Hydro H60 V2 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler - 120mm (CW-9060007-WW)

  • CW-9060007-WW
  • AIO Cooler
  • 120mm
  • Socket Compatibility: 775 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156 / 1151 / 1366 / 2011/ 2066
  • AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM4/ FM1 / FM2
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Stock Code: HS-006-CS

EAN: 0843591025096

MPN: CW-9060007-WW

Manufacturer: Corsair

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Product information:

Hydro H60 V2 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler - 120mm (CW-9060007-WW)

Make the Move to Liquid
Upgrade from your stock CPU fan or bulky air cooler to the efficiency and simplicity of liquid CPU cooling. Enjoy better cooling performance and lower noise, and protect your investment in your CPU.

Advanced Fan Design
The 120mm fan incorporates custom-engineered blades for better static pressure to noise ratio, offering improved performance at lower noise levels.

Self-contained cooling system
Serious liquid cooling for high-performance CPUs no longer means dealing with complex plumbing. Hydro Series H60 comes pre-filled, and never needs refilling or priming.

Tool-free magnetic multiplatform mounting bracket kit
The modular design makes installation simpler, and it's compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

Large-diameter, low permeability tooling
Minimal coolant evaporation helps ensure long life, and the flexible design gives you better leak protection and makes installation easier in tight spaces.

Copper cold plate with pre-applied thermal compound
Copper has better thermal conductivity for more efficient heat transfer to the manifold. Pre-applied thermal compound lets you save a potentially messy installation step.

- Radiator dimensions: 120mm x 152mm x 27mm
- Fan dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
- Fan speed: 2000RPM +/- 10%
- Fan airflow: 54 CFM
- Fan dBA: 30.85 dBA
- Fan static pressure: 2.36mm/H20
- Compatibility: Intel LGA 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011 / AMD sockets AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, and FM2

Package contents
- Corsair H60 Liquid CPU Cooler
- One 120mm fan
- Mounting screws for fan and radiator
- Mounting brackets for Intel™ LGA 115x/1136/2011 and AMD AM2/AM3/AM4/FM1/FM2
- Quick Start Guide


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Product Specification:

CPU Socket
1150, 1151, 1155, 2011, 2011-V3, AM3+, FM2+, AM2+, AM4
CPU Cooler type
AIO Water cooling

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Awesome AIO water cooler! Runs very quiet and cools my new 6700k cpu well. I dont hear any noises as some people have said. I have the fan set as intake on the back fan slot in my corsair 300r with the tubing coming out of the bottom of the radiator, only thing i will say its a bit of a tight squeeze in my case to try and get the heatsink fitted with the tubing on an atx board

nick 2016-06-02

Dont buy if you have FX series CPU's

Bought this as an upgrade for my amd 8320, as my stock cooler is loud. At first temperatures were not that impressive, still high around 65, and this cpu thermal throttles at 68. Playing games like bf4 would always go from 3.5 ghz to 1.4 in order to cool itself off. Swapped thermal compound with mx4 and used the whole tube trying to fix this problem, no matter how many times i did it still the same temperature. Ive even lowered voltages and stopped boost and it still thermal throttles. Motherboard is cool, north and south bridge temps are in safe parameters, around 60 degrees.

Now recently i've been thermal throttling at idle. Why on earth would it do it on idle. I swapped thermal compound AGAIN and noticed some rumbling or crackling like noises. Neither tubes of the cooler get hot so its faulty. Not only did it not cool it sufficiently, it broke after a year.
Dont buy if you have an AMD FX series cpu, just get a noctua heatsink or something metal with high surface area as amd is wayy to hot when threshold is 68 degrees.



If you've already got knowledge of how to mount CPU coolers, this goes on nicely!Instructions were excellent too if you don't know much.

Product is built well and is solid once installed, no problems! Make sure also that you set the fan right so that it's sucking in air and not blowing it off the radiator!

I was running at 60 degrees maxed out, i5 Quad Core 4690k 3.50 GHz OC to 4.20 GHz CPU, and average 24 degrees idle.

What are you waiting for? Buy it!

P.S when mounting the bracket on the back and using the screws to hold it in, it'll be slightly loose, but don't worry it tightens up once you use the thumb screws to hold the CPU down, thank me later!!



