A50 High-Performance CPU Cooler (Socket AM2/AM3/LGA775/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1366)

  • The superior engineering of the Air Series A50 makes it dramatically outperform your CPU’s stock heatsink.
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Manufacturer: Corsair

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Product information:

A50 High-Performance CPU Cooler (Socket AM2/AM3/LGA775/LGA1155/LGA1156/LGA1366)

Excessive heat is the deadly enemy of high-performance silicon, and the Air Series A50 CPU cooler can extend the lifetime of your CPU by quietly and efficiently drawing that heat away. You’ll get faster performance, too. Intel Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processors can be easily configured to automatically overclock when conditions are right. Lowering your CPU’s operating temperature one of the best ways to do this – your CPU will detect that it’s running cooler, and instantly boost its speed when you need it. Of course, if you’re not using a Core i5 or Core i7 or if you prefer to adjust your overclocking settings manually, the Air Series A50 will give you the temperature headroom you need.
The superior engineering of the Air Series A50 makes it dramatically outperform your CPU’s stock heatsink: three 8mm copper heatpipes directly contact your CPU and instantly pull heat up into the aluminum cooling fins. A 120mm fan, mounted on rubber studs to reduce noise and vibration, quietly draws cool air through the fins.
Spend 15 minutes replacing your CPU’s stock heatsink and enjoy years of better performance.

- Compatible with Intel and AMD systems
- Three 8mm copper direct-contact heatpipes
- Aluminum fins
- Low-noise, low-vibration 120mm fan mounted on rubber studs
- Selectable 1,600 or 2,000RPM fan allows you to select the cooling performance you want
- Air flow: 50 - 61 CFM
- Noise level: 26 - 31.5 dBA
- Two-year warranty

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Good, but loud

Well, all i can say is that it does the job well. Core 2 Quad overclocked to 3.2ghz never exceeds 40 degrees.

However, it is mighty loud! if you don't like noise, i would suggest replacing the fan for a noctua, or something...

Adam 2012-10-12

cheap simple does a good job

when i first got it i didnt use the resistor and my god it was loud, was very cool though, idle was around 20c load never went above 65 with my i5 2500k@ 4.5ghz.

i then installed the resistor to quieten it down, the temps went up a couple degress and it was reasonably quiet however not brilliant.

ive now got it perfect with a akasa apache 120mm pwm fan. idle temps are around 25-28 and at load it hasnt gone over 75c

sam 2012-07-28

High performer

After looking into a all inclusive self contained water cooling or air cooling I decided from various benchmarks that this would do the job equally or better.

As bought as part of a bundle the bundle included a additional thermal paste. From reviews proved to be superior to the one included with the A50.

Its fitted inside a Coolermaster HAF x which provides great air movement and a large amount of space around the cooler so it breathes easily.

With the airflow of the case and it not being a warm time of year(Jan) I am getting a steady 30-36c using windows and +10-15c while gaming.

Its cooling an Intel I7 2700k OC'd @ 4600 MHz

Very Pleased with the performance of this cooler.

James 2012-01-18

Amazing Price Worthy Product

Great Delivery Service and easy to install also running on an i7 920 OC @ 3.36 Ghz on 1.1Volts Cool At 33c Idle and 52c Full Load :) Amazing

Lewis 2012-01-17

A Great overclocking Cooler without brea

I have just bought an Intel i5 2500K. I have case fans on the side (as many of us do) so was limited on height for a suitable cooler. I bought a Asaka Vemon Pico, which would have been fine for a non-overclocked scenario but it couldn't really cope with much of an overclock.

In the end, I removed one of the case fans off the side and fitted a Corsair A50, like the guy from OC told me to do in the first place :)

I am now running my I5 2500K at 4.5ghz with all voltages on AUTO on an ASROCK board and even after an hour of QPRIME thrashing, it doesn't go above 55 degrees.

The cooler is secured via a backplate, which works fine, however the motherboard MUST be removed and placed flat on a table with the backplate underneath so you can properly secure the cooler. If you have a case that allows you access to the back of the board and think you don't need to take the board out you won't be able to do it without an extra pair of hands to hold the backplate.

Craig Brown 2011-12-30

Part of an upgrade

I chose this with a mobo/cpu/ram upgrade. Fitted it in a massive Coolermaster Cosmos case and had to take my side panel fan off. My case is double skinned and also has foam soundproofing on the side panel which doesn't help. With the side panel on I have about 2cm clearance from the tips of the heatpipes.

Easy to fit providing its part of a mobo upgrade or you have access to the rear of the mobo.

1600 rpm fan speed is perfect, can hardly hear it. I am trying it at 2000rpm - fan gives a very noticeable buzz which I think will get on my nerves and doesn't really affect temps that much.

