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Creative Fatal1ty HS-800 Gaming Headset

  • Creative's Fatal1ty Gamer Headset provides power
  • precision and comfort for the serious gamer.
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Manufacturer: Creative Labs

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Product information:

Creative Fatal1ty HS-800 Gaming Headset

Creative's Fatal1ty Gamer Headset provides power, precision and comfort for the serious gamer. The ergonomic, lightweight design, with padded velvet earpieces and headband, ensures a comfortable fit during extended gaming sessions. Weapons, positional cues and environmental audio effects sound fantastic through the high-quality drivers, with excellent bass response for powerful explosions. The noise-cancelling microphone transmits voice commands clearly to other team members, and it can be detached for easy storage or to use the headset like regular headphones. In the heat of battle this is the headset that won't leave people stranded - and that's why Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel, the world's best known pro gamer, uses it.

- Ergonomically designed and acoustically tuned for gaming.
- Padded headband and earpieces for ambient noise exclusion and comfort during long gaming sessions.
- Swivel joint earpiece design adapts to every user.
- Detachable and adjustable noise-cancelling microphone.
- In-line external volume control with microphone on/off.
- Excellent response for voice communications and dynamic in-game audio, with extended bass response for high-impact explosions.

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Great Headset

Had this for years and swear by it, the sound and mic quality sound better than more expensive headsets I've used, and at its current price you really cant go wrong.

Also a fan of the strong cable, and how sturdy the headset feels

Eve 2016-08-17

Not all positives

I acquired a pair of these for Christmas, and after a month they are broken. If you want a cheap pair of headphones, then these fit the bill, would I buy them again - no. Why?

1. The lead is stupidly thin, and way too long, so that it becomes easy to get entangled and snap the lead (that's how I broke mine).

2. The cups are too small to fit properly, so I end up with squashed ears (I don't have big ears or a big head btw), and as there is no way to adjust the width, they clamp too tightly to my head, making long duration games uncomfortable. The inch thick padding at the top never even touches my head (I can fit my fingers into the gap). I wear them around my neck most of the time as they are too uncomfortable.

The sound quality is ok for games, but poor for music. It seems to me that whatever I do with the volume, it's always too loud (I know this may not make sense as it's easily solvable, but I spend way to much time turning them down)

Overall opinion - cheap, loud, made for smaller, younger heads than mine. Probably worth


Lasted a while

Saw that these were good and had these ordered last year in March. So I have had these for a year and a half. Often, these reviews won't tell you how well these products do a years down the line. As awesome as these headphones have been, they have been acting up for the last month and will now need replacing. So my Creative Fatality HS-800 only lasted roughly 18 months. I wish they'd last longer and to be honest, they have taken a beating, since they've fallen on the floor many times. Maybe I just need to treat my headphones better, but it lasted better than the previous pair of headphones, which didn't even go a year. Good value for money, but treat them well!


Only one fault

Bought this product a year ago; comfortable, lightweight, good microphone & good sound too. Its also quite cheap, the only thing that I found to be an issue is the wire.
When I bought it i noticed the cable is very thin, I assumed it would be an issue later on and about 6 months ago it started to tear from use. I'm always very careful of my wires, even more with this thin wire, but these still managed to split open.
Only because of the wire I would not rate it 5 stars and only because the wire is still working even though it has split badly, multiple times, that I rate it 4 stars. I would recommend it to anyone who takes care of the products they buy.


Still going strong after 5 years!

These have been my daily headset for gaming with my friends for the last 5 years and still sound as good as when I purchased them. I purchased a pair of PC350's to upgrade and to be honest I was disappointing and went back to my these.

For the money they are one of the best value bit's of kit you will buy for yourself.



Great headset , easy to use , it has a mic that can come off the headset and thats a nice feature as the picture shows , it has a audio panel to put the volume up and down and off and on for the mic.

good sound for the price , if you want just a headset that is very good for price and performance this is for you obviously there are better headsets but for the price i would say this is the best around, its nice a comfortable and can be used for a long time.


Wicked Headset

Had my old one seven years and been to LAN with me and it has never let me down. It was getting old and battered so i got my new one a year ago and its been awesome too. Still have the old one incase i break the new one.


5 Years Old and Still Going

I too bought a pair in 2008. They are still working to this day. The cable is strong. I have stepped on it kick it across the room by accident and the headphones have NEVER let me down. Do not hesitate to buy.

