Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Red Switch (CH-9000003-UK)

Vengeance K90 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Red Switch (CH-9000003-UK)

  • An ethusiast grade gaming keyboard designed for MMO and RTS gameplay with premium reponsiveness
  • superior customizability and outstanding durability.
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Stock Code: KB-002-CS

EAN: 0843591014915

MPN: CH-9000003-UK

Manufacturer: Corsair

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Product information:

Vengeance K90 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Red Switch (CH-9000003-UK)

Cherry® MX Red key switches are the best of the best — they provide the sensitivity and low operating force that professional gamers love. Reaction times are ulra-fast and responsive for quicker double and triple taps. The action is predictable and linear unlike lesser gaming keyboards that have a tactile bump or the annoying click of a typist’s keyboard. Easily access to your most frequently used macros, presets and key combinations even during the most intense action. You can record up to 54 programmable functions accessible from three separate banks, ideal for grouping macros by function, or access. Macros can be created on-the-fly, customized, and activated with a single keystroke. Our expertly designed anti-ghosting technology provides flawless control even when you're pressing multiple keys at once. The K90 has individual switches with dedicated diodes for each switch so every key press results in an input and is 100% ghost free without tradeoff or compromise. Typical USB gaming keyboards are limited to the USB standard six-key rollover. The K90 features increased performance with a 20-key rollover implementation on USB at a blazing fast 1ms (1000 reports per second) reporting rate. The rugged aluminum chassis provides increased durability and stability compared those that are primarily plastic. The stiff suspension chassis and the laser etched keys are made for durability so they won't degrade over time. And the K90 has over 90 LEDs that provide outstanding illumination even in dim light. Create up to 50 profiles and share, import and export macros with the Vengeance keyboard gaming software. It's a free download at On-board memory lets you take it with you 36Kb of memory built into the K90 lets you take your customizations and profiles with you and use them on any system. - Light, responsive Cherry MX Red Mechanical switches for fast, efficient gaming action - 45g actuation force - 2mm to actuation and 4mm to bottom - Rated for 50 million operations - Gold contacts - Three banks of eighteen G Macro Keys with Macro Record and Bank Select hot keys - 36Kb of onboard memory for storing up to three sets of eighteen G keys for gaming on the go - On-the-fly, macro recording - Laser-etched, backlit keys with four illumination levels (off, 66%, 75%, and full illumination) selectable from the keyboard - Six multimedia keys — Stop, Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Mute, Volume Up/Down — with Solid metal, weighted volume “drum roller” - Windows Lock key for uninterrupted game play - Metal top plate for increased strength, durability and rigidity - USB pass-through connector giving easy access to a USB port on the back of the keyboard (USB 2.0/1.1/1.0) - USB Connector with gold plated contacts - Selectable report rate: 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz (1ms/2ms/4ms/8ms) response time
- 2m non-tangle cable - Adjustable feet tilt for optimum personalization and positioning New firmware/software has been released for the M60, M90, and K90 products with key changes to include performance and reliability improvement.

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been a razer and logitech k/board die hard fan the great clan of lads at oc recomended this keyboard,i was like hm different from what i was used,now i couldnt even touch 1 of those i mentioned again-this keyboard is absolutly amazing very responsive little or practically no pressure needed for the keys to type and game with,now the macros is a great option on this keyboard has so much to offer and so many to use:)if you into rts games then wat are u waiting for grab this,im a fps person i have been for over 20 yrs and i can tell u this has been the best chioce that has been made for a keyboard,it looks so sexy when its all light up ultra thin and has all the goodies that is required for my gaming needs,wat more can i say abt this words doesnt describe its actions and looks,its a top rated keyboard if not the best on the market atm,ps thanks to mark from oc u made my delivery and on time a happy chappy from scotland :)

frostbite* 2013-04-16


Was looking for new keyboard as my old Saitek had finally died. I would have bought the Corsair K60 if it had backlit keys, as it did not, I went for for the more expensive K90 that had more keys than I would need. All I can say after one week of hard gaming is WOW. It looks good, feels good and gives you a high Smug level. Would definately recommend this keyboard whether you are a hard gamer or do a lot of typing as my girlfriend does.

sat1965 2013-02-08

oozing quality

i was kinda apprehensive on dropping

madhamster 2012-12-18

Best keyboard I've ever used

This keyboard is a must get if money is no problem when shopping for a keyboard. I've bought this a while back and I must say, this is the best keyboard that I have personally typed on in my years of using computing products. I vouch for Corsair, well done on their part.

