Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System - 232 Watts RMS

  • A powerful 2.1-channel PC speaker system for gamers who demand high-fidelity audio
  • great stereo imaging
  • and dramatic bass performance.
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Stock Code: SP-003-CS

EAN: 0843591009447


Manufacturer: Corsair

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Product information:

Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System - 232 Watts RMS

Since you have only one PC speaker system, you don’t want to make sacrifices. That’s why Corsair has created the SP2500.
At its heart are six Class D amplifiers driven by an ultra-efficient power supply. The 8” subwoofer driver is housed in a fourthorder bypass enclosure for clean, tight bass response that can seriously shake the room. The bi-amplified satellites use specially developed 3” drivers and custom-designed, ferrofluid-cooled 1” silk dome tweeters for detailed audio reproduction across the entire spectrum with great stereo imaging and a generous sweet spot. A programmable digital signal processor lets you craft the audio to your liking. It’s all under your command with the 1.8” (4.6cm) color display desktop controller.

- 232 Watts RMS of continuous power delivery through six Class D amplifiers
- 8” subwoofer with durable rubber surround in a fourth-order bandpass enclosure
- Bi-amplified satellites with 3” drivers and 1” ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters
- Clean, high-fidelity audio reproduction with excellent stereo imaging
- Programmable digital signal processor for advanced dynamic audio processing
- Wired desktop controller with 1.8” (4.6cm) color TFT display and multi-lingual interface


- Frequency response of 35Hz – 20kHz +- 3dB
- 232 Watts of total power (measured via FTC “RMS” method)
- Subwoofer: 18.1” x 10.2” x 11.7” (46 x 25.8 x 29.7cm) enclosure with fourth-order bandpass design for accurate bass reproduction
- Subwoofer: 8” subwoofer driver with durable rubber surround
- Subwoofer: Bridged dual 60 Watt class-D amplifiers with integrated DSP for 120W of power (measured via FTC “RMS” method)
- Subwoofer: Ultra-efficient integral power supply with 100V – 240V AC input
- Satellites: Bi-amplified, two-way design with detachable audio cables
- Satellites: 3” midrange drivers
- Satellites: 1” custom-designed, ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters
- Satellites: 4.25” x 4.7” x 6.25” (10.8 x 12 x 15.9cm) enclosures with asymmetrical tweeter placement for superior stereo imaging
- I/O, Controls, and Programming: PC input on subwoofer
- I/O, Controls, and Programming: Dual 3.5mm auxiliary inputs (one on subwoofer, one on desktop controller)
- I/O, Controls, and Programming: 3.5mm headphone out with digital signal processing
- I/O, Controls, and Programming: Wired desktop controller with 1.8” (4.6cm) color display and multi-lingual interface
- I/O, Controls, and Programming: Digital signal processor with active crossover capability
- I/O, Controls, and Programming: Mod X™ theatrical audio processing for Blu-Ray and DVD audio that recreates the theatre experience
- I/O, Controls, and Programming: Dynamic DSP programs and EQ curves for late night listening, environment simulation, and optimal enjoyment of games, movies, and music
- Package Contents: x1 subwoofer, x2 satellites, x1 desktop controller with 6’ (1.8M) cable, 3.5mm to stereo RCA cable for PC input, 6’ (1.8m) satellite cables with ATX connectors, Power cable, User Guide
- Retail box dimensions: 22.75in L x 19.75in W x 15.75in H (57.8cm x 50cm x 40cm)
- Weight: 30.75 lb (13.9 kg)


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Great packaging. High quality build speakers and sub. subwoofer really is huge even with all the comments pointing this out i was still surprised. highs and lows very clear and the bass on the sub is stunning when playing games, music or watching movies. No complaints money well spent!

JACK BRENNAN 2016-10-11

Brilliant, well sort of???

I purchased these speakers in June 2013 and was so happy with them until yesterday when my module or pod went white screen making it impossible to use and change anything in the menu, I have heard earlier pods had a problem and QC missed it but now told it has been sorted and corrected. Unfortunately for me my warranty had expired and I have now parted with another £190 to replace my beloved SP2500's as I loved these things, here's hoping the newer modules will stand the test of time. Awesome speakers it's just a shame I had to buy twice.
So a 9 rating from me for now.

James 2016-03-12


I put these on max & put some Kreator on. My house fell down,
Seriously, these are great speakers. Well worth the cash.

Toragana 2016-01-12

One very happy customer

I went by what the other reviewers had said and bought this setup, it arrived today and WOW really clear audio and bass, very good for gaming and music.

antony john webber 2015-12-24

You still didn't buy this Audio system yet?

This is what they say on their website:
The Gaming Audio Series SP2500 2.1 high-power speaker system is the industry reference standard. With 232 watts of power, bi-amplified two-way satellites, and dynamic digital signal processing, it sets the benchmark for gaming audio accuracy, depth, and detail.

Okay, put it this way, i have had this system now for nearly 2 years. Every time I hear sound I am astounded at the quality. And trust me i have had many sound systems before, some were 3 times more powerful. They don't even come close to this Corsair system.!!
If you have a Gaming system and you don't have these..