Neil Devlin 2013-03-14

Excellent Headset

I bought this headset with my gaming rig from overclockers in 2008, i recently bought turtlebeach x12 and returned them because of a buzzing noise. However i stuck with these headset and still after using these all these years playing wow, css etc, their amazing still and have never let me down. If your after a budget headset, strong cabling, and clear sound and comfort then buy these!

Colin Cant 2013-02-11

Great Headset

After about 2 months I can safely say this is an amazing headset.
It has very high sound quality when listening to music and amazing sound quality when in games.
My friends have also remarked how good the mic sounds when talking on Skype.
For the money this has to be the best headset on the market.
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a headset on a budget.

George Wood 2013-02-10

Best at this price

I originally purchased a set of the USB Fatal1ty HS-1000 (about

Simon V 2013-01-31


This headset is great they are so cheap but so comfortable and worth it i recommend it.

Alex 2013-01-30

One of the best headsets ever made

I'm so glad these are still around.

I bought mine way back in the day for my first self-build ('07) and they still work fantastically to this day.

I've knocked them about, transported them across London, walked away from my desk accidentally dragging them with me and they still deliver a fantastic performance, comfy as hell too.

Saito 2012-12-14

One of The best!

One of the best headset I ever have. I use them for 10 ever 12 hours. I never feel pain or any discomfort. I use that type for 4 years now and I don't want to buy any others! I use Diablo 3 headset, way to expensive and short time of use, after 1h it's hurt my ears :(.

If you looking for any cheap headsets for music and games! This is one of the Best to use!

Martin 2012-10-02

Good headset

When I first put these on I was impressed on how comfortable they are, especially compared to my old headset (ozone attack) which broke after a few months of use. The sound is good and unlike my old headset did not have an overly long cable, however the switch in the middle of the cable that turns the mic on and off can be temperamental and I would recommend just leaving it on at all times and pulling out the mic to mute yourself. speaking of the mic the sound I've been told is good and better then my old headset, however it can be annoying to put back it after taking it out.

Sound quality: 4/5
Mic quality: 4/5
Comfortability: 4/5
appearance 5/5
Price: 5/5

Dan 2012-05-31

Still the Best in this price range

The wire connecting to the in-line volume control frayed and broke on my previous pair after about 18 months of heavy daily usage. But this didn't stop me from instantly replacing them with a new pair.

These are the best sounding headphones i have ever had and i have tried pretty much every other major companies offering in the

efour2 2012-05-30

Great for it's price

I had these for long time and I have to say that only after about 2 years my microphone broke, apart from that, they are grat headphones.

Patrick 2012-05-06

Fantastic headset

Fantastic headphones. A very comfy item. The sound is fantastic and it is yet anouther "do not look at it creative product because you will buy it." As other reviews have said, you cannot wear it all day (although I wear it for many hours each day). After wearing it for many hours, your ears do not hurt but your head feels slightly warm where they have been.

Overall, the sound is truly fantastic. It is crisp and clear with plenty of clairty between high and low pitch. The bass is fantastic and seems too much at first if you have been using standard small headphones but you soon realise how much sound you have previously missed out on.

I love the headset, I would buy anouther anyday. My only recocmendation is, if you own an xbox (and a ps3 I think), I would consider some of the turtle becah x12's as they link in more but you could use a headphone extension cable from your tv and a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter for the mic to controller.

5* product. Love it

Thomas 2012-05-03

Great value

Great price for a decent headset. Can actually hear more things in greater detail now in films/games/music compared to a similar priced headset I have.

Lorne 2012-04-20

Very good

Bought this because it was on offer and I needed a good quality pair of headphones and a good microphone. This is a great quality set, very sturdy structure and comfortable with useful volume and mic control in-line.
Superb service from OcUK.

Tobias 2011-12-23

Still rocking them

These headphones are just amazing for the price. I've had my set now for just over 4 years and they get used almost every day, yet there still in pristine condition. Not thinking of changing soon but if I were to change id just buy another set of these ;)

Dan 2011-11-09

Fantastic Value

I had a set of these for 3 or 4 years now, and I must say, they were pretty fantastic. The mic is more then adequate for the likes of voip and game chat. They're also comfortable for 2 or 3 hours at a time, before my ears start to burn a little.

