Corsair Hydro H50-1 High-Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (Socket LGA775/1155/1156/1366/AM2/AM3)

Hydro H50-1 High-Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (Socket LGA775/1155/1156/1366/AM2/AM3)

  • The Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler gives you the power of liquid cooling in a compact
  • easy-to-install package. Now with support for all major CPU sockets.
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Stock Code: WC-002-CS

EAN: 00000000

MPN: CWH50-1

Manufacturer: Corsair

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Product information:

Hydro H50-1 High-Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (Socket LGA775/1155/1156/1366/AM2/AM3)

The Corsair Hydro Series™ H50 CPU Cooler gives you the power of liquid cooling in a compact, easy to install package. You get superior cooling for higher overclocking performance without the complexity of traditional liquid-cooling systems. The Hydro Series H50 goes head-to-head with top of the line heatsinks, but maintains the near silence of liquid cooling for annoyance-free cooling performance. Due to its compact form factor, the H50 is the ideal solution for any case with a 120mm fan mount, even small form factor cases that prevent the installation of traditional heatpipe based air coolers. So whether you want world-class cooling, lower noise levels than your current CPU cooler, or something that fits in your small form factor case, the closed-loop Hydro Series H50 takes your CPU’s temperature to new lows and takes up less room doing it.

- Pre-filled, closed-loop system is easy to install
- Copper CPU cooling plate for maximum cooling performance
- Integrated pump and reservoir is sealed for zero maintenance and improved leakage protection
- Large 120mm radiator for fast heat dispersion
- High-efficiency, low-noise 120mm fan for drawing cool air across the radiator
- Two-year warranty


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top bombing

bought one of these today...slammed it into my system dropped my cpu to 25 idle and goes to 39 in black ops...well impressed...took awhile to get the back plate to fit right..turns outi dont need the foam dampeners :P..but all in all gets best rating for a item bought from OC.

toppy 2011-10-18

Very nice but fiddly.

First thoughts on opening the box are that the cooler looks like good quality, confirmed when I picked it up.
I found it a little fiddly to install as I only have two hands (a third would have helped), and I imagine most people would have the same problem (Chernobyl residents excepted). But it's no major hassle to be honest.
Well worth the little effort though.
My Q9650 runs 3.8Ghz @ 53-39-55-55 or 4.0Ghz @ 61max under load and quiet to boot, and this is in the warmest room of my house.
Very pleased.

SFAB 2011-08-08


Nothing to say. I'm genuinely impressed. My AMD Phenom II X6 1090T was usually extra-hot with the stock cooler, ultra noisy, around 45-48

Bastien T. 2011-06-29

worth every penny

my pc is in the hottest room in my house so keeping it cool was always a problem, til now,this is a great piece of kit, the downside is that it doesnt fit the intel socket 1155 properly though, had to manipulate it to fit,i also replaced the corsair fan with an arctic cooler, even with those small issues i still give it 5 stars for overall performance, my pc's now gone from 45

lee 2011-05-28

Great Value!

Got this when it was on the today only offer price of

Ricky 2011-05-27

Great bit of kit

Very easy to install, holes line up perfectly - just beware the back plate is not straight when fitting 1155 socket.
The fan is a bit pants but does the job, noise can be reduced by running a quieter high flow fan.
I am running an enermax 900rpm fan in it and its all but silent even on full load.

Chris 2011-05-24

Good but not great

Great service from overclockers as always. I have a full ATX case and it seems that the radiator would not fit (off by 3-4mm) under the power pack and mount on the fan. This meant i had to take a pair of wire cutters to my case and extend the mounting holes for the fan downwards by 3-4mm. This is less then great and i feel let down by Corsair for not fully testing the compatability of this product before releasing it.

The cooler it seems does not live up to the hype. Sure it cools the CPU a little more then a good qaulity air cooler but not a great deal more.

ALL IN ALL i would have to say its a decent cooler but not great. If you have a good air cooler stick with it as its not going to be worth your investment.

Brad S Davis 2011-05-19

Still superb choice

Had mine exactly a year. Keeps my overclocked i7 under 45

RichardG891 2011-05-17

Best Buy

One of the best buys I have ever made. I was sceptical at first but after an easy install, it was running perfectly and very quite producing very low temps. After OC my CPU from 2.8 to 3.6 the Idle temp was still below 34C and at MAX it was hovering around 53-57 (MAX 59C) But very stable.

Andy 2011-04-10

Solid HSF

Had one for over a year. I run mine with an additional fan on the other side. Though that leaves you with 2 screws per side it is secure enough. I OC a i5 750 at 4ghz with CPU at 1.5V. All four cores at 100% with my setup does produce temperatures of 80C on a mild day. Though no game I play needs all four cores flat out. Also I recommend cleaning the radiator of accumulated dust every 6 months as this debris will reduce the H50's cooling capacity.

Scott 2011-04-09

Good stuff

Simply amazing, idles around 18 degrees c and when at full load it maxes out at 45 degrees C on my i5 2500k.
It was a bit harder to install than i would have first expected, due to the stiff hoses.
But all in all, 5 out of 5. Top quality product.

Tom 2011-03-05

Amazing cooling...

Got one of these from my GF for birthday.

Fail to see the point in going for the H70, as its considerably more expensive with general opinion seemingly that the extra expense doesn't equate to a great deal better cooling over the 50.

Installation has been described as tricky, but I didn't find it to be at all. Hooked it up in push/pull, exhausting out the rear of case. Frankly would never even consider Corsair's suggestion of it sucking air in from the rear.

I feel some reviewers claims of 20's at idle, and only a few degrees increase on load are a bit suspect. Generally those expecting massively lowered idle temps will be disappointed. But idle temps should never be a worry. Its on load that this thing shines. Idling around 35 (much same as my air cooler was), but on load sitting around 62.

I bought two Viper Ultras for it, but although they shift loads of air, are noisier than expected, so will hook up my two Apache Blacks which were on heatsink and rear exhaust.

jarvis82 2011-02-24

Why bother with a noisey air cooler?