Jong Sung Kim 2012-11-08

Simply Brilliant

So over the years I have had many keyboards from Microsoft to Razer. All non mechanical, but now with the Corsair K90 I will never ever go back to dome switch keys. The k90 with its Cherry MX Red switches is amazing to type on, the key switches are light and the keys bounce back quicker than most keyboards which is brilliant for me. The keyboard it self is made very well with a part plastic and part aluminium construction. The individually lit blue keys looks amazing in the dark and is a very nice feature of this keyboard. If you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard with light switches, backlit keys and an awesome aesthetic design then this keyboard is for you.

Humzah Hussain 2012-09-24

I <3 red cherries

In 2 years i've had an OCZ Alchemy Elixir, Razer Arctoser and Microsoft Sidewinder X6 and they ALL developed membrane faults. After manually adjusting it in the X6 for the fourth time in order for keys to register I thought to hell with it, I'm going mechanical.
The K90 is simply put, a marvel. These cherry mx red switches are so nice to type on they make my past keyboards seem like a bad joke. The build quality is Corsome (see what I did there?) and aesthetically it's fabulous, I especially love the way the keys appear to be floating when the blue light bleeds underneath them and onto the brushed aluminium, it's seriously cool.
The non-mechanical keys are ones you likely won't use nearly as often, but I did find it strange that the G macro keys were not mechanical as these will potentially see much use...however their functionality is perfect and they don't feel terrible...just not as nice and I can't really knock a star off for that.
Media keys and volume roller are also very nice.

Julian 2012-08-30

Corsair K90

Received this keyboard today, and I must say its the best keyboard ive ever had. Blue backlight doesnt glare you like the Razer keyboard its replacing did. Feels solid build with it being aluminium. Keyboard feels giid to type on aswell as playing games. As others have said, price is a bit high, but at least its build good enough to justify the cost.

Keith 2012-08-07

Mechanical keys

Great keyboard. But most important if your are also typing letters this is NOT the keyboard for you. I Play and write in equal measure. This board is not fully mechanical and that is not an iossue. But if you typing the fact that I frequently use the DELETE key is a real let down. The dome type delete key is terrible and feels a lot worse than my Microsoft X6 dome capped keyboard.
Really pleased with the keyboard-But keep in mind it is a gaming keyboard. Not for typing. If only the delete key was mechanical it would get top marks, You really notice the slow delete key when typing that you have to constantly press quite hard to get it to respond. Its an expensive mistake if you do any typing.

Rob 2012-06-16

Better then expected

Coming from a Logitech G15, this keyboard is a MASSIVE improvement on how the keys feel, each press of the Cherry Reds is satisfying, and easy to press and repeat press. I have only played StarCraft 2 so far, and it did take some getting use to with minor mistakes at first. But is now a joy to play on and excellent for those who are confident on precision pressing. If you are not so good at typing without looking at keys, then you may make more mistakes then using a rubber dome, so beware!

I knew what I was getting when purchasing this keyboard, but was still sad that not all keys are mechanical. The difference is very noticeable, and would love the next Corsair Vengeance keyboard to be fully mechanical. That is the only negative about it, but I already knew some keys was rubber dome, so I still give this 5 stars.

This is the only mechanical with dedicated media keys AFIAK, and is what sold me.

Buy it, you won't be disappoint!

BuyMe 2012-06-15

Amazing Board

Ordered this board after a lot of searching and review reading, and I am more than happy with my purchase! I play mostly MMO games so the macro functions were a big bonus that other mechanical boards didn't offer. the Board looks amazing responds well and the software is good to use. After using a Cyborg v.7, Razer Lycosa, G15 and a host of other boards i can clearly say this is a massive step up in quality and performance, couple that with overclockers top service, less than 24 hours from ordering to receiving the product! and I can do nothing but recommend this board to anyone who shares a similar passion for quality and gaming.

