- Top Cooling: 120mm black fan x 1 (converted from 200mm fan x 1/ 140mm fan x 2 / 120mm fan x 3)
- Rear Cooling: 140mm fan x 1
- Side Cooling: 120mm fan x 2 (optional)
- HDD: 120mm fan x 3 (2 for bottom HDD / 1 for Mid. HDDs)
- Maximum Compatibility: CPU cooler height: 190mm / GPU card length: 385mm

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Technical Details

Case type Big-Tower
Form factor ATX, CEB, E-ATX, EEB, Micro-ATX, XL-ATX
Side panel with Mesh Inserts
Colour Black
Main colour Black
Accent colour Black
Noise dampening no
Width (exact) 340
Height (exact) 710
Depth (exact) 670
Width 300 - 400 mm
Height 700 - 800 mm
Depth 600 - 700 mm
Material Aluminium, Steel
Weight (exact) 22
Weight 22 - 24 kg
USB 6x
USB 3.0 2x
Audio output 1x
Audio input 1x
eSATA 1x
Internal 2.5" nays 11x
Internal 3.5" bays 13x
External 3.5" bays 2x
External 5.25" bays 3x
PCI Slots 10x
Motherboard Tray no
Water-cooling no
Remote no
Cable management yes
Front LCD/TFT Display no
Filter yes
Power supply no
Power supply format ATX
Power supply position Rear Lower
Fans pre-installed 1x 140mm, 1x 200mm, 3x 120mm
1200mm Fan 10
140mm Fan 3
200mm Fan 2
Fan colour Black
Fan controller yes
Cardreader no
Front door yes
Hot-Swap yes
Position I/O Front
HDD anti-vibration yes
Radiator-Mounting 1x Triple (360mm)
Lighting no
Water tubing holes yes
Model Cosmos
Transport-System yes

Customer review "Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case - Black"

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I got this yesterday and with my bad back, it took me a while to get the massive box up...
some knock it saying the 900d is a better case well there wrong its not all about water...
To say this is a big case is a bit of an understatement - my 4 year old now uses the...
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The king of all cases...

I got this yesterday and with my bad back, it took me a while to get the massive box up stairs. I started stripping my Cosmos SE which took me an hour or so, managed to get this case onto my table... eventually! This case is so big I might design my room around it! Excellent build quality, more cables than BT! The Cosmos SE looks like a matchbox in comparison. My only gripe, while not really a major problem is the hinged doors which would have been better being hinged at the back and not the front. This case will last me many years, with plenty of room for upgrades. Well worth the price, but a warning... this case is heavy, even when empty, it weighs a good 22kg. Excellent service by Overclockers yet again. One happy fella.


a very nice case

some knock it saying the 900d is a better case well there wrong its not all about water cooling etc its about a case that's sturdy and made a lot more stronger than the 900d not knock corsairs case but made from realy thin metal bends when you touch the dame thing is not a good case. so I would highly recommend this cosmos2 case strong sturdy plenty of room plus the case looks stylish.

Gary 2013-02-26

Fantastic Case

To say this is a big case is a bit of an understatement - my 4 year old now uses the box as a shop !!!

Looked at this, the Obsidian and Lian-Li 2120X and very glad I chose this case. Definitely recommend.

The quality of the case is great to say the least. Tons of room to get cables well managed and load of room for disks. Easy to install/remove stuff without tools easily and quickly. Side panels are top quality and easily removed and replaced to make working on the case easy (again without need for tools).

Only downsides, but nothing major when considering all the good stuff;
- fan controller not great and fans a bit noisy when on lower speed.
- Hard disk trays a bit plasticy - not surprising given they are plastic, but would have been better as metal

Rich 2013-01-27


Reviewed the specs was expectig a large case, when it arrived i was still shocked. amazing cable managament, amazing cooling & airflow, insane space to play with for water cooling. Cant faul it at all. Expensive yes, but worth every penny, Coolermaster have put some serios attention to detail in this case

Rich 2012-11-18


Brilliant quality, looks awesome! Everything about this case is big, easy and class!

EXCEPT the built in fan controller, works great with supplied fans but useless with quality premium fans, even with the revised controller sent out from Coolermaster.

I just accept its no good and don't use it as it doesn't stop the case being fantastic

Terry Baker 2012-11-05


This case is the best out there
if you can afford it buy it!!!!!

Griver 2012-10-22

very happy with it

-fits lots of fans
Top :3 X 120 / 2 X 140 / 1 X 200
Front :1X200 and 1 X120
Inside : 1 X120 on HDD compartment corner
Side :2 X 120 ( HDD fans already installed)
Door : 2 X 120 on door

-easy to remove filters
- the case disperses heat really easy.
- mean COLOSSAL!
-real tidy and neat wiring from both sides.

Nathan Doyle 2012-10-08


Ive had this case for a good few months now and i have to say the build quality is amazing.