Had this on an ASUS P8P67-pro with an i5 2500K overclocked to 4.6ghz for about 2 weeks now and I'm astounded by its cooling. At heavy load the temps have never gone above 38c, and idle at around 24c, and thats using the pre-applied thermal paste!! The fan is so quiet, and installation is very simple, but be warned a little fiddley at times!! As with all corsair products this feels of quality when installing, nothing cheap and cheerfull here except the price!! compare this to some of the air coolers around and they are more expensive with less cooling capability, you'd be mad not to grab one of these, totally fool proof as its all sealed, Just pop it in and off you go :) never will I air cool again!

Robert 2011-02-17

just epic

Keeps my i7 930 at 30-32 idel and 35--36 on MAX load when playing games keeps the cpu low in temp. Bit tricky to fit at first but once that's out the way u will be glad in the end. :) Take this over a fan-cooler anyday.

George 2011-02-09


Been fiddling with computer for over 14 years and i have no fear .... except if its my computer. I just hate doing something that could knack it. Removing MB qualifies for that.

Excellent service fromOC and Excellent product from Corsair dropped temps by alsmost 10 Deg.

Some advice though.

Plug the fan supplied into the MB first so you know which way it blows.

Dont drink any alcohol before hand (it doubles the time it takes... trust me)

Plan for the Motherboard extraction

Follow the instructions to the letter.

now you can have a drink (if over 18 )

I recommend this product very quiet, which is what i wanted

minikiev 2011-01-29

Excellent Cooler

Does what it says on the tin. Nice low temps and quiet.

Would have been 5 Stars but the holes on the backplate were not right for the 1155 socket on my MB even though it's listed as supported.

Thought that the 1156 holes would do but they didn't so have to make up my own arrangement and ended up with the backplate a bit skew but this didn't affect the installation.

Carroll 2011-01-23

Nice cooler

Does what it's meant to. Quiet too.

Fit this in my Goliath (from OC) PC - temps are way down compared to the Nero air cooler it came with. The i7 920 CPU was clocked at 4GHz, but tbh the FPS benefit against stock speed was nil (due to the HD5770 no doubt) so I'm back at 2.8Ghz.

As I write this, I'm running RipBot264 maxing all 8 threads to 100% and the CPU is hitting 51C and staying there. Drops down to ~32C when idle, which is excellent.

OK to fit (make sure you use the right plug in sprockets for your CPU ;-) and ensure you have enough room if you want to push-pull this as I have - bit tight in my CoolerMaster budget case.

Only thing to watch out for is the X58 chipset under the CPU - some extra form of cooling may be needed for this as it runs a little warm when deprived of the air it'd normally get with a HSF.

Superb service from OC, and a highly recommended product if you fancy an all-in-one watercooler.

Mark 2011-01-17


Switched to this from a Nero, brilliant performance compared to air cooling.

Running an i7 920 D0 at 4GHz the PC would crash when transcoding BR films>X360 format with EncodeHD; with this cooler I'm hitting 55C (compared to an unrealiable 80C+ on air).

Installation easy enough, took me a bit longer than should've but that was my fault.

Only side effect is that my Northbridge is running a bit hotter than before - it's at 64C under load (too hot to touch the HS)... may have to look at that next.

Highly recommended - so much more space in the case and quiet too.

Delivered next day from OC :-)

Mark 2011-01-06

very good

after using the artic freezer 7 this is outstanding, only got my q6600 at 2.8 but even then when its idle it sits at 29/30ish.

i just used the stock thermal paste so it might be even better if u use the likes of artic silver or what ever is on offer.

simple to install and definately quieter than the artic freezer 7, sounds a bit weird at 1st as u can really just hear the pump sounds like i gave my pc a working heart :D

R.Morrison 2010-12-29

awesome peace of kit

Great piece of kit got my i7 950 idle temps 27 full load doesnt creep above 50 with 2 akasa vipers in push pull configuration. Awesome buy highly recommended and whats more theres no need for maintenance.....

crazy g 2010-11-09

Definately worth it.

You wont notice any difference on idle after installing this. However, idle temps are not where the H50 excels.

Run it on load though, and it's only then you notice the performance of this excellent piece of kit. My previous air cooler reached 67C on a Q6600 B3 @ 3.4, whereas this didn't go past 49C.

Bear in mind though, this is on push pull with two antec tri cools on full blast. Still, you can turn them down after priming so the noise doesn't really matter.

Very impressed, I can see why so many people rate this.

Mark Duncombe 2010-11-06

Very Good

Easy to fit, looks good, doesn't take up too much room and although ive only gone into bios thus far it seems to be quite quiet.

Chris 2010-10-08

Excellent CPU Watercooler

This is a great product. This being my first step into watercooling I am very impressed and happy. Easy to install, just follow the straightforward instructions and its done. Fitted it to my AM3 Socket CPU.

Also its very quiet too, virtually silent, can only hear my old PSU fan whirring away. Which is the reason I bought this, for the peace of mind.

I really also like the simplicity of this as its just the radiator and cpu block, and also the fact that its maintenance free! Meaning that it doesn't require re-filling or anything.

If you're looking for a near-silent, simple and efficient watercooling system, this is a great choice.

Jason 2010-09-21

much better than air

I bought this as a replacement for air cooling Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 pro.

I was messing about overclocking my Phenom II x4 955 3.2.

With the air cooler i was capped out oc at around 3.65 . This was due to temperate reaching almost 60+ under load.

With the h50 i have overclocked to 3.9 at 1.5 volt and the max temp is around 50 underload . running prime 95 64bit for 6 hours.

So a big improvement over air

It isnt a cheap solution. If overclockers could get the retail vat inc price down to

steved 2010-09-18


Excellent cooler for such a low price, Doesnt need maintence either!!

Keeping my Intel Core i5 760 2.80GHz @ 4.00GHz at :

Idle: 35-39c
Full load on prime95: 66-70c

Cant complain for such a low price.

Mayfair 2010-09-09


I am running my 920 at stock just no and idle at 34C, an hour of Prime95 it reaches 58C. I used my two original fans from my Noctua cooler for push / pull. Quiet, easy to install, recommended.

ManMountain 2010-08-31

Cool and silent

I'm using a Core 2 Duo E8400. At stock 3GHz, the temps are 29 degrees at idle and 39 degrees full load. I took the advice from Corsair that you should reverse the air flow and it does run cooler than if it was venting outside the case. A fan on the side of the case venting out (where the air would normally be pushed or drawn in ) seems to survice.

