Crucial RealSSD M4 128GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (CT128M4SSD2)

RealSSD M4 128GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (CT128M4SSD2)

  • Read Speed: 550MB/Sec
  • Write Speed: 200MB/Sec
  • Flash: MLC
  • Controller: Marvell
  • Buffer: 0MB ** FIRMWARE UPDATE 0309 - Increased speeds up to 550MB/s **
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Stock Code: HD-009-CR

EAN: 0649528752185


Manufacturer: Crucial

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Product information:

RealSSD M4 128GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (CT128M4SSD2)

Continuing the tradition of our award-winning solid-state drives, the Crucial m4 offers mobile and desktop users scorching-fast read and write speeds. Low power, lightweight, and durable, it empowers high-speed synchronous MLC NAND, advanced controller technology, optimized NAND management, and the SATA 6Gb/s interface. Together, that technology dramatically improves data transfers for bandwidth-demanding applications.

Our products are built on decades of design and manufacturing expertise. It is our expertise in NAND technology that enables us to optimize the performance and endurance necessary to build quality solid-state storage devices.

- Sequential Read (up to): 550MB/sec (SATA 6Gb/s)
- Sequential Write (up to): 220MB/sec (SATA 6Gb/s)
- Random 4k Read: 40,000 IOPS
- Random 4k Write: 35,000 IOPS
- PCMark Vantage: 55K HDD Test Score
- Interface: SATA 6Gbps / Backwards Compatible 3Gbps
- Native TRIM support
- Seek Time: .1ms
- Slim 2.5" Design
- 100.5 x 69.85 x 9.5mm
- Lightweight: 75g
- Operating Temp: 0°C ~ 70°C
- Storage Temp: -40°C ~ 85°C
- Low Power Consumption: 150 mW in operation, .85 mW in standby
- Shock Resistant up to 1500G
- RAID Support
- MTBF: 1.2 million hours
- Limited 3-Year Warranty

** FIRMWARE UPDATE 0309 - Increased speeds up to 550MB/s **

Link to Firmware: -

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It's running in my gx660r over 14 months now. I newer switch my laptop off. All the time 24/7
Never had any issues with it what I can't say about couple other brand SSD's Recommended!

Peter 2012-12-30

Should have got one of these months ago

Like many I have simply not been able to afford an SSD and I have also been waiting for more reliable drives to come out.

The Crucial M4 is exactly that.

The drive arrived in 1day and in perfect condition. At first I could not get Windows 7 to install onto it but, thanks to OcUK's fantastic support, I was able to find out that one of my RAM modules was faulty. So 5 starts as usual to OcUK.

The drive is quick, amazingly so. copying from a 2TB HDD to it I get speeds of over 270MB/s. I often see bursts up to +350MB/s. And I am only running SATA2 not 3.

Loading times for startup, shutdown, game loadings, and software have been decimated. So I can only give 5 starts to this.

I would suggest you do a complete new Windows install, and follow a guide to optimizing windows for an SSD. A good one can be found here:

Finally you may need a 3.5" to 2.5" drive bay converter for this drive as it does not come with one.

Jeremy Paton 2012-09-16

Best upgrade

Moving from HDD to this SSD is probably my best And most noticeable upgrade ever. Windows Boot up time is incredibly fast, including opening apps, loading during games and installing. I had this SSD for nearly a year and have not noticed any degradation in performance. Just make sure u have sata 6gb on your mobo, update to latest firmware and oh never defragment your ssd. I can assure you that there is no way I will ever go back to HDD.

Merwan 2012-08-17


As upgrades go, i have to say SSDs are just brilliant. PC boots up in no time, was really easy to plug in, and whilst i had a few initial issues with the firmware update messing up the MBR, after a few goes, its working a treat.

Absolutely brilliant overall though.

Ghulam 2012-08-04


after 3 vertex drives died i got SICK of them. Got this as good reviews regarding reliability ( you watch it'll die now!!) and fantastic. Window 7 64 loaded right in no issues and after 2 month now it still runs bench test at 520 read - 210 write.
i think the bigger capacity ones write faster but this is noticeably quicker in day to day use , opening photoshop etc even browsing seems quicker.
worth getting 8gb ram and disabling paging file to lengthen its life.
top product and nice and cheap. get one!!

warbo 2012-07-27

Super fast and super stable!

This drive is an absolute beast! Not only is it incredibly stable but it has made my system super responsive and cut load times down to an absolute minimum.

The first thing I did before even installing Windows on it was update the firmware to the latest version from the Crucial website. I had zero problems installing Windows or with the BIOS recognizing it.

This is the single, most impressive upgrade I have made to my system and I would not hesitate to buy more of these drives.

