Eco A.L.C. 120mm CPU Watercooler (Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3/LGA775/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1366)

  • The ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling (A.L.C.) System is an elegantly engineered ultra low profile thermal solution positioned at an economical price point.
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Manufacturer: Coolit

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Product information:

Eco A.L.C. 120mm CPU Watercooler (Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3/LGA775/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1366)

A revolutionary leap in design delivers industry leading realiability, performance and value.
The ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling (A.L.C.) System is an elegantly engineered ultra low profile thermal solution positioned at an economical price point. CoolIT's engineers have focused on offering a superior propriatory cooling technology that delivers the ultimate performance in a compact design. The whisper quiet ECO cooler is widely compatible with the majority of pc cases featuring a 120mm fan and can beinstalled in 3 easy steps. CoolIT's selection and design of each componenthas been scrutinized to ensure the ECO provides the industry leading performance and reliability resulting in the ultimate maintenance free cooling solution.

- CoolIT's compact pump runs quietly whilst maintaining an optimal flow rate
- CoolIT engineered for high heat disapation at low fan speeds reuslting in efficient, quiet operation
- A Micro-Channel Fluid Heat Exchanger that lets you reach the maximum potential of your CPU overclock
- A pre-filled, factory sealed, liquid loop of carefully chosen components offers years of worry free cooling
- CoolIT's pro advanced thermal compound is pre applied for easy installation
- Extremely easy to install retention for Intel 775, 1155, 1156, 1366, and AMD, AM2, AM2+, AM3 Sockets
- Two-year warranty


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System: amd phenom ii quad 3.0GHz @ 3.6GHZ

Stock cooler temp @ load = 51C
CoolIT temp @ load = 35C

Easy to install - make sure you support the back plate behind socket on m/board as screws need pressure to insert.

Great performance for the price !!

Rob Curtis 2011-07-01

great cooler

just delivered today wasnt quite as easy to fit as made out,but once u get 1 screw in then yea its easy,sorted out me sons high temps so only time will tell if its gona keep the temps down,great product for the price compared to just air coolers,dont think about it just buy it lol.

david 2011-06-14


This cooler is excellent, easy to install, requires only a screwdriver.

Fan RPM is 1048

Using an AMD x2 555 @ 3.4 ghz
The temps are always below 30 degrees with one fan exhausting and no intake fans on the case.
Average Temp on Load = 25 degrees

Dylan 2011-05-21

Impressed !

First bit of serious cooling i have purchased and am very impressed !

X4 phenom fan was making video editing unbearable but now i have a quiet whisper unless it's flat out rendering but to be honest i could sleep with this in the room even flat out, at a push.

Some reviews say keep the fan flat out at all times but i have it connected to the standard fan control of the MB and although it takes a little longer to catch up probably because of the step range of the old 5900 rpm fan but never goes above 52c and settles at 48c ish full load in a warm room.

Totally recommended, and it looks good too.

Was a bit worried how much pressure i had to put on the screw springs to get them to catch.

tony 2011-04-22

Great Produvt

Installation is easy no matter what CPU you have (775, am2/3 or the newer intel's) and only a screwdriver is required.

It does come pre-installed with intel mountain but to use it on AMD you take two screws out on each side and slide the intel mount out then slide the AMD one in and put the screws back and it's that simple.

When installing pump onto CPU i found that the screws seemed to not be going in but they would eventually after a good few turns.

Installing the RAD is as simple as unscrewing any 120mm fan on the back of your case, offering up the RAD with fan and screwing it in and that's it.

You can also install a 2nd fan to go push pull but screws are required as mine didn't have spare ones to add a 2nd fan.

Temps i found to be much lower than the stock AMD cooler i had and with a 2nd fan it does impove things a little more although i haven't done proper testing yet.

Andrew 2011-03-20


cpu coolers come in all shapes and sizes... you have the stock coolers that come with your cpu,s... reliable but only work optimally for 5 to 6 months then theres the freezer 7 pro,s..frio,s and zalmans... good long term coolers with some excellent performance however the cool-it eco isnt about dropping tempertures (allthough it does) but producing stable tempertures.... heres the deal: my cpu temp is 31c idle with the eco.. 1c less than my freezer 7 pro... however its when i run games and apps that the cool it eco comes into its own for example when my wife runs "farmville" the temps would previously even out at around 42c.... however it now runs at 34c solid.... then as soon as she leaves its drops straightaway back to 31c(within 30 sec ) even 3dmark wont go above 38.....
installation is a breeze and takes around 30 minutes... and should be well within the capabilities of any pc enthusiast... however make sure you disable any fan regulation in the bios... this will allow the 120mm fan to run at full speed and cool the radiator correctly
so yes... if you want the closest thing to water cooling without the stress of setting up pipes,radiators,pumps and water blocks then the cool-it eco is the cooler for you.... a amazing peice of engineering from the guys at cool-it

brianthesnail 2010-12-17

Does the Job

I use my computer in quite a small room and have always had problems keeping temps low. Even with massive air coolers. I didn't really expect this to do much better, but it did.

Using with a Core 2 E8400

My temps (idle) are in the mid 20s rising to about 30 when room and computer are warm. I haven't seen it go over 40 under load yet.