This really is almost completely silent.

Rick 2010-08-26


Had trouble fitting this with the included back plate with my 1156 board, cool ok i wouldn't go over 3.5GHz because its starts pushing into the 80's for me under load, I've even tried reinstalling thinking it was an error but no, in the future im going to stick to high end air cooling or custom water, much more effective either way

Harry 2010-08-15

Really impressive

Have this on my i7 and it really works well and totally silent. keeps my cpu really cool even under load.

Be aware that you need to mount a 110mm fan for this which many older cases dont have and you need a bit room for the hoses.

Thurstan Johnston 2010-08-09


Had this in my system for 3 days coupled with a intel i5 750 the pump is quiet ii am using a red bladed thermatake fan cools the rad nicely. Good service overclockers.

Phil 2010-07-31

Good but only marginally better than air

Swapped my Akasa Venom for this and it only lowers CPU temperatures by a few degrees, even with 2 fans in push/pull configuration. At stock speeds my i7 920 runs at 35-38 degrees and around 50-55 at full load. Overclocked to 4Ghz and idle temps are 47-51 degrees and 75-80 at full load. That's very good, but the Akasa Venom was probably only 4-5 degrees higher. Fitting was pretty straight forward and thremal paste is already applied, I had to remove my motherboard from the case to fit part of the retaining bracket, but that's down the case. It only comes with four mounting screws, which is only enough for fitting the one included fan. To fit another fan you will need 4x 6-32 x 1-

Mark Turner 2010-07-16

Very very good

Bought with a view to a little AMD Phenom overclocking, this cooler thoroughly exceeded my expectations.
Fitting looks fiddly and flimsy, but actually works very well. Though it will for most cases require a motherboard removal, the actual fitting of the heatsink/pump unit only took minutes.
There is alot of internet mileage on the best fan and radiator positioning, but contrary to most opinion I went for the top vent on my Lian Li case with a 120 Scythe Gentle Typhoon fan pulling case air through the radiator to outside. (The case has one 140 input fan, PSU extract plus an HR-30 heatsink and fan on my hot running ATI 4870)
Running a 20% overclock, idle temps are never greater than 4 degrees above room temperature. Highest temperature seen after a few hours of intensive gaming in a room temperature of 29C was 42C! Astonishing.
This gets the heat from the CPU staight out of the case and makes a better environment for every other component. All this and virtual silence. Excellent

mifco78 2010-07-15


So i did have a review of it on my q6600, but since ive got a new computer has motherboard died.

now with an i5 750 i idle around 30-33, at stock and never go past 45, even with overclocked to like 3.20 ghz doesnt go past 50, maybe less if it isnt a hot day.

with a noctua fan @ low rpm so you cant hear it the performance is excellent,

very highly recommended .

James 2010-07-11

Not bad at all!

Very easy to install, just watched the videos online before the product was delivered and it went together nicely.

Cooling Q6600 @ 3.8Ghz with temperatures @ 40 degrees idle and 66 degrees @ max load.

I do have a slight vibration but sure some rubber washers will sort that out and the corsair fan was only ok (replaced with Xigmatec)

Very happy with product.

iTek 2010-07-09

Cool and easy to fit

Great cooler, running I7 930 @4.02Ghz
temps sit around 58'C on the CPU.
Easy to fit
Ideal if your looking for good watercooling and great price.
Extremely quiet too

jon siddall 2010-06-28

Good quiet cooling with right fans

Although Corsair recommend it as an intake I found it better exhausting with push-pull fans. Replaced stock fan with Akasa Apache x 2 and now cooler and quieter. One tip - DON'T REPLACE THE PRE-APPLIED TIM! It's Shin Etsu which is great stuff. As always top service from OcUK.

Tim 2010-06-21

deadly silent

An excellent cooler if you dont want the hassle of refilling coolant etc.

Easy to install!

went from i5 2.7 to 3.94 temps were idle 40's and max 70's.

And yes its deadly silent...excellent stuff.

If you are looking for a better one, Cooler Master Aqua gate...but not for this price!

Waqas Malik 2010-06-21

h50 awesome

Bought this to upgrade my existing HSF.

I didnt test stock fan as i put it with a noctua 120mm.

the pump/radiator are silent and so is the fan with them. my temps are 40 under max load with a q6600 at stock and idle at 26-30.

Would highley recommend. instructions are easy to read aswell, plus there are videos on the internet.

James 2010-06-19


Easy to install following Corsair youtube video, only thinking i would say is if your taking your mobo out then attach the backplate and the mount before you put it back in. Temps idling low 30's and go no higher than 59C on a Q9550 @ 3.7ghz. Really pleased with this, now to add to vipers to it!

Adam Elliott 2010-06-16

realy good cooling one change made to se

first i put the h50 in taking air from the back not realy a good plan messed up my airflow and the graphics card pumping out 70c on load and then this sucking it back in warming up the case, so i fliped the fan to bow air out, thinking any normal cpu cooler takes the air inside the case to cool the cpu and made it push pull now thats better and cooler.

get it you will never want anything else!!

phillippe rogers 2010-06-15

Good cooler

Now its on offer after i've bought it from some where else :( never mind. My previous cooler was a Xigmatek s1283 which was one of the best air coolers so this watercooler isn't much better performance wise. What I did want was a quiete system so noise wise i'm very happy.

Another awesome product by Corsair and I would recommend this to anyone.

NaWaZ 2010-05-28


Got my old q6600 down from the mid 60s down to the 30 - 40s. only get around 55 on full load and gives a great overclock (: and thats without the push and pull mod.