It has mounting holes on the sides and also on the top (flip it over and then you can mount it directly do some cases/caddies).

Sonny 2012-06-25

Great SSD

Great SSD, very fast, easy to flash the firmware also.

Only negative is if using Windows 7 64bit, get the 256GB version and 128GB not quite enough if you want to put a couple of the latest games on it also, Skyrim, BF3, etc


paul lewis 2012-06-14

Awesome upgrade

Well like I said in a previous review, I took the plunge and bought this, my first SSD. I have to say it is one of the best upgrades in terms of speed I have ever done over some 10+ years of pc building. You notice the benefit immediately upon installing the OS, boot to desktop in no time at all, no hanging around here now. Applications load immediately and your into your game in a jiffy.

One of the best things I like about SSD's is the size, so small and compact, no noise, less power consumption and easier in general to use. Only downside is the size for the money, but in time to come, maybe my next SSD, will be 1TB or more :D

FYI, make sure you attach this drive to your Sata 3 connector on the motherboard to get the FULL speed benefit and obviously use the right Sata cable.

Overall very pleased and great service from OC yet again, great stuff :D

Kevc 2012-06-11


Fast, relatively cheap, and very easy to flash the firmware. Been using mine for approx 1 month in an old D630 running W7 - what a transformation (despite the chipset hobbling the drive to SATA 1.5 speeds). If you're in any doubt, don't be - this drive has delivered a new laptop to me. Power on to a useable search instance of Google is 35 secs. Sleep recovery is almost instant. Progs that when starting used to thrash the HDD for an eternity now load in a flash. Do it, and never look back. As always, a fantastic service from OCUK - thanks all.

Rob H 2012-05-29

My first SSD

Well after many. many years using the old HD mechanics I decided to take the plunge and buy this SSD. Hearing so many great things about it. Should recieve it tomorrow and my fingers are crossed :/.

I'll post a more in depth review upon receipt and testing :)

KevC 2012-05-29

get one

Excellent drive real world performance is quick and not one freeze at all compared to the terrible Corsair force 3 that was always freezing .

chris 2012-05-26

Get one

Ok ive just come from having a corsair force 3 120gb ssd and that was nothing but trouble freezing when using apps ffox etc everyday this happend and no help from corsair forums,, its a common problem with them apparently , anyway im very glad i got this,plug and play like it should be , and quick real world speed ,it also seems quicker and windows rates it higher then the corsair although they about the same in atto a deff good choice if your looking.

Barry 2012-05-25

M4 128gb

awsome boot drive windows7 loads so quick and paintshop loads images in a flash

Barry J 2012-05-03

SSD Drive

I bought one of these 3 weeks ago for

Jason Bell 2012-05-01


one of the best upgrades i made. a must buy. the bigger the size u get the better :)

ray 2012-04-20

Highly Recommended

As others have said, upgrading the firmware was easy. It took all of a few minutes to learn what to do, download the ISO file, burn it and update the drive.

Superb read/write speeds and Windows feels so fast now, definitely a very good upgrade.

Crucial are also known to be reliable, can't go wrong with an M4 :)

Ben 2012-03-09

Excellent drive

I would recommend doing the firmware update from Cruical before installing windows on it. Literally takes 10 mins max.

This is an excellent SSD, and the fact that the firmware update progress was so easy (burn an ISO, load from boot up and type YES) is the easiest thing I've ever done.

I previous had a 64 G falcon and the upgrade firmware process was a real joke, ! Might be due to older SSD but still, their upgrade instructions were poor as well.

I currently get very high speed (yes i know a joke but Windows Experience Index gives this drive a 7.9, whereas my falcon was only rated at 5.9)

For anyone whose very new to SSD, make sure your install windows in AHCI mode and not IDE mode. (well no-one told me lol)

Don't bother getting 64GB versions of SSD, once you install windows and do the updates you're not left with much to play with.

Amazing SSD.

Darren 2012-02-06


since my last post on the 29.12.11... i upgraded my board to a Asus P8Z68-V GEN3 Intel Z68.. for some reason i can boot up in 16secs chipset ?? this thing flys i got to wait for players in mw3 because there still get 1 there the way forward.

shaun 2012-01-16

a must have

what can i say apart from get one its alot of money but well worth it boot times are very fast and even my bf3 load time is alot less

lackofskill 2012-01-06


got this today, thought i go sdd new year new drive. dont get no wrong with drive 0009, booting from sdd win7 pro 40seconds ? with x58 sabortooth... wheres the it boosted my windows score 7.4 loading stuff file swapping much quicker.dont bother downloading firmwire 0009 as its not a bootable file tryed 4 a hour ! i just installed win 7 and there it was already updated in system manger. if you wont faster then spend few more pennys o i am useing 6mbps as well.. why i went for this is because of stababilty and good firmware i done my reseach.. simple things like installing ati drivers dont go by boot up times this thing so much faster when you use it properly. top delivery from oc again on my gf account good girl bubba xx

shaun 2011-12-29

Reliable, fast reads

I've had mine for a couple of months now, and no issues whatsoever. It's got fast reads, which is what I wanted in a OS drive, reliable (well, so far), cheap, and enough capacity for my #1 games and apps. Why bother with anything else? Skyrim, BF3, L4D2, TF2, load much quicker, which makes them more enjoyable (especially Skyrim).