Bought this after my previous heatsink had appeared to of snuffed it and can't say how happy I'm with the purchase. Running an i5 2400 3.1ghz and at idle sitting at 25 degrees. Running software/ cpu intensive games temps are hovering around 35 degrees, 40 tops. Easy to install as long as you have easy access to the rear of your motherboard, otherwise it will require you to essentially dismantle your pc and take out your motherboard, but as long as you know what you're doing and the precautions you should take you will be fine. So not quite the short time other ads for install time say for some of us, but easy as it's own thing. Did require a 2nd pair of hands for the radiator/rear fan. But all in all now it is all up and running it's running extremely cool. Very pleased. Another plus is how quiet it is, don't notice it at all and the air coming out the top end of my pc is really cold.



Great product and easy to install but I thought it had an LED in it, which it doesn't.


awesome cpu cooler

I would recommend this cpu cooler to anyone that has a smaller case or running on a smaller budget and dont want an air cooler cpu fan. its keeping my cpu nice and cool while playing games it fits perfect on my amd 8core.


Very Cool, Not Very Noisy

I bought this cooler for my build 10 months ago.
Fitting it was straightforward enough (a bit nerve-wracking but no problem in the end)
It's not as quiet as I hoped it might be but not noisy. Certainly none of the problems that some people say they've had.
Temperatures are superb. Generally, my CPU runs cooler than my RAM and motherboard.
I can't compare it to other liquid coolers, I haven't tried them, but I've been very pleased with this one.



Keeping my i7 3820 4.4Ghz @ 30c idle - 45c full load

Buy a cheap 120mm fan to go with it and have a push/pull set up for maximum cooling.

Delivery was super quick as usual.

Luke 2012-08-27

Nice Cooler

ace piece of kit does what it says on the tin well worth the money

paul 2012-08-21

Good When Mounted

Amazing cooler, keeps my i5 3570k CPU at around 29 Celsius idle (1.6GHz) and under full load my CPU is yet to go over 60 Celsius (4.40GHz).
For the amount paid I find these temps very good!

Only issues are mounting the Intel bracket can be very hard, I had to have a friend physically hold the back-plate in while I trialled the fittings it came with (Manual is not very clear between 2011 and 1155 sockets).
Second issue is that the tubing between the pump and radiator is very stiff out of the box, and even in a standard ATX case, forcing the pump to where it needed to go required a fair amount of force, once 2 screws were in it was fine though.

Jason 2012-08-04

Good hydro cooler

Bought this H60 cooler and received it yesterday. Good quality, works fine with my new i7 3770k. Two suggestions for the people who want to buy H60:
i. Don't use the stock fan because its noise will drive you crazy. I am using an Akasa Viper instead of the stock fan.
ii. Connect the fan to the CPU fan connector, connect the pump to the 4 pin case fan connector and set the case fan speed at around 80~85% in BIOS. Then the pump will works at around 3500rpm and keeps a low noise. Don't let the pump works at 4300rpm because it is too noisy.

William 2012-05-31

H60 in a modified casecase

Have fitted the H60 to a SABERTOOTH 990FX wit a 1100T AMD 6 Core.
HAd to cut a area in the case cover to be able to fit the unit.

Pictures here:

All works fine and without any noise. This has been running for about 6 months trouble free now.

Worth the money. 5 stars.

I may try fit an extra fan if the temp ever gets higher but at present all works fine.

Frank 2012-04-23

2011 lga on site fit....

It is good cooler .... 34 C on i7 2011 3930k at 4.3 ghz... but is missing mounting kit from the box for 2011 lga .... :(.. if you buy this cooler for 2011 cpu ask the extra moonting kit before......

Alexis Koniotis 2012-01-07

Great value for money

Running on a overclocked i5 at 4.2Ghz and keeps it cooled than the Thermalright Silver Arrow it replaced by several degrees. Needs a bit of work to fit neatly but worth the effort! Highly Recommended!

Bob Hodgson 2011-12-26


Cant say much about the fan, never used it, changed it for a coolermaster (well two) performance fan, keeps my CPU at 30-40c cant complain, not too loud, cant hear the pump.

Thanks Overclockers.

adam 2011-12-10

Noisey Pump

Sent the first one back as it sounded like an old IDE hard drive crunching away but louder - replacement delivered within 48 hours - sounded like the first but quieter

gave up in the end and just lowered the fan speed down within bios to about 70% and bingo no more noise - the rpm is about 4200 - i found that 3500 rpm is silent like the rest of the RIG - funnily thtemps have only risen by 5c

i7 2600k on asrock extreme4 OC@4.5 ghz 1.32v idle at 31c 55c at 100% load

performs 5c better than scythe mugen rev2

these noisey pumps though need to be looked at and should have variable volt control - general thought around the forums seem to think the speed of the pump is causing small air pockets thus the resonance - a simple tap on the pump will temporarily eliminate the noise

michael 2011-11-11

Best cooler I've ever used.