Ryan Dixon 2010-05-25

very good indeed

i wanted one of these as ive recently purchased an ultima vanquish ( 10 days ago) and although the megahalems is absolutely brilliant its very very very BIG. now i installed this corsair h50 and temps were exactly the same. then as by miracle i switched my pc on after 3 days of install and it was 4 degrees cooler.. i have this running in push pull configuration because i had some new fans and my i7 740@4ghz runs idle

38 34 38 34

full load using prime 94 is 76 74 76 74

very good and quiet and i can now turn my fans down in my antec 902 and the pc is harly audiable until the 5970 wants to kick in :)

Ashley 2010-05-24

Not always the best

I have this product as a package with the Obesian Case and 850W power supply. I have a GA-X58A-UD3R on an I7 920 with a Nvidia GTX920. It gave me board temps of between 47 & 74c mostly hovering in the 60's and depending on the number of extra fans I installed. It gave me CPU temps of between 32 & 44c. The unit does not provide air flow over the ICH10 & X58 cooling blocks. The additional fans raises the noise levels to an point that I was unhappy with. The stock fan provides best air distribution/noise level to achive best temp balance. I had better results on an LGA775 board

Allen 2010-05-22


Replacement for another cheap watercooling as pump gave in, not a bad product keeps my i7 at v reasonable temps. Pleased with this product

Mark 2010-05-20

Final Solution

My E6875 @ 3300mhz (415/8 *stock voltage) under prime95 for hours will not go over 31c and idles at 14-15c.

I had to change the fan that came with the H50, because it was noisy and cheapy. I am using the Akasa case fan that came with my Akasa case (Mirage) that is almost totally silent and performs better than the Corsair one.

Sadly my ram at the moment is 800mhz and is preventing me from pushing this chip to its limits. Ram (corsair xms2 c4) @ 830mhz @ 2.2v. I like low timings and a 1:1 bus/ram ratio.

Chris 2010-05-19

Best Cooler Ever

Replaced my TRUE on an i7 920 D0 with this because it would never sit flush to the cpu due to a faulty backplate. Couldnt be happer temps are great and running at 4ghz

Liam G 2010-05-15


What can I say. Put this in my Phenom II 965 to replace my scythe and temp have gone from 40 idle 80 load to 20 idle and 40 load, and the best part is the temps with this are with the CPU at 3.8 @ 1.4v where as the scythe where stock!!

As for the fitting, not to bad, nothing was really difficult its just a bit long winded, but trust me it pays off.

As for Overclockers great service.. as usuall.

I think every computer needs one of these its a must buy!!

P.S Corsair have some great videos if you do get stuck with the installation.

Daniel Clark 2010-05-11

DO920 at 400021Mhz

hi this is how good it can be without speedstep
4Ghz 190.49x21 (coretemp 0.99.5 readings)
Using prime 95
I am only an amature OC'er so there is still fine tuning to be done which will result in lower temps, config is push pull on the rad intake to the case, fans are 57 cfm noctua fans Asus R2E, I am happy with these temps and the kit as said before easy to install fans/rad and water block, and no massive ugly lump sitting in the middle of your MB, all is very quiet :-)

Peter 2010-05-11

Daddy Cool

I got it with push-pull configuration and with overclocked i7 to 4ghz.

temperatures: 34 idle/58 load

this is a truly wicked piece of kit


Thrillog 2010-05-06


Cannot fault it, great little cooler for the price. Currently OC my i7 920 D0 chip to 3.66 and it idles at 40 37 37 37! Max load while prime95 testing and it doesnt go past 60 degrees!

Great service from OC as always, 5* product!

Aron 2010-04-25

Just buy it

Incredible, took 15c of my cpu temps. I was using a zalman relic aircraft engine noise replicator.

Matt 2010-04-24


Great product and very easy to install! has reduced the temps of my CPU to around 20c idle and doesnt go above 40c under load, would recommend to anyone wanting to try water cooling.

James H 2010-04-19


This is great got it with one of the i7920 bundles. Very easy to fit took about 5mins with the mobo out of case. With a 4ghz overclock it idles at 40c at full load with prime95 and 3dmark vantage it hits 92c thats with 2 fans brining air in to the case lancooldragon lord k62. while playing a game eg bbc2, crysis and dirt 2 it hits about 74c. i couldnt be more happy.

RedImp 2010-04-15

Excellent cooler, and good value for mon

Having just bought an i5 750 and new motherboard in January I quickly purchased a cooler to replace the stock intel cooler. I went for the Zalman Flex with a zalman fan, and zalman tps - which was an excellent choice in my opinion. It enabled me to overclock my i5 750 to 4Ghz quite easily, with full load temps at around 70-79 degree C. After some reading about how good this all-in-one watercooler was I decided to give it a try. Have to say that I'm very impressed, my temps have dropped around 10 degrees in my Antec 300 case. Now after 4 hours priming my max temp from Truetemp is 71 degrees on core0 the others are ~68 degrees. I haven't even messed around with the configuration yet - I have it pushing into the case, which didn't increase ambient temps a great deal...I think you need a decent case to have it set up this way. Installation was a doddle, if you've installed any 3rd party cooler that attached to the underside of your case you won't have any problems. Exce!
llent! A*

Shwan 2010-03-29

Very easy to install

Used this on my first build with AMD PhenomII 965 and over clocked it to 3.8GHz with ease.
Was so simple to install and runs nice and quiet.

Only gave it 4 stars because I think they should've made one hose shorter than the other so it can bend into shape easier and it would look a lot nicer through a windowed case. Performance is defiantly 5 stars though.

Tom 2010-03-23


I was using a stock cooler on a Phenom II 965 BE and getting 40 degree idle, 60 degree load temps in an M3N-HT Deluxe mobo.
Added the H50 and idling at 26 degrees. Load temps (4 hours of prime95) did not go over 42 degrees. Only giving it 4 stars because the installation was fiddly.

Ed 2010-03-22


I'm not one who'd usually waste time reviewing a CPU Cooler....


Best CPU Cooler i've ever used. Nothing air cooled comes anywhere near as close.

I have very bad athritus in my hands, yet managed to fit this easily in 15 minutes.. and would be quicker for most of you id imagine.

Overclocked my Intel i7 920 to 4009 MHz, Multiplyer 20x, CPU FSB 200,

Idle Temps are :
CPU 28c
Core 1 45c
Core 2 43c
Core 3 38c
Core 4 37c

and under load these don't increase by a huge amount.

These are lower temps than i ever achieved running the chip on standard settings with air cooling. Now i've overclocked it around 50% and have dropped the temp below that of standard air cooling.

There may be better watercooling options available... but if the choice is this or air - go for this every single time without question.