It's that simple!

Mrs Narine Kostomarova 2015-11-05


Picked these up 3 weeks ago after spending months looking at them. Worth the wait and price? Yep.

These go from subtle to 'WHY IS MY HOUSE SHAKING' pretty quickly. Have your Windows volume at about 10% before you start fiddling with the audio levels and bass. It gets loud.

Well worth the buy, good sound, good bass (Sub is.. Big) and totally worth buying if you're looking for a decent 2.1 system. Cables are long enough for most desks, speakers are a good build quality.

(The box is huge.)


Very Good Speakers

I have for many years used a 7.1 surround sound system, what I had was very good and the sound was excellent. The only problem was the amount of cabling required and the challenge of concealing the cables. I purchased these after a lot of searching around for something that could match the sound quality of my 7.1 set up and I have to say it is a pretty close thing, I have not got the surround sound now, but this is offset by the 2.1 sound quality. I have these speakers plugged in to a Creative X-Fi Titanium Pro sound card and with the Creative software along with the Corsair desktop controller tweak the sound to very good clarity and depth, definitely don`t regret buying these speakers.


WOW hearing is beleiving...

Rave reviews everywhere for these speakers ,so thought i would give them a try, total pleasure to my ears! looking at the watts per channell thought they might be a bit overkill,hek no ! bass,volume ,separation and clarity, outstanding.


Superb quality 2.1 system from Corsair

Build quality is excellent - very solid.
Very easy to set up.
Sound is absolutely fantastic, have these running off a Creative X-Fi HD USB Soundcard (my pc is mini ITX so don't have room for an internal sound card). Crystal clear at any level.

If you're after a 2.1 system, accept no substitute. Buy it.


Value for Money

I have now got a set of these thumping out my games and music and the quality is very good and they go very, very loud.

The build quality is excellent and the side on sub design is a bonus as it allows the sub to fit under most desks easily.

However in most gaming situations I'm not sure you would notice the difference between these and a set



The interconnect that comes with these (jack to composite) is dreadful. Not only does the sound cut out from time to time on one channel but it's not actually as loud as using a decent jack to jack instead.
That said, they are just brilliant - body shaking bass and always clear as a bell. The bi-amping really helps.


Look no further, they are ridiculous!

I upgraded from a half decent 5.1 system and am blown away by the difference in sound quality and what you can do with this system. I have these speakers paired with an old sound blaster fatality and couldn't be more pleased.
Personally I don't have the sub set to anything past 70% as there is no need, music is crystal clear and hits all the frequency's & games sound is jaw dropping even at low volumes.
I honestly don't see any reason to upgrade these for many years to come. They go silly loud, stay distortion free and have more bass than you would reasonably ever need.
They may be a little pricey, but you get more than what you pay for with these and are a very worth while long term investment.

Have fun :)



Brought for sound from xbox 360 & i think they are amazing.films,music,games all sound lovely.very good bass,nice N clean sound.One thing i wish for though is that i would of liked to have had the controller in wireless because i dislike wires.But apart from that i am very happy with the system

leo 2013-02-02


Great product. I have tested some 2.1 systems recently and this one is a clear winner. Mid frequencies are still reproduced well through very clever speaker design and good balancing between high and low frequencies. Acoustics of the bass are of a new standard, even with some of the high end wi fi systems you dont hear the sound of this quality. Just make sure you have a place for the sub in mind before purchase :D. The control unit is easy in operation and good quality build. I wish if Corsair make another system they would incorporate remote control so you can at least control volume.

Alpha 2013-01-05

Worth every penny

Bought these from Overclockers a few months ago and i've meant to get around to writing a review for a while.
Now that i have i see they are out of stock and i'm not in the slightest bit surprised.
This 2.1 set is truely epic. After a while of fiddling with the settings and positioning the satellites a certain way i think i've found the perfect set up.
The sound quality from these speakers is so crisp i almost can't believe what i'm hearing, even still now after a few months i still find myself reeling at what comes out of these things. Whether its gaming or music you're going to have to start looking at full studio monitor kits to get any better costing at least 4 times as much, i honestly believe they are that good.
Hope overclockers get them back in stock soon as i have 2 friends immediately interested in buying after being round here for a party or two. Seriously quality kit, you can't go wrong.

Martin 2012-12-27


absolutely superb, didnt punch out enough bass for what i needed at first but changed the aidio leads to jack to jack inputting through aux 1 and came out loud as anything. Hosted a party with 35 people and the music came out clear as day no matter how far away you were from it... listening to my music it was like i was listening to it all for the first time.

ollie 2012-12-02

Great speakers

Superb speakers, great crisp clean audio and phenomenal bass.

Only 4 stars due to the power lead supplied being a US one and I had to buy a seperate US to UK adaptor to use them.

Macca 2012-06-28

does what it says on the tin

If you can afford them & a 2.1 system is what you want then buy them. I'd go as far as to say you could skip 5.1 & really not notice. The sub delivers clean bass that you'll feel outside nevermind indoors, also every other review says, 'I heard notes in familiar tunes I'd not heard before' well I was sceptical but it's true.