Currently using this to cool my Phenom II X4 clocked at 4GHz, it does the job nicely.

I have 2x Cooler Master Sickleflow red LED in push/pull configuration (pulling in the air from the rear, I have a 200mm fan at the top exhausting the heat), the CPU idles at 28c, 59c under load.

Matty 2011-10-16

Good Watercooler...

Well, I realise there are a lot of negative reviews on this watercooler, but to be honest it's working great for me.

I've installed a few of these, and in some instructions on the different models, they don't make it clear that you DO NOT plug this into a CPU Fan Header, It plugs into a 12 volt system fan Header. If your pump is plugged into the CPU Fan Header it won't work effeciently.

I have mine set up for push and pull with some custom 120mm fans and my temps are 30c idle, 37c gaming and 49-51c running Prime95. My Processor for now is an Intel E8400 Core2Duo 3GHz OC'd to 3.66GHz.

Overall this cooler is worth the buy, not the best temps but is a lot better than my previous air cooler.

David Roberts 2011-09-04

Effective For My Needs

I didn't by this from OCUK... sorry guys didn't want to wait for delivery this time (tho very fast delivery in any case). I'm here to review tho product itself.

Main reason I bought this, its because most other coolers I've seen are so big they press against the RAM slot 1, e.g Arctic Freezer 7 Pro (which actually bent the RAM stick a few degrees!!!!!!!. So I went for this, the H60.

I have this cooler fitted to an ASUS M5A99X EVO (frm OCUK). Installation was a little fiddly but simple for AM3 m/boards.

Two clips that screw into thumb screws, line-up the clips with the am3 socket, tighten... and your done. Really easy. No back-plate needed :-)

The pictograph instruction manual is easy to follow. I had this installed within 10mins

My OC'ed 1055T happily idles at 30

Carl 2011-08-30

Great, not amazing

Recently bought the H60 to replace the Intel i5 2500k stock fan, Im using the H60 on the Asus P8P67 LE motherboard and replaced the stock thermal paste that's already on the H60 with Atric Cooling MX-4 compound. Im also using the Antec 900 case.

It has only been 1 day/night, but my idle temps have dropped to 32-37C from 39-46C. My load temps while in games have dropped about 10-15C from what I was getting using the stock.

Installation went pretty good, it was my 3rd time installing a CPU cooler but I didn't have any real problems after reading through the illustrated instructions which are very simple and good. Installation took me approx 20 minutes including attaching the fan and radiator, the pipes made it slightly difficult to attach the main cooler device on my P8P57 board but take your time and it's very easy.

Robert 2011-08-06

8/10 at best

Purchased a H60 from OCuk great delevier next day. fitting instructions are week at best no statement of direction for fan unit. Nothing stated about the need to turn off Q fan or similar. after spending more money on doing a twin fan setup one pushing out of case the other sucking out from case that i got reasonable temps. my advise is unless you have a case with top fan to extract and bottom mounted power supply the get a high end air cooler. the amount of noise that is generated because you now have more fans running almost flat out is not worth the money... if i could wind back time i would have gone high end air cooler .....with all that said and done product is boxed well build quality is good and in the right case i would imagine not bad at all. but for me sadly not.
running AMD X6 clocked at 3.8Ghz

Andy Whittle 2011-08-01


Works great !! i have i5 2500k @4.3
and im running idle at 23c in an antec df10 case really easy to install on Asus p8z68-v motherboard no problems at all!!!!!

Rushfx 2011-07-23

loose fit

The backplate is very loose on the 1155 boards, the washers it came with doesn't fit either.

I had to buy separate washers at my local hardware store to fix the problem. i'm quite disappointed.

With the temperatures i'm getting, i'm thinking the hassle wasnt worth it. Did a comparison test ( coolermaster V8 and H60) on my old core 2 duo 775 setup, suprising enough, i was getting very similar temp readings with the coolermaster V8, which is older and is an air cooler ( too bad it doesnt socket 1155)

Philip 2011-07-17

Don't be fooled

Installed this on an Asus P8Z68-Pro motherboard, after fitting the coolers backplate to the board the plate was still loose because the plastic spacers on the plate are not long enough. However after fitting the cooler while the board was still outside the case, I found the pump block pulled down nice and tight onto the cpu.