(Mine is installed within a Corsair Obsidian Case, which I highly recommend aswell)

Matt Ball 2010-03-21


At first the temp may not change but after about an hour of being installed and turned on the H-50 cooling power comes into play and you see the effects it can bring. It is definitly a must buy if moving away from air cooling :D

Humzah 2010-03-17


Its simple and to the point though to set it up correctly so that the radiator is properly cooled i'd suggest getting an additional fan and have a dual fan set up pumping out of the tower.
The instructions or what little were in the box are very simple, however some bits are fidderly and tedious when attaching the pump to the cpu brackets. Otherwise im using an Overclocked AMD Phenom 9950 at about 3.2Ghz x4 and its reaching on 100% load about 40 celcius it hasnt gone over 50 celcius yet when clocking upto 3.5 was a very good purchase.

Jareth 2010-03-11

Top notch

Have all fans in my case running as slow as possible before they fail and it still cools my 125w cpu. 39c idle 50c full load. Easy to install & i cant really fault it for what it is. Not a must buy but nearly.

Steve 2010-03-09

Ideal for overclocked processor

Works better with two 120mm fans on both sides of the radiator. Though that means you can only use two screws per side. It should really come with eight screws.
With Prime 95 running all four cores at 100% at 4ghz the temperatures are 62-64C. Though that is in a slightly chilly room

Scott Burton 2010-03-09

Amazing value

This package is great, keeps a Phenom 2 955 (Stock) at 19 degrees idle in the Antec 902 case im still in shock . Well recomended. A++++++++++

Gregers360 2010-03-05


My temps on a stock 2.66ghz i5 750 were 40 idle and 85-90 load on the stock intel cooler. With this the temps are mid 20's idle and mid 60's load and thats with the processor overclocked to 4ghz and voltage up to 1.35!!!

Absolutely brilliant!

Matthew Prince 2010-03-03

Disappointing performance

I have an i7-920@4GHz. When pushing the cores to 100%, it would take less than 10 minutes to reach temps > 95

ZGC 2010-03-02

Cool cooler

I read all the reviews and bar a couple of negative ones, they were all 5 stars.

Installing was easy, when I started the PC up, the pump noise was really noticible, I thought I would have to return it, 1hr later the noise died down to almost nothing and did not return from a cold start.

Idle CPU temp below 30 and below 40 playing a game that caused the pc to shutdown before.

As I said, this is a cool cooler.

CPDG 2010-02-28

Excellent bit of kit

Also my first try at water cooling. Installed very easy on my asus p6d deluxe mobo.
Comes with some thermal paste already on but i removed it and added my own artic silver. Very impressed with temps on my 4ghz i7 920. Reached about 35 degrees idle and around 74 degrees on load.

Marcus 2010-02-22

my first water cooling

Im guessing from the over reviews this is ment to be quiet but mine seems to be rattly the same noise my fish tank pump makes when its broken or running dry.

Othere than the noise the tems are mazin I dont know why this isnt classed as one of the best coolers as im running a phenomII x4 clocked to 3.7ghz idle tems @ 25-30 and load temps are around 30-35, Iv never seen it at 35 but im sure thats about right. Its also a hot room so this dose work great for me, no more being cold in my room anymore!!! lol

blim 2010-02-18


Very nice purchase, next day delivery as always, thanks OcUK. Partnered with just one apache 120mm fan set as intake instead of the supplied Corsair one has significantly reduced my e6600 (2.39Mhz standard) temps.

47/63@2700Mhz on stock cooler to 33/47@3008Mhz. Will push higher.

Very quiet, in fact would go as far as to say its inaudible. My NB and graphics (8800GTS) card fans are louder.

4 stars as I found it fiddly to secure the CPU block to the chip without disturbing the thermal compound layer, a problem I've not really had to deal with with my previous heatsinks. (They've kindly supplied a pre applied layer which I used for the above temps)

James M 2010-02-16

Much better than best air

give it 4 because id have to be extremely impressed to give that, but this certainly does the trick. AMD 965 running at 3.9Ghz prime95 on air i had 59-61 degrees on a good air cooler, put this in and dropped to between 45-50 for all cores, I then used the pUsh/Pull (check OC forum) with an extra 120mm fan
so its fan--->fridge----> fan,
dropped to AVG 41 under prime95! 29 idle

Stuart 2010-02-15

Awesome Cooler

My Intel Core 2 920 D0 @ 4GHz Idles in the low 40's and low to mid 50's when under load. This is an average of around 10 degrees cooler than with a good air cooler! And I found it nice and easy to install as well so this cooler definitely deserves 5 stars...especially at this price!

muddymudskipper 2010-02-15


This cooler is a must have! Overclocker or not! I have my Phenom II X4 955 OC'd at 3.8 and runs rock solid on prime95!
Idles at 30-35degrees when doing general surfing or watching movies!
Maxed out on P95 at around 50, much cooler than the stock HSF which maxed at around 65 with the stock cooler and idle around 45!

Shawzy 2010-02-14

Extremely good cooler

This CPU cooler supercedes any air cooler you can buy, that's for sure. My temperatures used to range between 50

Kayron Mercieca 2010-02-11

h50 review

excellent water cooler from corsair it keeps my quad 6600 cool it keeps it at 38 when overclocking at 3.6 for the processor speed plus i bought it from the wonderful people here at overclockers so fast on delivery i would recomend this cooler to all

kenny 2010-02-08


dont just look at it buy it you wont get any thing better it does what it says excellent

ken 2010-02-08

Worth every penny

Just got it yesterday with Arctic Silver 5, and already managed to get another 500MHz of my E8400. On air I could get from stock 3.0GHz to 3.75GHz before it was going into 70C zone under full load. Now It's running at 4.240GHz and still has about 3-5 degrees before it'll hit 70C under full load. And I haven't hit the limit of cpu yet :) It idles at 40C and is around 53C when playing games at this speed.
I thought it's time for new rig, because Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta was running at 30-40 fps on average. But it seems it will do just fine. Because now it's around 50-60 fps with 32players on the map. Highly recommended, easy to fit, high quality, quiet and good for reasonable level of overclocking. Next day delivery on time as always, OCuK FTW :D

Grzegorz 2010-02-06

H50 Review

i've just got this product yesterday overclocked my e8400 stock temps 35 idle 42 load overclocked to 4ghz 40 idle 47 load, well done corsair

George 2010-02-02


Came from an Akasa Nero, and that wasnt bad at all! it's dropped my temps by 15 degrees under load.