The only issue is that it doesn't fit in my case (Tsunami dream). I had read about this, but took the gamble thinking it would fit. Alas a metal bar just gets in the way. I plan to cut a piece out of the metal bar so it can fit. But for now I have it mounted sideways with the side of the case not closed properly.

I have decided to still give it 5 stars as performance wise this does the job really well for me. You could get a massive air cooler that will probably do the job slightly better and in some cases slightly quieter (although I think it's reasonably quiet myself). But I don't fancy having a really heavy piece of metal hanging from my socket.

Robert Walker 2010-12-08

Screws those bolts down!

Easy to install but you need to ensure the retention screws catch! At first mine just seem to keep turning and turning and I thought this must be the way they work as it was still on tight but temps on my i7 950 were idles at 50c and primed at 90c+! :/

I knew something was wrong and got the screw driver out and tried to tighten those screws again. This time they caught and I was able to properly tighten them down in the order shown, until I could turn then no more.

Now my i7 idles at 38c and primes at 63c with HT enabled and 53 without.

I didn't check the stock cooler temps so nothing to really compare against but I'm happy with these temps and I'm replacing the single fan with two Akasa Viper's in a push pull config this weekend.

This was my first liquid cooler and all in all for the cost it has been a really straight forward experience and performs very well, though I still wonder if I

Gavin 2010-11-25

CoolIT Eco A.L.C. - Fantastico

AMD Phenom II 955 BE
GA-MA770 UD3 Rev2.0
Corsair XMS2 PC2-8500CS 8GB (4 x 2GB)
Radeon 4850 at stock speeds

2 x Scythe Kaze Jyuni 1900RPM mounted on ECO in Push-Pull config
Scythe's pulling air directly into the case, running fans off molex headers
Overclocked to 4.0GHz @ 1.45volts
IDLE Core Temps @ 32 degreesC
GPU 44 degreesC
LOAD Core temps 49.25 degreesC (all cores)
GPU 44 degreesC

Fantastico, easy to fit, well made and cheaper than the competition.

DarrenBe 2010-08-10


runs lean on my phenom x2 overclocked to 4.2, 25c idle - mid 30c's on major loads, neaver breached 50c. contemplating buying another and trying to change the pipes!

tom 2010-08-04

Good overall cooler

Used this on my i5 750 O/C to 3GHZ 24*7
Cpu idles about 30 degrees and never goes about 40 (in IBT)
easy install, and even installed a second fan for push pull config

Sam 2010-06-16

good cooler

Nice cooler, looks good, fan is a bit noisy so worth changing, installing instructions could be clearer too. But it works a treat.

Ricki 2010-05-01

great hardware

brought this to replace my af7 cooler very easy to install,noticed a huge difference in temps.
would recommend changing the fan installed very noisey.

Rob 2010-04-25

Coolit eco

Excellent product well packaged and very easy to install. i replaced my ageing artic cooler freezer 64 pro with this. i dont know what temps i was getting except just sat in windows it was always around 47degrees c, with this installed i now get 38 and it only went up to 47 when i played css for 20mins. so overall i am very pleased with this cooler, now i just got to work out the best overclock for my 955 3.2ghz

Peter Maddison 2010-04-20


Been after a sealed water cooled unit for a while now, as the temps on my Core 2 Quad Q6700 were starting to get toasty. Fairy easy to install - fit in my CM Scout case perfectly. Left it at 3.0Ghz (up from 2.66) and i'm getting 28 degree's idle, never usually goes over 45 with decent load.

Jake 2010-04-09

Very cool hehe

The fan was a bit noisy at first at full speed so i replaced it with akasa apaches. Now on my Q9650 @ 4.0GHz, In prime the max temp is 50*c and in Intel burn test on maximum, its 59*c. Highly recomended

TemiD 2010-04-05

A bargain for performance

I've been using Titan Fenrir before and decided to change to this cooler. No regret at all and really worth it. I overclocked my phenom II x3 720 to 3.6ghz
idle- 23-25c
max on prime95 - 38c
that is about 5-8c less than before and it is more compact and easier to fit it in. recommended

Muhammad 2010-03-29

Couldn't ask for anything else

Sound levels aren't unbearable. I never turn my computer off. I have tinnitus so I love the humming of fans at night (drowns out the buzzing in my ears). The levels aren't that noticeable!

The cooling is fantastic! I went out of my way, completely, to get one of these coolers! I'm running a Q6600 at stock with 8GB RAM and an ATI HD5670. I added an extra fan for extra cooling. The Radiator is on the inside of the case (better on the outside). Going to get a Silverstone Raven and get this beast in action in a better case! Using a Coolermaster Stome, a good case but I would prefer something with a little more umph!

All in all

Craig Holden 2010-03-28

Coolit Eco

I am Very impressed with temps on my 4ghz i7 920 excellent water cooler from coolit
I was running a noctua nh-u12p full loaded prime95 73c now the same run hitting 61c
low 28-29. The key i have fond is not to connect the pump to the board but to the psu
and i put the case fan of my antec 902 back on to push that made a big difference & looks nicer with the leds

D Bishop 2010-03-07

Quite simply

Absolutely superb, keeps my Intel X3360 at 25 idle and 28-30 on full load.

No regret purchasing this cooler.

Chris Holmes 2010-03-03

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