Kalbert 2012-05-17


As a former DJ and pc gamer i just got these 1 day ago and they are EPIC i know how music and games should sound and these sound again EPIC in every way.I have these hooked up to a creative X-Fi Titanium Pro for that extra clarity.No distortion no matter how loud you have it crisp clear sound all the way baby 10/10 :) also 1st time buying from OCUK brilliant service very happy customer

Stravs 2012-04-06


Yes Yes Corsair Have Do it again as i have a mix of gaming to do and music plus the odd film this is the system for me.Im hearing sounds i have not heard before but i would advise new people that still have the on board sound card getting a new sound card plug this baby into then you will be blown awayyyyyyyyyyy

steven ned 2012-01-30


OMG Order at 14.30 and was here next day at 0910.

sound is VERY GOOD i own a BOSE companion 3 and it kills that for bass and low sounds.

its very loud indeed BF3 sounds amazing going in to this systerm i have it plugged in to a Asus sound card aswell think that would help a bit.

buy it top top product well worth

Adam 2012-01-13


Just recently purchased these speakers for a birthday present for myself, as I needed to get something with better quality but amazing for the money. I will say this, I made no mistake, the satellites are just perfection, they hit all the higher and mid frequencies perfectly, I'm also hearing new higher notes in songs which I never heard before. The sub-woofer hits all the lows in the music I listen to and also sounds good after breaking in, It isn't loudest sub in the world, but it certainly makes an impression with explosions and music.
The Build quality is also perfection too, I cannot fault the construction in anyway, I will say one thing however and this is me just being picky, the cables used to connect the satellites to the sub, have bare wires which connect to the molex plugs, which I think personally will wear over time.

Buy these now, they really are worth the money you pay, easily as good as high end hi-fi systems.

Jake Patrick 2012-01-06

Gamers Paradise

Did not buy this from "OC" but use OC quite a lot, these speakers are the best ever sound is crisp, the bass is out of this world.

Too get the best sound out of them, you want a good sound card.

Get them you wont be disappointed.

Dhillon 2011-11-16


Treated myself to these and i have to say these are the best pc speakers i`ve ever had, a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

wiggy 2011-11-14


Just a quick note got these today to replace Aego M's and all I can say is wow !!!! Brilliant if you are thinking about them don't just do it

Trev 2011-11-05


amazing, blow my 5.1 creatives out of the water. the clarity is amazing, up to hi-fi quality. worth the money. corsair are hitting a home run with every product at the moment, the 1300 headset i got also is fantastic. thx to overclockers for the speedy shipment.

adam 2011-10-22

EPIC Corsair

Got these bad boys on 20/10/2011 and plugged them straight in to my Asus Xonar Dx 7.1 Soundcard set the settings on Xonar Dx audio Center to
8 audio channels
sample rate 192Khz 24bit
Analog Out 4
and the sound is amazing you can crank the volume up to maximum and the subwoofer there is no popping or Distortion what so ever you will not be disappointed i can hear every footstep in battlefield and the sounds have really depth do it not like cheap speakers that sound tiny

gareth winstanley 2011-10-21


I'll start off by saying I've never bought a

Jeff 2011-05-14


I have been using a 5.1 system, fairly expensive on my PC set up for a while now but I have recently moved and have put it all in the lounge so we can benefit from it as a family. So, I had to find a replacement for my sound. I now have a small "games" room so didn't need to go overboard but I like decent quality sound, a decent balance for music, movies and games. A bit of research and review reading led me to this Corsair setup and all I can say is I'm glad it did. It does exactly what I need it to. It's not a home cinema replacement so don't buy if thats what you want but it is a fantastic compact answer to superb gaming audio, decent music quality and decent film quality. Build quality is typical Corsair, excellent in every way. The satellites are small, sturdy and big in sound. The sub is quite large, not to heavy and produces a nice smooth bass. The added control panel is a nice touch, everything available at the turn of a dial. Really impressed so far :-)

Chris 2011-03-06

The Mutz Nutz

I'm impressed already, not even had a real play yet.
Let's cut the crap, I'm not a music technician or studio engineer, but neither are most of us, so I'm not going to baffle you with technical specs and other info most of you will no doubt (like me) care about or even understand.
I wanted a 2.1 system because my rig spends 80% of its life playing tunes, I watch movies on my TV and I don't really care about 5.1 for the games I play, music is what matters to me.
I looked at a lot of 2.1 systems, some in person as my mates have various set-ups i.e Klipsch Pro Media, Logitech Z-2300, Edifier S730.
I had a fair budget so took the plunge and I'm blown away by these, don't be put off the 'Gaming Audio' tag these are superb all-rounders, music is awesome, low-mid-high range, clarity is excellent, I'm hearing vocals and instruments I never heard before and no distortion at high volume, and this is with onboard sound, buying soundcard next.
Recommended to friends, just buy them guys!!!

BrenW 2011-02-17

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