Prime max temp 58C Intel Burn test 63. regular use, i never see it go past 53.

q9550 @ 3.8. Im well within thermal spec to reach 4! but my voltage is getting a bit high :(

BenJaroooo 2010-02-01

Great Product A1

What can I say overclocked Phenom 955 to 3.8 know sweat temp at idle now is 35 - 47 on full load a great product better then air cooling well done Corsair and easy to install well done overclockers again on Great service.

David Miller 2010-01-22

great budget buy

I cant believe how much this is cooling my CPU at idle it only at 26 deg it was running 38 deg at idle before and under load while running primeit only got to 48 deg over 20 deg cooler than prevoius. Nice job Corsair. Nice and simple to fit too

Coolermaster Storm 'Scout' Gaming Case
AMD pheneom II x4 965 black addition 3.4ghz
Corsair H50-1 High-Performance CPU Watercooler
Asus Crosshair III motherboard
Corsair Dominator XMS3 8GB (4x2GB) DDR3 16000C9D
Ati Radeon 4890 x 2
EZCool 700watt modular power supply
750 gig s-ata 64meg cache HD

Guy Papworth 2010-01-20


Bought this as an upgrade from a freezer 7 for my Q6600. Idle temps with that were around 34 each core and 60 under load. With this, the idle is 24 and the load temp is in the low 40's! Very impressed, got it sucking in with 2 roof fans as exhausts. CPU is stock 2.4Ghz at the moment, will try an overclock when its settled a bit.

When turning on, you get a slight noise of the pump turning on and pumping the water, after that its pretty much inaudiable.

My only problem is if you have the coolermaster CM-690 case with the 2 fans on 1 door. The top fan gets in the way of the radiator so had to be taken off. Other than that, cant fault it.

simon wilson 2010-01-17


This is a cool product, my idle temps are down 10 degrees (with smart fan) and about 12 degrees with normal fan settings.

This product feels very solid, and nice heavy black metal radiator which is stone cold when fan is on it.

When the radiator is placed inside the case, there seems a lot of stress on the water pipes as it is forced into position, and I would have had to drill holes in case back to get thing to fit inside, so I placed the radiator on the back on the case(you will need a modified side panel for this), with a fan sandwhiched between it and the case.

So my setup takes air from inside case outside to cool radiator, this may seem backwards as warmer air is pushed onto radiator, but it works well still and gets air out of the case, and also... the alternative is to have a fan pushing cold air outside the case into radiator, and then into the case, kinda warming the air before it gets into the case.

The fan makes a big improvement, and on smart fan the system is silent.

Colin 2010-01-03

Easy to Install

What I like about this system is that its so so easy to install, you also do away with these huge fan coolers giving you so much more space around the motherboard. The only very small downside is that I fitted another fan to the radiator and never had enough screws so had to just use 2 screws vertically on each side which does not realy do the job well.. would be nice if they could add 4 more screws so you have the option of easily fitting another fan... at the moment I am having probelms finding some more!

Mike 2009-12-31

Just Awsome

I have allways had doupts about these type of all in 1 cpu water coolers with alot of negative reviews on previous products from other products from other manufacters...
This Corsair H50 cooling solution is just something else... It took around half hour to install onto my overclocked Q6600 @ 3.6Ghz on myy xfx 780i board.
Before i was using a AC Freezer 7 which would run at 45oC idle and 77-85oC Full load.
On the exact same setup the Corsair H50 runs at 31oC Idle and just 49-52oC Load!!!! after 8 hours of prime and 3dMarkVantage.
I am running with just the single fan and it runs super quiet.
This cooler is amazing and even better when you consider it is round the

Sam 2009-12-29


got this for a xmas present and got to say what a difference to temperatures, on a phenom 2 550 be with unlocked cores with stock cooler temp was 44c @ idle,
with the h50 ,overclocked to 3.7 idle temp is 29c and full load 44c

john 2009-12-27


Just installed this wonderful amazing awesome water cooler and my Q6600 3.6ghz went from 26,29,29,24 (with my old thermalright) true black 120 to 21,26,26,19 !! OMG !!! If this is not a super OC with such crazy temps then i really don`t know! TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY!! CRAZY ! I am trying to reach 3.9 on my asus maximus extremebut i think 3.6 is the best for 24/7 use! CORSAIR H50 best wc for price/performance! I will recommend it in a heartbeat! 10/10 ! my Q6600 could not be cooler/happier now !

kenneth 2009-12-24

Cracking bit of kit

Replaced my old Tuniq Tower 120 and its much tidier than these big heavy heatsinks.
As far as performance is concerned my idle temps have gone up by about 6 degrees but 100% load temps have dropped buy about 12 - 14 degrees! E6750 @ 3.6 Ghz
Very happy with it and the service from OCuK again.

Paul 2009-12-23

Iz Nice

Really nice cooler

Barry 2009-12-22

Iz nice

I dont know how I did this, but I got a Q6600@2.4 near the 19c mark at idle...must have been really cold inside my house or something. Good little cooler, as others have suggested its very easy to install.

Barry 2009-12-22

Better Than Any Air Cooler

I swapped this for my Zalman CNPS9700 which was getting load temps of 95 degrees on my Q9650 at 4.0 Ghz.
With the Corsair installed I am now getting load temps of 65 degrees at 4.0 Ghz.
Amazing bit of kit. The fan is pretty silent too.
The only little niggle is that there is a slight vortex sound effect with my case top fan sucking out.
If your thining of Air or this H50 then pay the extra few quid, you won't be dissapointed.

Bogie 2009-12-16

Great Product

I found this easy to fit, but it was annoying that there does not appear to let you know that it comes with paste already on it so I wasted my money. It does exactly what it says on the box my 3.40ghz AMD is running at 38 deg, so I am quite impress with it.

Kevin 2009-12-15


My first compute build ever and I managed to get it in, was a bit fiddly but very straight forward. Now keeping my cpu very cool and I'm a happy guy. Only two things to note, I added another fan (which dropped temps about another 4-5 degrees for me, I felt it necessary as I'm using it as an exhaust and it says best results as in intake), and it doesn't come with the extra screws to do so, I ended up ordering the screws HOT SAUCE (another review poster) recommended from that website, and they worked perfectly. Also, it already comes with thermal paste, so don't be a noob like me and waste money on more (or if you don't like that stuff buy some cleaner to get the factory gunk off!). Great product though, nice to tell friends your cpu is watercooled :P

lethal g 2009-12-12


I had high temps with just a mild overclock on a Q6600@3.2 gig touching 70c, put one of these in and straight away was able to bump it up to 3.5 gig and now with temps max of 60c what more needs to be said amazing product.