Sure ive seen some people complaining that you only fit a triple and a dual rad in there but if i have to be honest i just drilled out the pop rivets for the support bars and took out the supports for the dual radiator and AY PRESTO! i now have 2 triple radiators in here running a dual loop configuration.
(EK XTX 360 and Black Ice GT Stealth 360)
Sure some people could say its not secured down enough but ive taken this build to multiple LAN events with it being in and out of the boot of cars,up and down ramps and it still never fails.

To anyone who is passionate about pc building/modifying, i would definitely recommend getting this case as it will house almost anything you want to put in there.
Im thinking of upgrading to an SR-X soon to replace my Big Bang Xpower II.

Damien 2012-07-18

Not Good

I bought this case and regret it now as it's not as good as it 1st looked.

It's fine for a air cooled pc or a single waterloop.

My previous case was the Xigmatek Elysium which could fit a 360x60mm rad in the roof, but this case can only just fit a 360x35mm rad in the roof.

I have managed to fit both my 360mm rads in the case but I will be changing it pretty soon to a XSPC Tower H2 case.

I have seen a few nice builds in this case, but for me it doesn't support want I want it to eventually support.

I have still managed to make my build look good in it though.

It is a tight squeeze though fitting a 360mm rad in the bottom though.

For the price it could and should have been allot better, with better watercooling support.

Daniel 2012-06-26

Great case,

My last case was massive, and this puts that case to shame in terms of size. A great feature that I love is that there's no screws at all for the sides doors it's so easy to open.
I feel like they should have put some better fans on this case though, they give you a great fan controller and give you cheap fans that have no led's except the front.
fans are cheap though and I don't regret buying it's a great looking case, with so much space, you could run 4 2 slot graphics cards with this case and still have lots of room.

Synchro 2012-06-04

Luxury performance Saloon

This is the Jaguar XK of the case world. It is, by a country mile, the best looking case on the market. It exudes an effortless air of quality and manages to look sleek for it's size. It's very well designed and built and has all the space and features in which to build a truly kick ass rig. If budget is your primary consideration, look elsewhere, but if you are building the machine of your dreams, this is the case you want.

Dave Barrett 2012-06-02


this is an absolute beast of a case , it is absolutely MASSIVE , but this makes it very very easy to work with , definately the easiest build ive ever had
there are soooo many nice features on this case that make the build a complete pleasure , the cable management system is truely excellent , the quick release HDD bays the excellent grommets , lots of routes for cables , ohh man i just cant describe how well thought out this case is, its MEGA .
and on top of that it has a super high quality feel to it and looks great, i will definately have this case for a long time , and will just upgrade the components as i go

yes its expensive , yes its HUGE but it is worth every penny because its the best bit of kit you'll ever get

Eugene 2012-05-11


I cannot stress enough how big this case is. I am totally in awe of the size of it. I am looking forward to filling this with my new build.

Excellent customer service from OCUK as usual, the box arrived in perfect condition.

Robert 2012-03-07


Brought this case about a month ago. The case is simply amazing, soo many options with good options for upgrading.

It was by far the easiest case to install components into, and has the best cable management system to date.

The materials used to make this case are a real high quality. Cooling on air isn't the best option for this case, so my advise is to use only water cooling for this case. I'm using air at the moment and my temps have gone up from my old case which was a Thermaltake Spedo.

The only thing i would say as a negative is the front 200mm fan isn't that great and doesn't shift much air, my advice would be to change it for a different one. But being as this case is 350 they should of put a much better front fan!

Also the fan controller on the case makes my fans make a ticking noise on the low to medium settings. The fans i'm using are Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1900rpm.

kenneth blanchard 2012-03-02


wow large and i mean large bigger than the corsair800d stronger built and heavy i love it worth every pennie it might be a little expensive but you pay for what you get quality.

Andy 2012-02-29


An absolute monster of a case. It is massive. So much room in side you could put a dead body in it and still have room for the cat.
It is a lot of cash but i really do think that its worth it. I cant see me changing this case for a very long time. I have 1 x 240 rad in the roof and 1 x 240 rad in the bottom, 2 x XFX 7970 with 2 HDD and an SSD. It all fits in with no problems or drama's. The quality of the case is every bit as good as my wifes Lian Li case (i reckon its better but she wont agree) and it looks the part. Check out the review by Time to live on you tube. The only real awkward thing was wireing up all the fan connections but if you spend a bit of time on it and get it right it works a treat. Very very pleased with this case

ken 2012-02-29


wow wow wow what a case this thing is massive and i mean massive but worth every penny mind you though you have to be geoff capes to pick it up its heavy as well but you get great air flow it keeps my temps down better than my 800d buy it youl not look back.

kenneth 2012-02-25


this case is large and i mean large but put together perfectly great air flow its that good on air flow you can dry ya washing but on a serious note the beast case you can ever own

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