David 2012-06-08

Excellent Keyboard

The first thing I should say is that the quality of this board is absolutely excellent, and the feel is amazing. Lots of people in various corners of the internet have been putting it down for its rubber-dome function, macro and home-stack keys, but to be honest it doesn't really matter. Granted it feels a bit weird doing things like shift+delete but once you get used to it it's absolutely fine, and if it keeps costs down it's all good.

My board arrived at my door in under 24 hours from clicking order. It did have a single faulty LED but OCUK are dealing with that, because their customer support is awesome!

Macros are very useful, the software is still in beta and it's not the best but it is useable, to the extent that you now have instant macro smack, should you need it. Also a very useful feature in EVE when you want to active a set number of mods.

A brilliant keyboard, well worth it.

Mike 2012-05-17

Surprisingly good

A lot of thought has gone into this board. The use of Cherry MX Red switches and tuned rubber dome switches was carefully reasoned out at the design stage, and gives the board a unique character. This is a completely new unique to Corsair; the Qpad Mk 85 and various Filco-style boards are generic designs, customised slightly and re-badged for different suppliers.
The K90 performs brilliantly, and looks breathtaking. Carrying out a comparison with a G15 board and a Filco Majestouch 2 with MX Cherry Browns, I found the Reds to be by far the best for gaming, and (surprisingly) a much better switch than the Brown for general work/gaming use. The Brown is superb for typing, but feels notchy when used in games. Lighting is really important on a gaming/home board, and the K90's look amazing. The media controls are also the best I've encountered. One thing to note is the key caps are mat textured. This might feel strange to start with. Apart from that, I highly recommend this gaming keyboard.

Iain 2012-04-25


This keyboard just arrived for me today, already installed it and gave it a good testing out.

All I can say is wow at the red switches. I didn't know what I was going to expect from them, having come from buckle spring (model m).

The keys don't take that much force at all, but you certainly will not be accidently pressing them mid way through the action.

Typing wise, this thing is fantastic to type on. The keys as stated are not that tough, and they have a nice spring feeling to them, so it's a joy to type on.

The backlight on the keyboard isn't that intrusive, it comes with 3 stages; dim, medium and full. All keys light up nicely in the dark, so that is a definite plus.

Sure, price wise this thing is a little steep, but the thing is made of pure quality all the way though. I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone in the market for a mechanical keyboard at the moment.

UberGinge 2012-03-06

Believe the Hype. The K90 really is that

I've had quite a few good keyboards in recent years. A Logitech G15v2, a Razer Lycosa, and a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard to give you some idea of the quality level. I loved the G15, I think the Lycosa's a great quality board but I don't personally like the key-presses and the LIK's a superb typing keyboard but not great for gaming.
Then there's the Vengeance K90. It is, simply put, all the things I loved about those 3 keyboards with all of the little things that I didn't like removed. It's that good.
A lot of people have had problems with the media and G keys, as did I; in my case it was due to the 'Human Interface Device Service' in Win7 being turned off for some unknown reason.
I honestly don't think a gaming keyboard can be done better than the K90. It is expensive, yes, compared to a G15 or a Lycosa, but if you have the money then I honestly can't praise it enough. If the price drops I really believe it'll kill off every other gaming keyboard on the market in a matter of months.

Kieran 2012-03-05


First of all the build quality is superb. The keyboard feels great to type on and the cherry mx red switches require very little effort to push. The price is high but I think that

Edward White 2012-01-31

High Build Quality

The keyboard has excellent build quality from the brushed aluminium and the keys feel very solid. It is very comfortable to type on with the palm rest adding to it. The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that each key is not lit up to the same brightness, unlike some other keyboards. Excellent product definitely worth the price.

Scott 2012-01-04

Nicely made

great build quality, very nice typing feel actuation is very low barely need to press the keys for them to register, stainless steel for the main body of the keyboard - only reason I'm g iving it 4/5 stars is because the escape and delete key, and the function keys are all also membrane keys not mechanical switches (and the price), otherwise a great looking keyboard that looks like it will last a good amount of time, then again it should do for the price.

Luke 2011-12-24

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