Matty 2009-12-10

Very Cool

Reasonably easy to fit and keeps my phenom 2 940BE(3.8GHz VCore1.525) at no more than 48c after prime 95(max heat) for 30mins. Very impressed!

VanHalo 2009-12-03

Faith in OcUK restored

After fitting this cooler I found it to be at least 10degrees coolers than my old Zalam fan that was developing a humming sound. I didnt use one of the plastic plates as my MB wouldnt fit it but the locking metal plate which the pump screwed into was enough. The fan itself was not a quiet as expected so i used my case fan that does the job.

Good product overall but ensure that you buy a quieter 120mm fan

Jason 2009-11-22

just what ive been looking for

i had a Tuniq cooler on to start with running on a q6600@3.4ghz core temp was 52,50,49,48 on idle and 85,84,82,80 on full power in a antec 900 case with the corsair cooler and a change to my old thermatake armor case and 2 diferent fans 1 on eack side of the radiator stock was to loud for me blowing out the back of the case instead of what corsair advise blowing in to the case seems a bit stupid to me idle temps are now 38,37,35,34 and on full power 55,54,52,51 and i found that when i took the motherboard out the tuniq cooler had the same backplate so if youre taking a non stock cooler off the backplate could be the same try first saves taking the motherboard out

s driver 2009-11-13


My Phenom2 965 was running at 40-45 on stock cooler idle however the fan was

Truzo 2009-11-11

Very Cool

Got a Q9550 o/c to 3.7 and a H50 slapped on it far better than any other heatsink. Idle its about 39c to 46c and full load its does not go over 65c nice bit of kit. Get it.My tuniq tower120 full load at this clock was at 89c.

Jody Friend 2009-11-11


Easy to fit .Got push pull configuration.Had to source another 4 screws which are 6-32 unc 1 1/4" not easy to find in my area got mine from .My QX6800 oc to 3223 four cores on idle 30c on load prime 95 18 hours never went over 60 c Corsair H50 gets 100% from me.

HOT SAUCE 2009-11-07

i7 Legend

Never used water cooling before and WOW! This was simple to install and results straight away.

Antec 1200
ASUS Maximus Formula iii
i7 860 2.8Ghz OC @ 3.4Ghz
8Gb Kingston RAM
2 X Radeon 5770 CrossFired up baby!
1 Tb Hdd
850W PSU
& ofcourse the Corsair H50-1

Everything runs smoothly and my games are rapid...

its a must if you want good cooling, i chose this over the zalman L1156 cpu fan... both similar prices aswel..


James 2009-11-07

Excellent kit

Its quiet and cools really well, what more do you want?!

make sure you have plenty of room to mount the radiator and fan though!

Thurstan Johnston 2009-11-05

Awesome bit of kit

What can I say, it makes my old Zalman 9700 look like a childs plastic windmill.

I now have my q6600 G0 running at 3.6ghz in almost silence with core temps under prime95 (all 4 cores) currently at 63, 63, 57, 57. The Zalman couldn't keep the load temps below 70 at that clock speed!

Andy 2009-11-03

Good piece of kit

What can I say apart from im very impressed. Im running a qx6700 at 3.2ghz and my idle temps are 29 degrees. I was like wow. Relatively easy to install, you have to take your mobo out but its worth it in the end. I swapped out an Arctic Freezer 7 pro for this baby and its well worth it. That was a decent cooler in my Antec 1200 but this is so much better. I have used a push and pull configuration on the radiator and it works well only downside was I had to have a trip out to the local DIY store for some extra screws. Excellent cooling.

Chris 2009-11-02

Huge perfomance gain

Verry good value for money. Q6600 had running previously with my big fat Asus cooler @ 3.00ghz was running at 65oC to 70oC. Now with this baby got it clocked up too 3.9Ghz and running at just 50oC!!
Higley reccomend. One down side is that you have to take you Mobo bout in order to fit the back of the CPU clamp. Besides that a verry wothey invenstment! Ohh and there is practicly no sound what so ever!!
So if you thinking about it DO IT :D

Chris M 2009-10-28


I7 920 @ 4.0Ghz tops out at 55C, nuf said.

James Kitching 2009-10-26


Easy to fit,very well made and looks very cool,If you've always fancied ago at Liquid cooling but didn't want to go the extreme's of a custom set-up,then this is the kit for you! With cooling results similar to very high end Air coolers and very quiet to boot,this is an excellent product!

nikbear 2009-10-23


Needed a low profile solution for my bloodrage mobo and this fitted the bill perfectly. Easy to fit and very well made. In my zalman case it's totally inaudible.

4* only as I don't think the twist fit method is reliable for spreading the tim and also ideally needs a case with good airflow and more than one 120mm fan mounting.

capriboy1978 2009-10-19

Great value for money

Core i7 fully loaded at 3.4Ghz gives me 51 deg c although I did fit a pair of push pull Noctua NF-P12 instead of the stock fan and that brought the loaded temps down by about 20 degrees!
I have the radiator at the back of my case and as soon as I unload the CPU back to idle it instantly drops back down to 41 degrees C.
Had to make a cut out of the chassis rail on my case, Thermaltake Soprano, to get it to fit but you would have no issues installing this at the front of the case. Had various types of cooling over the years including phase change and this has been the easiest to fit of the lot and with the fan upgrades is by far the cheapest.
Very quiet operation, noisiest components is now a pair of WD raptors.

Yan 2009-10-18


this cooler performs about 20% better than my air cooling which was a noctua, on my E8400 OC to 3.6Ghz it idles at 25C and 100% at 45C. This cooler is practically soundless, amazing cooler for this price!

Simon 2009-10-13

Quiet at last

Easy to fit, near silent and cooler temps.

Installation takes 5 minutes (well once you've taken everything out of you case to fit the back plate if it's a replacement!). I'm using an existing 120mm case fan and therefore no extra noise and the pump is barely audible.