I recently lost the mic for it, so replaced them with a set of turtle beach px5s, and I must say when comparing the audio quality of the two, these actually do pretty well. It's not quite as crisp, and is lacking a little on the base, but then they cost over

Sam 2011-10-20

Excellent quality and value

Comfy unless using for extended periods.
Audio quality is very good. Plenty of volume, if some where to walk up behind you would wouldn't hear them.
Mic is very good, clear and crisp.
Mine only broke because the cables got yanked one too many times (where the two jacks meet ) this I then soldered and it worked good as new for months. They don't break easily. Anything more expensive and you're wasting money.
I found them very easier to use and configure on Windows 7, either with standard audio options or through X-fi control panel on my sound card.
The cable is pretty long as well.

Tim Humble 2011-08-14


was looking for a headset after my steelseries 5h v2 broke. they were amazing but double the price and absolutely no better than this headset. its great. i'd say i have bigger than average ears and these fit great no problems atall. i can also tell you of 10 other people who had had them years longer than me and they say if they broke they will purchase a new set... just get them you'd be crazy not too

Ash 2011-06-17

3 Years And Still Working

I used to go through a different headset each year, however after buying these I'm now on my third year and although a bit battered and worn they still work 100% fine and still don't need to buy a new one just yet.

Elliot 2011-06-15

Just great

I don't normally do reviews but thought I would with these. In summary, just fab. Time will tell as to how well they will last. Having previously owned Sennheiser headphones, I find the mics brake too easily. I like the idea of this detachable mic, now the only thing that can go wrong is you have to replace the mic with another rather than it writing off the headphones. Sound quality seems really good. Comfortable closed cup with plenty of padding. Nice design and colour/style. Look to be robust and well made. Good quality feel to them and mute button for mic and general volume on the cable switch. Nicely packaged box and comes with a lovely little posh cloth material bag to keep them in which should help them last. For

jb 2011-06-15

Great all-round headset

I've had this headset for about 3 years now and it's still as good as the day I bought it. It's very light and comfortable, even with glasses on, and fits fine on my small ears (I read some reviews that said otherwise but they're fine!). Mic jack shows no sign of wear and nothing is falling off, which is impressive considering the amount I've used it.

I use it through a relatively cheap X-Fi eXtreme Audio sound card (which I strongly recommend) and it sounds amazing, the bass is heavy and treble is clearly defined so it's great for music, films and games (and I don't switch EQs between them either). The mic quality is great for skype or teamspeak, I don't know what people are complaining about it for unless they're trying to record an album or something... definitely buying another one if it breaks.

Lewis Booth 2011-06-12

Over 2 years old and still working

Never written a review for Overclockers before, but have used them without issue for the best part of 10 years.

The above headset is by far the best I have ever bought. Clear sound with a wide acoustic range and very comfortable to wear (I wear glasses and have a normal sized head for someone with a large build).

As the title states, I have had these for over 2 years and never had a problem, no matter how many times I drop them on a wooden floor, which is a testament to their build quality.

Naturally OCuk sent them in a speedy manor, but does anyone expect less from them these days? I thought not :)

Alan 2011-04-30

3 years and back again

Having had these headphones for around about 3 years the microphone jack has finally started to have a wobble. I have to fiddle about with it to get it to connect properly and then if I knock the microphone in the slightest it's gone again.. but what can you expect from 3 years of plugging and unplugging (sometimes carelessly).

With this rather annoying occurrence I started to look around for a new headset. I've ended up back at these and have just ordered a new pair. (Guess I'll have a mic. spare if ever I lose the new one!)

The headset is very comfartable but with marathon sessions your ears can get a bit sore (I'm talking in excess of 8 hours none stop, but I doubt any other headsets would be better!).
Also the velvet around the ears and the top head rest part can pick up fluff quite easily, but once again after 3 years i'd expect no less).

All in all a great, comfartable headset with a clear mic. and great bass sound.

Well worth the cheap price!

Mike 2011-01-21


i just bought these from my local shop as i could not wait for delivery, and they are amazing, i don't know why people are moaning, i have big ears and they fit perfectly

alex 2011-01-05


Good headphones, main problem I've had is that the microphone isn't stunning and the jack has now actually broken after a few months. I know it's the jack because the microphone itself still works. Bit shoddy in all honesty.
Was fine while it lasted...

ellroyo 2010-11-26

Not Bad, Not Great

I just broke my Steelseries 3H so replaced with these at a similar price range. They sound good in game which is their purpose but i find them too bassey listening to music. My main gripe is the size, I have small ears and these dont cover them which makes your ears ache after short use.