The radiator barely fitted into my Antec Sonarta Elite case due to the power supply support strut of the case, and the washer had to be left off the radiator fixing screws in order to refit the side panel properly.

This unit coupled with an Akasa Apache fan has given me a silent PC at last, running prime 95 the temp is about the same as using the Akasa Venom which it has replaced with the cpu sitting at 68 deg after 1 Hr.

Peter G 2011-07-12

At last silence!

Recently purchased an AMD PhenomII 3.4Ghz 1090TBE. the stock cooler has the nosiest fan whem gaming ever,I have heard quieter fast jets taking off!

So went for the H60. Install was fairly straight forward, not the best of instructions but the on-line video helped a lot. Once your CPU has the right bracket, get the fan and radiator secure to make the cpu cooler install easier. The AMD clips were fiddly as hell to bite on resulting in my fat fingers going in to assist!

On power up the noise difference was awesome, absolutely quiet, just the gentle whirr of a system and PSU fan.

Temp wise it took off 5-8degrees so now my CPU idles at around 20-23 degrees (not OC).

Happy I paid the extra money over the other coolers available.

YorkieUK 2011-06-23

Some snags

It's a good cooler and it does what it says on the tin, but.......

I tried to fit mine into an Antec case. It wouldn't fit. My case has a front to back strut just below the PSU. That prevents the H60 from fitting onto the mounting for a 120mm rear fan. I fitted it into another case without the strut but it was still pressed hard against the PSU with no clearance at all. (Both cases have top mounted PSUs.)

It's hard to fit the water-block to the motherboard with the board out of the case, because you have a heavy radiator hanging off it. I had to do that in the end. With the board fitted in the case it's just about impossible to tell if the water-block is resting on capacitors near the processor socket. I had to turn mine through 90deg to get it to fit at all. (That shouldn't be a problem with AMD processors because the cooler support bracket gives you much more clearance.)

John D 2011-06-20

Great Cooler

Brought this last week and have to say it's an excellent cooler.

Running an X58 i7 920 @4.0Ghz (1.26V) Idle temps 40c - Load temps 80c, i7's run hotter than the new SB systems anyway and 80c is well within the safe zone (compared to my old air cooler, the temp was hitting 100c) this is a vast improvement.

Easy to install if you have an opening on your case to mount the rear plate, if you don't you are going to have to remove your motherboard.

I also got a second fan on mine in push/pull and that also help with getting the temps down.

Al in all fantastic cooler!

Paul 2011-06-01

Good cooler

Running P8P67 Deluxe with a i7-2600k running at 4.6ghz. I added an extra 120mm fan to the other side of the rad and I am drawing air from the outside in. All high temps were achieved using prime 95 (primenet).

Idle air temps: 34c, 37c, 32c, 34c
Idle water temps: 30c, 33c, 28c, 32c
Prime air temps: 76c, 82c, 80c, 79c
Prime water temps: 72c, 77c, 75c, 75c

Overall I am happy with the H60 but I have to admit I was expecting lower temps.

David 2011-05-27

Excellent Cooler

Fitted this with no problems to the ASUS P8P67 DELUXE with a i7-2600K. Its running well at a moderate overclock and the fan operation is quiet.

If you know this motherboard you'll also know that its an extremely tight fit. So this is no mean feat.

Happy at last :-)

Derek 2011-05-14

Works a traet

Got this as my old Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 ghz chip was running warm on a stock cooler. Fitting was nice and easy though I did have to customise my old Novatech case to mount the fan and radiator. On stock cooler at Idle my CPU was running at about 45 deg c but now runs at 28 deg c. Used prime 95 to run the cores at 100% and the CPU stayed at 40 Deg c after 30mins. A great buy and recommend to anyone wanting to keep their CPUs temp down.

Kevin 2011-05-13

Nice Cooler

My phenom 955 oc`d @ 3.8ghz with the H60 , idle 28c , gaming 38c , full load (prime95) 48c . Nice n easy to fit on AMD too. expecting a touch better when i swap out the stock fan for a viper.

Arron 2011-05-12


Bought this cooler from OC last week and installed it with my new setup. Its pretty silent on my Phenom II x4 955BE oc'd to 3.6. Temps im getting are 31c at idle and 39.5c at full load. Easy to fit too. Gets my vote and thanks to OCUK for great service again :0)

Pete 2011-05-08

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