Temperatures are much lower and there's loads of space in the case so no excuse not to slot in somethign else.

CC 2009-10-12

Easy watercooling

Absolutely perfect watercooling system. Great performance and very quiet. Comes with standard 120mm fan so if you'll find this to noisy at full speed (which are hardly ever needed), then any good low-noise branded fan will do. As for ease of instalation - extremely easy. This is the first time I've installed watercooling and it worked first time I booted the system. No hassle at all. Very good cooling no LGA775 socket, soon I'm moving to Core i7 due to its raw power and overclocking potential and then I'll update on it's efficiency when you take it to the extreme.
Very compact system: fitted no problem in my Antec P180 mini case. At this price you can't go wrong. Kudos to Overclockers for speedy delivery.

Robert 2009-10-11

Good bit of kit

It keeps my Q6600 @ 3.0GHz nice and cool at 22c idle so I could probabliy get it up to 3.6GHz.

It isnt as quiet as I would like, but still a good cooler.

John 2009-10-09

Corsair H50

At first I was sceptical of a cooler that claimed to be a watercooler without any of the hassle.

However this cooler is great, 4GHz i7 cooled very nicely more so than my Thermalright 120 extreme.

Also silent because it uses a rear 120mm fan, and seeing as it's already there no extra sound is added to the PC.

Really easy to mount too and dismount unlike a heavy block of metal like the Thermalright which can be a pain to install.

David 2009-10-03

Not bad

Not much quieter than my air cooler but certainly cooler. Recomended.

Sohaib 2009-10-02

awesome 5 stars

fitted to a m8s machine today and knocked 22 degrees off his temps compared to a freezer pro on load temps, and about 5 degrees on idle temps. For the money this kit is awesome

mick 2009-09-29

Worst water System I own

i have a few different water systems but none of them, have the adaptor for a core i7 pc.

bought this because of the reviews and what a mistake it was, idle temps of 30-40c at stock and 60-70 at max on my 920 soon as i clocked it to 4.0ghz idle, temps went to 50c maxed out on intel burn test at 80 per core.

getting a adaptor plate for my swiftech waterloop, using my xspc waterblock on a double radiator with thicker pipes.

price is good but don't expect massive drop's in temps, i had to turn of hyperthreading to get my cpu stable at those temps.

as soon as i get my other water loop running on the cpu, i will be giving this one to my dad for his q9450 as i think this will suit cpu's that are not a core i7.

great service from ocuk as usual to bad some products don't have the same quality of service

damien 2009-09-28

Corsair H50

got this with my Corsair case ,overclocked my core i7920 to 3.5 ghz with temps on all cores @ idle, with prime 95 running i get temps of @ 100% load i have it with second Akasa fan with blue lights( push pull) which makes the Corsair name on the cpu block stand out , looks cool

paul351 2009-09-26


I am using this with an Gigabyte 790Fx DS5 board with 9950 cpu. The AMD top bracket fits onto the gig. bottom heat spreader, so did not have to use the corsair bottom bracket. The temps are stable at around 20C for all 4 cores with no OC. Using 2 Akasa pwm fans.
I have had many air cooled fans, but the weight of these was worrying, therefore this is a very good alternative.

David 2009-09-25


Bought this as I knew my Q6600 was capable of 3.6GHz but my air cooler wasn't up to the job. Bumped straight upto 3.6 with idle of 30C and max load temps after a couple of hours of Prime were at 65C. Very happy!

Pedro 2009-09-24

Better then air

This is by far the best cooler i have ever had. My Q6600 was hitting 37c on a zalman cpn9500led and now im lucky if it hits 26c. By far this is worth the money its was a doddle to fit in my Thermaltake MozartTX case and my system is now almost silent. Excellent service by overclockers with next day delivery

Enemyrex 2009-09-23

Not so Easy

I didn't find this to be an 'easy' installation. There is a plate that needs to be secured to the back of the mobo - so you need to completely dismantle your rig. Also, the radiator is bigger than the 120mm fan and that was an issue for my case (Thermaltake Tsunami). It's a very nice product however, quiet and very efficient.

Robbo 2009-09-21

Amazing Cooler

I have a rather small case for my PC, and the air cooling from my scythe no longer cut it, it couldn't get the cool air flow it needed as the case is so cramped, despite having 3 case fans. My i7 was hitting 85 degrees on full load using my that air cooler. I imagined a drop from using this kit since it's cooling forms a case intake fan, so the cramped conditions in the case make no difference, and of course, its a water cooling system. However, ironically due to the name, my CPU now maxes out at 35 degrees. The fitting system for this cooler is excellent and very easy to install, no more horrific clip in sytem, this can be annoying if you don't want to take your PC apart to fit a backplate, but the results are worth it. The only slight moan I have is that the tubes are not as flexible as I would like, and as my case is so cramped, I had to force them into position. As for the noise, I have mine permanently on full blast and it can be heard, but it is only as loud as a norma!
l case fan.

Mike 2009-09-20

Great Product

Fantastic product, nearly cancelled because of waiting, Glad I didn't... Over clocked i7 920 @ 4.00 dropped 7-8C on idle from Titan Fenrir down to 32-33C and on prime95 50C (apache fan on pull) buy it now.. thanks OCUK

Keith 2009-09-07

Great kit

Just replaced my inferno FX-14 with this and has brought my temps down by 10c-12c, and i can finally get to my ram,for better temp drops have the fan venting in to the pc with cold air from outside,worth every penny ,simply a brillant product!!!!!!!!

Jason 2009-09-05


Idle at 27C and under load at 51C (27 hours prime95) at 4.2Ghz at 1.31vcore with 1 fan of 1200rpm.

James 2009-09-03

Good cooler

Q9550 @ 3.8
Had 1 of these over a month now, temps where 80c+ when running intelburst test. with my old scythe cooler, running same test, never went over 60c. Ran prime95 8 hrs, max any core hit was 56c.
also lets you use other ram slots which some coolers can block, great product.

Rab 2009-08-31

Excellent Cooler

Massive reduction in temps running a 4Ghz I7 920OC.
Easy to fit and no maintenance. I replaced my Fenrir and got a 12c drop in load temps. An excellent cooler for the price. Highly recommended.

Gaidin 2009-08-03

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