Devious 2010-08-26

Best around

I've had these headphones for over a year now, i've took them to i37 and used them everyday at home.
They are durable, and comfy. The only downside i find with them, is that the mic isnt the best quality, this could be my fault due to not having a sound card (I use on-board) but i still believe these are the best around for their price.

Craig 2010-05-15

Not that hard

Personally i use windows 7 and i have no problem setting this up with a sound card. I have used this headset for a few years now and still cannot find one to match it. Comfy, Exellent sound quality, nice bass on it.
I would not suggest having one of these without a sound card though, as you get full potential without one. Setup is easy enough you plug it in, make sure it works, and go. All configuering should be left to the sound card> Overall and exellent product that is well worth the money you spend, the wire however is a bit flimsy, not the strongest, long too, so i'd make sure you don't wrap it around your leg or somthing.


Albull 2010-04-14

Great sound, uncomfortable to wear

Sound/controls/ease of use all fine.

Two things however:

1) The cups are nicely padded and soft but they are on the small side. This means that instead of cupping your ears (ok my ears, but honestly, mine are not big) they are trapping and pressing down on the cartilage at some point.

Which leads on to:

2) Very firm pressure applied by the headband. This isn't really a problem if the headphones fit you and have enough padding to spread out the force. But as I said in #1, I don't believe this is the case.

Bugs me somewhat as my previous headphones are very comfortable even for very extended use (larger cups, much less pressure) but these are causing aches after minutes.

I went for these as the previous ones were lacking an attached mic. I'll have to see how these get on in the longer run.

Hotwired 2010-04-13

Poor with soundcard

Be wary that this set is plug-and-play - it does not come packaged with any software. This means that, while you can plug them directly into a sound card, Windows 7 will recognize them as speakers, not headphones, which greatly reduces the sound quality as the audio is not optimized. The bass becomes flat and distant and noises occuring near you in games become harsh and screechy.

I aslo experienced an annoying buzzing sound whenever the mic was removed which changed pitch and volume during gameplay.

The mic itself is difficult to detach and re-attach and is frustratingly difficult to configure if you have a sound card.

Very comfortable, but buy a headset packaged with software instead.

Michael 2010-03-28


Simply awesome for the price, really crisp and nice bass. Have just been play BC2 Beta with them and it sounds absolutely amazing!
Ordered these yesterday afternoon and got them this morning. Excellent service, Thanks Overclockers!

Chris 2010-02-02

Simply Amazing

The sound quality of this headset is stunning, not only in games but even listening to music and watching movies.
The ear pads are very soft and did not hurt my ears even after a 7 hour gaming session and the detachable mike means that I can leave these plugged in all the time to replace my headphones.
Well Done Creative!

Jason 2010-02-01

Great hphones

Brilliant headphones. Ive had them at least a year now.
The detatchable mic is useful if you dont want a stick in ur face all the time.
Excellent sound quality.
One of the best products ive bought for the money (

Chris 2009-11-12

Great Headphones

As with other people I have used these previously (my last pair got wrecked moving house). For

Matt 2009-10-27


Having used these previous, i can say that this headset is great! Great sound, Great comfort for long periods of time and overall a good headet for

Dan 2009-10-21


I have had a string of 'high end' ghaming headsets and you are always trading something for another feature. I got fed up of spending the money so decided to go with these after all the good reviews - they are good quality, good sound (clear and crisp), good bass, comfortable. For the money these are a no brainer, just get them!!

Lee 2009-10-21

Best Ive Owned

Finally i can write a review on ocuk!!

The best headset ive ever owned and at a VERY reasonable price.

I honestly think you would be spending in excess of

Andy F 2009-09-13

great headset

since i got this i can hear everything in game and the sound quality is very good. it is very comfortable on your ears and the bass is very good

probably the best headset going

steven 2009-08-01

Great Pair

This Headset is fantastic, great base, good mic and really comfortable and cheap. Got it paired up with an XFi Titanium soundcard and its a match made in heaven great for games, movies, the lot. Id highly recomend these they are well worth the price.

Darren 2009-07-31

Great Headset

This headset is the best I've ever had. Ive only ever bought cheap headsets for a

Jak 2009-07-22

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