At 1600rpm fan speed my cpu Idles at 23-26*C (room at 22*C), load around 40*C on a I5 2500K @ 4.3Ghz (auto-overclock) but I've only had it running 2 days.

Definitely a great cooler, but 4 stars because the fan lets it down. Corsair could do with sourcing a quiter fan because that buzz is really grating at 2000rpm.

Carl 2011-12-15

Its Big and loud!

great for keeping the temp down, but big and loud! watch if you have a small case or a side fan on the case as on my Xblade case the tip of the copper pipes are only about 1 cm off the side of the case. i had to move my case fan to the back of the case to have a pull/push method of air circulation.

DF 2011-10-07

4 small washers

hi, just got this in a bundle and wanted to share some information. the 4 small washer go on the base plate that sits on the back of the mobo. ***fit the washers over the screw legs BEFORE pushing them through the mobo.***

Dragonfire 2011-10-03


Keeps my CPU nice and cool. Easy to install. Never see the temp of the CPU go above 55C.

Ifan 2011-09-26

Good investment

Easy to Install, little fiddly aligning the holes for a LGA1155 board, if your planning to use a Heatsink like this aswell... you may wanna concider your RAM height.
Overall 5.0

James 2011-09-25

Excellent Cooler

I got an i5, and was using stock cooler as was told it was fine for its application.
But I bought this after as I have read such praise, glad I did, amazing bit of kit, knocked so much off my temperature.

I would suggest this, an extra

Suraj Joshi 2011-09-18


What a cooler! It keeps my i5 2500K very cool (30 degrees idle) and fits my Antec 300 case just fine (It might not fit if you have a side panel fan installed).

It is not silent, but Is perfect if you value good cooling over a slight noise.

It is easy to mount the universal back plate and thermal paste is supplied. You can't really go wrong with installing it.

This thing is excellent value for money; better than the LGA 1155 stock by far. I think it has given me frostbite lol. ;)


Gavin Goodchild 2011-07-20

Better than more expensive coolers

I built 2 machines of similar spec, all ordered from Overclockers. I used a cooler master V8 in one build & one of these in anonther. The CM is fair bit more expensive & to my taste does look nicer but this cools better. 2600k @ 4.5gHZ sits around 35

Ricky 2011-06-18


Great cooler. Combined with MX4 dropped 10 degrees on my 1055T either idle on burning (compared to the stock cooler) and above all reduced the noise in 50 decibels or so...... lets say the 7000rpm fan on the stock cooler was a bit noisy while burning :-)

Just make sure it fits in the case before buying

Mr Cool 2011-06-14


coolers a cracking piece of kit for the price.. fully believe iceshock, i had my i5 sitting at 4.5ghz and the idle temp was 32'C across 4 cores and no more than 52 load prime95.

sat at stock speeds atm as ive no use for the extra speed and its idling at 22'C ,,, so... dont be a doyle! just because your temps dont match his..

Peter 2011-06-09

Good cooling

Got my i5 2500k running at 4.6ghz with this. Idles at 32c, peaks at 52c, very happy with that. Be aware its deceptively big but should fit most cases fine. Would definately recommend. Excellent delivery from OC.

Tim 2011-05-12

Iceshock , question for u

hey Iceshock , you have such a nice set up there, 2500k at 4.8ghz load 55c, idle 35c with A50? are you running ur comp in the refrigerator? people with H70 hydro cooler can't even get that temperature. Btw, from idle to load only 20c increase? did u just "LOAD" a web browser? stop disguising consumers

ed 2011-05-09


Replaced an old cooler is doing well, ran prime 95 on a q6600 3.2ghz for over 2 hours max temp 60c idles at 34c.
Good service from OcUK arrived promptly and with the free shipping i am a very happy bunny!

Thesaff 2011-04-20


Just upgraded to a 2500k from a E6600 which i used a Scythe infinity with, This coolers smaller width wise, and cooling wise to say i now have a 2500k clocked at 4.8ghz, load temps 55c idle 35c.

Fantastic cooler for the price, theres no need for anything more really. :)

Iceshock 2011-03-05


Cracking cooler. I've got my i5 2600k sitting at about 25 on idle. Stock fan is pretty loud though, even at 1600 RPM. I swapped it out for a Sharkoon 1000RPM fan and am still achieving the low temps, but with a lot less noise - it's almost silent!

Kyle 2011-01-25


its brilliant 15c of my temps but i went from a blue orb ii so if i went from stock to this it would be even bigger. it quiet that's why i didn't get the a70. also its not to big.

edward white 2010-08-10

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