Build log with benches.

Although I admit now it takes longer to boot with all the software installed. TBH, my previous Vertex2E did the job perfectly well too. The M4 has slightly worse writes (I should upgrade the firmware :)).

Ollie 2011-12-23

Pricey... but worth it

Easy to install and setup, not quite got a 10sec boot up time (as only have SATAII on my laptop) but Photoshop, AutoCAD, inDesign etc are VERY fast to open. It was worth the purchase and i cant wait to put it in a system with SATAIII

Running on Dell 1749 laptop (SATAII)
used as OS boot drive and for apps

I specified the date of delivery (not next day) as it was the only day I was in and it arrived that morning, excellent service from OCUK

Dom 2011-11-13

Very fast

After a bad experience with a Vertex 2 Bigfoot that died after an hibernate (apparently not uncommon). I bought that SSD. It came with firmware 0009, it is very fast, I got a score of 7.9 with WEI against 7.6 with my previous vertex 2. I am now hoping it's not going to die on me, fingers crossed.

Calwen 2011-10-12


Perfekt SSD. I had OCZ agility 60Gb. And never again, almost every day BSOD. If you have intel chipset on your motherboard, stay away from Sandforce driver. This SSD run briliant, no problems with BSOD and speed is beter then OCZ agility on X58 chipset

Joseph 2011-09-09

Great SSD but annoyingly no bracket.

Just got one of these this morning and at first it would not install window 7, it kept saying the partition was unavailable.

Not to worry tho kept trying it and it worked on the 3rd try, dunno why. I read somewhere windows has to work out the best way to use an SSD at first, weird but works now.

The drive itself is really quick and with an old 680i MoBo im getting noticable speed increase even on a Velociraptor drive which i had before and they are nippy enough.

Other than that it doesnt come with a bracket which is a little cheap on Cucials behalf lol, how hard is it to pur a

Joe 2011-07-30


Getting 411.84 Read & 175.04 Write. Crosshair IV board using windows AHCI driver! does exactly what it says on the tin. Perfect delivery and service from OcUK as always. Thank You!

Ian Cox 2011-07-05

best upgrade

this is really the best upgrade i could have done for my pc . i manage to put all my desktop program and os on it and have more the 50 gb left for more, and left my bigger steam file in the second hdd of 320 gb i dont mind to load them in a bit more time, but now my internet and program open in not time , really really good . This was my first so it take a bit of time to set up actually i start today and cant say is fully set yet , but for the few hour i am using it , wow , expensive at the moment do, but a step forward.

Paolo 2011-06-29

Very happy with this SSD

I used to have an OCZ Vertex 2E 120GB SSD and when the Vertex 3's came out, I "upgraded" to it. Needless to say I spent weeks with BSOD and hanging/freezing problems, communicating with OCZ through their forums, trying everything they suggested, flashing to new firmware versions, etc, etc. Even tried an RMA. In the end I got a refund from OCZ.

I decided to get this SSD because it uses a Marvell controller and not a SandForce SF-2281 controller (which seem to be very flawed at this stage). This SSD is very fast (to the eye, it performs exactly like the Vertex 3 does and in theory actually beats it in real-life scenarios). I'm extremely happy with this SSD and the price is amazing compared to OCZ's and Intel's counterparts.

The firmware flashing method could be a bit easier but it isn't too bad as one can flash without having to run the drive as secondary (booting from a CD or USB drive does the job). Firmware 0002 has no problems at all that I can see! :)
Refreshing change from OCZ!

Kayron 2011-06-19

Worth it

I have been waiting for prices to drop on SSDs for a while now, and although they still are very pricey in comparison with mechanical drives, the difference in performance is really noticeable. Everything is much more responsive, Windows loads significantly faster than before and game loading times have been slashed.

This drive will give you plenty of space for Windows, key applications and a handful of large games. Seems like a reasonable compromise on price/storage to me. Pair it with a big, cheap HDD for data storage and you'll be sorted. The drive gives me a 7.8 on the Windows Experience Index, if anyone cares about that kind of thing. I cannot say how this drive compares to other ones currently on the market, but I am certainly satisfied with my purchase.

Laurence 2011-06-17

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